53 Years Old, Sagging Jowls, Chin Implant, Neck Lift

Beginning my journey. So very exciting. Looking...

Beginning my journey. So very exciting.
Looking forward to a nice tight neck and lower face.
My chin has always been a troublesome area. As I've aged unfortunately my chin, neck and jowls have started sagging. I'm very optimistic that afterwards my face will be so much more uniform. I feel that this is the right thing to do.
Upcoming Lower Lift, Neck Lift and Chin Implant

Been getting lots of fillers for my chin and jowls for the last 10 years. Tired of the money and pain for short term solutions. I'm 53 and have always had a receding small chin. Although I really wish that I didn't need this surgery so young, I'm at the better do it now and stop wasting money.
Will be getting some fat Transfer as well.
Very much looking forward to this. I've picked a doctor who comes highly recommended, I like his no nonsense approach. My goal is to tighten and tone while enhancing my chin and jowls.
I'll probably be in your shoes in a few years...I have the small chin, too, and I can only imagine it won't age well. Your hair is rad and you look very young at heart. I hope this gives you more confidence in your beauty! I'll be looking forward to your updates!
Thank you, I will be posting lots of pics. I love the support and sharing this site helps us to give each other.
Good luck with your surgery. You look fabulous in your "before" photo. :-)


Ok, here are my before pics. I'm thinking of hiding in my house till D day after seeing these. Mind you this is is the brightest of daylight and all my filler is gone.
My thoughts are with you. I'll be getting fat injections on either side of my chin and along my upper cheek bones, see how mine turn out before deciding.
Good luck, I've heard it can take awhile for the swelling to go down after the fat injection. Then it's gorgeous.

Another before, not too long ago with my fillers

So excited, but still nervous. I'm not the best healer ....
Trying to keep strong and healthy.
Anon...I asked a ques about optimum time for fat grafting on the QA section. Easy to get to by clicking on my name (2d to last question asked). You may find the answers from PS helpful to read before your last meeting with your doc. If it were me and downtime was not an issue I would do it later~see what level of improvement you get from facelift alone and exactly where you actually need it without the limitation of where you can place it. grace60
Thanks grace.
13 Things I Wish I Knew Before Fat Transfer - Fat Transfer forum ... www.realself.com › Fat Transfer › Forum This looks good too!

Pre opt with my ps

So exciting, had my pre opt today to discuss the big day.
Got all my scripts and instructions. Tomorrow is bloodwork and EKG.
Two weeks to go, I wish it was tomorrow!
Did you just have a fat transfer? Do you have any after close up shots?
Not yet july 10
Only two more weeks! Woo Hoo!! I will be six weeks ahead of you in recovery. It will be interesting to share as I had the fat transfers as well.

Pre surgical facial

Nice surprise today. My surgery package includes two pre-surgical facials with their skin specialist. Was wonderful! Next Monday is another one and I'll be getting dermabrasion. Nice touch Dr. Handal!!
I'm thinking of you and hope you had a restful night. I can't wait to hear how you're doing.
How did it go? Hope all is well.
She must be sleeping.....hopefully in the morning she'll tell us that everything went well. :)

Yay, I'm done!

Thanks to all of you for the well wishes and support. xoxo's
I'm actually feeling pretty dam good. Was overnight with a nurse and hubby picked me up this morning.got my beautiful new chin, face/neck and fat. Doing good with extra strength Tylenol and started a steroid pack this morning amongst antibotics.
Now I'm wide awake happy as a clam....
Have a tube for drainage which runs in my neck,looks creepy but feels fine. Here are some before and afters.
You're looking good,you will be amazed how fast your recovery is. Our bodies tend to heal pretty quickly in certain areas. Get rest. Happy Healing.
Yay, I'm so happy it's over. How are you doin?
I'm good thanks for asking. All you women have made me change my abs,waist and butt surgery date from Oct to Sept because it's exciting to see everyone's great results. You look like you didn't have much done and you look great. That's how you know you have a good ps.

First night

Helmet head
Hi Anon, yah it is over and you can already see how great you will look fully healed!!! Did you have something done to your under eyes or is the bruising from the lower lift?
Thanks, I did have fat transfer under eyes
Wow even battered & bruised you look awesome lol so very pleased for you - now just sit back & heal well :-)

48 hours

Feeling good, I love my chin and neck. Still have a drain that runs across my neck, comes out Monday. Swelling is really not to bad. I think the steroid pack is doing a good job.
Anon, you look fantastic for as much as you had done. Not sure if I could have handled that drain across my neck though. Thank God my ps didn't use one. I had 2 with my tummy tuck and that creeped me out. I can't imagine having one in my face! The things we ladies do to ourselves! Looking forward to your pics once some of the swelling and bruising subsides. Relax now. It's over! ;)
Where exactly did he transfer fat? in cheeks or eyes?
Under eyes and some along my outside cheeks, lips, etc. wherever ps thought I needed volume.

Day 3

Anothrt day of rest. Swelling is going down little by little.
Been using arnica every couple of hours. Fresh pineapple and green smoothies.
Slowing down on the Tylenol, took 2 today. Have a rx for tramadol tha I've been taking a night along with sleepy time tea. Only sleep for a couple hours at a time though. Drinking tons of water as well. My dr called yesterday and today to see how I'm doing. I totally love my ps.
You already look great and you will feel so much better when the drains come out - tomorrow I have my stitches out and I cannot wait!
Thanks and good luck with your stitches coming out. That has got to feel awesome.
Don't know about you but any level dose of Prednisone and I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours and it's not even a restful sound sleep. What your taking also has insomnia as a big time side effect; think that might be interfering with the rest you need. I know it doesn't affect everyone the same but for me it's very pronounced. grace

Day 4

Went to my doc this morning, tube was removed and incisions cleaned. Said I need to do a little better keeping the incisions clean. Otherwise all is good!
Check out my pic for you ladies who did a mini face lift,it will help with bruising,swelling,redness,headaches and puffy eyes! BRAIN FREEZE!!!! LOL
What pix Bella?
my new update

1 week

Boy I am ready to be done with this surgery!!!
Actually went to walmart yesterday out of sheer desperation to get out of the house....
Tomorrow stitches will come out, I'd like to get to the point where my hair can be worn down so I can go out without scaring anyone.
Still pretty swollen on the left side, and under chin.
Middle of my face is coming down, notiticed some of my old wrinkles around the mouth and where the cheeks meet the face when similng. Not sure if I expected to see that, was a bit disappointed. I guess fillers will always be needed.
anon7226 The tightness lasts for a long time with chin implant. It lasted for years and sensitivity under the incision. But the scar heals nicely. It takes awhile. Sorry,i know these surgeries do not provide instant results like my restylane. lol ;) I feel like my arms plateaued. You can always wear a visor bu then that might scare people more. You know the visor v stiviano wore who was with Donald Sterling? lol
LOLs Bella, Today I'm totally leaving my comfort zone and getting out of the house. Yesterday I dusted all my plastic tree plants (have quite a few)!
WOW you are BORED! I get Bored too but there is always something for me to do,like clean,wash car,laundry,bathe my little simba(chihuahua),take him to the dog park,jog,eat,drink,movies,drive-in,yes we have one believe it or not,i went tonight and watched the Cameron Diaz movie called "sex tape". Her body is amazing. rea a book,water the lawn,pay bills,nail fill,pedicure,grocery shopping and that is what i do during my week. OH YEAH WORK!!! I forgot. hahahaaaha ;) I am so BORED i am going to Cancun the end of the month.

Stitches out

Had most of my stitches out today. Doc left the stitches behind ears till next week. Was pretty easy thak goodness!
I did have fluid built up under my chin, doc removed with a needle; I guess I'm so numb there didn't even feel when he did it. That definety relieved some of the tightness I've been feeling for the past few days.
Had a wonderful day meeting a super sweet and totally gorgeous Joanne*.
Went for a little shopping spree and had a great time!
You look great! I am going to have Rhino and mini lift done in Sept, do you have any advice for me? Would be appreciated. Thanks
Thank you ladybug, Has been a long time coming and I'm thrilled with the results. Being on realself has been the biggest help. Everyone has great suggestions and I just kept hooking up with all the "positive" people. My doc and staff have been very caring and supportive. I did stay for the overnight with a nurse, would recommend if that's possible for you. Next day my husband took very good care of me thoughout the weekend. I'm not sure how much pain is involved in a rhino, but for me I opted to just do Tylenol extra strength. I was not in pain, just uncomfortable with the swelling. To me this speeded up my recovery. Lots of luck to you!
Thanks for your reply. I plan on having 3-4 weeks off for recovery do you think this is enough time to go back to work and not be noticeable with swelling and bruising?

Two weeks tomorrow and final stitches out today

Doc said I'm healing beautiful!
This is no makeup and still plenty of bruising and some swelling.
I feel great though.
isn't it wonderful to have all the stitches out.....your bruising has faded a lot and you're looking awesome!!!
Thank you beautiful Joanne! Is a relief to have them out for sure. I ask doc about returning to gym, he said he'd prefer min 2/3 more weeks. Said the gyms are so filled with germs and bacteria it's safer to work out home.
Hi anon. You're coming along nicely. You're lucky you can wear no make-up,you have beautiful skin,clean and clear. ;) Unlike my dark sun damage on both cheeks. It's melasma and hyperpigmentation from birth control and sun. ;( You're looking good.

Before and afters

Is cool to see side by side the changes
Hi Anon, Hope that your doing well. Tomorrow is your first day back to work, are you excited? Have the bruises gone away? I bet you're looking more beautiful with every passing day. {{{ Hugs }}}
I can't believe my time off is ending...... I really enjoyed being home. I'm still a bit black and blue, slightly swollen. Doubt anyone will notice, they will just be happy to have another human being there to do the work! How are things going for you? Happy to be working again?
How do you feel like your recovery is coming along. Did you think it would take this much time for the swelling and bruising to leave. I am scheduled to have rhino and neck lift in Sept but worried that it is such a long recovery process. I have a month off from work but don't want it to take the whole month to recover. I have uploaded pictures of me if you want to take a look at what I am dealing with.

Dolled up

My husband who is a hobby photographer took this picture of me yesterday.
I put makeup on and holy mackerel what a difference!!!
Thank you for sharing and posting pics-You look fantastic. Looks like Dr Handal is a good PS. How did you decide to use him???
Thank you, I'm completely happy with my procedure and cannot believe how good my results are so far. Dr Handal has been practicing in our town for over 20 years, my primary doc gave him excellent references. Dr Handals staff was helpful and provided phone numbers of many patients who I could talk to. The have a confidential catalog in the office that has before and after shots that I looked thru and picked out who I wanted to speak with. I called three patients and they were all saying how great the experience was and help please they were with the outcomes. I also went to another doctor who I happen to love and I was very torn between which one to go with. My gut told me it was Dr. Handal.
Anon, Hi. I was looking at your pictures before your procedure. You do look amazing. I was wondering about a couple of things and hoping you would share. Were there any problems with the fat transfer after have the silicon injections and on the sides of your chin (not the very front part) where you had finer wrinkles, did the fat fill those smaller wrinkles or does fat injections only plump up the deeper wrinkles? Also, did you notice if the fat injections make the skin more moist? Thank you.

Completed my first week back to work

Was still bruised and a little swollen, everyone knew I was getting a chin implant so that pretty much made the transition easy. The black eyes were a bit trickier LOLs. I told them that they recommended a fat tranfer to help fill chin area and I figured "what the heck... Spread it around!
It became an office joke that I'd been doing female wrestling who while off.
All was good.
I did find that my implant area got sore and I can now actually feel the edge on one side. I'm going to talked to doc to see if maybe I need a little filler there to cushion it. Not sure if the other side is still swollen and that's why I can't feel the edge there. Time will tell.
I'm on the phone talking all day, practically every minute as is a busy work environment. That prolly irritated it. I also noticed under my chin area is puffer.
My recommendations to anyone having this surgery would be to take a minimun of 3 weeks. 2 is doable but a little tough.
Had some more pics with make up last night, I still cannot believe what a beautiful difference this surgery has made for me.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the new you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful and i love your hair color. The chin is normal about swelling. Find out what your ps says,he's the expert and from the looks of you,he did a Fab job! Have a good Day!
Thank you sweetie!
What was the cost of your surgery?

Previous neck injuries and face/neck lifts

Here is something to consider before having face/neck lifts.
I have old injuries to my neck which sometimes cause quite a bit of pain.
To manage I've learned how to stretch and maneuver my neck and shoulders to try to keep loose. On occasion when it locks up I've gotten cervical epidural's.
After my procedures I can no longer move or flex to break up the tension or try to realign.
So far I've been ok, but definety is scary for me.
This has to be the very best account I have read. Well done! Congrats on your beautiful new look. Can you please give us the cost?
Thanks so much for the compliment. I so appreciate all of the people who post, especially pictures so that I knew what to expect after these procedures. I have chosen to keep the costs private for personal reasons. Is something you can see on many other profiles though if you wish.
Beautiful result.

Normal swelling?

Curious what others have experienced
I'm noticing some puffy areas under my chin that make it look like I have a double chin when I tuck my face Downward?
Also experiencing some scrunching of the chin area muscels that I think will need fillers or botox. Disappointed .
Oh anon7226 I'm struggling with disappointment too. I hope it's just swelling for you. (Hugs)
You look fabulous! You had a great body to begin with and now the gorgeous face! You still look like you only new and improved. I bet you're so happy with it. Thinking about getting the lower face lift in the next couple of years. For now I am happy with the smart lipo I had on my neck. Absolutely gorgeous! Well done, you!
Thank you for such a sweet compliment.

Swelling follow up

Called doc and asked if a chin strap might help. They wanted me to stop in so he could examine. The swelling was not too bad according to my dr. He did inject a medicine on the left side to help with the swelling.
Said the chin strap prolly wouldn't make a difference.
We talked about the scrunchie wrinkles that I have, bottom line is to wait for min 6 months to a year before making any decisions on whether I'll need fat transfer or filler. Hoping the swelling goes away soon.
Just checking in to see how you're doing? Hope all is well :)
Thanks for thinking of me still southern, I've been great, swelling is down and looking good. As everyone else has said; face lift is great but will not erase all of your wrinkles! I will need some filler in my chin area and mouth corners. My lift is extremely natural looking and I really do love it.
I'm glad you love it :) I am going on consults for a facial overhaul (hehe) and it's been really interesting. Everyone has a different opinion it seems lol. I hear ya on the filler, guess they want to "lift", "fill" and "resurface" ($ka-CHING$ lol)

New pics

Got dressed up and wanted to put some current pics up. Goin to doc this week for check up.
Don't see your pics yet ;) j/k Looked at your pics again tho, your before and afters are night and day you know? Also, LOVE your hair! What is that called, with the 2 colors? It's gorgeous and very striking, really like it
Hi southern, Sorry I messed up putting pict up, they are grainy. Will try to get better ones from doc this week. Thanks for the sweet compliments. I'm very happy with my outcome. Still have some more healing to do, but overall my look is refreshed and natural. My fears were always that I'd looked "worked on". I do still have som lax and my chin area will need some filler. I'm ok with that!
My hair used to be what they call striped. Which is dark with bands of light blond stripes. Was very damaging. Now I'm letting my natural silvery blond grow out on top and coloring the back and sides. Much healthier and cheaper! Thx


The makeup ones are not the best quality but hopefully an idea.
Some pure day lights with no makeup too. Not the prettiest but I want you guys to see the truth of what to expect
Just a note on why I took down the majority of my pictures. I really like this site and same as you I appreciate when someone posts personal information and pictures to help the rest of us understand procedures. My only wish is that realself let you control privacy. Without the options anyone can create an account and view/post on your wall. Hopefully someday that will be an option. Minimally at least allow people who have pictures have some privacy options.
Anon, your pictures were great and so helpful. You are a beautiful person and I love your results. Take care, Lilygirl
Thank you Lily, I really like this site and same as you I appreciate when someone posts personal information and pictures to help the rest of us understand procedures. My only wish is that realself let you control privacy. Without the options anyone can create an account and view/post on your wall.
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Handal is 100% about making sure my results were natural and youthful. His staff is caring, facility is clean and I felt 100% safe and cared for. They exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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