First Timer! Good Results

This was my first time with the wrap. Before...

This was my first time with the wrap.

Before treatment i was 140 and after I was 140.

The purpose of the wrap is to put minerals in the skin while being wrap. By being wrap for 1 hour the toxin is exchange for the minerals. After the wrap was completed I lost 10 1/2 inches.

I'm a female weight-lifter and wanted to just shrink down some. I will stay i was concern if this was a dehydration process wrap. If it was I would have lost water weight. IF you cant follow the after process donot do the wrap. IT is best to get the wrap done in series. I felt refreshed and clean after the wrap. IT was almost better than a massage.

Keep in mind when viewing my picture. I eat 6 small meals aday, train 5xtimes a week and drinks alots of water.


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hello after coming across this website i am intrigued at what this wrap is called?can anyone help me?
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ultimate body applicator

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