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I am writing out of desperation. I have spent the...

I am writing out of desperation. I have spent the last 9 years locked away in my home. I am a young 36 year old woman who by my own insecurities, and advise of a now ex husband got fat transfered lip injections before my wedding in 2002. I was a beautiful girl to begin with, and now have locked myself away unable to face, nor make eye contact, or want to leave my house. My life is based around constant 24/7 regret. I am almost to the point of not wanting to spend another waking moment! after 9 years is there anything I can do to reverse the fat injections into my lips? Please help.....

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Boca Rotan4380-I replied with my Drs info above. I went to see him yesterday and while the 5FU has helped some, it looks like I will be undergoing a micro-lipo procedure in May.He said it takes about 30 minutes. He essentially sucks out the fat with very fine instrument. It may take more than one try and I should expect bruising. I have too much fat around the eyes. It has distorted what used to be a nice face :(. Excision of the fat is a last resort - and one that he probably wouldn't attempt in my case. I'm just letting you know that there are options out there :)!! You may not get 100% correction - but it may help you move forward and start the process of forgiving yourself.
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Wow 9yrs is a long time to be locked away from the world. i wish u didnt have to go thru this pain.But you did and instead of locking urself away you should try and come out.Prevent this from happening to someone else.Tell ur story to the world. Help another young person from ruining what god has blessed them with.You are going thru this for a reason and u can except the reason and help others that are goin thru the same thing.

Reading stories like urs tells me that this is really not a route in life that i wanna take. It scared me becuz i am a outgoing person. I love to see the world i love to travel but, i kno if i was in ur spot i would probly try and do what u r doing. but its not healthy and i would never wanna live that way.Im sure u dont either.Some people might say "oh, how can i speak on this if ive never been thru it". And i would say ive Never been thru this becuz ive heard of people like YOU.That deserve a second chance at life.That deserve to be HAPPY.That only need someone to tell them what im tryn to tell you.

I really think that b4 u go to do any correction surgery u should see a therapist....and i want u to know that u r BEUTIFULL just becuz the outside of u changed it doesnt mean the young woman inside of u did.Believe in god he will get you thru this you have already made your first step into the light by posting this story.Now its time for you to take your next step foward.

You are loved xoxoxo
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Dear Kay,
Thank you for all that you have said to me in your letter. I have been to a therapist, and all along that route. Even went back to the Dr. That did the sugery to see if he would correct.
Nevertheless it's been dead end after dead end. I'm glad that my story swayed you away from any kind of surgery. Trust me when I say it's not worth it.
I thought about what you said by sharing my story in the past, but something always stops me. Embarrassment, or attention, not sure exactly but I just don't think I could do it, & or know about even to go about it...
It's just such a sensitive area, and I have gotten very used to be alone. For instance I tried going out to have my hair done the other day, and I came across a few friends I have not seen in some time. They pretended they didn't even see me, meanwhile I know they did as they sat and laughed as I walked by. This is why I dont go out.
Anyhow, thanks again for sending me this letter. Hope you changed your mind about anything you might have been thinking of doing...
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im glad u replied to me and if someone you called a friend would walk by you as if they dont see you than they dont deserve that title from you. Because for someone to be your friend is a honor not a job or chore.So its time for you to get some new friends. Also if you want your story out write these t.v shows that are dying for a good segment write all of these early morning shows. Like the Maury show Dr.Phil things like that just google the address and write them whats the worst that can happen if u dont try you never know.You might get something you are looking for.
Embarrasment is going to be there for a long time. Im not going to tell you its not because that would be a lie.Feeling that way is why you are here having this conversation.Its also why you should show people what you have gone thru because maybe they are to afraid to write something online.or to go to a therapist. Your are a strong woman thats why your are strong enough to change my mind and im a very strong willed person but you did change my mind and i dont even know you.So im thankful for that.
Im glad you are seeing a therapist and if the Dr. that did this to you wont fix it thats ok because you really dont want the one that screwed this up for you to have their hands back on you.You dont want them to have another dime from you.Getting your story out might get the attetion of a Dr. that can correct this for you.

you just need a support chain and im tellin you now you have it starting with ME!!
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Boca Raton - You are not alone - but there is hope. This procedure stole my life as well. I did public speaking for work and after this nightmare I wouldn't leave the house. I wouldn't date, see my family, etc. It was humiliating. Someone saw an "after" picture and asked why I was squinting (5 months after). I have huge eyes you couldn't see. The regret still eats me up. If only I could go back to the night before I did this and realize what I had. . .but I can't. I don't know if you can do 5FU in the lips. I'm assuming you can. . but I don't know.It has helped me - when I didn't have hope. I thought I'd wake up looking like this stranger for the rest of my life. I'm in California,but will be happy to give you my Doctor's name.
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I'm truly sorry for what you too are going through. Im so happy that you have found a solution. That is wonderful! Could you explain to me what is this exactly, the procedure that you speak of?
Also, yes I would love the name of your Dr. If you wouldn't mind? Maybe he knows someone here locally that does the same thing, or I would always be open to coming out there . I would do just about anything, or travel just about anywhere...
Thanks again ...
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Dr. Jonathan Hoenig is in Beverly Hills. He is great. He's conservative and realistic, but has what I consider to be a real gift. I honestly don't think that enough Plastic Surgeons have this kind of eye. If they did there wouldn't so many people walking around looking like caricatures of themselves with far too exaggerated features. This has become a completely money and ego driven industry that often preys on those with lower self-esteem or a situational circumstance that drives them to this type of answer. Dr. Hoenig also specializes in reconstructive surgery so he can fix serious issues, or others' mess-ups (sad face). 5FU is a chemotherapy agent used against cancer. For whatever reason it works to also reduce scar tissue - which may be a result of the fat transfer and the cause of some of the volume or lumps. Personally, I've had success and I think it is a better solution that steroids which come with there own set of problems. (I'm not 100%, but I'm better and am moving toward acceptance.) If 5FU can't help you, micro-liposuction may be of help. After 9 years, I think you've waited long enough for someone to feel comfortable assessing the situation. Please,please know that there is hope and help. There have been advancements over the past 9 years. Don't live like this any longer. You are more than a lovely face. You are a whole person comprised of many, many other attributes that you're not letting other people enjoy - because you're hiding away. That's what I did and I've lost some of the cool things that made me - me. Dr. Hoenig can probably recommend someone or help you if you are willing to fly out. Perhaps try reaching out to him in email, via his website, or by contacting his office. With a before and after pix, he can probably lead you down the right path. Dr. Val Lambros is in Newport Beach. He does do Fat Transfer, but is very honest and often steers people toward other fillers instead. I'm not sure how he handles reconstructive work of F/T fixes. But, he may be worth reaching out to.
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I think you were looking for more of this info: 5FU is injected into the "fat" areas. It's in such small amounts that you don't have the side affects often associated with chemo. You usually just have some bruising. It's fairly inexpensive. I was amazed that after the first week, there was a difference and reduction in volume. It continues to work for about two weeks after the injection. I've had two rounds of injections done. I have 3rd appt. coming up that will determine where I go from here.
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I would suggest to you the deal with the problem effectively and reverse it to go for ultrasonic liposuction.
It is easy, no down time, and you can request to do it gradually.
For the lips only, it will be almost cost fee too.
It is sort of ultrasound and machine is gentle which will breaks fat cells immediately. It takes up to 3 weeks to see stable results, for fat is being absorbed by the body in period of 3 weeks, but first you loose volume, ( water) that comes back in few days, while all the time fat cells are being reabsorb by the body. If you want more volume loss, after 3 weeks, take another. tell your beautician to first do a trial run, so that you can see by what rate fat is being loss, you do not want to lose too much.

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Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it ! I could use a big hug!!
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Would you mind telling me who your doctor was? I live in Boca and am considering fat transfer above my upper lids.
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I'm so sorry for all that you've been through. I wish I could give you a hug. :(

Here's a related page from someone who is also 9 years post-op and wants to get rid of her lip injections: Can Lip Fat Transfer Be Reversed?

My recommendation is to either post your question to our Doctor Q&A Forum (if you decide to post pics, please note that this is a public forum) or contact some surgeons in your area for advice (here's a link). Many are willing to offer free consultations and can examine you properly and give you your options. You could also call local universities with plastic surgery programs for advice. I know FAU has a medical school but I'm not sure if they do plastic surgery too.

Good luck and please keep us posted on what you decide to do. We're all here for you.

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