Levulon Treatment for moderate acne January 2-2013 - Springfield IL

So far so good. I had levulon phototherapy done...

So far so good. I had levulon phototherapy done yesterday and my discomfort has been minimal. During the actually procedure some areas where they applied the levulon hurt more than others. It's definitely bearable and I have never had a tattoo or piercing done. On a scale of 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain imaginable its definitely a 5-6 for 10 minutes or so in my case. I anticipated I would be in more discomfort post operation but the numbing really helps and it is minimally invasive. I think I would be feeling fine to go in public 48 hours after surgery however I may not be looking good enough. I am going to be having another treatment in February or march and I do not have pictures of myself currently however the place who performed the operation did take before pictures of me. Crossing my fingers this helps my face and my acne. Here's to a happy, healthy 2013!

I will update!

Added: I had the Levulon treatment for persistent...

Added: I had the Levulon treatment for persistent moderate acne and scarring (from about 5 years of moderate acne). My hope is to have 1-2 more Levulon treatments and then have 1 CO2 treatment done.

Since you mentioned you didn't feel you looked ok to go into public after 48 hours, would you mind describing what your skin looked like at that point?

I'm actually approaching the 48 hour mark here in 12 hours. What I meant is that physically I feel fine to go run some errands however my face is still more red than usual and I wouldn't feel comfortable. Redness has subsided quite a bit from 24 hour mark to 36 hour mark. I applied moisturizer yesterday and took a bath with some water on my face.

Ah, that makes sense. How is the redness today? Any other noticeable changes?


48 hour update. 1-4-2012 Friday. Redness has...

48 hour update. 1-4-2012 Friday.

Redness has further subsided and I am about 80 percent normal looking. I would be just about ready to go to school/public, tomorrow, l however my nose is still extremely red. I was on a sunny vacation a week before the pdt treatment where my nose was slightly sunburned. The pdt understandably appears to have enhanced the appearance of the sunburn. I really hope it goes back to normal soon! Hopefully it will improve by tomorrow and the 72 hour mark.

I have moisturized today and plan to wash my face for the first time post surgery, tonight. I plan to use medium temperature water and some sort of cleansing wash. Still unsure if this treatment was worth it but I like to be leaving towards 'worth it'. I will keep you all updated!

Saturday January 5 Update. 72 hours post...

Saturday January 5 Update. 72 hours post op

Nothing major to report. Redness of face is reduced but still present. Nose is still especially red. I did briefly go out in public yesterday. No remarks but I definitely looked rashes/sunburned. I could pretty much care less as I will be moving in a week.

I washed my face and applied perscription topical (differin) to no discomfort. Face may have a little increased sensitivity to hot water but it isn't bad. Will update later today or tomorrow! If you have any questions lmk!

Hows it going? I'm assuming the redness is gone. Can you see changes in your skin?

Hope your preparations for moving are going well too. Moving is always the biggest chore!!

Thanks for the reply! Redness is just gone. I def think my skin has improved. I am def not clear but my skin is so much better today than it was 2 weeks ago (broke out badly).I am back on my usual regiment so I really want to give my face 5-7 days before I give the treatment a thumbs up or down. As someone who has tried various products and isnt burdened insurmountablly by the price of this treatment, I am pleased. I will keep you updated :), for the record I do plan to have another levulan treatment in march for sure and crossing my fingers for a CO2 treatment in may/June. the doctor I met with for these treatments said she can do as many treatments as I want to keep smoothing out my face. She said I have mostly 'ice pick' scars and not deeper ones so I should see results with each treatment. This may be a ploy to get me for a few grand of course. But I hope to see GREAT improvements over time (6 months)
Just about gone" 85% gone

It has been almost 10 days since I had the...

It has been almost 10 days since I had the treatment. My skin is not clear (I would call myself moderate to severe acne case) but it has improved. I have no big zits which is good. I hope to continue to see improvement in conjunction with my perscription medicine and my next treatment in march.

I give this treatment a thumbs up because my expectations were low. I understand for some people, for 500 bucks they would want signicant improvement. I am happy with 25-40% improvement and hope for 60-75% with my next treatment.
Been a month since I had this procedure. My skin has improved but I still get zits, I have noticed that seem to go away faster than before the procedure. Don't have this done if you expect it to be an end all be all cure. I am looking forward to having a few more of these and will update.
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