So as stated, I am 20yrs old and I'm getting a...

So as stated, I am 20yrs old and I'm getting a breastlift. Ever since I can remember developing breasts, I always wanted to have a breast reduction because up until about a year ago, I was a size 34G. However, after losing 40lbs, I find myself on the opposite end of the spectrum of not having full enough breasts. I've been told I look like I've nursed a child with how much they sag because I still have a good amount of breast tissue, I wear a 34DD bra, but I have so much extra skin because they were HUGE. This depresses me since I worked so hard to finally lose those 40lbs to get to where I'm at now which is 5'2" 120-125lbs. I cant even wear a bikini top because they just fall out of it.

I've booked my surgery with Frederick Weniger from Bluffton SC for Nov 21st of this year. I discussed getting under the muscle implants, saline, smooth apprcx 250 for my left and 225 for my right because my breasts have slight asymmetry which will be highlighted with the lift.


Oh, one more thing! I had assymetry too - the right breast was bigger and more saggy and the surgeon just made them the same size. (At this point, anyway, they do look the same size to me.)
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Hi there,

Hope all goes well for you! I lost a lot of weight too and was a 34DD until the surgery a few days ago. Decided to go without the implants, which would have probably given me even higher, rounder breasts.

If you want, you can have a look at my review and photos here:

Good luck!!!

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Yes I was 40. I wish I would have done it sooner. You get to wear a cute bikini this coming summer. Is's so fun to go shopping!!
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Update 11/4: Today I had my consult with my...

Update 11/4:
Today I had my consult with my surgeon regarding my pending surgery. First I had to meet with the surgery coordinator to finish signing paperwork and get my prescriptions sent to a local pharmacy. Dr Weniger (he is CUTE) was very willing to go over things with me again as well as answer a few new questions I had. When I had first gone in, I had decided beforehand I didn't want implants, however after having talked to my surgeon and fully going over the breasts I wished to achieve it was decided that an implant would help give me the results I wanted. Once I had decided upon implants, I became a little obsessed with getting the size right. If I'm going to get implants then I want them to matter and not be too small, at the same time, I don't want obviously augmented boobs. So is the dilemma for every woman thinking about/getting implants. However, my surgeon pulled out the sizers again for me and let me mess around to assure myself of my choice. I decided to go bigger, but not by much. My first choices were 225ccL and 250ccR sizers (after asking my surgeon about how implant mass is "lost" under the muscle, he told me that during surgery he accounts for this and overfills the implants to compensate as well as add more projection and limit rippling). After playing about more, I decided that I wanted just the littlest bit more and am going with 275ccL and 250ccR (filled to approx 300ccL+275ccR). I also asked him about scarring and since I was adding an implant, the possibility of not having a horizontal scar. He told me that he personally tried to make the horizontal scars as small as possible and that with the implants, my breasts were borderline for whether or not I would need it and that if I did it would be as small as possible, but that until surgery he wouldn't know since it depends on the skin removed. Something that I see a lot in breast lifts that I really don't like I also discussed with him and was very happy with his answer. I don't like with I notice 2 different scarring types, like when one breast has a full anchor and the other a lollipop, I would rather them be the same even if there more scarring. For reasons of symmetry and aesthetics my surgeon feels the same. I also don't like tiny areolas and especially not when they look so out of place on larger breasts, I brought this up as well and we agreed on a good areola size for me. All in all I am feeling very good about everything, Dr Weniger is more than affable and open to answering any and all questions I could possibly have for him as well as answering ones I didn't ask, but should have and I am greatly looking forward to the final results, but not the healing >_

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Another important thing I really like about my...

Another important thing I really like about my surgeon that I forget to mention is that he's willing to work with me with my nipple rings. Most things I hear or read say that the surgeons made them take their piercings and wait and then re-pierce them, However, my surgeon is willing to put jewelry back in for me after the surgery is over and before they wrap me up. He had told me that since my nipples wouldn't have tape on them, I could just put them back in myself at home. Well I don't know about you, but after the anesthesia and pain meds, I bet I would forget and then be very sad as I very much so love my nipple piercings. I plan to buy new, sterile jewelry for the procedure and I am so psyched that he's going to put them back in for me so that I don't need to even worry about it.


It sounds like you and your surgeon are definitely on the same page! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

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Woot! Consult today went great, he answered every question I could possibly have and I feel so at ease instead of anxious like I was :)
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The hospital called today to give me my surgery...

The hospital called today to give me my surgery time. I have to be at the hospital at 10:30 AM this upcoming monday. I already have all my medications and I bought 2 compression bras from I'm feeling kind of anxious, but that's to be expected. My mother is flying down friday so that she can help take care of me right after the surgery. I guess the next time I update will be after surgery.


OMG, i'm so happy for you, i've surely shared your experience being 23 myself and size34b with sagging...yeah; like it totally sucks, but Congrats hope you have a safe and successful surgery.
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Well, I'm alive, so thats a plus :D. So far,...

Well, I'm alive, so thats a plus :D. So far, things look good! I haven't lifted the surgery bra to look, but I can see that they are super perky. I was so nervous the night before and this morning, but I would say it was worth it. The worst part so far is I threw up 3 times in the recovery room because my body does NOT like anesthesia. The drive back (I live 40min away) kinda sucked because I could take the pain meds yet as it would have been too soon. Other than that I got home, popped my pain, anti-nausea, muscle relaxer and antibiotic pills. After taking the meds I feel MUCH better. Breathing doesn't hurt and I don't feel any weight on my chest which are things I had worried about. I think that about sums it up so far..

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First night down. I noticed this morning that...

First night down. I noticed this morning that feeling has started coming back to my breast skin as last night the sides and bottom of my boobs were numb from the trauma of surgery. I didn't really sleep, but that's more because I had to stay sitting up to keep swelling at bay. I'm very surprised I'm not horribly bruised since I bruise like a banana, however my surgeon had prescribed me a homeopathic anti-bruising pill and I would assume that's why. The pain is very manageable, not nearly as bad as I was expecting, mostly just sore from the augmentation, if I hadn't had that I bet I wouldn't even be taking pain meds. One of my nipples is a little higher than the other, but nothing major and who knows how it'll look when it's all healed so they could even out, even if they don't it doesn't bug me since they weren't even before and they look MUCH better than before.

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Forgot to mention this before, but atm I do have...

Forgot to mention this before, but atm I do have some sensitivity loss of my nipples. The left one is pretty numb, but the right is only about half numb. I hope it comes back lol.


They're so perky!!!!
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Had my post-op consult today. Everything looks...

had my post-op consult today. Everything looks great and is healing well. I probably don't even need to be taking the pain meds right now as I'm only sore, not in pain. My PS however was out of state visiting family, so I met with his physician assistant instead and she showed me how to massage my implants, but I don't need to start for another 4 days. I also asked her about how much they'll go down after swelling and she said that they weren't that swollen so my size won't change much. Still feeling that everything has been worth the results.

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Finally washed for the first time since the...

Finally washed for the first time since the surgery. I found it was easiest to sponge bath in a half tub filled instead of out of the sink. The purple marker doesn't want to come off >_


You're looking lovely! Thanks for your updates.

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This is the look I want with my breast lift and implants just a little bigger! You look great! Happy healing :)
Angie this is the look I want... a little bigger though! I'm in the process of trying to lose weight now before surgery!

Had my second post op today. Again, met with the...

Had my second post op today. Again, met with the PA vs my doc. She said my incisions looked like they were healing really well. I'm a little annoyed because she didn't lift the tape to check all my incisions. I asked her if I could take the tape off and she said I could if I wanted to, but it might help to leave it on. Well me being me, I've been anxious to see how my areola's look size wise. I took the tape off at home and was a little upset to see what looks like a very unhappy stitch making it's way out on the bottom of my left areola (hence why annoyed she didn't fully check my incisions). So I went ahead and washed the girls down with an anti-bacterial soap. I left the steri strips on the vertical incisions because it seems to have more stress on it than other areas. The PA took the steri strips off my bottom incisions. I also got my tank top today, yay LOL. I hope the little stitch clears itself up. I've been very tired the past few days because I've been too sore to sleep even after taking extra-strength tylenol. I told the PA this and so she prescribed me some more Robaxin (muscle relaxer) and Ibuprofen (anti-inflamatiry) and she wants me to check in on friday to make sure I'm feeling better pain wise. I'm still in love with the shape and they're really softening up.


OMG, you look so nice! I hope the stitch clears itself up soon and you're able to just enjoy your results!

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I had horrendous stretch marks from growing so quickly during my teenage years and skin with stretch marks tends to be not nearly as resilient as healthy skin. I maintained my weight for a year before getting the lift. I honestly didn't ask my PS if my breasts would come back by themselves, however, they were saggy as a G/H cup, they were DEFINITELY saggy after losing weight, so I really don't think waiting on nature was on option. I can not tell you how much I second guessed myself after the surgery became more of a reality, I was second guessing myself down to me falling asleep on the OR table.
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Thank you for all the information. Especially about stretch marks, which I also have. It never even occurred to me that those parts of the skin won't repair naturally. I have to say your amazing results have me seriously considering surgery now. A whole year with no significant improvement is pretty convincing that I also won't get the breasts I want by leaving it to time :/

Thanks again for the advice and good luck with the rest of your healing.

Now three weeks out and everything s healing very...

Now three weeks out and everything s healing very well :). I had a couple areas where my skin didn't like the dissolvable sutures, however they have cleared up well after taking off the tape and daily washings with antibacterial soap. I'm not sure when I can start using a scar healing/fading creme, but I was planning to start when all the scabs are gone. I just LOVE how perky they are! With swelling dissipating I'm still sitting at a 34DDD/F, but the shape is definitely a lot better and hopefully they'll go down to a full 34DD, but if they don't I still love them. The PA prescribed me some medication to help with the severe hyper sensitivity that my right breast and my lower incisions developed. My left nipple has almost full sensation back!!! Yet, the sides of my breasts are still numb in some areas. My breasts are starting to look more even and my nipples have evened out really well. I'm a little concerned with my left nipple as the top it kind of jagged? Overall still super psyched.


Im getting Allergan saline implants. Google that plus warranty, maybe gets you to it. We are suppossed to have 10 years warranty automatically but i dont know what brand you got so ask your dr. They look nice. Oh that makmeheal website is really good. I just made my order. Check out the Wound-Be-Gone Hydrophilic Scar Gel. I found good reviews about it. But it looks like you are haling good. Next week is my turn!
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I will def look for some warranty info, thanks :). I do know that mine have a 10yr warranty, I'm kinda finding it funny that we can get lifetime warranties on our boobs lol. I like the MMH site a lot because after doing a LOT of price comparing of different sites, they have the best prices when you include shipping, least in the USA. I got the compression bra that's antibacterial+has sea kelp nutrients, IDK how much it is true/works, but it's AWESOME, the only bra I bought (I got 2 so I could still be wearing one while washing the other). I was actually looking at getting the Scar Esthetique scar healing+reduction creme w/silicone as it has some good reviews, but I'll check that out too. I wish you luck and a complication free recovery! :)
Thank for the review. I have similar body to yours. Just a few more pounds. But the saggy on my breasts wast a little worst. I went to my doctor with your pictures and i said doctor i want them like her! Im scheduled for the 21st pf this month. Im having 400 cc implants. The implants came with 10yrs warranty but the company Tcan extend the warranty for life time if something go weong. You should inquire about that with your surgeon.
Good luck with the healing and keep us posted with new pics.
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Well today I've decided to try being fully off...

Well today I've decided to try being fully off medication. No more muscle relaxers or pain meds. I'm trying to gauge how the hyper sensitivity is doing, so depending on how that goes I might go back to the pain meds as they're a super low dose since it's for the regenerating nerves and not intense pain. A few days ago I went play bra shopping just for shits and giggles, I LOVE how they look in a bra! And the best part is that when I take the bra off, I still have boobs! YAY! I couldn't be happier so far with how everything is healing up. I hope my implants drop the TINIEST bit more so that I get that super cute nip slightly tilted up look, but if not still love them. I also tried on an old swim suit from Spencer's that I bought last year. The difference is CRAZY!


Your surgeries came out beautifully! I just got my lift yesterday and hope it looks as good as yours :)
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Thank you for the kind words :) I'm sure yours will heal up very nice as well, here's to a speedy recovery!
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I had it yesterday night and im in pain. Jayjay did you experienced alot of pain the fiist few days? If you did. How many days did it last?
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So today I had a PO check with my Doc and he was...

So today I had a PO check with my Doc and he was impressed with how things are coming along :). He even said I was one of his best results. My breasts are so soft that he actually forgot they have saline implants and thought they were silicone, which is of course awesome. My scarring have gotten a little redder, but my scars are flat and soft, you can't win everything lol. I was cleared to start using a scar treatment, so I picked up some kelo-cote. I also had a stitch that didn't want to heal properly that my PS took out for me. Pain wise, I have none, still the tiniest bit sore around my lower incisions. I'm also allowed to wear underwire bras again! I went and bought 2 super cute ones today and it's AWESOME! I'm really happy I went through with this surgery, the results have been very worth it.


Look amazing, love to see an update.
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UM HELLO AMAZING. Do you have any updated pics so we can see how the scars look now? I am using you for my wish pic! And believe me....that's saying something because I've been obsessively creeping Real Self for months!
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How much was your total surgery cost? I want the same procedure! I just need to know the number... So I can plan. Thanks! You look great girl!
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Hilton Head Island Plastic Surgeon

He's a great surgeon and he is a perfectionist. He really worked with me to insure I the results wanted and unlike most surgeons, he even put my nipple jewelry back in for me which is HUGE since most doctors abhor piercings. Although he didn't see me directly after surgery, he called me to check in and see how I was doing. However, I am not so impressed with his PA. I feel like whenever I meet with her she wants to dismiss what I'm saying and I feel talked down to by her. However, she finally listened and prescribed me something to help with the nerve hypersensitivity I was experiencing after a second appointment.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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