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For those of you have been there . . . how long until you feel normal? (almost 4 weeks post-op) - Colombia, CO

I've been reading posts on this site for months...

I've been reading posts on this site for months and can't quite believe I'm adding a post now. I've always had lax stomach muscles and developed a large umbilical hernia over the last year (following surgery to remove my appendix). I looked into options for repairing my hernia and opted for a tummy tuck. My surgery is the day after tomorrow! Two nights ago I couldn't sleep because I was so nervous. Last night I had a hard time sleeping because I felt like I could get a cold and was worried about having to reschedule my surgery. I stayed home from work to rest today and am doing my best to be healthy for the surgery! I will post "before" pictures soon . . . and "after" pictures in a few days (I hope!).

I'm 3 days post-op and beginning to feel human...

I'm 3 days post-op and beginning to feel human again. I was even feeling well enough to take some pictures! I have a lot of swelling and my doctor says I won't acheive my final results for about 6 weeks. I'm hernia-free and have a nice belly button again! I think I'm going to be really pleased with the results. The only thing that concerns me a bit is that I have a large keloid-ish scar below my belly button (obviously not a new scar, but I had never seen it before). I believe it is the result of my old umbilical hernia and the doctor probably wasn't able to hide it (He told me it was going to be a challege to rebuild a belly button because of my large hernia. After my surgery, my doctor said I had the biggest hernia he had ever seen!). I'll see the doctor again tomorrow and will ask him about it. Most of my pain now is at the drain site. Have you guys had a similar experience with drains?

My surgery went very well and I was healing very...

My surgery went very well and I was healing very well. Last friday night, however, I woke up at midnight with some pain behind my right knee (not too bad). The next morning, I had a post-op appointment and mentioned the pain to my doctor. Even though I had no swelling, redness or warmth, the doctor decided to be cautious and have me tested for a blood clot. Sure enough - I had one! I've been in the hospital since Saturday, getting painful anti-coagulant shots twice a day (I have to get them in my arms - which really hurts - but it's safer than getting them in my stomach, where my hernia repair took place. I will be released from the hospital when my blood thins enough, but it's not clear when that will happen (so far, my clotting is still normal - 6 shots later).

My surgeon operated on me with compression socks and used the most up-to-date equipment to keep my circulation going strong for the first 24 hours. Everything was done right by my surgeon. I tried to walk as much as possible the first week after surgery . . . but I sometimes wonder if I walked enough. Everything should turn out well in the long run, but I wanted to share my story so you can all be vigilent and report any blood clot symptoms to your doctor. All surgery patients are at higher risk for clots for several months - so KEEP WALKING!

I am almost 3 weeks Post-Op and I have to say I'm...

I am almost 3 weeks Post-Op and I have to say I'm so pleased with my results! I have a defined tummy and a very light scar (it still has tape on it in the pics - but even without the tape, I was surprised how light it is). My surgeon has been amazing - allowing me to call his cell phone any time - 24/7 (and I DID call him at 1:00 a.m. when I suspected a blood clot). A visiting medical reporter from the United States who observed my surgery told me she thinks Freddy is a true artist - even made my belly button without a scar. Here's the article: http://colombiareports.com/services/health-a-beauty/26980-plastic-surgeon-dr-freddy-sanabria.html . The only downer has been the blood clot that developed, but I'm succesfully treating it with warfarin now. I'm looking forward to next summer!

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks Post-Op! I'm so glad...

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks Post-Op! I'm so glad I'm this far along. I've gotten past the drain stage, I got my stiches out, I can shower now, and I'm starting scar therapy. I can sleep in a bed comfortably (well . . . most of the time). I wake up feeling very good and have energy. A few hours later, though, I'm exhausted and by the end of my work day, my body aches, my incision feels sore (I wear a compression garment) and I want to go right to bed. I was wondering - for those of you who have been through this - how long it takes to feel normal again. When do you stop having body aches and pains and when does your energy return to normal?
Freddy Sanabria

Incredible recommendations. Has received honors by the U.S. Embassy in Colombia. Listed online as one of the "hottest young surgeons in Colombia (he has already performed over $10,000 surgeries)." People travel all over the world to get surgery done by Freddy.

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Is your clot improving ? How long on Coumadin? I took lovenox injections for a week following my surgery, a pain, but no clot and I was considered higher risk.
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Hi. I guess I should have taken the injections preventatively as well! After they discovered my blood clot, I had to get the shots twice a day for 10 days. Now I'm on Coumadin for 3 months. We are experimenting with the dosage - on Tuesday my INR was at 1.68. Hopefully I'll be above a two by tomorrow. I'm glad to hear that feeling wiped out is normal. Will take a little patience, I guess. . . You look fantastic!
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I am also 4 weeks tomorrow and still worn out, tis the season. You look great!
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Thanks for sharing your scary story. Glad to hear the PS caught it in time before anything terrible happened. Glad you're doing better.
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Thanks for sharing about your clot story. Thank goodness you were at docs and he was so careful. My surgeon had me so scared about clots (I got shots for 10 days because I take bio-identical hormones) I was scared to sleep the first few days.
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Yes, I'm thankful my surgeon was cautious and had me tested for a clot. I'm also grateful that insurance decided to pay for my hospitalization! I'm glad you've been able to avoid any clots. It sounds like your surgeon has been cautious too.
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blood clots happen to be one of my biggest fears, I have driven my PS crazy about them, Ive even rented the scd boots to have at home and he uses blood thinners for 7 days post op. May I ask you said you had stockings on, did he uss the machanical boots too during the surgery? were you on blood thinners? I hear getting up every couple of hours is a must but they never tell you how far that walk should be, I also have learned that dehydration is a big key too and i keep hearing you should drink 8 ounces of water every 2 hours..seems like a lot. Do you have any family history or prior to surgery a smoker or on birth control?
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Hi. No - I don't smoke or take birth control. My doctor used mechanical boots and I wore compression socks during and after the surgery (for a week). I tried getting up and walking as much as possible, but I'm not sure how long you are supposed to walk. I think taking blood thinners are a good idea (although you should talk to your doctor about it because they can cause bleeding at the incision). My doctor told me that, because of my anti-coagulant therapy, he won't be able to drain any seratomas, hematomas, or any other kind of fluid build up. - it will just have to be reabsorbed by my body over time. It seems like blood clots are just a risk after a big abdominal surgery and you just have to do everything to prevent them and hope for the best. I'm sure you'll be fine.
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Oh my gosh...so sorry you are going through that! I hope that everything clears up and you are able to return home.
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Thanks. I bled after tonight's shot which is a good sign! Maybe I'll get to go home soon. Both my surgeons stopped by to visit tonight (the PS and the general surgeon who worked on my hernia). They said I'm looking great. Hopefully it's all uphill from now.
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How often did you walk? I hope you are up and about very soon xx
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I was trying to walk every couple of hours - sometimes more. I didn't walk too far, though. I just know now that it's worth it to walk as much as possible to avoid clots.
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Sounds like you were just unlucky :-(
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I've heard other ladies on here say similar things about the drains, I vaguely remember someone saying it was because of it's position and she got shown how to move it slightly to alleviate the pain. Hope you managed to get the doctor to sort this out for you.
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Thanks bernbaby! I needed to hear that. It's 3:17 and I'm awake and checking my email. After reading your reasuring remarks, I'm going to try to get some more sleep!
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Good luck! the before time is much more difficult than recovery! You're gonna love the results!
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I'm just a few hours away from having my surgery. Drank my last glass of water an hour ago. Fortunately, I'm feeling better today - no more sore throat! I hope I can sleep tonight!! My surgery starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning. I'll spend the night in the recovery room and go home in the morning. I'll post an update and pictures on Saturday.
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Good luck to you. You will be so happy!
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Good luck!!
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