7 Months Post Detailed Update

I am a 39 yo mother of 5 kids, each over 9lbs, uh...

I am a 39 yo mother of 5 kids, each over 9lbs, uh huh!! They are now 17,16,13,8, & 5. So that pretty much explains why my bod looks like it was hit by wrecking balls. That plus my battle of the bulge over the past 20 years. I gained 30, 45, 60, 60, and 55 each pregnancy and only lost the weight once for a little while. I think I was 220 at my highest. I'm 5'8 and average build. Last fall I was topping out at 197 and I decided enough was enough. I knew i needed to make serious changes but did not have the inner strength to carry it out on my own. Pretty much pick any day on the calendar from the past 10 years...that was the day i was really gonna do it this time!! Fail!!

So instead of repeating that failing pattern i found a great trainer and have since lost over 45 lbs yay!!!! Body fat has gone from 45% to 24%, yay again!!! I'm still working on another 10 lbs and hope to maintain 20% body fat +/- and stay under 145 as a rule. I actually RAN my first ever 5k last saturday! And i hate running. Gone from size 16 to 10. I cannot believe I am in mediums! My waist is a whole size larger than the rest so i either have a huge muffin top ora super saggy booty. To have pants fit right everywhere has been a fantasy for 17 years!

The weightloss is great and I'm really proud ive done/am doing this. BUT! My gut sits on my lap, lays next to me in bed, spills over the top of my jeans, and like another mom on here said, hangs off the front of me like a big scrotum! Lol! I've known since wrecking ball #1 that I would eventually get a tummy tuck. looking at all the before and after pics makes me want new boobies though. I would love to have sex with my awesome hubby and not cover the gut or have my pancakes slide off the sides of my chest...*sigh*.

Too self conscious. I'm not a vain person and am pretty low maintenance, so I feel weird about this, but I also feel like " why the heck not do everything I can to be confident, hot, sexy body wise?" for myself and for hot hubby. I'm already secure and confident and would love to have the monkey on my tummy literally removed! Hubby loves me the way I am and he means it but he also supports any decision I make in this area. He wants me to have all the confidence I need so we can really experience a passionate life in every way. I hold back in the nakey department.

I had the same decision to make. I still do, actually, as I have until June 4th to make up my mind 100%. But since it's almost June now and I have not backed out of the breast part of the procedure, it looks like it's the package deal. You will probably be so glad you got both done. My husband told me, "If you only do the TT, then every time you get dressed and look in the mirror, you're going to hate that your breasts were left untouched, and then you'll feel it's too late and hate that you didn't take advantage of doing both when you had the chance." For me the price is the big deterrent. $9,000 for just the TT, but $14,600 for the MM. The nurse told me I am getting a good deal, however, because she noticed on the paperwork, he's only charging me for a breast lift, and not a BR/lift combo. So again, probably best to go for broke....

SERIOUSLY FUNNY... only because I felt the same way 5 months ago.. ok I started the saving process almost 10 months ago.. I got my MM Jan 6th of this year, and I will say if I had ONLY done the TT I would have rbeen bummed. and yes your low maint...Your an Idaho girl..were just that way. I had a story MUCH like yours. and look at my pictures. I HATED covering the tummy and the fried eggs hanging on a nail!

 I say get the whole thing done. I'm not a show off mom, and I did this for my self confidence, I wanted the outside to match the inside.. I had no idea I had nice abs untill the skin was removed.. I DID NOT get any lipo. Just TT, lift and implants...  I got for your info 400 cc moderate plus silicone.

My dr. chose the size and profile based on my wants and measurements... I wanted HOT but natural like I USE TO HAVE.. so I got my hourglass back... If i had to do it all over again..I TOTALLY WOULD! congratulations and GO FOR IT!  your hubby will love them, you will NOT keep covering up or wishing the lights were out... it is worth it in my opinion....
mommy makeover all the way!!!!!!! Come on August.....but im still out on the implants lol maybe just a lift for me :)

I decided I'm going to use this to completely...

I decided I'm going to use this to completely journal my experience. I really enjoy reading all of your experiences and I have learned so much! I would love to be able to share my experience with everyone and possibly help others through this. So after looking at everybody's tummy tucks, breast implants, and mommy makeovers, I have made a decision! I am going to go for a full mommy makeover!! I am terrified and excited about it all at the same time! Excited to look great again, but terrified because of the Frankenstein effect. 1 million "" what if's are running through my mind and they all seem so scary. But I know I would regret not doing it. I have spent so many years hiding and camouflaging and feeling like a big tub of lard. So I'm hoping that I can post some before pictures to record my changes. I have lost 45 pounds or more lately, and I am now down to a size 8. I haven't been a size 8 since I was 19! I cannot believe it! So as I begin having consultations, i will continue to hopefully lose 10 more pounds before I undergo the mommy makeover. I am hoping to get the surgery at the end of August or very beginning of September. I would do it right now but I will be teaching swimming lessons all summer with my two oldest boys. This will be my last year looking pudgy in a swimsuit but at least I feel confident enough to be in one. I have definitely learned how to camouflage things with this big gut. I no my breasts aren't too horrible but I would like to refill them and perk them back up and I know that my husband and I would both really enjoyed that. So here are some pics of me at some fun angles to demonstrate my wonderful skin and my scrotum like qualities of my abdomen. When I get a consultation appointment I will update you all. Thanks for your support so far and I will continue to enjoy reading all about you!

Call me silly but how do I upload photos from an...

Call me silly but how do I upload photos from an iPhone to my posts?

Congrats on making your decision! I'm excited for you and looking forward to reading your updates! And Kapilani is correct, you have to upload photos from a computer or laptop. Phones and tablets won't work (though we're working on this feature)!

You are too funny! I am doing a full tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation, with lipo of the flanks and tummy. My surgery is in oct. good luck with your choice!
Go for the MM. I wanted just the TT then I realized that I would have to go back and do my breast lift and augmentation. I don't want to go back. I want to look in the mirror and smile not think dang I should have or I will. Plus your price sounds awesome. Good Luck

K, hubby and I had our first consult this week....

K, hubby and I had our first consult this week. I've had 5 kids and am not usually nervous about dr exams but I was a wreck!!! It was so embarrassing to have the ps measuring my nipples etc with calipers! He sat on a stool in front of me , his face was right at boob level and close, and I stood there trying to relax, just ended up closing my eyes and trying to go to my happy place. I think I would have been more clinical and less embarrassed if my sweet hubby wasn't there...who knows!! Hubby said he's never seen me so red! :)

Anyway, the good news is that I won't need a lift at all and I have a lot of good breast tissue despite nursing my 5 wrecking balls. He recommended saline over the muscle. His tummy tuck and breast aug pics are amazing. He is very focused and perfectionist. Belly buttons are beautiful. Super clinical, not all warm and fuzzy. I don't care about that side as much as I do about how excellent his work is. After asking him about all the things I've read here about doing silicone under as the most preferred way he still recommended saline over. My goal for boobies is to restore fullness, I have a good shape to my girls but they are not as full anymore.

Any advise??? Anyone have saline over and been happy/unhappy, rippling etc??? Most reviews on this site are doing silicone under so I'm conflicted.

So I like that he is in town and easily accessible, work is fabulous, but I'm going to Utah to meet with a couple of highly recommended and well reviewed ps's soon. Apparently going to anyone else in Boise is a mistake, so Utah is my next closest option.

Any Utah mommy makeovers out there? I will gladly take any recommendations!

All of you are looking beautiful, I can't wait to be on the flat side with you!
I go in Tuesday for TT and BA. I am getting saline over Silicone. My PS said great choice when I did. He said they are easier and more natural! I got to hold both and to be honest the saline felt most natural to me as well! I have heard that at first you can hear then swashing around but when they settle after a few days it stops. I'll keep you posted on thoughts afterward! You already have great breasts so a nice fluff is going to make them look even better! Can't wait to see your progress along the way!
Thanks regi! I'll watch for your updates. I have a few friends who are pretty open that have had augs so I'm going to ask details about theirs and pros/cons. I just don't want to ripple and slosh or get hardened and regret not doing silicone. I like the thought of salines safety and ease during 'installation' etc. why did you choose saline?
Well for me they felt the most natural when I put them into the bra for size fitting. they are also cheaper and everyone I know that had implants went with saline and loved them. I would do silicone just as easily though I really have no preference however I have a 50 cc difference in the size of my breasts and with the saline they can adjust that with the silicone they cannot. There is also a lifetime guarantee as long as you do not get any piercings or tattoos on your breasts once you get them!

I'm still grueling about whether or not to do it...

I'm still grueling about whether or not to do it here in Idaho or go to Utah. I'm going to have a consult with 2 in salt lake soon and that will help me decide. I'm also very curious how long distance check ups, drain removal, stitches, etc will work out. Don't really want to sit in a car for 6 hours , have a quick visit, then drive home. The only ps here in Idaho I would think about seeing wont do lipo at the same time and the Utah drs will. Is that silly of me? Especially when I see from many that the lipo is the worst to recover from?

So after reading everyone's stories I'm left with 2 questions:
1). For those of you who traveled, who did you're after care, stitches &'drain removal, checkups etc.?

( I'm very reluctant to have anyone here do that for me. I live in a small community and everyone knows each other and word spreads fast, plus I'm friends with our family dr and don't want him to know either).

2). Did anyone do a MM and then do lipo later?

If this seems to work out well I think I could get away with staying in town for my MM. Advice my fellow MMers?
I probably won't be of much help because I haven't had my surgery yet, but I'm getting my lipo AFTER my bl/ba and tt. My doctor is making me wait 6 wks. I have to do mine separate because I'm having the fat transfered to my booty and I can't have both sides of my body out of commission at the same time. Lol but on a positive note, if I form dog ears or need any minor revisions, he should be able to go on and fix it at the same time for no additional costs.
This does help, thanks! Hbwants to wait cuz he says healing is easier, and lipo results better cuz of seeing how much the tuck takes care of. I should consider the bbl since I have a serious pancake booty!
Just reviewed your plan again. That percocet did a # on my brain. Anyway, are you still planning saline overs? I wanted to do saline but my PS said I didn't have enough tissue and I would feel the implant. Also, capsular constructure is slightly more likely with over the muscle. Saline seems safer and is less $ but I felt like silicone felt more natural. But under enough breast tissue it probably feels natural. Lucky! No lift needed means no visible, vertical scars! I'm so jealous! Your tummy will look fabulous. My PS pulled me super tight since I didn't want lipo and my waist looks smaller. I used to be thicker in the waist compared to the rest of my body. I'm excited to wear jeans again and not have my tummy spill out. Good luck on your journey! Let us know when you go in!

I'm having a consult in Utah Friday! This ps was...

I'm having a consult in Utah Friday! This ps was recommended to me by a facial plastic surgeon I know. He said he would have this guy do his wife's tummy when I asked him who he would send her to. His work looks beautiful. So hubby and I are taking a quick little weekend to meet with him!

After this I'm pretty sure I'll have made a decision and will hopefully have this MM on the calendar and official.

*****Is anyone else's realself feed looking weird? Either everyone has stopped posting at once, or the website managers changed settings. I keep seeing the same old posts when I look around on here. Where are you all???*****
Hey 5WB, I'm so glad you finally found someone!!! Have you played around with rice sizers. I heard they are pretty accurate. If you are going under muscle, that will take some of the volume from the ricers, so you'll have to take that into account.

You want to talk insomnia, it's 2:30 a.m. and I can't sleep. Tried counting sheep and everything. lol
After trying the silicone sizers, I think I will make some rice and wear them around, practice for the new boobies! Now that I know the size range it could really help me decide! I am starting to have regular wild drums about waking up from surgery and being either a Barbie doll or a Frankenstein!
Funny trick you played on DH with the ricers! lol I still haven't decided on size yet, so play around with the ricers a lot. ;)

So, we went to Utah and met the doc there. He has...

So, we went to Utah and met the doc there. He has awesome work, really liked him, the office, his work, everything. Had a nice little getaway...I must say that trying on the sizers was really fun and quite interesting! Hubby had fun and lots of comments. The doc recommended that with my frame I should go 500 or larger! Say WHAT? I know I could pull it off but I'm really looking for a more modest and not too obvious change. I like 400, hubby says " if you're gonna get em, GET em!"! Lol! He's on the 500+ train! But ultimately says he doesn't even care if I do the boobies or not. He likes me no matter what. But I see the eager look on his face when we talk about it!

So, after we got home and discussed, it felt better to stay here in town. I'm going to trust my gut and stay here. Plus, get this, the Utah doc is a COSMETIC surgeon, NOT A board certified plastic surgeon! The Boise ps IS. So I called the next day and the patient scheduler is OUT OF TOWN! Dangit! So I'm waiting til this coming week to book. I'm going nuts!

I'm still working out and eating a consistently clean diet and my body is still changing. Weight is starting to drop a little more, more tone, definition. I thought I was where I would stay, but guess it was a plateau. As soon as I get my date I wil update again! I'm so ready to get on that operating table TODAY!

Happy tummies and boobies ladies! You all look so great, thanks for your stories! Can't wait to join you all!

I'm glad you're close to getting scheduled! And good for you for all that clean eating and losing even more weight.

Thank you!
Good decision - you DEFINITELY want a board certified plastic surgeon and NOT a cosmetic surgeon doing a mommy makeover on you. Congrats on your decision and I'll be praying for you! Let us know what your date is when you find out!

Oh wow, its official! Did any of you have a...

Oh wow, its official! Did any of you have a surreal experience when actually booking your date? She called me back and said "So i hear you are ready to schedule surgery". When I heard the word "surgery", i had this whole crazy realization that was really big, that actually just took a nanosecond. I am going to pay a man a butt load of $$ to cut me up. All for vanity. It just felt wrong, weird, like something out of a Twilight Zone episode. Ive read this line of thinking on many of your pages. Now Im having it! I know all the reasons to or not to do this. Im still doing it! Dont get me wrong! It just feels so super weird and out of body now. I know these feelings will pass, its just weird to be having them after reading all of your stories!

Made rice sizers last night. Wore a set to cook and serve breakfast to kids this morning. No one noticed! It was funny cuz last night, i was modeling a bunch of shirts with the different sizers, then i snuck the sizers out and said to hubby, "what about these?".
He looked over, squinting, and said after a beat, "those arent even worth getting, what the heck size are those?". I started LOL and shouted, "thats ME!". He died! I was great!

Also, my friend who had my PS do her reconstruction after another doc in town did a horrible BA, showed me her boobies today! They look very natural and are quite beautiful. Made me feel good about my choice.

My current stats are
40 y.o. (had a bday)
breastfed 5 huge babies, for a total of 5 years of my life. Not consecutive.
Awesome! I'm so excited for you. And yes, I also have my surreal moments too. My surgery is only 7 weeks away! Did you set a date? Not sure if I missed it, but didn't see one.
Oct 10 yay!!
Woohoo!!!! That's awesome!!!

Had first mammogram ever, SQUISH! So last...

Had first mammogram ever, SQUISH!

So last night I read a bunch of the "explant" stories in the implant removal section of realself. I recommend not doing that if you are a flip-flopper like me. I asked hubby what he thought of me for wanting to do it and he gave really great answers. I think I have my head wrapped around this the right way now.

I put a countdown app on my iPhone, it's so fun to check it occasionally and see how soon this is going down!

Thanks for all your stories and all the details, it's very supportive to have this site!
I cant wait to see your results!
Thank you! Me too! :P
HI Five,
No. They all just think I've lost weight. I've only told 3 people at work. One is the secretary who had her arms and legs done by another doctor after GB surgery. But I get tons of compliments. To this day, people tell me I look amazing. They even have commented on my "defined" arms! And my butt gets compliments constantly, and I had no work done on either of those areas. But I've been extremely careful with what I eat and as of today I am 21 pounds less than I was on surgery morning, so some of it is just the efforts to stay skinney. My P.S. did an excellent job on this tummy of mine. He went far beyond what I even thought was possible, and I am really so pleased with his level of skill. I never would have dreamed it would turn out this good. The scar is high, but that's really the only small concern. Once it's not so purple and obvious it probably won't matter as much to me.

Hey you post op gals, do you think it's feasible...

Hey you post op gals, do you think it's feasible to do a light walking 4 hour shift guiding an informational tour through a building at 3 1/2 weeks post op? I've been asked to do it, it's a very rare and special opportunity that I don't want to pass up, but I need to commit one way or the other. When you were this far recovered would it have been possible? It will be several 15 minute tours for about 4 hours, no stairs, no lifting, and small breaks. Thank you for any insight!
The biggest concern will be if you are walking upright or not. It's hard to give a tour if you are not standing upright. I couldn't really stand upright until almost 5weeks so that is something you need to consider and there is no way to know because everyone is different in there recovery..There have been people who can stand straight at 4 days PO and others like myself. Good Luck with your decision it won't be an easy one. As far as everything else you will feel just fine to do the tours as long as there are no unforeseen complications. I hope this helps
Thank you LL, all great points to consider. I told them I'd give at least 2 week window to find a sub for me if I don't think it's doable.
I have read a lot of your postings and comments. So you aren't having surgery until Oct. 10? I couldn't find what size implants you decided on. The reason I'm mentioning it is because I think your pre-op breasts look great, at least from the one photo you posted. As an experienced plastic surgery person who is now so anxious to get my big boobs removed, I just want to caution you about going too big. I know everyone is different and body frame makes big difference. You'll need to read my profile to understand where I'm coming from but I remember replacing implants on a woman who wanted to go bigger so we special ordered 500cc implants. When the implant rep came to take the order I asked him just how big 500 ccs were, since I'd never seen them and we had never implanted any into a patient. He said, "About as big as your head." And,37 years after having 250cc implants put in and 40 pound weight gain over the years, I just think they are huge and I have to buy XL t-shirts for them to fit over my boobs.Make sure you're sure. I hope you have fantastic results. Your TT will make you feel like a new woman.

I got a call from the medical imaging office that...

I got a call from the medical imaging office that did my mammogram. They want to do a follow up ultrasound and another mammo to double check. They say its benign calicification in one breast and asymmetry in the other. They say its just to make sure. Im going for my preop monday, so Ill ask them and see what they say. Ill keep my appt with the imaging office if they think its necessary. I googled the results and it seems like what they are seeing is "normal", but better safe than sorry, right? ANYONE ELSE have this? What happened?
Thanks for responding to my post. I hope you understand that I do not hold myself out to be an expert in plastic surgery and so much of one's determination of a good result is solely subjective. After seeing hundreds of actual results of my ex-husband's, I have definitely formed my own opinion of what I think is attractive. My own personal experience has contributed to my concept of the ideal too. So, take my opinion with a grain of salt. My ex asked my opinion on a lot of surgeries but he didn't always take my advice. I did attend a lot of national and international plastic surgical conferences and I sure learned a lot from seeing what some of the "so-called" best surgeons in he world were doing. And, they varied as much as the results you see on this site. The bottom line at the conferences and here too, is if the patient is happy, the results are good. What I think is natural is a softly "hanging" breast without a definite line of demarcation around the top of the breast. When I see movie stars or models, I can usually tell who has had implants (who hasn't?) when you can see a definite "line" above the breast. I don't think that is natural. They look like headlights to me. In my experience, the problem with clothes fitting properly has always been an issue. I still wear what I call a "support" bra. Until recently, I couldn't find anything pretty, such as the lacy bras at Victoria's Secret in my size, 36DD. Even when I was smaller (before my weight gain) I could find some bras that were flattering but usually I felt like they were flopping around and the straps seemed to always fall down. I have had, and still have trouble finding jackets (like blazers) that will close in the front because the girls are too big. I just went to my upcoming surgeon's web page to look at his pre- and post-op photos because that's what sold me on him. His results are in line with my opinion of the ideal results. You might be interested in taking a look because he provides the height, weight, age and the size implants he has used to achieve the results. There are a few cases of him using 500ccs and they look great. The web site is: http://www.thecenterforcosmeticsurgery.net/cosmetic-surgeon-vath-cv.cfm

I'm excited for you because I think you're going to get an amazing result. I hope you're excited too. I'll be posting my pre-op photos soon. I need to wait until my husband is not around. He'll think that's kooky to be posting naked pictures of myself online. Ha! I guess it kind of is but it's been a big help to me to see other's before and after pictures. Men sometimes just don't get it.
Thanks for the link, Ill check it out. I took and posted my own photos! Thats why they are so dang close up! i was too embarrassed to tell my man that I made a profile until about a month after I did it. He is more than willing to do it for me after I showed him what this site is all about. LOL!

Just had my pre op! He told me that the final BA...

Just had my pre op! He told me that the final BA result will be smaller than the sizer, have any of you noticed this? How much smaller are they for you? I loved the 304's, but asked for the 339's hoping they will end up how the 304's look. I'm wondering if I should call and do the 304 instead if it's super close to the sizers. Yes, I DO realize I'm talking a couple tablespoons here, but I'm going for a classy discreet BA, and don't want to be saying, "shoulda gone with the other size"!

What do you advise my fellow boobie fluffers?
5WB, I got 339 cc's and am petite. 5 feet tall and 108 lbs. I was a 34C before surgery but pretty deflated. You can see my before and after pics. I am glad I went with 339cc. I also debated between 304 and 339. Honestly, you will lose a little going under the muscle. No one can tell I had a BA. I think you'll be happy with 339cc. My breasts are full and I have some upper pole fullness which is what I wanted. Plus, people always say go bigger b/c many women wish they had gone bigger but rarely wish they had gone smaller. Hope this helps. Not a huge difference between 304 and 339 anyway.
That helps a lot mom! Are you still happy with your overall result? I've been looking for new updates from you.
Thanks Htown! You're pics look great. I tried on the sizers with a black turtleneck and loved the 304s so I chose the 339s expecting them to appear like the 300s. In a regular shirt either size was good. You're right though. it's a tiny difference, but hey! I want to get this right the first time. Can't wait for a great set of new girls!

So I Had a follow-up mammogram and the results...

So I Had a follow-up mammogram and the results came back A-OK! Thank goodness! I've been cleaning and organizing like a mad woman and trying to get my house in order so that my mind can be at keys while I recover. So now all that's left for me to do is to start freaking out!! I really need to hold it together and it's hard so I have to stuff it all down and try and lock my mind and heart away from all this. Last night my husband and I had a very long talk about what he will need to do to help take care of me and for how long etc. He is pretty sure it's going to be like when we had babies but I think it will be a lot more involved than that. He doesn't like blood or gross stuff, stitches, incisions, really anything to do with the body. So this'll be a very interesting journey for him to help me with all of the drains and things like that. I'm actually looking forward to see how he handles this! LOL!
The funny part is that the day after my surgery my kids are out of school for the rest of that week, and it's very very busy for those two days off. We have parent teacher conferences for five children! +3 dentist appointments, tons of activities and birthday parties for them, and more! But, I will be in bed so dear husband gets to handle all of that LOL!
4 days & 18 hours to go!!!! Oh yes, I'm putting up all new pics, I've lost 10 more lbs, down to 144!
Congrats on the weight loss and the up coming surgery! I'm sure your hubby will do just fine! Mine is the same way about the "gross" stuff and even told me before my surgery he couldn't deal with the drains.... BUT the min I was out of surgery he was the one helping with "milking the drains" and all the extras that came with it. SO, I'm hoping your hubby will be the same. Good luck on the surgery and let us know how you are doing afterwards. :-)
Thank you, that helps! I'm sure he will be the same way, he's very attentive and supportive. Funny side note, my neighbor just had a TT a week ago and she came over to visit for a minute. Her drain was hanging out the side of her shorts, filled with pink fluid...it was so incredibly gross...I almost barfed! Even thinking about it now makes me gag and I have an iron stomach for 'body stuff'! LOL!

Congrats on losing more weight! Loving your story. You are SO close now, girl!


24 hours from now I'll be home from my MM! I think...

24 hours from now I'll be home from my MM! I think im all ready...dont we all? Ill post my real before oictures in a little while. Wish me luck!
Good luck!!
Thank you! I'm home now yay!
please keep us posted! super excited for you!

Im so doped up right now but I'm posting anyway....

Im so doped up right now but I'm posting anyway. Things went great, feel like the girls are huge, they cause the most pain so far. Diastasis repair is 2nd- do not, I repeat, do not laugh or cry! Hubby and kids gave me flowers and a lovlely card saying how much they love me and the waterworks began. Ouchy! TT can't feel it yet, thanks to the ever so blessed pain pump( get one it worth it)!!
I'm totally loopy and tired from norco &valium, my new bestest fwiends!

Dr griffiths and staff were great, LOVED the anesthesiologist.

Peace out homegirls!

Congrats! you did it! Rest up!
Thank you! Resting is my mission but I do have to say that taking little regular laps around the family room really helps!
So glad to hear that things went well. Definitely agree with the coughing, sneezing, laughing comment. I watched a sit com last night and thought I was going to die. Had to turn it off :) Loved my pain pump too. Rest up, drink plenty of fluids and let everyone treat you like the princess that you are! I'm a week ahead of you so if I can be of any help let me know! Congratulations!

So I'm still loopy, but thought I'd update again...

So I'm still loopy, but thought I'd update again before I forget what happened. I've been sleeping really well thank goodness. Went to my first post op appt. I had to have drains in my breasts because od excess bleeding during surgery. They hardly drained much at all so he ended up taking them out today. Holy shnikeys that hurt like a mother! I took stuff befor I went too. It was over fast though. Then he had to squeeze the bejeebers out of my breasts to keep the pockets open. Holy shnikeys that hurt like a bigger mother! We're supposed to start doing that next week, gee I can't wait for that torture to begin. Poor hubby is supposed to inflict that pain on me until I'm healed enough to torture myself. What the he** was I thinking I ask myself? My boobs look huge btw. I sure hope these suckers shrink quite a bit or my attempt at classy discreet boob job was a fail. They'll end up looking like showgirl hey look at these babies boob job instead. Still haven't seen my tummy. We're supposed to change the dressings ourselves tomorrow. Also remove the breast dressings tomorrow. My next appt is Tuesday. I have one abdominal drain that is filling up like crazy a few times a day, we're talking full 3-4 times a day! I will share the gross fact that it has an odor. Not like an infection, just a warm meat like odor. Sorry guys! Hubby has been FABULOUS and not once complained, grimaced, swooned, fainted, or gagged. What a stud! He's my hero! The doc says I'd better produce a bm soon. Depending onhoe I feel today, I'm going to drink,the magnesium sulfate to get things going. I feel gurgling but nothing else. I've taken a ton of stool softeners. Bottle says take 1-3 a day, I took 7 or 8 throughout the day yesterday.
Sleep is calling, sweet dreams and. Happy recovering my dear MM friends!

I got 339 silicone under the muscle btw. They...

I got 339 silicone under the muscle btw. They squeak when I move my arms too much : P
Thanks for the update and great to hear you are doing well!! I can't wait to see a post-op picture, especially of your breasts as they look very similar to mine. My surgery is next week... my doctor recommended to not go any lower then 400 cc's based on my breast width etc. so I am really nervous. I don't want HUGE boobs but want enough so that it is worth it, know what I mean?! Best wishes in your continued healing! :)
Hi! I had one ps I consulted with tell me 400 minimum, but to go for 500! That my frame could easily pull it off, I'm tall medium build. I didn't want huge, I want a discreet classy privately sexy look, which I'm pretty sure I got, time will tell :). Everyone says go bigger, I did that by going up from the 304 s which I thought were perfect.
I got 339 cc's and I'm 5.5 weeks post op. My friends cannot tell I had a BA. DH says it's the perfect size for my frame and I'm petite. I wore a padded bra before. 339 is not as big as people think. I also debated btwn 304 and 339. There wasn't much of a difference. Just slightly more side boob action. =)

Check out me pics. We just changed my dressings,...

Check out me pics. We just changed my dressings, not too bad, eh? Also, love how my ps set up my drains. They are attached to a Velcro strip that attaches to my binder. I've seen so many pics of gals having them dangle about or stuffed in pockets etc. this was super convenient and comfy to deal with. If your doc doesn't set you up like this, just have a Velcro strip and DIY. I started out with 4 drains ( I kinda felt like a suicide bomber lol!), hope to be done with them all at tues appt.
Wow you look great!!! How is the pain? I love the comment about he suicide bomber! Lol you are funny. How do you feel in general ar you 50% yourself or more or less of that?
Great question! Honestly I feel out of it because of the norco. I took Valium the first couple days but now just take it before bed. I tried using extra strength tylenol yesterday instead of norco and that really set me back, so back to norco! But I'm down to 1 at a time instead of 2. I would say I'm about 25-30% of my usual self. Just taking my little walks, getting to the bathroom, eating in my chair, and taking naps is enough for me. I was able to watch part of a movie last night but couldn't really concentrate. I'm not supposed to shower til next week and honestly I don't know if I could do it. Even though it would feel great, I'm sure it would totally wipe me out. I'm a gal who works out hard 3-5 days a week and is strong and has high pain tolerance too. So in general, I feel tired, weak, trying to manage the pain/discomfort, but in good spirits.
HOLY SMOKES... you look like you are WEEKS into recovery, not just a few days! I LOVE your boobs!! What was your breast size pre-op?

My diastasis repair is tender if I overdo it(so i...

My diastasis repair is tender if I overdo it(so i dont overdo it), my tt incision is no big deal at all for now. My left breast feels fine, but my right feels like stabbing pains! No extraordinary bruising, heat, swelling, etc. no fever. Incisions are closed nicely...Just hurts like HECK! Any advice? I've read the dominant side can be a bugger, that right about now pain and swelling is at its worst, it all sounds normal, but OUCHY! I'm still taking a few norco here and there. Ps said no ice. Wearing the freakin strap. Maybe I'll try tiger balm and see if that helps...

Any advice ladies? :(
Girl hang in here....I feel ya on the breast discomfort, I feel like it was more uncomfortable than my tummy. Don't be a hero, take the pain meds if you need them there is no reason to be miserable !!! Happy thoughts, continued happy healing, and stay positive just like you have been : )
I have been taking stuff, one thing I'm not is a hero...super mom, martyr, maybe...:) yes the boobs have been the most painful by a mile! Thanks, and your looking great!
Your breast augmentation looks awesome!!

Ok so a couple different topics to cover. Both are...

Ok so a couple different topics to cover. Both are titled, "What I Wish I'd Known".

First I had my 2nd post op yesterday. I'm not a big baby. But I cried twice. He showed my hubby how to "massage" (torture) my implants 4 x a day. I lay down flat, he "gently" uses both hands to maneuver the implant from the bottom of my breast up into my neck, oops I meant collarbone, to keep the pocket open. Once it's at the collarbone, hold for 10 long, arduous, torturous, excruciating seconds, then ease it back down. Repeat on the other side. Do 4x a day. Did I mention that it hurts and that it has to be 4xa day? As he does it I'm making "the pain face", writhing, and crying out. Big fat :(!!! I'm a seriously tough chick by anyone's standards! LADIES, just be aware of what may be required. I totally understand that doing everything he says will give me the BEST results so I'll do it. This will keep the pocket open, decrease future problems, and give me what I want. As I cried on his table right after this little teaching session he said, "beauty can be painful". He's right. If I knew it would hurt like this, I would have seriously reconsidered the BA. Honest truth. Maybe it's because I have extra dense tissue. He said he would teach me how to do all the massages in a couple of visits, can't wait for that!

So the tummy is healing up very nicely. No more dressings on the incision, just keep wearing the cg. I do have to keep my drains at least another week. So here's the drain lesson.

Some ps's look for quantity, some look for color.
All the capillaries and lymphatic system are severed between your skin flap and abdominal wall during a TT. those systems need to regenerate and reconnect during the healing process, and the sooner the better. The more you move, twist, bend, reach, and the less you rest, the longer you prevent healing. (swell hell) for those without drains now. This causes all those new capilaries that are trying to form and connect to sever and bleed, causing red, cranberry colored drainage. This is bad. Ive read some of your posts wondering why your once nearly clear drainage becomes red once you increase your activity. This is why. The more immobile, the less abdominal usage, the more robot like you are ( not twisting etc), the quicker you heal, the less you swell etc. Your drainage will appear more like apple juice, this is good, this is what you want. This means doing VERY LITTLE! Means everything is healing quickly and effectively for the best possible outcome. So I have to keep my drains in because I've been overdoing it ( even though I'm seriously on my butt all day!) k, I admit it wiped the counters and super lightly damp moped but that's really all I did. Guess what my output is? Less than 10 cc's every 12 hours! But my color is wrong. So today and from now on, I am officially parked for real, even though I thought I already was. So that was cry # 2. I was a bad patient, I wanted to be the perfect patient and didn't pass inspection, plus I wanted the freakin drains out. But at least I shed the tears in the car. I have since pulled up my big girl panties. I think those emo days of recovery have been about now.

Cranberry drainage, bad! apple juice drainage, good!

All ps' are different and require different levels of discipline for recovery!

So far I still love that I've taken this journey, yes it's different and harder than I thought, but it's a learning time for sure! I will love my tummy, and once these ridiculous implants quit causing torture sessions, I will love them too. I love that even though my ps is emotionally removed (I don't know how one could do what he does and not be, he is reknown for and specializes in children's craniofacial deformities and issues), he is a true perfectionist, knows exactly what to do and does it. Im glad he doesn't take shortcuts.
Ok found your pics! Wow I love them I hope mine turn out that good they look so natural!! Beautiful :)
Thanks, and good luck deciding, doing, and healing!
Just got back from my 2 week check up and they didn't remove my drain. I'm ok with it because it is still putting out up to 70ml of fluid per day and I absolutely do not want a seroma. The color of my drainage has never been apple juice. The first few days it was bright red bloody drainage and somewhat thick now it is a mahogany color and thin. It has been that color and consistency for the past 5 days or so. Not sure what to make of it. I really have not overdone it activity wise because of this crazy C diff colitis I have been dealing with. They will pull my drain when drainage is 25ml or less per day for 2 consecutive days. Hoping that occurs soon because I am scheduled to go back to work next Friday.

I responded to another post with my first memories...

I responded to another post with my first memories of waking up and thought I'd post that here + a couple more things.
My first memory was waking up barely, hubby handi g me flowers and the ps saying"she won't be aware of those for awhile" and kinda back handing them immediately away. Lol! Read my description of him on my review. Then very foggy and groggy waking up to ps showing hubby how to strip my drains. I thought I was conversing with them and commenting on it but I just asked my hub what he remembered and he said I was grunting and groaning, head rolling around, not one coherent word!! Haha!! My mind was talking, not my mouth! I don't remember any pain at all, a little discomfort. Whatever they did gave me amnesia about anything painful. Hubby said I was backseat driving him the whole way home, don't remember that! At home the first several days were mildly uncomfortable but easily controlled by painpump and meds. Since then the most pain has come from sewn up abs and the implants, my incision has never hurt. On a 1-10 scale probably worst was a 5?
K, so my first several times peeing we're strange. It would come out in small tinkles at a time cuz my bladder needed to wake up I guess. I planned to just stay there til I knew I was empty, tinkling tiny bits at a time.
Last several days after I get settled in and relax, I get this tingling sensation that races around my waist back and hips going one way then the other all around in a circle like a belt. Can't feel it at all on the front though. Nerves regenerating? It feels tickly and soft like a small electric current.
I can feel the internal sutures under my skin! They start at the sternum and go all the way down to the pubic bone! Those are waking up, meaning I can feel the skin now, before it was the inside I could feel.
Titty torture continues and is like a 7,8 on pain scale only during, 4 x a day.
Latest development that is most annoying is INSOMNIA!!! I've had it all week! No naps, maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. Last night I googled at 4am and its a common side effect of coming off norco/ hydrocodone. Really hope it ends soon!!! Anyone else have this? Drank sleep tea and took melatonin. Tea worked.
I went to target today and rode the electic cart. It was good to get out! Now I'm going to attempt a nap. All is well, boobs still high, incision looks better daily, still scabby, I've only had one extra strength Tylenol in the last 4 days. Drain output is 10 ml in 24 hours.
I can totally relate to the tinkling little bits at a time. That lasted about 2 or 3 days. I'm sorry that your boobie massages are still hurting you so bad. I can't say that I would be doing them if it hurt me that bad. I know it's great that you are able endure that pain 4 times a day, but ouch! I kind of had that same weird sensation but mine was down on my mons where the drains came out. It would feel like my cell phone was laying in my lap and vibrating. It was so strange.
I still tingle! And the massages are actually getting way less painful,, still hurts but nothing like they did, thank goodness! Do you have any problems regulating temperature? I'm having a hard time at night, either shivering and freezing or sweating! I have to keep extra layers to thrown on and off as needed...
Yeah I did have that issue with regulating my temp in the beginning, I wanna say maybe for the first couple weeks. I don't have that problem now. I'm pretty much always freezing now lol. We finally turned our heat on yesterday though so I am better. I am glad to hear that the massages are getting a little better too.

Got my drains out today!! Hooray! It was just like...

Got my drains out today!! Hooray! It was just like many of you described...snakelike feeling with a little sting as the end came out. I was just standing there while it happened. I've read so many stories of women having to lay down or about to faint...it was nothing! I'm just glad those puppies are gone! One was beginning to grow gross coating on the inside, looked like when you cook a steak or burger and the blood comes out the top kinda tan and in globs. Gross but true!

So my husband tells dr griffiths that my left implant isn't going as high as it used to during titty torture. Dr griffiths pushes down on it and moves the implant up, gives it an extra little 'push' where it stops, and pop! Pop! My pectoral pocket rips back open! I guess it was trying to heal back together, hence the need for titty torture. Did it hurt? Yes, but I didn't cry this time! Felt like a muscle tearing, because that's what it was, and at the end of the day now, it's tender but not awful. We will continue "aggressive massage" for the next 2 weeks and then he will teach me new massages that hubby won't have to inflict upon me.

I love my binder. Without it I feel like a bowl of rapidly melting jelly. I would actually like to stiffen it up somehow, foam, a board, idk. I do not see myself parting with it any time soon.

My most discomfort now is my intense back soreness. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to relieve it? I do not want to take norco for it and extra strength Tylenol does very little for it. I'm trying a heating pad, it feels nice but I need other options. Any ideas ladies?

Happy healing, and best wishes to you upcoming skinny mamas!
I have a wonderful massage therapist that I started going back to at 6 weeks I think? I still didn't feel comfortable on my tummy so he said I could stay on my back. Being a strong guy, he was able to reach under my back and still give me a great back massage. I highly recommend that, keeping up with the heating pad and normal pain meds. I saw my chiropractor at 8 weeks and was OK on my tummy. Funny, after the tuck, my back doesn't hurt as bad. Bonus! I agree about the binder. Before surgery I couldn't wait to get a girdle off. Now I like wearing it and actually want to buy a tighter one now that all the swelling is gone. Thanks for updating! Take care and I hope you find a solution for your back pain!
That's good to know about when I can lie on my stomach, thanks! A massage sounds like HEAVEN with all this stiffness! I ended up taking my last 1/2 Valium last night and that really helped. Tonight I had my daughter rub in some tiger balm so I'm hoping between that and a heat bag I can ease it enough to sleep well. Thanks for the advice!
So glad your drains are out. I got my drain out yesterday and I feel so much better today! Mental vs. body truly happy and not trying to reject a foreign body? Not sure but can't believe how much better I feel. My PS has put me on Ibuprofen twice a day and that seems to be helping with my back soreness. I recommend massage therapy to work out all the knots we have in our back muscles. We can't lay on our bellies but could sit in massage chair. Other options would be a muscle relaxer like Robaxin, Flexeril or Xanaflex but those will make you a bit sleepy. I'm also a big fan of acupuncture if you have that in your area. So happy to hear that you are doing well!

Had an appt Yesterday for a precautionary seroma...

Had an appt Yesterday for a precautionary seroma check up since having my drains out last week. No seroma, and everything else is looking really good. No complications so far! I have another appointment in two weeks. He wants me to have gone shopping for bras that have a molded cup and underwire and he will approve the shape and style of bra that he wants me to wear once I am cleared to begin wearing one. He told me I may go up to three months without being allowed to wear a bra though :-(. Not sure why yet, I'll ask him in a couple of weeks. My implants are still high I'll post new pictures soon. Right now my breasts look like my tissue is dripping off the front of an implant which is not the cutest look, but he told me that will continue to change since I'm still dropping. Even though they look funny now I'm still happy With my decision to get the breast aug and I really think they'll end up looking very pretty!

My tummy Is still healing well and my scabs have fallen off. My scar is looking good, I am experiencing some swelling by evening time but it is not unbearable. Time is my friend at this point.

My back pain is gone also which is wonderful! I would say at this time my greatest discomfort comes in finding a sleep position that works. I can't sleep on my side for another two weeks, flat on my back only works for a little while, and propping myself up with pillows still seems to be the most comfortable. I need to change positions often though which is a pain in the hiney! I start feeling little twinges and sharp pains, and odd sensations that cause me to have to shift around a lot. Sleeping flat on my back for a couple of nights has really helped me to be able to stand up straighter during the day though from the muscle repair.

Dr. said I can start walking now for fitness, he said work my way up to 2 miles and see how I feel, I'm excited to do that! It's really hard to have to hold myself back all the time even though I know I'm still healing.

Looking back over the past three weeks, the first week seems like a dream from where I am now. So hang in there ladies you can make it!
Woohoo! Thank you for the update pics! Abd I agree, your breasts do look really natural. I can't wait to be able to stand up straight again!
You look great!!! Your breast look natural too! :)
Thank you! Still dropping and fluffing!

5 weeks post op. Things are going great still. I...

5 weeks post op. Things are going great still. I am STILL wearing the dang boob strap. My left breast is taking forever to drop! Its definitely lower and almost* there. I started wearing jeans again about 3 weeks post op, but made sure they were loose around the waist. For the past week or 2 ive been wearing them normal. I feel like Im running at 80%, really want to get back to full exercise and I think then I will feel closer to 100%. I dont tire out much at all, and swelling has been minimal this whole time. I have watched the salt intake a little but I eat a generally clean diet anyway ( minus the halloween candy over the past 2 weeks :) ) I do notice a difference from morning to night, but its not bad at all.

I am beginning to feel a tad flabby and really want to keep my tone Ive worked so hard for and take this old body to the next level and really lean down. Not looking to lose weight, Im down to 142 now and am happy with my size, just replace more fat with muscle. My trainer told me I would need 2 months of training for every month I take off. I have absolutely NO butt, so my main goal will be to build what I can down there.

When I twist or lift things I have no pain and only minor discomfort occassionally. Im still being careful though per PS instructions. I think my belly button is teeny tiny. Im going to ask my PS about using an earplug or marble to shape it.

Tomorrow I take bras in to have my PS approve the right kind of shape he wants me to use. I think my breasts look huge at times. They are not swollen at all anymore and I have really been enjoying them ;)

Can you believe we are finally far out enough to exercise? I can't believe that time finally came because my butt was becoming one with the recliner. :) I had to wear my boob strap for almost 6 weeks post op. Have had it off now for 4 days and it is bliss. So happy to hear that you are doing well!
Yay!! I am so happy that you are doing so well. Isn't it nuts that you are already 5 weeks? I am 6 weeks today and I thought I would never have made it here during all that "bed rest". I am back at the gym and totally forgot what it felt like to have sore muscles lol. My quads are killing me as I go up and down my stairs ugh. But I resumed 90% of the weight I was lifting preop and I start running today. It's overall pretty damn exciting! I'm glad you are loving the boobs, I know I am too. I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!
Sounds like you are doing great!!!

At 7 weeks, Im back to life as usual. My surgery...

At 7 weeks, Im back to life as usual. My surgery and recovery seem like a distant memory at this point. There is no pain or discomfort at all from the BA, and the only TT reminders are a little scar itchiness, and muscle spasms along my muscle repair when I stretch in the morning. Also, numb still in the abdominal area while skin continues to regenerate nerve system.

Exercise: Ive been cleared to resume all exercise and all normal activities, but I must avoid all pectoral exercises permanently or risk the BA. Abs, I can resume all regular ab work in another 3 months while the muscle repair continues to heal, but for now I can do pilates, yoga, isometric type ab work that doesnt require repetitive flexing and contracting. Running feels wrong in the ab area but building back up to it will help that. My cardio endurance is surprisingly good, I thought it would be dismal. My muscle endurance has definitely taken a hit though. It will return though as I resume everything.

Breast update: I was cleared to ditch the strap!! Lefty has been behaving better and is dropping. Righty is almost in place. Dr. G. approved some bras I brought in and told me I could start wearing them full time once my implants have both dropped all the way. Until then I need to remain bra-less. Tanks with the built-in soft bra are ok though. I could wear a bra temporarily if necessary but instructed to take off asap. He wants me to wear under wire with a molded cup (which I prefer and always wore anyway), with no lift or pushup features. Sports bras must have a cup. No compression bras at all, ever. I went to Macys and was sized at a 34DD or a 36D. Im actually going back today to return unapproved bras and get re-sized cuz the D's I bought feel too big in the cup and they make me look way too big when Im dressed. If the size is right, its a look and feel that I will have to get used to. My scars have softened up and are no longer lumpy or palpable. I will post an update pic. They are still very visible and pink, to touch, they are almost undetectable they have healed so well. I am really enjoying how they are looking and feeling. My implants cause no more pain or discomfort. I have all sensation. I am to maintain them daily by pressing down my my nipple and pulling down and pressing toward my ribcage. This causes the implant to move upward toward my collarbone which will keep that pocket open. Its painless. I guess all the titty torture paid off!

TT update: I dont need to wear my velcro abdominal binder anymore. I stopped wearing it 2 weeks ago and havent missed it like I thought I would. He approved the cupid walmart waist cincher if I feel like I need it. I still have swelling of course, but its minimal. The scar is healing well still. He said the double muffin look on the hips is from the scar shrinking and pulling in as it heals and will not look like that for long. I was getting nervous about that so Im glad to know its temporary. That double muffin effect has already lessened since my last visit. He said I dont need to put anything on it unless it makes me feel better, but he recommends getting the TT silicone scar strips if I start to get too itchy. I may order them, but they are pricey. I am using Palmers Scar Therapy oil twice a day, it does make me feel better to use it and is very moisturizing to the surrounding skin. My belly button is looking better as time passes. As my swelling improves, its relaxing and looking good. I havent used a marble or ear plug but I may try it if I think its still too small after another month or 2.

I dont know if I already posted this, but one very cool benefit from the TT is that it gave my "hoo-ha" a lift. Im so happy about that! Its not that pretty cuz all my deep horrible stretch mark scars are now flattened out and on full display (I'll try and post a pic that isnt too personal), but it makes all the sensations in the nether region readily available, for the first time in decades! Before, there was so much loose skin that it took serious maneuvering and gymnastics and positioning to get anything going. Hooray! Not only is my body image confidence back, but the sensations are easier than ever to achieve! Hooray!!!

Over thanksgiving week(6 wks post op) we went to CA, and to Disneyland. I went on all the rides and only felt like one ride was a little too jerky. I did swell more than usual by the end of the day, and it lasted into the next day, but other than that, I was fine. No extra fatigue or pain etc.

I do get very tired at night. Night physically, but just dead tired. Its deeper than pre surgery so I will assess and see if it improves given time and healing.

Ive recently been through a mental phase of overly criticizing my body, wishing Id had lipo of the flanks, noticing how pathetic my butt is and how flat as a board and uncurvy I am on my backside, etc etc. What Ive realized is that lipo isnt the answer for me. My skin is stretched out and flaccid. Im leaner than Ive ever been and healthier than ever. Im super happy with that and I can either nitpick my body or embrace and enjoy its remaining imperfections. I can build a better booty. Now that my tummy and breasts are perfect after being so hung up on how ugly they were for 20 years, I refuse to let that body bashing tendency switch to another area. I feel very blessed to have had this surgery and will continue life with gratitude and health, in spite of my other physical flaws. I will not get hung up on that negativity again, life is too short.

I dont need to see my PS until next October for my one year follow up unless something comes up or I feel the need.

Life is busy around here and its hard to find private time to update, comment, and post pics, but Id like to keep updating every couple weeks and make it to the year mark. I really appreciate the gals who have done that to let us all see the full story of what this surgery is about. Ill update photos soon and put together a few progression pics. Im watching you all even though I may not be commenting much. Blessings, happy healing, and congrats to all us Mommy Makeover Sisters! Mwah!!!
Just checking in again...hope you're okay :D
Hey there! Life is crazy busy since being all healed up! Your pics and review are awesome. I'm hoping to post pics again soon, just gotta focus long enough :)
Miss you! Hope you have time to update after the holidays. How are you doing over there? :)

This will be short, I'm on my phone. Things have...

This will be short, I'm on my phone. Things have been great. I've been back to full activity for 3.5 months or so now. I feel like I've returned to top cardio and strength, and have been consistently working out for the past 2 months. Currently finishing up Insanity, and I start a really intense bootcamp tomorrow night. My current goals are to decrease my body fat by at least 2% and maybe lose 5-7 lbs. I've been able to maintain my weight at 140 for quite sometime but I recently backslid and am up a few. I am still very happy with my overall results and would do this again. My love handle area is looser and fluffier than I want, hence the goal to lose the few extra and the bf%. Need to see if that's really something I can change or not. I have no noteworthy swelling issues, no dog ears, nothing to be revised, my scars are fading. I don't do anything other than moisturize with coconut oil. One thing i will note is that my scar area is still quite numb and the skin has some strange sensations when i touch it. my guess is that its going to stay that way. full nipple sensation though, they are a little more tender than before. Waiting to see if that changes.

Ill post updated pics soon. Probably use them as before/after of my little lean down challenge. Hope you are all healing nicely and enjoying your journey!!!
Hi there-Thanks for your review. I am planning a tummy tuck with Dr. Griffiths in January. Can you please post final pics of your tummy and belly button? I would greatly appreciate it! So happy for you!
I LOVE your review. You have no idea how much it's helped me. I am scheduled for the same procedure with Dr. Griffiths on January 8, 2013. I too, am a flip flopper. I too, have NO butt. I too, find myself obsessed with the liposuction debate on my flanks (I know I'll have extra fat there when I'm done with my TT and BL). And...finally...I too, am 40 years old and have dropped quite a bit of weight. I have 2 teenagers. This journey is an emotional one for me and I'm scared to death. But your post has addressed some things that I've wondered about and has helped me to feel confident that I can handle this. I am a single mom so I will be doing this solo (with the help of my kids and one friend). I have chosen to keep my procedure confidential so I don't really have a lot of people who I can call for help. Reading your post has been like talking to a friend. Thanks for being so candid. I REALLY appreciate it!!
So proud of your weight loss. I started my weight loss journey January 2013 and will have surgery January 2014. Women like yourself help me walk that extra mile. You look amazing!
Boise Plastic Surgeon

If you want perfection and the absolute best results for you, go to him. If you want charisma, charm, salesmanship, go somewhere else. Griffiths is a perfectionist is all senses of the word. You will never have a long wait, he will always take time with you, bring your questions, and if you have questions after your procedure,day or night, he gives you his personal cell # and is quick to reply personally. His work is hands down the best I've seen, in person, pictures, etc.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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