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I am 36 years old and had a breast augmentation...

I am 36 years old and had a breast augmentation about 9 years ago. I had just had a child and was not planning for any more children at the time. I was probably a good size B at the time. My chest had changed a bit, but looking back now they were still very perky and beautiful. I thought that I wanted to go to a size D. I was 120 pounds at the time at 5 feet 5 inches. I was surrounded by large chested women and thought that is what I wanted. I change the size several times before the surgery and ended up with saline implants 500cc filled to 550cc. I was a size D and for a while I loved them.

I decided to have another child 3 years later and my chest increased to a E! I have lost most of the weight that I had gained, but my chest was still a size DD. Even when I lose more weight, my chest stays the same. I am now about 135 pounds. I feel like I cannot wear the cute styles that I like and the weight on my chest makes me look heavier.

I have been looking into removing my implants for over 3 years now. I have seen several doctors who all have their opinions and I am careful to listen to them all. Some say I will need a lift and that I should also have new smaller implants put in. I don't want all of the scars if there are other options. I have wanted to have the implants taken out to see where my breasts go after 6 months and then decide what my best option would be. I feel that when people change weight their skin changes and I think breasts may do the same.

I found this wonderful website and I have read so many of the stories and have found that what I want to do is not as uncommon as I had thought. One post in particular (Bella6862) has really helped. Her pictures were such a help and her constant updates gave me hope. I happen to live in the same area and I had already done some research on the Dr. That she had used.

I had my consult yesterday and I am happy to say the Dr.Pozner is on the same page with me. He understands my concerns and feels that I am making a good choice. His recommendation is to drain the implants, and see how I feel after a few months. That is exactly what I wanted to do. He said that it is an easy and cost effective procedure that can be done in his office.

Surgery Set

I'm excited and nervous as Dr. Pozner empty my implants on Thursday. I thought that it would take a while to get in and that I would have more time to deal with the emotion. It cost a lot less that I was expecting so it made it easier on me.

I'm nervous about how my husband will feel about the way I look natural as he has always known me with big breasts. He is supportive as I have been talking and seeing doctors for over 3 years.

I will make sure to post pictures!

36 DD 500cc filled to 550cc

Getting Nervous

I picked up my medication today... It's all becoming so real! I keep looking in the mirror trying to imagine what I will look like...

Today is the Day!

I'm so excited! Today is the day... So nervous!

15 min

Really stressed! Waiting for the doctor!


My implants were drained today. I am feeling great. They are very flat, but I should see some more fullness in a few days. I plan to give my body 6 months to adjust and then I will be able to determine if I want to do anything else (smaller implants or lift)....
But I have a lot of tissue so I am thinking I will be happy and just take the shells out. I will add photos and keep posting! No pain at all at this point!

The Morning After

I had my implants deflated yesterday late afternoon. I feel lighter today. My breasts are a bit tender where the tiny incision is, but no need for any medication. I was much more worried than I needed to be.

My breasts look funny and pretty flat, but I know that it will take time to even out a bit more. I look different in a shirt as I look thinner... Now I just need to work out at tighten the rest of me that I had let go fo far too long! ;)

5 Day Update

I am feeling pretty good. It does feel weird to have the empty implants in and there is an area that pokes at me from the inside. I am not sure what it is, but it is on both sides...It might be the area that the implant was originally filled at? I will talk to my PS this week about it and discuss with him if I will always feel it. I am happy with the size and some fullness is coming back. At this point I feel that I may just leave them and not do a lift, smaller implants or even fat grafting... but I may change my mind. If I do decide not to do any other surgery, I will have the implant shells removed... but I will wait at least 6 months for that.

1 week after

I am feeling really good and have no regrets about having my implants drained. I am probably going to have the shell of the implants removed as there is a poking feeling from the inside... I wonder of it may be where the saline implants were filled. I will discuss this with my PS when I do a follow up.
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can you follow up now please?
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OMG ! You look great ! Haven't read your posts yet. Just saw your pix. Things keep getting better. Be patient. How r u feeling ?
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hello cole! you are going to havd a great result. my doc is reccomending deflation as well and then doing an explant with lift. a month after. how do your breasts feel with the shekls in them? psinfull or snnoying at all? ehat type of brs are u wesring? and can u see the shells through ur s hirts? thsnks!!
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I am so sorry that I haven't responded... I am happy that I have decided to deflate them first as my skin has retracted a bit. I feel a bit of a hard mass the size of a small gumball... It's annoying, but doesn't really hurt at all. Felt totally fine and only marks the size of a needle on each breast. I am wearing sports bras as much as possible now with hopes that it will help with skin retraction. I do wear a normal bra with underwire on occasion... But I still need to purchase some bras in my correct size. You can't see the shell at all! I have posted some more info and pics that you can read/ look at. Good luck!
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That's wonderful news! You already look beautiful and natural! Take care of yourself and don't do too much.
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Thank you so much! I'm very happy!
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Best of luck!!
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Healing thoughts coming your way!
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Thank you! Feeling great!
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Thinking of you. I had my surgery yesterday and it went well. Still a little sore. Praying for you:-)
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Thank you so much! I hope that you feel better soon.
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You are on my mind today! Sending love and blessings your way.
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Thank you so much!
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I'm right there with you! Wednesday morning is the big day!
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I will add you to my prayers! Congrats on your decision and I hope all turns out the way you want it to!
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Thank you sweetie. I hope I get good results too! Praying as well. Again thank you!
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Yay! Best of luck on Thursday!!
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Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! I love the title of your review "All grown up and ready for change". That just about says it all, doesn't it? :) Please keep us posted on how it goes Thursday.

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I'm having mine out in 2 days I have 500cc as well. Take care and thanks for posting your story. I will be sure to follow.
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Good luck!!
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Good luck and healing thoughts coming your way. You will look great and natural!
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Thank you so much!
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Prayers for Thursday! You will not regret your decision!! I did not get a lift, I opted to wait and see how my body responds. You are making a good choice to wait. Keep us posted.
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I am worried, but I know I will have to be patient.
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I will be praying for you. Good time are ahead. :)
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