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I went in for my first consult a year ago and...

I went in for my first consult a year ago and finally decided to do it! My 1st of 2 procedures is in 1 week. I'm nervous and excited!

I'm a 34 year old single mother of 3. I am 5'8" and 190lbs. My friends don't believe I weigh that much! I have a naturally muscular build, especially in my thighs and calves. My fat is the the soft, squishy type that sits on top of my muscle. I'm in pretty good shape despite my size. I work out 1-2 times a weeks but that's not enough to get me the body I want. I've been the same weight (give or take 5-10lbs) since my youngest was born 8 years ago. I just don't have the time to dedicate to working out to get the body I want. With my full time job, 3 kids and running around for sports, my day doesn't end until 10pm on most days!

I'm doing 2 separate procedures (top half and bottom half) and everything is coming out except for my boobs and butt! For my first procedure I'll be doing the inner, front, and back of my thighs, knees, and calves. And my second will be full abs, flanks, hips, bra roll and upper arms. Whew!!! Yes... It's a lot!

I chose body jet because I didn't want general anesthesia and I can't afford to take too much time off of work. I've been wanting lipo for a long time and feel like this is the best option for me. I can't wait to see the results!

I don't normally leave reviews or comments but in doing my research I wish I had more personal experiences to read about. Hopefully someone else can benefit from my experience. I'll be sure to update my progress as I go!

Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. It's very much appreciated and as you have said, it's great for people to be able to learn by experience! Good luck with your procedure and please do keep us updated on your progress.

Thanks Kirsty!

Day of 1st procedure I'm on my way to the...

Day of 1st procedure

I'm on my way to the clinic now. I'm excited and nervous! Today I'm doing my knees, calves, thighs, hips and decided a few days ago to do the fat transfer to my buttocks (Brazilian butt lift)! Wish me luck! Here are my measurements as of this morning:

185 lbs
Calves: R - 17 5/8", L - 18".
Knees: R - 17 1/2, L - 17 3/4
Thighs: 27"
Hips: 42 1/2"

Post Op - Day 1 2:50pm Tired and sore! But I'm...

Post Op - Day 1 2:50pm

Tired and sore! But I'm doing better than I thought I would. My procedure started around 9am and I was done by 2:30pm. They weren't able to do my calves because I was maxed on the amount of anesthetic they could give, so I'll be going back in a week for that at no charge.

Not a whole lot of pain during the procedure until towards the end when the lidocaine started to wear off. The fat transfer to the butt hurt the worst but it was tolerable.

They took out about 1 liter of fat from my thighs and knees and put approx. 400cc in each butt cheek.

I'll be honest, I don't see much change in my shape. My knees look the same and my thighs look a little smaller. The nurse said I will look much smaller once the swelling goes down. My butt looks fuller but doesn't have the shape I was expecting. I guess I'll have to wait on that too.

A lot less drainage than I thought it would be. I felt a few gushes here and there but most of my incisions have closed up already and haven't had any drainage since last night. I was up at 5am cleaning up and walking around. Definitely still need the pain meds. If I wait too long then the pain is pretty severe.

I threw up a couple of times but I guess that's normal. I just ate lunch and have held that down for about an hour so I don't think that will be coming back up.

So far... Less pain and drainage than expected. Shape not what I expected. I will update in a week when the swelling goes down.

Correction... They took out almost 3 liters from...

Correction... They took out almost 3 liters from my thighs and knees

Post Op - Day 6 The last few days have been...

Post Op - Day 6

The last few days have been pretty tough. By the 2nd day I was black and blue all over and my thighs were so swollen it looked like I gained 10lbs overnight. The swelling is finally starting to go down and the bruises are getting better. I think the Arnica Montana gel is helping. Pretty disappointed with the BBL. For $3000 I should have a Kim Kardashian! I'll be checking with the doc tomorrow at my follow up to see if he can transfer more fat when I go back for my 2nd procedure.
Thanks! I will definitely keep you posted!
That is the place that I was looking at...LOL I would love to know how you're doing after a few weeks. I'm sorry that the fat transfer to your backside didn't work, but that's awesome that the Doc wants to do it again for free...shows that the doc does appreciate perfection, that does speak volumes. I think I will go in and do the consult and see how much all of this will cost me..LOL I hope your recovery goes fast and you come out looking stunning!
I went to Athenix in Bellevue. I'm about 2 weeks post op. I had my thighs and knees done and some fat transferred to my butt. After 1 week I was able to move around comfortably. I went back to work after 3 days and wish I would have took a few more days off. I'm still swollen and have some bruising left and I'm just now noticing a change in size. The fat transfer didn't go as expected to the Dr. is going do it again with my 2nd procedure at no cost. I'm still waiting for more of the swelling to go down before I give my official opinion but so far it seems worth it. I'll update again in a couple of weeks.

It's been about 6 weeks since my 1st procedure and...

It's been about 6 weeks since my 1st procedure and I've had to throw out half of my jeans! I lost quite a few inches on my thighs. I think more fat can be removed and my thighs evened out but so far I'm happy! At 4 months the Dr. will look at them again and we'll talk about doing a touch up at that time.

This afternoon I'm going in for my 2nd procedure. Full abdomen, sides/waist, and bra roll. I'm also getting more fat transferred into my butt since the first time I didnt get the result I was expecting. The Dr. has been really great about addressing my concers and is willing to do what it takes to make me happy. As he should....since I'm spending almost $15k!!!

So far I've had nothing but good experiences. The Dr. and staff are great!

I will update again soon!
Hi, I am new to the site and I went in for a consult today, One of the doctors in on maternity leave but Dr. Bullis would be doing my procedure if i go through with this. I was wondering what your opinion was now and if it was worth it. Do you have any before and after pics? Thanks for your help in advance!
So sorry for the late response. I haven't been to this sit in such a long time. I'm pretty happy with my results. There are some areas that I feel need to be touched up but for the most part I'm happy with the results. The worst was the abdomen. For some reason I wasn't able to get numb all the way so I did feel quite a bit if pain durning the 2nd procedure. I'm going to see the doc in a few weeks to see about getting some touch ups. I won't post any pictures until after the touch ups are done.

It's been a few months since my procedures and so...

It's been a few months since my procedures and so far I'm happy with the results. I have a few areas that need more fat removed and I'm scheduled to meet with the doc to see about getting some touch ups done. What I'm most proud of is being able to maintain my weight and size since the procedure. Don't expect lipo to cure your weight/size issues! You have to watch what you eat and exercise to maintain your results.
Hi! I am also a mom of 2 and am wanting to have the same procedures done at Athenix. I would love if you would be willing to share your before & after pictures, I am excited but nervous and want to be sure to know what I should expect. Thanks!
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