49 Almost the Big 50!!! Two Grown Kids 25 and 20 Years Old Time for Me to Get a Tummie Tuck Perkie Boobs - Boca Raton, FL

After having two big babies I have loose skin ...

After having two big babies I have loose skin although I workout everyday and have muscle that extra skin needs to be tucked , and my chest has drooped through the years
Would like to have a tight stomach and perkie boobs
I am nervous because I feel that I look ok for 50 but can look tighter I am excited for the newer me!
Hi You are right behind me ! Are you nervous ?
Best wishes! I'll be right behind you, March 15!

10 days left!

Excited, but nervous about the belly scar I'm gonna have
I am very nervous. Part of me second guessing myself. But I'm anxious to see the results!

My extra skin

10 days left

The belly sitting

Can't wait for tighter skin

Goodbye extra skin

How are you doing?
We made it Jc! Hope your healing is comin song smoothly. I'm in a bit of pain, and am exited to see the results. Post an update and pics when you can!
Today's the big day! Congrats and happy healing!

3 days post op

Side view

Still a little swollen


Congrats :) your looking great!!
Congrats again! Looking good jc. Glad your recovery is going so well. Keep the updates coming. :-)
I agree your looking great..continued best of luck!

6 days post op

Front view

Just out of surgery

Day of surgery march 12

Hope you are healing well.
I'm better everyday Wow your pics looking great!! How do u feel??
Woke up today finally feeling like a truck hit me. Day 6 post op. Yes, better each day.

11 days post op

I feel like I'm being stretched muscles sooo tight other than that I'm feeling great

11 days

Dr korpeck I feel is a phenomenal PS and human being , Dr. is also a perfectionist I am in awe at my results which far exceeded my very high expectation! Fantastic experience all the way through an his PA, along with all of his staff are very knowledgable, caring they take there time with you, they listen. It has been so far a amazing experience. Good job Dr K


Hi!! Just wanted to say I hope I look as good as you do at 49. Everything came out so beautiful on you. Hope ur enjoying it. Well wishes.. ;)
Hi Ty for your kind words You look great!! For two weeks post your not real swollen the scar will fade I know it looks scary and i had to change all my bathing suits bottoms to cover the scar I am one month post and I am wearing a silicon strip on my scar they say it helps with the healing process Everyday u wake up and u look better and better you do look great Happy healing
Hi there. How are you doing?
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