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I am 41 and will be 42 this year. I had small...

I am 41 and will be 42 this year. I had small breast that did not even fit an A-cup. At 21 I had saline implants put in under the muscle. I was so happy to be voluptuous and to look so good in and out of clothes... I have always loved full, shapely breasts since I was a little girl and was disheartened to find that mine never grew past the prepubescent stage. After I had a child at age 24 and breast fed successfully, I developed the double bubble, because my implants were too large for my body, that the bottom crease was lowered.... during and after breast feeding, my natural breast became bigger, so the natural crease was evident, causing the double bubble effect. On a positive note, the extra breast tissue caused a more natural feel to my breasts but only on the portion of my breast that was actually real. Beneath and surrounding my real breasts, was the evident hard distorted muscle and the hard saline implants. My breasts were "half hard, half soft" as my last girlfriend put it. In certain positions, my breast really looked deformed and weird, like bending over, because the real breast would dangle around while my chest muscles and implants remained hard. So it very weird, and I had always been careful from then on what positions I found myself in in any situation. But with clothes on, or a bikini, I still looked beautifully full-figured.
About ten years ago, I was ready for a breast implant removal and a lift, knowing that I would be very small-breasted, but wanting my health back. I was already feeling the effects of having toxic stuff inside of me. As well, I had had (around age 25) a dental implant that contained titanium, which also contained some nickel, which I found out I was allergic too. Just last year, I had that thing removed finally when I met a wonderful dentist who showed me that my mouth was infected by it (previously, dentist after dentist told me it was fine, even thought my head wanted to explode). The dentist who told me the truth is a dentist who specializes in non-toxic dentistry, and I am grateful for him for having saved my life and for his honesty. I still have a cap that contains nickel and I look forward to getting that out as soon as possible, when I can gather the money. So, on with the story.....
around age 25, when I was ready to try to feel healthy because I knew the implants were toxic, I didn't have enough money for the procedure, so here I am years later, looking toward student loans to be my help and healer. I have just my implants drained on 4/21 of this year. I went to Doctor Pozner in Boca Raton, who has a vibrant, positive energy and seems to usually be in a happy mood. And I like people like this. Now, don't expect him to understand that breast implants are toxic, because he is either in denial or who knows what.
I knew that the best thing for my health would be to remove the implants enbloc, that is, to have the implants removed with the capsules entirely as one item per breast, because this minimizes exposure to further toxicity. However, I opted for the drainage first because I knew that this would allow my skin and tissue to do some healing before deciding on what to do next, for aesthetic purposes. I am paying the price health-wise for this decision, as I know I have been exposed furthermore and more directly by the drainage procedure to 20 year old toxic saline. Lately, since the drainage, I feel sicker than ever. But I try to be a pretty positive person, and I know that the toxicity will eventually be healed when I have had a chance to have all toxic stuff (including toxic dental material) out of my body, and my body will have a chance to detox. So, after wearing a big B-cup (although I looked like a C-cup), I am back to not even fitting an A cup. I like it when I touch my breasts and I feel soft breast tissue (although very little of it) instead of all that hardness. I will wait out the time to see how my breast skin and tissue heal and look to see if how much fat transfer I can do and how much of a lift I might need. My hope is to take out enough student loans and to find a doctor who will do the breast implant removal, fat transfer, and lift if need be, hopefully for a very good price. I would like to talk to some doctors about an internal lift, as pictures on the internet of this procedure look wonderful with minimal scarring, as opposed to traditional breast lift procedures.
The drainage at the office of Dr. Pozner cost $500.00.
If you all have any questions or advice, feel free to hit me up, because that is why we are all here.
I love you all and all your breasts, small, medium and large.
Thank you for your support in being here and sharing this site, and blessings to you ALL!
Ah thank you for your kind words...it seems at the moment i have more breast tissue than before implants but time will tell....just so glad I am natural again xxxx take care Hun
So glad you are here! Please keep us updated as you progress with this journey. It will feel so good to eventually be all natural again. :)

Two months after drainage, implants still in, studying options, having faith in miracles

I am posting 11 photos today, that I took earlier today, so that is exactly two months since drainage (note, implants are still in, they were drained of the saline two months ago)....
I have retracted very well, but am still droopy...
The doc who did the drainage has quoted me with some options:
A. implant removal alone..........................................$1,700
B. implant removal and lift.......................................$6,200
C. implant removal and fat transfer to breast.........$5,310

a fourth options, which would be implant removal, fat transfer to breast, and a lift (which would be optimum aesthetically, would be about $9,200 ... and that is out of the question.
My parents and student loans are helping me out with this, not some rich philanthropist.

The 11 pictures I am posting include some of me holding up my drooping skin, imitating what I would look like with a lift (without any fat transfer to the breast).
You may notice that I have gained much weight, and this is because I was hoping that the new curves would go to my breasts.... but, if it did, only a little bit did.
I would like to gain some more weight and do the fat grafting option... I know my breasts will still be droopy, but why do I need to have perky breasts anyways??? I am 42 and have breastfed a child...
So, droopy but fuller seems like the happier option for me.

What do you guys think?????? :D
Hello ilovebreasts, (love your name), I think your breasts have improved so much since your ex-plant, they look absolutely delightful, well done on being toxic bag free! I have recently had fat graft and think its a good option if you are looking for fullness. good luck with what ever you decide xxx
thank you, Exq. I think my breasts are looking much better since the drainage procedure... and I should post more current pics. However, I have not been explanted yet. that procedure is schedualed for the 11th of this month. Doc wants to do a lift and I want to do a fat transfer. It will all be done at the same time. I am nervous but hopeful that all will turn out great. I hope you have pics, Exq. I am about to check out your profile and/or review.
I saw your review. Great pics. So how much fat that was transferred to your breasts remained, do you think? Your procedure was in April, correct?

Two days until surgery

Hello friends.
My surgery is on Monday.
My sergeon, the delightful Dr. Pozner, has aided me in affording three procedures:
The explant of the bags, the fat transfer (which is like two procedures, actually; lipo then transferring the harvested fat), and the lift.
Dr. Pozner feels that I will not be happy without a lift, but knows that the fat transfer was most important to me. So, He made everything affordable so that we will both be happy.

I have nervousness/anxiety about doing all procedures at once, hoping that all can heal well, hoping the fat cells that will be transfered to my breasts will mostly remain... And, I am really worried about breast lift scars.
When he spoke of a lift, he mentioned the lollipop procedure. I really don't want the vertical scars. I don't even want to be overly perky. I would love a benelli lift... and have that incision around the areolas be the only incisions, for the implants removal and for the lift.
I don't even know in what order the procedures will be done (??????)
Like, explant (which can be done by incisions through the areolas) first, then (somehow with areolas held in place) the fat grafting, then the lift (?????)
My surgery is on Monday and I don't even know these things!!!! Yikes. I'm nervous.
But I have a real positive feeling about this. I really love my body, and it will be amazing if the results are good, I will look so incredibly good, its nuts.
OKay, I hope all goes good. thank you all who have read and/or commented on my review, and thank you all whose reviews have given me hope and inspiration.
Until my next review, friends, and I'm looking forward to being on the other side.
Thinking of you today!! I am one week post explant and thrilled so far!! I'm looking forward to hearing how everything goes! Sending you prayers and best wishes for an easy quick recovery!
thank you, Cocomom.
Wishing you the best for tomorrow. Looking forward to your update.

They are OUT

They were removed yesterday... I explained to the doc, I didn't want the lollipop scars nor a too perky lift. Surgery went well and the doctor, the anesthesiologist, and rest of staff were so kind and comforting and professional.
Today, I went in to have the compression around my breasts removed, and I have never seen a prettier sight. They are so pretty. I will post pics soon, as now I am in bed and on vicoden.
there is minor bruising from the lipo, and some pain in my breasts, but all is manageable.
Fat was taken from my abdomen and back area... nothing from my legs or under buttocks... so maybe that can be reserve in case I want to do another fat transfer procedure in time.
Well, I look so good. I am so happy. And finally, those things are OUT OF ME... YAY!!!!!!
You made such a good choice, results are beautiful!
So excited for you!!!! Hope you are recovering well! Rest up and I can't wait to see pics!#!:)
thanks, all naturalplease :))))))

2 days post op

I'm very happy. Last minute, I told the doc, I don't want vertical scars, so he obliged me with a benelli lift. The lipo places hurt the most, but the pain is very tolerable. I have had no crazy bleeding (no bleeding at all) and I don't have any drains. And, I look great. I hope the fat lasts. Pictures of lipo places will come later. Btw, hardly any bruising on lipo areas. I feel so fortunate.
You look beautiful!!!!!! So happyt for you. ..
thank you so much, allnaturalplease :D
Hey, Ilovebreasts…you should be loving your breast right now, they look fabulous!

5 days post op

Hello, Friends.
I thought I would impress you with my fine use of Windows Paint, to show you where my lipo incisions are and where I have some minor bruising. You will also note some swelling. The red arrows represent the lipo incisions, which are 5 in all. The purple arrows represent where there is bruising, which I consider very minor in comparison to some after lipo pics I've seen. You will also note that my breasts still have swelling and bruising. The green represents my modesty, similar to how Eve must have felt when she hastily gathered leaves of nature to cover her nakedness.
I still feel great and am happy with my decision. I got to see Dr. Pozner briefly on Friday morning, and I gave him a hug and thanked him from the bottom of my heart. I really really am so pleased with these results.
You will also note, no fat was taken from my legs/thighs area at all.....
Wow, my boobs would have been huge.... well, maybe I can use that fat at a later time, but I have a feeling, that I will retain enough fat in my breasts to make me really happy. When I heal, I shall get back to ballet class and get my booty back to its proper shapely shape, and then, I'm just gonna be like "Wow!"
Beautiful results!!! Your whole body is fantastic, actually! Huge congrats to you! Doesn't it feel so amazing to be free of those things? Lol. :D
It does... but I'm still dealing with pain.... and I am hoping that being free from those things will prove to be very healthful in the long run... like, improved energy and less brain fog. It sure is nice to not have these huge hard things for boobs anymore... hard things that never looked like real boobs... yes, so nice to be rid of those :)))))
and, thank you, NervousGirlie.... I am so happy with how I look :)

10 days post op

This is the first day I am doing my own tape... the doctor's office does not recommend scar guard tape or anything like that... the nurse gave me a roll of medical tape, and I am to do my own tape every 3-4 days until the three month mark. So, I took the opportunity to take some pics without the tape on to upload today.
Some bruising, although very minor, can still be seen on my breasts.
You will see that my non-real crease (the one that was formed when i got implants put in) was used to put fat in... rather than my real crease, if you compare with my other pics. I would have opted to not do that and instead inject the fat in my all natural breast, but I never got to talk to the doctor about where the fat would be injected... I didn't take any opportunity to let him know I wanted my natural crease... but maybe it was for the better... he is the surgeon, he probably knows best. Maybe they would have looked real saggy or something, idk....
Well, I'm still totally pleased with the results and am amazed at how fast my incisions (around the nipples) are healing. It is such a trip to think that my nipples were off of me for a certain amount of time. I totally have sensation in them, though. I had also forgotten to tell the doctor that I did not want my nipples made too small during the procedure(s)... but, he made them nice.. not too big for me, not too small for me, just how I imagined them.
It was somewhat challenging to do the tape by myself, because it's scary taking it off. But I just did it very slowly and carefully.
Hello ILovebreasts - you haven't updated in a while and I do follow your story. How are you? Please let us know how everything is going. You are such a kind and lovely person on this site - just wanted to check in with you.
Hello, Happy and Holistic... and I follow your review too... and I think you are so kind to everyone and I really appreciate you. Okay, I will update with pics soon, I promise.... I will tomorrow :D

Oct 3, 2014 update

Hello, everyone.
I am updating with pictures that I just took today.
Much swelling has subsided, and so I did not get to keep a lot of the voluptuousness that I had at first.
But, I have retained the fat that was transferred to my breasts....
I think that in the future, if finances permit, I would like to revise my breasts again surgically, with another lift and nipple revision.... first, however, I will eventually be purchasing a product called ainterol pueraria mirifica, a root used to enhance breast size that has great reviews. When I do get the product and have been using it, I will continue to update on this review in regards to how the product might work for me.
Pain wise, I fell only minor remaining swelling, which I can't regard as "painful", it is so minor.
Furthermore, there is very little discomfort left from the lipo site on my stomach. My legs were not harvested for fat at all, and I wonder if some more fat from this area transferred to my breasts would be helpful in achieving some of the more volume I would like to have.... but, I hope that the herbal remedy I will eventually purchase will help me with that, as it requires no surgery, is much less expensive, and should not be painful.
Overall, I am very happy to no longer have breast implants in my body and am very pleased with my appearance. I still wish to have more volume, but will never resort to having breast implants to achieve this goal.
I still recommend Dr. Pozner for this procedure and hold him in very high regard as a surgeon and as someone with a great personality and disposition.... just be sure to hold him down to discuss the details that are important to you. For example, I did not discuss with him what all places of my body would be harvested for fat, nor did I discuss different options for nipple size before the procedure.

Oct 3, 2014

I forgot to mention that I got to go bra shopping....
it was confusing, but it was kindda fun.
I found that I am a couple of different bra sizes... 34 B, and 36 A.
Before breast implants, I was too small to fit an A cup, so very surely, the fat transfer gave me the natural volume that I have now.

Oct 3, 2014 In new bra

This is a Calvin Klein, 34 B push up bra.
It is a very padded device.
You look great. The fat transfer looks very nice. I never had implants but I had a fat transfer 18 mths ago & I am very happy with it. Congrats
thank you, amelia girl. I read parts of your review and you mention being a small C after BRAVA, and that you are a 34C now, after fat transfer, but what size were you before starting BRAVA? can you include pictures of your lipo sites as well? Fat got taken from my upper hips taking away my perfect hourglass shape... I've said to myself it is worth it for the exchange.... but if it can be corrected, it would be great.
Oh! okay, I just read more of your review, and you mention that before the procedure you were a small B... well, how fortunate to gain so much size and that you have kept it in your breasts over the one year mark. I hope I am so lucky to keep my transferred fat when I reach the year mark. And maybe even I will get to be a C with the herbal supplement I plan to buy.... it is also reported that the ainterol pueraria mirifica also enhances hips, so maybe it will help round out my upper hips where fat was harvested from.

Oct 3, 2014... an update regarding my crease

On a review update I wrote on August 21, I said the following:
"You will see that my non-real crease (the one that was formed when i got implants put in) was used to put fat in... rather than my real crease, if you compare with my other pics. I would have opted to not do that and instead inject the fat in my all natural breast, but I never got to talk to the doctor about where the fat would be injected... I didn't take any opportunity to let him know I wanted my natural crease..."
Now I want to shed light on why I thought this....
after so much swelling from the removal surgery has subsided, I now see that my natural crease is the one and only crease I now have.
Needless to say, I am very happy to not have to deal with or see a fake crease, just the one nature gave me.
You look stunning! Any tips or advice? I all ears :)
Hello, saltlakecitybound. I read your review to see what advice I could give you, and saw that your ps will do Vaser Lipo... I don't know what this is, but I can tell you that I have heard that any lipo procedure that kills the fat cells is not the right lipo procedure when that fat will be transferred... because you want the fat to have a chance to survive in it's new location. So, I would post a question in the question forum, where doctors with knowledge can reply to, stating whether this lipo procedure is appropriate or not. Also, I would reccommend that you thoroughly look through your surgeon's lipo before and after photos, make sure they are photos taken at least three months after the procedure, and make sure that these patients don't have dents and dimples caused by lipo. Other than that, I recommend eating healthy, and juicing vegetables to aid your body for what is to come and for the healing process. thank you for saying I look stunning. that is so sweet.
Yes, I heard it works but you have to keep taking it. A friend of mine used it prior to getting her fat transfer. When she would not use it, her breasts would return to their normal size. But please update if it works long term b/c I am sure many, many women would be thrilled to have another option.
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

I am so pleased with my results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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