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I got saline implants under the muscle 3 and half...

I got saline implants under the muscle 3 and half years ago. I was a 32 C to begin with and just wanted fuller breasts. Well, I ended up with too much fullness. Too big for my frame. I'm now married and planning to start having kids in the next 3 years or so.
Implants were 375 filled to 420. They are heavy and get in the way and have started sagging a little. I just don't want to deal with future surgeries. 

My surgeon suggested to remove the implants without removing the capsules since they are soft and very thin. I don't know how I feel about that but I'm trusting his opinion. He also said since I'm young my skin my go back to normal ( not 100 percent though) I don't care if I end up with flat saggy boobs I just don't want to deal with foreign objects in my body anymore. I'm thinking about getting a lift later on down the road.
Ill post pictures soon.


I got my implants removed today ! I love Dr.Pozner. He made me feel so comfortable and he's the most honest plastic surgeon I've ever meet ! I've seen his work on alot of my friends and they're all extremely happy ! I live in NY and came to FL to get this done with Dr. Pozner. Ill post more pix later
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Thanks for sharing your story, PJ, and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have given a lot of thought to getting them out and you'll find a ton of support from all the lovely women here.
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Thank you so much for your kind words :)

Ok Today was the second day with empty boobies....

Ok Today was the second day with empty boobies. They are saggy and my skin has stretched out on the upper pole. They don't look anything like they did before breast augmentation. My nipples and areola look horrible. Thy are stretched out. I def need an areola reduction later on. I don't know if I'm a candidate for a lift. I'm gonna wait for at least 6 months before I made a decision. My surgeon knows I'm planning on having kids so he suggested not to do anything until after that. I love his honesty and he's an excellent plastic surgeon. My first BA was with another doctor. He did a good job but my mistake was that I left the size up to him. He chose too big of implants for me but I can't change the past.


Bella you look a lot better honey! Isn't lighter and less tension in your neck & shoulders! Natural is becoming on you, & what a great example for your future children. Take good care of yourself dear :-) Blonde
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Thank you for your kind words ! I have no regret removing my implants. Just a little mad at myself for getting them done in the first place. But I can't change the past. I hope my skin retracts a little ! I'm patient. Ill keep you guys posted with updates and pictures :)
I've been trying to figure out what I want to do! I really want to have mine taken out and wait to see where they go. Worried as I am 36 DD and they are a bit saggy... In the Boca area... Keep us posted!
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Today is the 3rd day post op. I feel great. Last...

Today is the 3rd day post op. I feel great. Last night I was in so much pain. But today I feel much better. I am using a firming lotion from Clarins on the upper pole of my breast to help the skin retract. I also have a glycolic peel that I'm using to help with skin tightning and collagen production. I hope they get better. Ill post more pix today


Bella J6862 You look great!! :)
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Thank you Hun ! You too !! :) I'm very happy I did it !
Your natural breasts look great and they will continue to improve. Be kind to yourself and before you know it this will seem like a distant memory.
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I'm healing nicely .. Sleep much better at night.....

I'm healing nicely .. Sleep much better at night...I saw my doctor yesterday and everything looked good to him...
I also had a consultation for fat grafting to my seems like a great idea but I don't have alot of excess fat. Plus I'm afraid to do it..ill just wait and see how my boobies look in 6 months to a year..

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Natural is good ! Light and free ! I wish someone...

Natural is good ! Light and free ! I wish someone could tell me this when I was young and made the decision to get implants. I feel so confident now without my giant boobs. I can't wait to get on the treadmill and start working out without my boobs getting in the way !!!


My suggestion is wait on anything you might do to your breasts until after you have kids! Also, with more time you might decide they are just fine as they are. My areolas did not shrink until about 5 weeks and the breast tissue stopped feeling like jello at about 7 weeks. You look incredible for so soon after explant, and you are going to keep healing and seeing changes weekly. Best wishes.
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Yes you're right. They're changing everyday. Even if they stay like this, I'm happy . So good to feel light and natural again. Your story is similar to mine. I'm glad I got them out. Your pix look great :) much better than the ones with implants :)
I think you look beautiful as you are right now, Bella. You have very nice-sized breasts as they are today!
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I'm very happy that I removed my implants. Of...

I'm very happy that I removed my implants. Of course I wish I never got them in the first place but I can not redo the past. What's done is done. I'm happy and thankful that I have my health ! At this point in my life I feel comfortable and confident in my skin even though I'm far from perfect. I used to be so active but the implants weighed me down so much ... I've already started working out and feel a big difference. Still taking it easy thought. My breasts my not be perfect right now due to having the implants in place for a while but I don't care . I love being natural !!!


Bella, glad to see you are feeling well and looking great!!
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Thank you ! Good luck with your surgery. Be patient and try not to look at them too much. You will feel better once they're gone ! Much lighter too !
Going to Dr.Pozner today... a bit nervous to see what he has to say!
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11 days

11 days already. I've bought some new bras :) all 32 D ! I look SOOOO much better in clothes ! I look a lot slimmer than what I was before too !
I keep using skin care on my breasts to help my skin heal. Even though I bought new bras I try to avoid wearing regular bras unless if I have to. My stitches are still kinda sensitive and I don't want to put too much pressure on them.


I have a question for all you ladies that have explanted probably 6 months or more. If you lost nipple sensation with your BA ,has it improved at all with implants out? I guess results may be very different for those of you that have had surgery through the aerola . I had the breast crease procedure with 270 cc implants and have significant loss of feeling which I really regret. I look forward to your true comments.
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I did on the very first surgery. Only on one side however. Never came back.
Hi Hun. I didn't have lose of sensation so I don't know...

5 months post

It's been five and a half month since I got my implants out. My skin has retracted so much and the scar under the fold of my breast is almost gone. I'm so glad I got the implants out. I feel great great ! I don't have to carry the weight on my chest anymore. I'm all me and I love it !


I know your procedure was a while ago but I was looking at the results and it looks great. I've had 2 breast augmentations first time with 280 cc and second time was looking for a small lift after giving birth to my son and ended up following the doctor's suggestion that getting a bigger implant will fix the problem. I never wanted large breasts and he suggested 350cc. I asked him if he didn't think that was too big for my frame (I'm 4-11") and he said I may not even change bra size. Well I did, and have gotten even bigger after gaining about 10 lbs. I haven't been happy with them since the moment I stepped out of the second surgery. I want to go back to natural but I don't think my results will be as good as yours since I had a lift around the nipple with the last procedure and I've had implants for a total of 13 years. I would probably need a lift but I don't know how I'll feel about the scars. Another issue is that I don't even know how to talk about it with my husband or anyone else. I am afraid they'll think I'm crazy with all these surgeries back and forth. I guess I should start by consulting different doctors. Anyway, sorry for venting here. Just wanted to say that you look awesome!
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I'm sure you look great, but I understand how you feel. I, myself was unhappy with the size of my breast, but non of my friends or my husband thought they were too big for me. I too had gained weight and that added to my insecurities about my breasts because they were super big with 15 extra pounds !! Lol for me the issue was getting pregnant with already large boobs so I decided to get them out. I got them out and lost the extra weights too. I suggest you try to lose the extra weight before you do anything because you may be very happy with your results afterwards. It took me over a year to fully recover and I still have loose skin didn't retract completely..I def need a lift but I can live without it for now :) I think you shouldn't think too much about your size and if after you lose the weight you're still unhappy, you can just get smaller implants :) I hope that helps...
You look amazing. I applaud your decision to remove them. Long live freedom!
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