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I had my first peel ever yesterday. I told the...

I had my first peel ever yesterday. I told the aesthetician that I wanted a peel that would clear out my pores and even out my skin tone. She highly recommended the Miami Peel because it has five acids (kojic, citric, lactic, salicylic, and forgot) so they would clear and brighten it. She also said that even though it's called a "peel", most people do not actually peel because the ingredients are coated with something when it goes through the skin.

So these were the steps when I went in:
1. Cleanser- she wiped my face with a cotton ball with gel type cleanser.
2. Alcohol- she wiped my face with alcohol and gave me a small hand fan. However, i did not feel any burning so I just turned it off. I suppose if you use face scrubs daily, or have any recently popped zits, it would burn.
3. Aquaphor- she put aquaphor all around my eyes, crease of my nostrils, and my lips.
4. Alcohol-she redid the alcohol
5. Peel- she put the peel on, it sort of smelled sour but it did not hurt. Then she said we had to wait 5 mins.
6. 2nd layer-she put a 2nd layer again. She said a lot of clients get three layers but she would do 2 to get me started.

I was done in 15 minutes, and the charge was $125 :S Of course, I know i'm not paying for time but at that moment, I could understand why people get tempted to do peels at home!! After my peel, I did not feel any discomfort. I was instructed not to wash my face for four hours (5:30 to 9:30). I washed my face around 9:00 with cetaphil cleanser; my forehead was shiny and my skin felt very smooth with red patches on my cheekbones and chin. Slightly windburned or chapped feeling but nothing overwhelming.

In the morning, I woke up and my face felt a little bit burning!! I washed my face and it looked like I had a bunch of emerging zits! I thought, "ok that's part of the peel" but when I looked close in the mirror, they were not zits at all; they were just surface itchy bumps. That was around 1 pm. It got worse and worse and my face was so itchy. I had a hot shower and that somewhat improved it but i felt slight burning. I put a layer of Dr. perricone organic face cream on to calm it down. I called the dermatologist's office and asked, "hi, i had a peel yesterday and today my face is burning up and covered in hives...can you tell me if this is normal or should i just wait it out? i just want to make sure in case." The lady said my aesthetician was in another location and would call back on my cell. I then received a call an hour later, and another lady said my aesthetician was doing a peel so she would call back later. I did not receive a call. I wiped my face with aftershave (high alcohol content) to kill bacteria just in case. My face is still super itchy. My bro never notices anything and he said, "omg what the hell happened to your face?"

I was doing this to look good when I go in for jobs because right now I'm unemployed...now I'm out $125 and i can't go anywhere...:( It would have been nice if my doctor's office at least called me back and said "hey don't worry about it" or whatever...however, I will give the benefit of a doubt and wait until tomorrow.

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When I was 16, I went to a dermatologist who told me I "definitely needed" a chemical peel facial at her spa. I had the same reaction--swollen face, itchy hives that were like a million tiny bumps all over. It was painful and I felt disgusting. They went away by themselves after about 1 week. I tried having 1 facial since then and the same thing happened. To this day, I have no idea if I am allergic to one of the products they used or what. I just avoid peels like the plague now.
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I was considering having a chemical peel because I could not afford the laser resurfacing treatment. However, both of these options scare me. My skin tone is dull, red, sun-damaged, starting to wrinkle, etc. I don't know what to do! Send me a message or comment if you have an opinion to express with me.
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I think you should consider getting a prescription for retin-a cream.
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Retin-A is a very popular choice. Also, there are many, many different kinds of chemical peels that go to different layers of the skin. If you aren't sure which way to go, my advice would be to find a board certified dermatologist that you feel comfortable with and ask his/her opinion on what to try. You can then research out the specific peels/treatments they suggest and decide which one is best for you.

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you should try lactic acid peel at home ..........buy lactic acid 88% from any chemical shop worth $10....n sodium bi carbonate ......frst prepare the mixtures......take 1 teaspoon of lactic acid n 1 teaspoon of plain water mix well in a glass bowl so that it may not react....before applying just wash your face with a mild cleanser then pat your face dry......now apply the mixture on your face with or without a brush...leave it for 5 minutes.....take 1 teaspoon of sodium bi carbonate n water mix it well in another container ....take cotton pad n clean your face well.....don't worry to hear sm sounds....like hissssss.........now wash your face with fresh water n dont forget to apply sunblock cream bfore exposing to sunlight .....try it once a weak....u ll feel better ....n lemme know about your experience.....GUDLUK
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I also want to suggest an at home RED photon therapy device. I've read allot about it and it all sounds good. Ive found an affordable LED mask which you use at home, Ive ordered it and I'll see how it goes.
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Vee...I love red light therapy. It does take a little time to work but you will notice that somehow your skin just looks better. Goodluck 2 u!!
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thank goodness the first person with common sense post! you are suppose to dilute the peels w/ sodium bicarbonate water (sterile water). NEVER use NEOSPORIN OR ANY MEDICATED OINTMENTS! You could develop a skin allergy, any smart dermatologist will tell u that. Sunblock after of SPF 70+. You do peels every 4-6 weeks, NOT every week or everyday. That is how you develop these skin irritations and allergies. Not every peel is for everyone, so it is better to have you skin assessed by a doctor to tell you your skin type, etc. This is coming from someone who works in a dermatology office for years and we do this all day every day.
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The purpose of alcohol is to lessen or to remove the oiliness..your skin will be better soon! Have a great day! :-)
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use hydrocotisone cream for itchy and redness on your face
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what ever was the outcome of the burning hives or rash? how and when did it go away? did you ever get a call back from the doctor? did you take before and after photos of your face?? sounds like maybe a law suit to me??

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. It always helps to do some research, especially when people tell you about these 'combo' peels, if it were normal, it would be more widely practiced. The thing that gave me hives listening to your story is that she swabbed alcohol all over your face TWICE! WTF!? Alcohol is very drying and damaging to the skin. When someone decides to get creative and... well it's not a drink where you can just add random thing's.. it's a face... and when you mix certain chemicals together, the ingredients may become unstable and damaging to the skin and the nerves in the skin, so there's bound to be a reaction. But don't get too worried, ive done just as bad to my skin and it recovered and got tougher. I highly recommend you stay out of the sun completely, and use a cream such as Invite vitamin E cream (its a very thick cream), that has been an excellent cream for healing and recovery on the skin, in my experience. You may even have to lather a thick layer on before you sleep; this repaired allot of damage to my skin and prevented severe acne scars for me.
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That is a bummer they didn't call you back. Did you ever hear back from them?

Here is a Q&A with some information you might find helpful:

Are Itchy Red Spots After a Light Chemical Peel Normal?

Would love to hear how you are doing today.


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Hi, thanks for the link. I had the peel Thursday, the picture above was taken Friday (in the small resolution, the extent of the bumps can't be seen, was much worse.) Today is Monday; I don't have any redness but the hives can be felt on the skin. I think next time I will go for a facial with extractions or perhaps microdermabrasion.
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Facials are great, and definitely a much milder way to treat your skin. They are very relaxing...be careful if you decide to have one done though - they get addictive! ;)

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I would recommend you to use cool water to rinse the area instead of hot water because the heat will further irritate skin. Drink ample of water, moisturize the skin and avoid sunlight. HP 91
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