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Third Time's a Charm... - Boca Raton, FL

I've suffered from underarm sweating since I was...

I've suffered from underarm sweating since I was 18. It's constantly hampered my ability to feel completely confident talking in a group of people, or out on a date talking to someone across the table.

Eight years later, I believe I tried every prescription antiperspirant under the sun and nothing works. I will be a full time teacher here in the fall and the last thing I want to worry about is how much I'll be sweating into my polos. That said, I've vouched for the Miradry after reading some of the reviews on here and around the web. Hopefully it will be quick and successful.

I'll follow up regarding my visit/procedure soon.

So, its the 18th of July 2012. After qualifying...

So, its the 18th of July 2012. After qualifying for the care credit online, I called Dr. Skellchock's office this morning around 9:30. I told them that I had a job interview tomorrow and am going on vacation in a couple days so if they could squeeze me in it'd be greatly appreciated. They did just that.

I came in for my consultation at noon, where we reviewed the procedure in detail, pre, during and post. I then proceeded to the room where they had the machine, took off my shirt and lied down on the table. The nurse was very friendly and outgoing (and professional). She started with a series of numbing shots in my right arm, which indeed caused numbing. My my first three fingers also went numb and swelled a bit, but with no pain. After the shots, she began the microwave treatment one suction at a time (yes is suctions to your skin) working her way over the entire area until she was done. The same exact process for the left armpit as well.

Timewise this treatment took roughly two and a half hours, from consultation to payment. I've just gotten home and have been swapping out ice packs (she gave me some extras) to help with the swelling. Full dexterity has returned to my arms and hands but the bottoms of my forearms, elbows and upper arms feel heavy and are still numb.

As it stands, no sweat. I'll be wearing an orange polo this afternoon to put it to the test. I'll follow up in a few days.

I would love to know how its coming along? I'm so excited and anxious all at the same time! I have been doing a lot of research on Miradry and I am very pleased just by reading it. Is it really effective like its been saying? I hope so! My appointment for my procedure is October 2, 2012

First bit of sweating after my first treatment - two months later. Perhaps it was just my nervousness kicking in when teaching in a classroom, but I did notice a little sweating. Not excessive by any means. Or noticeable.

I am hoping that the second treatment (on the highest setting) will finalize the results and make me a sweat free individual for the rest of my life.

As a side note, I can now wear shirts in a wide variety of colors (including white!).

Thank you for your updates. they really help.

I had mine first treament one week ago and so far great results! Only a few bumps left and no swelling.

When are you scheduled for second treatment?


Well it's been about three months and I am...

Well it's been about three months and I am starting to sweat again. It was my understanding that sweat glands do not regenerate. The first month was great - no sweating at all. Now, it seems as if things are slowly being undone and I am becoming more and more certain a second treatment is necessary.

Hopefully the second time at the higher setting will work - permanently...
Dear Friends

First off, thank you so much James for sharing your story with us. l live in Australia and am dying to know if this will ever hit our shores. Could anyone find out on my behalf when they visit the clinic. It would truly help me.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

Well, I'm sorry to hear the sweating is coming back. Thank you so much for coming back and letting us know how its going. Its good you are able to get a second treatment. Please let us know how that one compares to the first, and how you are doing after.

Well the first couple months were okay. Things are starting to reverse. I'll have a better answer for you after my second treatment. BTW I started out as a VERY heavy sweater...

So it's been a few days after my second procedure....

So it's been a few days after my second procedure. I really have nothing but positive feedback thus far. My second time in went better and was less timely than the first. Because I started to sweat again we elected to do a 'wider spread' - or a larger treatment area using the same setting (3). Afterwards, the typical swelling again in the same areas but this time around much less noticeable. I think it's because the majority of the glands had already been nuked the first time.

Follow up from the office was good afterwards. Special thanks to Megan.

Anyways, with this treatment I've decided that time will ultimately tell whether or not the procedure turned out to be permanent. As discussed before we even started, there is a goal in all patients to eliminate the majority of sweating, if not all of it. All in all I've had roughly a 80 percent success rate from my first visit and hopefully the second will maintain roughly a 90 percent elimination or above.

This process has been life changing. From my perspective it's a huge confidence boost and has allowed for a more 'colorful' selection of clothes.

I'd say its worth it.

I'll write back in about three months with another update. Any questions feel free to ask.

Ok I sweat REALLY bad and I am looking into this. I was just wondering (frOm those who have had this done) if it hurts at all, I've seen pics and it looks super painful, someone please write back
Hi James! So glad to hear this is working! I checked on the botox too and was not happy with the temporary state of that and the cost. No bueno! I have been using Certain-dri and/or a prescription strength deodorant. I would prefer to not use these due to Alzheimers in my family and the high aluminum content. So anyways, I will look forward to keeping track of your progress and I am so glad I ran across this forum category! Do you know what it would cost you if you need a third appointment?
Hi James! How are you results after the second treatment? I had my first one 2 months and my results aren't reduce sweating 80-90% like it stated. I'm just hoping the second treatment works better!

Today I had my third treatment. Yes, a third...

Today I had my third treatment. Yes, a third session with the Miradry machine. I believe it to be my personal body chemistry, but I wasn't seeing a significant reduction in sweating after a few weeks passed after the prior two procedures. I'm not sure if it's my body chemistry, or maybe just the change in atmosphere, or whatever.

Thankfully the good Doctor Skellchock allowed a third treatment on a higher setting. I had received two '3' treatments prior - the second of which with a larger 'area'. This time around they bumped it up to a '4'. That being said, the amount of risk increases with higher settings. Since I had no unpredictable side affects before, I decided to accept the risk.

The procedure itself was roughly the same as the last two. I had the friendliest of CME's (I think that's the correct term) and the great conversation really made the time fly. All in all customer service is top of the line.

So the great wait begins. Hopefully after this third treatment my sweat glands will stay defeated and the majority of my sweating will be a memory.

I really appreciate Doctor Skellchock's practice seeing this through and making sure I was happy with my results.

Updates will come in a few weeks.
So it's been a nice long while. I wanted to wait for a good amount of time to pass before following up. As of currently - sweating is not much of an issue unless its a really hot and humid day. I would say that I am sweating less than the average person. So while the procedure in and of itself doesn't completely remove all perspiration, it does reduce it to a much more tolerable level. After I still noticed some initial heavy sweating after the third treatment I scheduled a visit with some MiraDry representatives concerning the lapses in treatment. While Dr. Skellchock's staff was quite understanding and accommodating, the MiraDry staff performed some strange and in my opinion pointless tests. I told them that after a heavy workout I began to sweat profusely from the areas which had been zapped. To prove it to them I did several sets of push ups in front of their representatives and showed them my results. I told them that there must be some sort of regeneration of cells. Then they said the test I just did was nix and I needed to dance around like a monkey with both arms in the air reaching for the sky. After several minutes of this strange exercise and making a fool of myself, they replied 'See? No sweating.' Well no shit. People don't prance around the room with their arms up. All in all the stupid test I performed was their basis for dismissing my intuitions and I was quite unhappy with their lack of common sense. Long story short, go see Dr. Skellchock and she and her staff will help you out.
Do you have any hard knots still left in armpits? I'm about 5 months out, and still have on that will not go away.
I'm very curious to hear the results of the third treatment!! I had my second treatment last October and sweating has gradually returned over the last few months--definitely not 100% dry, but still much better than it ever was and one of the better sides of it has been no odor!! I've masked the odors my whole adult life and it feels great to not even have to worry about that! The other thing I noticed, and this could have to do with other factors, is I've seemed to develop "more than normal" sweating on other parts of my body :(. Update us when you have a chance from your third treatment! I'm also disappointed that where I had my procedure done, they've never even followed up to see/hear results.
Boca Raton Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Skellchock's office is a twenty minute drive south of where I live. I guess I lucked out.

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