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Artefill Problems and Possible Solutions

I got Artefill injections for the smile lines that...

I got Artefill injections for the smile lines that have become more pronounced as 45 approaches. I haven't had any other cosmetic procedures except one chemical peel in April. I went to a place that had done loads of the procedure and the doctor convinced me that Artefill was a fine way to go rather than a temporary filler. I can only say I really wish I'd gone with a temporary filler. I pointed out, very clearly, which lines were troubling me. I explained that it was more important to me to have some lines remain rather than have the filler look strange or fake in my face.

Unfortunately, the doctor decided to fill an area of my face inside the labial folds that I specifically said did not concern me. He seemed a little distracted and I should have made another attempt at the last moment to be sure we were both on the same page. It was surprisingly painful to get the filler and I could feel that the needle was in an area that I wasn't looking to fill, but I thought maybe he had to do it in a certain way, so I let him work. He offered a mirror right away and I looked a bit like a chipmunk. He actually gave me slight jowls and the wrinkles that concerned me had changed very little. I kind of freaked out, but the assistant assured me it would look great in a few days. Instead, it swelled up terribly and turned black and blue. I looked completely bizarre and was terrified I'd have to have some kind of surgery to remove the filler altogether. I was feeling like a vain idiot at that point.

It took a full 10 days for the swelling to go down and most of the bruising to go away. Now, 3 weeks out, I have what appears to be permanent bruising on one side. The swelling is gone and there is some improvement in the wrinkles that concerned me, but I still have the jowls. In addition to that, a small lump the size of a pea formed on the right side in the new jowl area. My face basically looks like I've gained a few pounds and my jaw is more square than before. My husband is bummed as it has changed my face in a fairly subtle, but distinct way. I do think that had the doctor put the fill into the proper location, I'd be reasonably happy, but he really put it in a bad spot and I think, used too much filler.

After some tears and lots of internet research, I decided to try using massage to change the situation. I read that some doctors recommend this after an injection to make sure the filler settles in a soft way. It's possible that the filler remains malleable for some weeks after it's injected. So, in a desperate attempt to avoid an expensive and invasive surgery, I purchased a Wellbox machine to work on my face. It arrived 5 days ago. I felt the machine would be better than just rubbing because I wanted to avoid friction on my fairly delicate skin and the depth and intensity of the directional massage seemed like it would be more effective. I've used it for about 10 minutes on each side in 2 different modes once daily for 5 days. The lump which was almost pea sized when I began is nearly gone. There is also some improvement in the wrinkles I wanted filled in the first place as I've been focussing on moving the filler to that location. It's not done, but I think it's possible that if I do this for a few weeks, it might just work. I may not be able to get completely rid of my new jowls, but it seems very possible to reduce them and reduce the wrinkles I wanted to fill in the first place.

I'm writing this as it seems that many people have problems with their Artefill injections and perhaps the Wellbox massage could help with the lumps that can develop. From what I've read, little can can be changed after 6-8 weeks, but it is possible that the first few weeks offer a window of opportunity to at least subtly change the way the filler sits.

I'll post again in a few weeks and let you all know if the wellbox meaningfully changed the filler look and perhaps the bruising will go away as well.

5 months on

It's been 5 months since I had the artefill injections at Silk Touch Med Spa in Idaho. It certainly was not worth it. After all the swelling has gone down, I still have what seems to be light, permanent bruising next to my mouth. The slight jowls created by Dr. Kerr putting the material in exactly the spot I said I didn't want any injection are still there. They have given my mouth a slightly bulldoggish look where before at least that part of my face had a nice delicacy to it. Now it looks heavier and slightly distorted because he didn't follow the natural lines of my mouth and created a weird puffiness. Friends and family have commented on it. I don't know if this would have worked had the doctor listened and put the injection where I had asked, but I will never know. I've never regretted something so much. Mostly my choice of doctor for his lack of listening to my areas of concern, his total lack of follow up after the procedure (He only checked in a month later after my mother demanded a refund of a deposit she'd made) and the lack of information about what could go wrong. The lumps that resulted from the procedure are down, mostly I think from the regular use of the Wellbox machine, but not gone. The bruising hasn't gotten better in months. I am seriously considering plastic surgery to remove this crap from face. I really can't believe I paid someone to mess up my face. I can only say to really, really check up on the doctor you use for this type of procedure and make sure it's a place that is highly recommended. It seems that just about anyone can start a spa and do permanent things to your face with little or no expertise or natural ability to do it well. This guy was an anesthesiologist or something before. Not exactly the practice to prepare you for work of this sort. Just be CAREFUL! If it's done poorly or you have problems it is really hard to get this stuff out. I'll never do anything like it again, but I would recommend temporary fillers for anyone thinking of it. At least if the doc blows it, you get your face back in a few months. With Artefill, it's in there unless you have it surgically removed and it can shift and change over time in ways that are possibly really bad. Live and learn!

Not worth it!!

It seems that the site will not allow me to change my opinion to "not worth it" from "not sure". I want to be very clear that it is not at all worth the risk to use artefill unless you have an excellent doctor who you trust implicitly. This doctor seemed fine and then proceeded to put the filler in a location I'd said I was not concerned with. The result is a change to my face for the worse and no effect on the lines I was hoping to reduce with the filler. BE CAREFUL!
Silk Touch Med Spa, Brian Kerr

Nice staff, doctor was very personable, but he put a permanent filler in the wrong location and it would seem used too much. For something that is permanent, I'm amazed he wasn't more careful and completely clear with me about what he was about to fill. I thought he understood and simply had to fill it differently than I expected as I'd never done a filler before. Instead, he simply gave me small jowls and didn't fill the wrinkles I was concerned about.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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from what i've read on the web, though a lot of doctors use it there, artefill isn't supposed to be used under the eyes. the skin there is too thin. it's only approved for the smile lines area. no doubt they want to satisfy their patients who want a long term filler solution there, but we see lots of problems with it here. of all the dermal fillers artefill has to be injected deepest. in cases where there's already an HA filler in place, artefill is supposed to be injected below that to work correctly.
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I have lumps too from Artefill, under my eyes. What an awful product! BTW - I have used just about every filler on the market and NEVER had a problem before. So it has to be the product as well as the injector!
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Just when I think all the bumps that will surface HAVE surfaced, some new ones show up. The only saving grace is that the worse of them can be hidden by my hair. Sorry to hear yours are under your eyes. Hope they can be resolved somehow.
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I hope you will change your "Not Sure" to "Not Worth It" so that perhaps others can be forewarned.
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thank you for the reminder! I'll do that now.
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If you need help changing it let me know.  I'm sorry you have had to go through with this.  I hope you keep us posted on if you decide to have surgery to remove it, or if you try something else.

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I had the exact same experience with artifill..my Doctor said it will go away .....Well it has been 3 months and the small pea size lumps are still on my right side of my jaw and left.... I have a square jaw the main thing I didn't want....very disappointed ....My doctor was Dr. Mani in El Centro Ca..........

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I had lower blephroplasty with removal of artefil 5 weeks ago,Still a small amount of bruising and swelling.The PS said the artefil had set up like concrete.I look and feel better about myself.Still have alot of nodules on both sides of my mouth and one in chin.The dermotologist who injected the artefil wants to inject Kenalog but I don't trust that. PLEASE be very careful what you let a Dr. do to your face.
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Where did you get your eyes fixed? I have lumps under my eyes also from artfill.
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Whi removed it for you? Did they have to take a large amout of tissue with it? I have the same problem, trying to decide what to do.
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Where did you have this done? Who was the doctor?
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Plano Texas . Dr. Lam
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I'm glad I read your post I had Artefill done several times in my nose creases and smile lines. A year later I've got bumps where it's moved above my lips and underneath!! It's horrible considering how much money I spent on this!!! Why no warnings and when I called the spa they said they have never heard of this? Really? What can be done?
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Did you find anyone that would help you?
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It amazes me -- my doctor said he never heard of fillers migrating either. All you have to do is look on the Internet! How can someone in the business, who performs this never hear of its side effects?
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Well you do state in the letter above that this procedure gave you slight jowls. Look at paragraph 2 and 3 and 4, where you talk about your new jowls in every one of them and under the doctor rating too. .
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Maybe I'm missing something, but you don't appear to have any jowls, at all. Could you post some close-ups. From what I see, jowling is the least of your worries.
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I don't have jowl problems that is someone else.I have lumps
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So glad to hear that you are happier with the look and feel of the lumps!!Hope they continue to go down, good luck!!
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Oh wow I'm sorry you didn't get the results you wanted.  Thanks for sharing your story and posting pictures, it is so helpful to everyone looking into permanent fillers.

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