35 ,2 Kids and Ready for a new flat tummy - Jupiter , FL

I have been unhappy with my tummy area for a long...

I have been unhappy with my tummy area for a long time, no matter how much I have weighed. I have been 150 - 210.currently at 200 and am trying to get back into a healthy weight and lifestyle. Which for me being 35yrs old and 5'7 I am comfortable at 170..Today I went for my mommy makeover consult. I feel like I could use a breast lift as well as tt but with my clotting disorder the Dr feels it's safer for me to do one procedure at a time.
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Definitely better to be safe. Will you be consulting with other doctors or do you feel you've found the right one?
I am glad your doctor wants to do your procedures separately if you have a clotting problem! I have to ask...were you quoted $83K for a mommy makeover?? I had a TT in December (Dr. Basu, Houston), and I love my results. I had a BA years ago with another surgeon (my bad), but my tummy is definitely my favorite. :) It is so nice to feel good about myself in a swim suit again. I can't think how long that's been! I am excited for you! It's also admirable that you are trying to lose weight first (I wish I had done that). Good luck and keep us posted!!!
Oops I meant 8300.! Lol that's the quote for tt and hospital fees.

Anxious .. Confused..

So my immediate reaction when I went for my first consult was excited and I wanted it ASAP as well as the fillers and obagi skincare etc. I put $3000 on my credit that day for all that.. Now.. I love the results I got from the bolatera around my under eye bags ,volumax in cheeks and juvaderm in smile lines..it's still bruised but I can tell that it going to have taken 10 years of my face...however I'm having second thoughts about booking my tt with him until I meet at least one more Dr. I have hears so many bad experiences that make me think..how will I KNOW I have the right Dr. The one I met this week (Dr. Farber) seems safe and knowledgeable, and he says he thinks I'm going to get great results. But I'm nervous to book the first one I meet.
Btw I will add pics soon.
I thought he was a lil arrogant but I assume all ps are. More importantly he was firm about my safety and cautious. Plus like I posted earlier, I am confused as to when or how I would really know who's best.
Btw I appreciate the feedback and this site. I am realizing how important it is to connect with other women going through this. I don't feel comfortable talking to anyone else about these thoughts and feelings concerning a surgery like this.

Don't believe everything you see

I wanted to add one of my "wish pics" that I showed the Dr.. He immediately said "no , that is not real".. With all the photo shop and editing pics online and in magazines , I have to be careful about my ideas of perfection.

Here it is ..my reality

Although I am months from a tt I will post this pic now to motivate my weight loss efforts.
I think it's best for you to go to as many consults until you find a Dr you are comfortable with. I saw four before I made my decision. I think its also best to get down to as close as you're ideal weight. I find that being in good shape has really helped in my healing. I'm three weeks out and feel really great.
Good luck, I would definitely get a few consults. I think you are spot on with losing a little more weight and add strength training. I spent 6 months at gym prior to surgery and has made a huge difference in recovery.

Booked it! Sept 8 :)

So i went to visit another doctor and I am so glad I did. Although I like the first one they were both very different and I have a lot of things to compare each have their own approach to my surgery. I chose Dr. Rankin. He will perform the surgery for my tt and also some lipo around hips. $7000 approx. he agreed that I should wait to do my breast lift at a different time. Since I have lupus anticoagulant. It's too much surgery at once. Has anyone else dealt with this? I'm glad to have my date set and keep focused on my weight lost now. I will post pics but haven't got the courage to yet. I thank you all who have share your stories and pics.

Question for all you ladies who have been through tt.

I read that some people experience a decreased appetite after a tt long term , has anyone else experienced this?
I had NO appetite for the first couple of weeks, then it slowly came back. It's important to eat very healthy during the healing process. I had to force myself to eat...hubby is a nurse so he made sure I had good protein and lots of healing foods. I agree with khaotickat, to be in the best possible shape helps in the recovery. Good luck honey!

My before..

I have lost 6lbs in the past 6 weeks, and am feeling stronger.

Dream body

I just had a TT, liposuction in 8 parts of my body, BA and fat transfer to my butt. I lost my appetite but I still eat anyways. I have been drinking coconut water, jello, oatmeal, homemade soup, toast, and salads. Eat things that are low in fat but for filling. So your body heal faster coconut water is very good for that so I heard!! Good luck and thank you for sharing your story!!

8 weeks pre op

I am still eager to have my tummy tuck but a bit disappointed in myself that I have not lost weight like I thought I should. I just hope that I can still have a great result regardless,and continue after to tone up. My goal was 10-20 lbs lost prior. Only lost 4 :/

counting down!

Went for pre op visit and am paid in full. It's starting to really feel real now. I have just one more visit to my hematologist for clearance because of my lupus anticoagulant. Gathering up some supplies and got everything at work covered for 2 weeks..I hope that enough time for me to recoup. Dr says my version of edited photo maybe achieved with further lipo in the future to narrow my waist more. I wish I could fast forward 2 months.

all clear and ready..anxiety setting in.

My hematologist has given clearance for surgery, that was the last thing to do. My lupus anticoagulant will require me to start lovenox injections after surgery and he wants me to start back my baby aspirin daily. I guess that pretty routine , I just worry about bleeding, swelling, delaying healing..my mind is busy and getting nervous now..I hope 2 weeks off from work is enough..I hope my husband isn't too burden with all the recovery.. I hope my kids are not upset seeing me out of commission.. pain? ..I'm a strong woman but oh God please let these pain meds do me right :) I have to ask about pain pump..does everyone get this? or do I have to request it? Also I am still thinking about buying a shower chair and a potty lift..any suggestions please? Is it necessary??
Hello Boca. I am in West palm. I am getting my mommy makeover in 2 weeks. I agree that safety comes first. And they recommend 1 surgery at a time then that is how you should stage. Hoping everything goes well for you!
Hi! IEEE and want the same type of surgeries you had. Would like to know if you can share the price you spend and surgeons info, please. Thank you for sharing.

Surgery day success

I did it! Tummy tuck removed 5lbs of skin and fat, they said. I can tell my middle is much smaller already. I haven't looked under my binder yet, can't stand well , sore throat,sore, burning, meds are good, but definitely needed anti nausea pill with them. My hubby and sister are being so good to me, thank god , I couldn't imagine being alone, no freakin way.


Dr. Rankin and staff are great! So attentive, kind. Really happy with them :)
Wishing you a speedy recovery! Excited to see your results.
Hey! Your case looks a lot like mine. I don't think your wish pic is not real. Surgeons do that to get our hopes and expectations down and then surprise you. You'll see you'll have a wonderful result, I can see it in your actual body. God be with you! :)

2nd day post op

"Swell hell" I've read it before and now I know exactly what they mean..ugh..
today I made a trip back to dr. Rankins office for check up, and it tired me out. I got my first peek at my results and it looks great, I'm not up for posing for pics yet, sorry.
Something's that I'm grateful that I read here..
- My recliner chair, I've been in this chair most of the time and sleeping in it
- dulcolax stool softener , I still have no had a bm but glad I've been taking it
- shower chair, I can shower tomorrow so I'll be glad to sit in there.
- bromelain & arnica supplements ( to help swelling and bruising)
- wet wipes
- of course my pain mess but also one for nausea
- wonderful hubby and sister taking care of me :)
Hello wanted to stop by your review so I can follow your journey too :) congrats and happy healing !
Please rest and take it easy. Each day will get better and better. Don't rush your body so you will avoid any set backs. I'm praying for you a speedy recovery. Be blessed.
This is my 4rd day PO appetite is real low but I drink my protein smoothies. Swell oh yes got it bad and sore. But pain is not bad at all. Wish you a speedy recovery take one day at time .

Take your stool softeners girls!

I've been taking them since sept 6 and finally today I had a bm sept 11! Finally! It's the little mile stones that are getting me through this. Like getting up out of my recliner all by myself last night. :) I'm allowed to shower but afraid.lol. I know that sounds silly.
I understand the shower fear. It appears that you have a shower chair so that will definitely help. I also used a lanyard to clip my drains so they would not hang in the shower. Make sure you have someone with you at first in and out the tub. My dr instructed me to turn my back to shower head and then let that water trickle down to front. I also have detachable shower head so that helped me clean your purse and concentrate on all other areas giving me that clean and refreshed feeling. Happy healing.

Emotional support

It is normal to feel all of these things..
unable to sleep at times
During healing, my abdomen may:
be asymmetrical
be lopsided
be swollen
be bruised
be tender to the touch
be firm or hard
break out with acne
experience irritation from the tape or anesthetic
have a tingling sensation
be numb
I also realize that the subtle changes or flaws that I may see in the mirror may not be visible to others because I am my own worst critic. I realize that once I heal, my changes can be seen with the help of before-and-after photos. I realize that if I do not like the end result many months from now, after I am fully healed, I can approach my surgeon about my dissatisfaction.
From thattummy tuck.com
Oh I go through these emotion in multiples DAILY!!! big sigh. I am not holding my, looks, my surgeon or my emotions accountable until I hit the 6 month mark LOL!! These are all 100% normal for sure!!
Yes! I clipped my drains on a rubber cord and used hand held shower head last night. It was so nice to wash my wash and freshen up. Ty for suggestions.
Thank you!

1 week post op tt

I'm going to Se Dr. Rankin tomorrow. My fluid is done to about 20cc today soybean getting the drains out. That will be awesome since their really cramping my style. Lol no really I had to go out today since cabin fever is setting in, and had to dress baggy enough to hide my grenades.
I think now that my mind is clearing and I taking less meds I was anxious to get out off the house. I am almost standing straight but still too much pulling and tight sensation to become straight. So in turn my back is sore from being hunched over. Every day getting better. Pics coming soon.
YAY for no drains I know the feeling of concealing them LOL!! I did the same thing. Let us know how it goes.
Congrats&Happy Healing!
I know it! I have not been to critical yet since I know it all gets better with time.

1 drain out, 1 to go

If all continues to go well, I'll have both drains out by the end of this week :)
I'm so excited to see this transformation continue. I'm so motivated, I have been eating so clean and lean. Once I'm safe to workout again I know it's going to be all so new.
Yeah thank you!
Your tummy is gorgeous!

2 weeks post op ..shopping trip!

I am 99%straight standing and walking normally! just slow in the morning and after sitting for a while. It still feels very tight even at my thigh crease it pulls. Today I walked the mall with my sister for almost 4 hours! Lol. I'm beat but glad to be up and out already. I thought I would have had to be still resting mostly but the recovery process has been better than I thought, I even stopped taking pain meds. I do like a muscle relaxer at night because I'm usually a restless sleeper and roll from one side to the other, so it helps me sleep on my back without rolling. My husband hasn't looked at my new tummy yet. We both want to wait til it's healed more before I show him. Shopping was fun today! I didn't buy clothes yet since I'm still swollen and have this bulky binder on..ugh..but I did buy a waist cincher that's thin so I can wear easier. Going back to work in 2 days. I'm ready but nervous, it's physically demanding being a busy hair stylist and a mom of 2. Hopefully I'll get breaks to sit. But back to shopping! Lol I'm so excited to try on styles that I would have not ever worn before with that old gut. Being patient and healthy , continuing to lost a few lbs. I dared to weight myself today and am down 9 lbs! That's quite a chunk I lost off my waist! So happy
You look good!!!!! Nothing like shopping. Happy healing!!!!!!!!!!!
That's Awesome you were out&about shopping is always Fun :) Congrats on the weight loss. Happy continued healing.
9lbs!!! That's amazing I'm envious lol!! Wow girl you better use these last two days to do as little as possible the swelling creeps up as it pleases and work is just physically exhausting and I'm sitting at a desk all day I couldn't imagine doing hair!! Congrats on standing straight and surviving the trip to the mall lol these small accomplishments mean so much!! Can't wait to see some pics of your new outfits :)

6 week update

THE BEST THING IVE. EVER DONE FOR MYSELF! Did I mention I love Dr. Rankin!
You look so great!!!
You look great! I think you're looking more and more like your wish pic of Kim K :) Happy healing
Dr. Rankin

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