First Laser Hair Removal Treatment With Alexandrite 755nm - Boca Raton, FL

It has been a week since my first treatment with...

It has been a week since my first treatment with the alexandrite laser. The doctor told me that the hair would die and fall out naturally within 2 weeks. All the hair is ingrown in my legs and bikini and is not naturally falling out like i was expecting. It was kind of falling out in my underarms but not anymore.

I am scheduled to come in about every 4-8 weeks for 10 sessions total. The pain was not too bad. It was worst on my underarms because he used a setting of 14 as opposed to 12 on legs and bikini. I did use numbing cream and it helped a lot with the pain level. I am hoping more hair will start to fall out within the next week so I can at least be hair free for a few days.

I have not been able to wear shorts or tank tops and I live in FL. I will continue to post reviews throughout the process in hopes that I will be able to help anyone out there who is thinking about doing this treatment. By the way, the $4000 includes all ten sessions for lower legs, underarms, Brazilian bikini and butt strip.

Check out my videos on you-tube. I talk about the process and show you my legs and underarms. Subscribe to my channel so you can get all the latest updates on this procedure and the others I am having!! Please feel free to send me any messages with questions, comments, concerns, etc. I am more than happy to answer anything :) Stay Beautiful! {edited}

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Hi schmie2, 

Such a great detailed post, this should for sure help the community. How is it going now with the hair loss after the removal? Please keep us updated.




When i took a shower today, I used my dove bar...

When i took a shower today, I used my dove bar soap under my arms and when I looked at the bar soap there was hair all over it! A lot of my underarm hair is falling out. If I do not shave it for the next couple of days I think the rest will fall out pretty soon. My legs are still really ingrown and my bikini hair is slowly falling out.


hi all, well I went for my first laser treatment on my face, was told to shave before hand which I did, it didn't take long at all, about 3min... I would have like them to zap a few times in the area instead of just zapping once in each spot? I was told by one person I MUST shave inbetween as my next appointment is in 4 weeks, had the treatment done yesterday and I feel and see my hair is growing already? I was told by another person I must NOT shave and just leave the hair to fall out... but what if it doesn't fall out, I don't want to walk around with a bush on my face. help oh the machine they used is the 755nm Alexamdrite Laser, I wish I knew what was the best machine on the market as I have searched online and they all say they the best.
Hi all
It's a good idea to gently exfoliate and or keep shaving during that 2 week post treatment time to help prevent ingrowns. Very normal response- especially on legs where natural exfoliation is slower.
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