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Heredity was sitting in. Every morning after...

Heredity was sitting in. Every morning after showering and getting ready for work I was more and more upset that I was putting on eyeshadow that would never be seen. Eyes looked swollen every day. My father had eyelid surgery in his early 70s to help his eyesight. I decided I didn't want to wait that long. Went to local favorite surgeon to request eyelid work. I was totally surprised that he recommended a coronal brow lift at the same time. Told me that the result I was looking for could not be achieved with the eyelid work alone. He could just do the eyelids, but could not do eyebrow lift for a couple of years if done separately. So, I did both.

After surgery, I bruised very heavily. The bruising may have been more than most. It was really bad. I looked like Rocky Balboa fresh out of the boxing ring. Then, I lost a TON of hair. I was bald in one part of my scalp. Shocked the crud out of me. His explanation post-op: this is normal. I had to part my hair on the opposite side to hide it. I was so depressed on losing so much hair. This was my thing to have pretty and thick hair. The bruising slowly subsided. And, I do mean SLOWLY. I am 4 months post-op and still have a slight residual bruise on a cheek from iron build up. It seems to be subsiding over time, but I am not sure it will go away completely. It took forever to get feeling in my left forehead. For the longest time I felt like I was wearing a tight Speedo swim cap. Sometimes I still do. The feeling is obnoxious. My head often itches like crazy (I am told this is a good sign - nerves are healing and growing back). Currently, though, when I put bobby pins in my hair I cannot feel my scalp or the pins. The bald spot has filled in with baby hair. I have encouraged this using Nioxin products along with Biotin supplements. But, my hair is still very thin and not as full and responsive as pre-op. Doesn't style the way it used to at all. It has a funky texture to it and I am sprouting kinky weird strands. Although, It does seem like conditions are improving with time. I've been told it can take up to 1 1/2 years to fully recover. This is stressful. I tend to heal naturally fast and well. 1-1/2 years is a long time! I thought 2 months and I'd be good to go. And what if it never recovers 100%? The scar across my head can be very flat and non-noticeable then it will get irritated and raised from time to time. Again, I'm told this is usual until it fully heals.

So would I do it again? Maybe not. My eyes are much better than they were. But is it worth the hair loss and the frequent itching/irritated and thin hair on the head? Not sure yet. I'll let you know 12 months post op.


Thank you for sharing your story. I had a coronal/bleph 3 years ago and still have many issues. It's a brutal surgery and I don't think the scalp/hair ever recovers from it. I would warn anyone not to have this procedure. Best to you for healing. Feel free to PM me anytime for moral support.Your not in this alone.
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If what you wanted was simple improvement in the eye lid sagging why was an upper bleph not enough? Were you brows low? Any brow lift and esp the type you had is very aggressive surgery with long term healing issues, as you have come to realize. An upper bleph alone is a walk in the park by comparison. Did you ask what additional degree of improvement was provided by the addition of the coronal lift? I think that pressing the doc on exactly what can be accomplished with just an eyelift vs what can be accomplished with both is a question he should be able to answer. And I would look for a surgeon who is accustomed to doing an eye lift that gives maximum results without the dreaded coronal. Do you feel you and your surgeon fully discussed all the issues regarding the need for and the recovery from the forhead lift? grace60
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I've heard that coronal brow lifts can have rough/long recoveries. I truly hope your hair grows back as full and luscious as ever and that your scalp irritation and numbness subsides. That sounds pretty unfun. Please keep us posted!
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