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Three and a half years ago I had Juvederm injected...

Three and a half years ago I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs. The results were horrific. I was bruised under both eyes for weeks, and was left with a permanent, discoloured bag under my right eye. I had nine separate lots of hyaluronidase injected into the bag, but it only made the problem worse.
Last Tuesday I had surgery under both eyes. I had my stiches out yesterday, the bruising has all but gone, and the results are amazing. Not only has my wonderful consulting surgeon removed the unsightly bag under my right eye, but he has corrected the "tired" look that I had initially hoped Juvederm would rectify. Having spent the last three and a half years desperate and extremely self-conscious about the damage caused to my face, I can finally look at my reflection again.
So, if I may please give anyone considering fillers some advice, it would be this. Do your research. Choose your clinic by reputation for the exact procedure you are thinking about having, and not by cost or location.
The incompetent who injected me did not care. And Juvederm were not much better ...
I thank god I found a surgeon, details below, who did.
Doctor Andrew Sidebottom

Andrew works from both BMI, The Park, and Queens Med, in Nottingham, UK. He specialises in problems relating to the face (re-constructive surgery, TMJ, facial pain) and does not put himself forward as a cosmetic surgeon. He is currently treating another patient for damage to her face following fillers into her nasal lobes, and another for a face-lift carried out in Europe. I would highly recommend him.

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Thank you for your review as it has given me some hope. I am in the middle of a juvederm and hyaluronidase disaster. I cry every day. I wear fake glasses to hide the damage done to my eyes. I dread fluorescent lights. I walk around with my head down and I hate to look anyone in the eye. I feel sick at how horrible I look. There are no words to say how badly this has ruined my confidence. I am devastated. I had replacement filler put back in where the old filler was dissolved but it still looks awful. I really can't go on like this for three and a half years. I don't know how you did it. What sort of surgery did you have? Was all the filler gone before the surgery? I am desperate to do something. I just want to feel like myself again.
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HI England9464 - I have been dealing with a post Juvederm nightmare myself. It sounds very familiar to yours. My injection was in November 2013 - and the visit was intended for my nose only. I'd read about it being an option to surgery to give a more straightened appearance. The doctor put the remainder in my left tear trough (which has always been more hollow than the right). Well, all was "fine" for 3 months - then the swelling and pain began. Apparently a delayed reaction. I've had about 6 treatments of Hyaluronidase and it's better. But there is one lump that seems to hang in there. This is where your story resonates with me. The doctor doing the hyaluronidase injections is not the one who did the Juvederm. Neither of them had seen this reaction before. So with my current PS we are just finding out way through it. I'm glad I searched again today. I think I may ask my PS if he would contact your doctor who did the surgery to consult. It may be the next stop for me in this journey! Thank you. Biggyc
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Hi Jill. There was no filler left, and I never had any excess fat (my tear troughs always looked hollow). Andrew repaired the torn internal tissue under the eyes with dissolvable stiches, and then tightened the skin under my eyes with normal stiches. I think the tear was always going to happen because of my genes, but the whole problem was exacerbated by the filler and the hyaluronidase. Lesson learnt!
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The tear trough area under one of my eyes has felt irritated/ sore since I had filler injected 3 months ago. I've asked a couple of doctors about it and they dismissed it. I wonder if it's due to torn tissue. Did you experience soreness for several weeks post filler?
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JulieAC, do you have any swelling along with the soreness? Or any lumps or nodules you can feel? If so, you may have a biofilm infection.
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Hi Julie. I had pain, even after the bruising had gone, and this continued. Its one of the reasons I was eventually referred to my surgeon. Because of the pain and the lump, originally, I had suspected acute sinusitis. I had a CT scan and nothing. Then, a tear duct block. Had an MRI scan. Again nothing. So I was referred to a surgeon specialising in TMJ and facial pain. To this day, we have no idea if the pain in my face was made worse by the Juverderm. I am a teeth grinder at night, and this certain causes pain in my jaw, neck and forehead. But I don't think the Juvederm helped the pain in my face. Had I seen my surgeon before fillers, I would just have had eye bag removal surgery and steered clear of Juvederm all together. But highinsight is a wonderful thing! Keep an eye on yourself, but don't let the matter drag on. Good luck.
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Oh wow.  I'm sorry you had to go through all of this.  In the surgery did they remove both the excess filler and some fat, or just the filler?
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