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It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since my surgery. I...

It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since my surgery. I had the hopes of it being all better by now, but the experience has been horrendous. Not only was it terribly painful, but my surgeon misled me into thinking it would be a very quick recovery. He told me that I would only have to wear my compression garment for 5 days! I am still wearing it 24 hours a day, and frankly afaid not to, as I am desperately trying to find hope in smoothing out the horrible unevenness I have.

I was under the impression that I was a perfect candidate for the SmartLipo since I was ideal weight (135lbs and 5'9"). I only had a little pouch that I had not ever been able to accept. I am now facing the prospect of never showing my belly in public again, which leaves me distraught as I live a mile from the beach in Fla, and often went with my kids. I have never in my life worn a one piece bathing suit. Can someone please help me in instilling some hope?

Like I said, it has been 4 weeks, and I am wearing a very tight fitting compression garment with pads, have had 8 endermologie treatments, and 2x daily massage myself most of the time with a rolling pin. I don't want to give up hope, or have to fathom getting another surgery already. PLEASE HELP!


You should try a few treatments of Vela Shape! It really works, but it only works right after you have your procedure. I've had liposuction as well and I have lots of those lupms on my stomach unfortunatelly...
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To be honest, I question the doctor due to the mere cost alone. He was quite inexpensive which makes me question that he had no ideal what he was doing. I paid $6200 for my back alone. It's only been a couple of weeks, but it looks great. And oh, by the way- I think you looked perfect before the surgery.
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I am about to have the smart lipo next week, and reading this makes me think twice, and i already paid for it...:( What is the name of your doctor?
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Dr. Nees at Strax Rejuvenation killed one of his patients. He has had his medical license suspended repeatedly. Read article below: http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/2011-06-02/news/deaths-at-one-of-south-florida-s-most-popular-plastic-surgery-centers-raise-questions-about-the-safety-of-cheaper-nips-and-tucks/full/ Strax is an awful institution taking advantage of others.
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I've been reading these posts and I think a lot of the problem is the doctor you choose. I heard a lot of good things about Dr. Stratt and a friend had his belly done by him and he looked great. So i went to Dr. Stratt too. If you don't pick the right surgeon you can get lumps. Anyway, thats what dr. Stratt told me. He also said that lumps can develope after the surgery, but its important to wait for them to go down > iad a few lumps initially, but they went away after a few weeks. Anyway, now I look awesome...and I'm really really happy I went to him.
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Hi to all of you... i am now 7 weeks post lipo, my belly still with lumps and looks terrible, and as many of you, good in cloths, no so good naked, and waiting the 3 months to see if all those pocked fluids and bumps will dissapear. At least i am not in pain anymore, i stil feel from time to time a burning sensation that comes and goes,but i guess that must be the body that is recovering from the tumescent anestesia in it, and lets not forget that what a laser does is burn and burns nerves and even if we do not see it because it is internal, a burning wund takes time to heal and recover...lets not fool ourselves and i wish doctors would be more honest and say exactly what we could expect from this procedure.
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