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I asked my PS to do this because she left the...

I asked my PS to do this because she left the areola too big from the original reduction/lift surgery. She also left my breasts too big. Needless to say, even with her wonderful staff and lovely bedside manner, I do not consider her an artist. I believe she gave me what she thought was appropriate for my height/build which is 5'8" 135 lbs, but the fact is I requested (over and over) to be a B/C cup instead of my original large D; I am now a small that surgery was not satisfactory and I felt not worth the money. Please girls: Get pictures of how you want to look. I felt I could have been lifted higher.

I was shocked that the areola was left so big and I believe she charged only $250 for the revision because I was so unhappy with the entire procedures. I'm only less than a week post-op and still have tapes on so cannot see the result. Before you have surgery, be very specific as to how large you want your nipple area to be. I'll update you as I heal. There was some post-op pain taken care of the pain pills. (I had no pain from the orginal reduction/lift surgery.) I hate not to recommend this PS because she is so caring and lovely. To sum up - I think she gave me what she thought was right; not what I asked for. I was supposed to morph into the tear drop shape, but haven't changed one iota from the post-op look from the reduction - which is not the best looking shape. I did the orginal surgery because I was so uncomfortable with haveing such large breasts, which were beginning to sag and be very uncomfortable. I have dense breasts which is why I needed to go smaller. She only removed 6 oz from each breast - not nearly enough. At least my nipples should look normal. I'll update you as I heal.


Hello! I have read through your review and comments with much interest. I am new to the community however have been reading everything for a few months now. I had my reduction 15 days ago. I was a 32 DD/E UK SIZE. 129lbs, 5'5 31yrs. I was very saggy, always had large breasts then breast fed both my babies for a year and hey presto....was left with very little volume and a lot of saggy skin. I have wanted a reduction for many many years. After deciding we're don't with having more babies I went for it. Did my research, found a good surgeon. We don't have insurance cover over here so I payed for it privately. £6000. I agreed with my surgeon to be a B/C. Small C, large B. Surgery proceeded on Dec 20th 2012. When I first came out of theatre I looked down and everything looked good. The surgeon said to me straight after surgery 'managed to take you to a B' I really hope I didn't dream this as I was still totally out of it at the time. I had some crazy boob dreams before and after. Anyway, I never had drains in so I got very swollen. I looked like I had implants. I was impressed with the shape. However the size was slightly concerning. The swelling has reduced a bit now however I am never going to be a B cup I know that. I am so used to having no volume on my breasts that whenever I look down they appeared even bigger and fuller than they ever did. I want to love them, but I feel like I am not really much smaller. Yes they look good naked but they still look bulky in clothes. I wanted to look svelt, as I am quite boney. I just wanted my breasts to look in proportion to my frame. I know I am just at the beginning of this journey and they will drop and 'fluff'. I have always been a 32 back size PS told me to get a 34 C which I am popping out of. I tried on my 32E old sports bra and it fitted me perfectly. Glum. I am considering asking for a revision if things have not settled to my satisfaction after a year. However I feel like I might have a battle on my heads. I too feel like the PS has given me what he thought was best. I have not met up with him yet just nurses. I have voiced my concerns. Feeling a little down hearted. I know realise the amount of expectation I had on this not to mention money!! Thanks I have really found your review very helpful.
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This is so frustrating because it happened to a lot of us. I was a DD; told surgeon B or small C. Ended up with D. F/u with another PS with vaser Lipo - Now a B/C. Cost a ton by the time I was thru w/both doctors. I didn't swell a lot w/either procedure. I think most of us feel that you'll see your corrected size by 4 months. Complain NOW - ask for a revision or vaser lipo if it's an option for you. I'm tall & slim and wanted to same look as you did. I still don't really have it, but much better. Good luck.
Thank you for informing us about what you are going through. Still being too large is my biggest fear from this surgery. I will take lots of photos of small high breasts to my pre-op visit. I hope yours settle into the size and shape you want. A good bedside manner is no substitute for getting what you asked for. The surgeon should make sure you are happy with the final outcome.
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