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This summer I volunteered in an orphanage in south...

This summer I volunteered in an orphanage in south africa. I already have a back tattoo I love so before I even went i'd planned on getting a commemorative tattoo. Anyways when I came back one of my friends who is a tattoo artist (which I havent spoken to since because I dont have the heart to tell him) who works a very good tattoo parlour offered to sketch up some of my ideas. I originally wanted a SMALL foot tattoo. Long stort short now I have a rather large leg tattoo of a south african flower with the xhosa saying hamba kakhule underneath. After seeing my families reaction I started to realise my mistake.
It started with panic attacks when I was asleep, then spending the rest of the night looking up tattoo removal. That's when I found picosure was available in the UK and emailed trueskin about 20 emails to help me. I recently travelled to get a patch test and consultation. They estimated 3-4 treatments but im not so optimistic but at leasr my patch test hasn't shown up any keloids or scars.
My main concerns are include the cost and the pain! I only had a patch test haha but that thing is nasty! Really hope it is gone in 3-4 sessions :(


Same thing with my knee tattoo. The artist is amazing but the design is not me and it is far too big. I went for my first treatment on November 23rd. I see fading in the purple color with Picosure (but also its only been 2 days). I'm really hoping it fades more these next couple of weeks. I'm so anxious to get my knee back. It's horrible hiding your legs. You tattoos really is a good design but it's hard to make yourself like something. ugh smooth sailing I hope.
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Thanks for taking the time to share your review. I am sorry you feel so horrible about the tattoo, I second what oneTime2many says, it is cute and has nice meaning, but you are he one that must be happy with it. Keep us posted :)

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My first picosure treatment is the 26th, tuesday, will post update after wish me luck!

1st picosure treatment

Hey just a quick update that after a good test patch I went ahead with my 1st treatment. I used EMLA numbing cream wrapped in cling film an hour prior and the treatment really wasn't that bad, was literally over so fast too! Currently its painful like sunburn but I can walk it off, dont know how I'll manage the train back to Newcastle mind. It immediately turned white and after some vaseline and a dressing I was on my way in less than half an hour. I have quit smoking, I eat healthy but ive ordered some vitamins etc for immune support and im going to make more of an effort to get to my gym more often. Hopefully I'll see some results and I'll post an update in a few weeks :)


Ice it all day!!!!!! It will keep the blisters away!
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The woman blasted it with ice cold air for a while before I left im on the train home now and I have the mother of all blisters already its terrifying!!!
Well I'm almost greatful england is set for a long freezing winter and long jumpsuits etc are in fashion so nobody has even noticed i'm hiding my tattoo. I'm hoping it will have faded enough for me to feel comfortable wearing skirts etc next summer. I bought some dermacolour make-up to cover my tattoo up but unfortunately its really hard to cover dark colours :( keep positive wont be long til your tattoo is a distant memory!

Terrifying Blister

Woah fell asleep for an hour on the train ddespite holding ice over it I woke up with this mammoth blister around 10x5cm


If you see my post you'll see my blister. Took about 6 days to go down. I covered it loosely with a gauze pad because it wasn't pretty when it did start to leak fluid.
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I must've slept on it last night coz it leaked a bit if it popped it would flood the british isles. I'm not easily grossed out I study biomedical science and pathology but its not something you want growing on yourself!
Yeah I made the mistake of not covering it and my whole pant leg was saturated. Gross.

healing process


Gosh that is a huge blister :( - good idea re putting aloe in the fridge!

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Dermacolor Tattoo cover make-up

Sooo seen a lot of you guys post about cover up make-up. Given the fact that my graduation is next July and I am very pessimistic about this large tattoo being gone by then I spoke to a few makeup artists (I have done some freelance work myself but its not my profession) and they recommended DERMACOLOR. I ordered the "Dermacolor Camouflage Creme palette with 6 shades, S". The black ink is much harder to cover up but I am very impressed with this. As you can see in the photo the difference between my kniphofia flower and the script makes the tattoo seem invisible. The downside is you don't get a lot for your money but at least you can be assured it works. For special occasions you could maybes go into a department store and as one of the makeup artists to apply it for you, the ladies at MAC and Bobbi Brown helped me decide what shades worked best. Lightest shade base, a colour that build up towards your skin tone and a blush on top. PS this image has no filters and is in natural sunlight to give you a true picture.


hope you did not put this on the already treated tattoo!!!
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Obviously the make-up photo (if that's what your referring too) is before I decided to go ahead with laser treatment it is an accurate photo of what dermacolor can cover on a relatively new brightly coloured tattoo. As its only been 8 days since I had picosure treatment, the wound is still being cleansed and kept under a gauze dressing.
Hey, thanks for sharing the info about Dermacolour. A couple months ago I almost purchased Dermablend's Leg and Body Cover. I saw a video tutorial online and the guy was able to completely cover a dark tattoo. I decided to wait for a while until my tattoo was lighter. I'm probably going to start looking at some in the new year. The problem is it's difficult to get hold of it in the UK and there are about 20 different shades! Plus, it isn't cheap! I might try out the colour palette like yourself..
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8 days after 1st treatment

Hi, sorry for posting so many updates! I rang up Trueskin to ask about this raw skin which was underneath a blister which went down and she told me to leave it alone and get some air to it. Ive been putting vaseline on the rest of it coz it is so god damn itchy I could rip my leg off sometimes! The flash on the camera has made some of the once red parts look a little brown, is this hyperpigmentation? I live so far away from the clinic I can't go in to ask? Once its healed a bit more will bio oil help and should I wait til its gone before booking my next session?


Wow it's amazing how well that makeup covered! Good luck to you!
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Yeah it didn't have quite as good effect on the black script unfortunately but hopefully once my tattoo fades a bit more I can cover the whole thing and be able to wear skirts and dresses in time for the summer!
If you dont mind me asking, how much do they charge you per treatment? I just got quoted 1000 per and I am freaking out a little
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2 weeks after 1 picosure treatment

I'm thinking of booking my next treatment the end of January/beginning of february so it has 8-10 weeks of fading since my healings a bit slow. The blisters have now scabbed over and I'm alternating between vaseline, aloe vera gel and bio oil.


Hey there :) i'm also removing a colour tattoo. I've had 8 sessions so far with the older lasers and i'm trying the picosure laser in February at Trueskin. Would you say they are a good company and you are happy with the service so far?
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Cool abryant! Good luck with the Picosure!

Yeah its definitely a spa than a dermatology clinic but the staff are fantastic I could stay there and get pampered all day if I didn't have to catch a train home ha! Give you good advice whenever you ring and follow up on your progress.


Hey, I have no idea what these spots are and I cant see any info on them anywhere. Anyway I've been getting these little pimples on my tattoo, really uncomfortable to touch. I have around 5 but as soon as one goes another one turns up? My tattoo is lower leg so I cant say I've ever had spots there before im using aloe vera gel on its own now. I've had some good break up in the thin lines but other than that its slow progress im afraid!


I have had the little spots as well. It is a form of sweat rash - Im assuming because you are using aloe vera, or covering the area, the skin isn't able to breath properly, and sweat is being trapped. I'd suggest trying to let the area air for a while, and they should go away.
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Oh embarrassing haha, the area is still hot but I put that down to the immune reaction, the pimples are uncomfortable, a bit like prickly heat. I was originally covering it in vaseline which was thick so that might have caused it, I'll lay off covering it for a while thanks :)
I guess I'd echo PC's comment, perhaps keep the area dry for a few days and see if that helps. It's difficult to see the spots in the picture, so hopefully they're not too bad. Even after all the research I've done on tattoo removal, I'm still none the wiser as to how the skin should be treated in the days and weeks after a treatment. So many conflicting messages - some say to keep it bone dry, others day to keep slathering all sorts all over it. I think the main thing is to keep yourself very hydrated at all times and possibly ensure you're getting the right vitamins, so the skin can sort itself from the inside out. You're doing great!

5 weeks after my first treatment


I got those spots about a month after my first treatment. They looked like hard raised blisters……but they went away on their own. Dont mess with them! I am now 6 weeks post treatment two and have not gotten them this time around.
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They're so strange like lumps under the skin! I too have noticed patches of fading where they were though. That's good to hear im putting off treatments as long as possible but since I haven't seen much more fading im definitely thinking of booking my next appt exactly 10 weeks after my 1st treatment.
Hey, thanks for the update. How're you feeling about it? I've heard Picosure isn't too good on reds, so you might need to find somewhere with a standard YAG laser with the 532nm setting for that, could also work well on the yellow too. Are you planning to book in another one soon? You're skin looks to have healed pretty good!!
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2 month update, en route for my 2nd pico treatment

Its been 8 weeks since my first treatment and although I would like to leave it longer I'm on my way for my second. Due to logistics, my availability and Hollys at Trueskin today was the best option wish there was a picosure laser closer! Anyway I'm going to ask about picoplan before my treatment as its not been mentioned to me before. Can't say I'm overjoyed with the progress I was expecting a bit more but im glad to have seen some improvement. I really doubt this tattoo will be removed in the time frame I was quoted of 4 treatments. I think after that I will try a different laser.


Good luck on your 2nd session!!
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Make sure they up the power so that you're getting your money's worth. Your skin has proven it can handle the laser, now it's time to get stuck in!!
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And good luck!! :)


I have signed up for picoplan with trueskin. Because the laser isn't quite giving the amazing results advertised online I have another 3 treatments being paid for in monthly installments over 12 months. If it still hasn't gone by then I get any treatment after that free of charge. The coloured ink in my tattoo isn't repsonding well so we're going to combine it with the revlite laser. Also there is another picosure availble at a clinic just outside of Manchester for anyone in the UK looking, I got a message from someone to let me know this.


The Picoplan sounds quite good! Did they say that it'll be free for as many treatments as it takes after the 4th one? Or will it be a case of having 4 free treatments and then having to pay again (in the unlikely event it's still lingering). Glad to hear they'll be utilising another laser to tackle the colour. Are you booked up again for 8 weeks?
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They said they'll offer 4 free treatments after what I've paid for but it won't take 4. And in the unlikely event it takes more its basically free til the bloody things gone!
That sounds good. Hopefully it won't come to that though! Do you mind me asking which price bracket they put you in - £299 or £499 per treatment?

4 days after 2nd treatment

Having one of those, "will my tattoo ever disapear moments" :(
Should've thought a bit more about timing I'm at a Killswitch Engage/Trivium concert tomorrow and its very painful to touch!


You are making great progress, really! Just give it time and this will all be a distant memory for you! PS--totally jealous that you got to see Killswitch!
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Was a great gig haha, I got a bit drunk and forgot about my sore leg :)
That's awesome, girly! So nice not to think about it! I stopped for a few drinks on my way home after my treatment on Saturday and I was much more relaxed that's for sure ha.

covering the tattoo

So tonight I'm going on a night out and braved buying a short dress. Its been just over a week since my 2nd treatment and as you can see in the photo its just about healed with a few scabs. I asked Holly and she said I could fake tan around the tattoo does anyone know if this is ok? I have to avoid tanning including fake tanning to avoid pigmentation issues? I'm going to try some cover make up over it!


Did they use the Revlite this time on the pin/red? Curious because I'm going on Thursday and have red in my tattoo. Thanks!
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typo--- did they use Revlite on the pink?
No they didn't just picosure. And kts deffo pink/purple now haha they never mentioned red not being in the picoplan contract!

comparison so far

I like everyones side by side photo's so I thought I'd do one myself. Its made me really happy with my progress so far and all my scabs from my 2nd treatment are just about gone. It's much easier to cover with dermacolor and im not dreading summer/graduation/21st anymore! I can easily fit 2 more treatments in before all these events if I wait 8 weeks between. The lines are so thick but they're much fainter.


Did they treat the colour with the Picosure and the Revlite in the same sitting? Your results are great this time :)
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Not tried revlite yet but since the black mixed with the pinks is gone but theres no break up in the colours I want to try it next time. Still will use pico for the black though thanks im getting happy with the results :)
Wowzer, you definitely should be happy with that after just two treatments. My pink hasn't budged at all :(

3rd treatment next week!

So I'm booked for my 3rd treatment on wednesday approximately 6 weeks after my last. I would like to wait more but I haven't seen that much fading and im very aware im on a bit of a timescale with this picoplan. I've paid for 3 (not including the session I had last time as I signed up then) and then get 4 free if needed but they all need to be taken within 12 months. Then I get some free but need to be taken 6 months after that. So I have 18 months in total which they're confident I definitely wont need.
In other news I've been REALLY naughty and after breaking my e-cigarette I may have had a few real cigarettes this week. New e cig and charger are in the post, tbh I barely use it now pretty much quit but I panicked when it broke :( I've got an awful lot of deadlines at uni and really couldn't afford to be as distracted as I was without any nicotine! Anyways that is the LAST packet ever, I've also really cut down my caffiene intake and replaced it with lots more water. For lent I've decided to go vegan which means I HAVE to give up smoking and take my diet seriously.
I've also decided with all the trips down to trueskin medispa I want to do my PGCE in greater london. I hadn't considered it before I went so in a way its a bonus I finally figured out what im going to do after graduating and taking a year out to raise some money for relocating down south. Anyways sorry for the huge update I spend so much time on this site I feel the need to tell you all my life story!


Never be sorry for an update, we love them!! I actually see fading in parts of the yellow and that is one of the hardest colors. An e-cigarette, that's interesting! I recently quit coffee, I got an aweful flu the first week of January and have not been able to have coffee ever since..and the funny thing is - A girl at my gym had the flu just after me and she also can't stand coffee and she was hard core, she even owned a Tim Hortons back in the day...so we laughed and said maybe the Tea companies let out a virus to stop people from drinking coffee! 
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I have around 8-9 cups of tea a day its terrible!
What kind of tea do you drink, green, black...oolong? Depending on the type of tea, it can have many health benefits. 

Trueskin at Bluewater

I know a lot of people are recommending new places for picosure here and I'm glad its getting spread further but i will admit even the closer it gets to Newcastle I'm glad I travel down to Kent for my treatment. I love the clinic and the staff always remember me, take pictures and ask about my journey. The receptionist has a THICK BLACK tattoo on her foot (notoriously hard place for tattoo removal) and she showed me the tattoo she has had 3 treatments on and there all but a faint line of it left! Fair enough she went on holiday and skipped a few sessions so waited from august to january and honestly it turns out patience really is key to removal. I'm going to wait at least 3 months for my next treatment and 2 of my closest friends have decided we should make a big deal of it and make it an overnight stay in London.

Also in not so good news EMLA numbing cream is now under new licensing laws in the UK, is no longer being stocked in small pharmacies and boots wont sell it for any other reason that if you say its for an injection as there is a chance it reacts with the ink used in tattoos. So today i just gritted my teeth and curled up into a ball until the laser was over! Think you can still buy it online but the best thing to do really is to just deal with the pain!


Patience is indeed your friend. I have been getting treatments for over a year and my back tattoo (see when two tribals go) is being stubborn. I will give your removal folks a call and see if they can finish the job off properly for me, wishing you success with your removal :)
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Just had a quick flick through the photos on your review and that ankle one is super faded! The picosure is awfully expensive but if it removes my tattoo im all for it!
I also have a brand new tattoo that I'm going to get removed with Picosure. I have a consultation on Friday and it will mark the third week to the day that I got the tattoo. I've heard mixed things about new tattoo removal.. some say the newer the ink the easier to remove and others say the older the better. Regardless, I am going to wait until after summer until I begin treatment unless the doctor says the fresher the easier which in that case I will get started ASAP. Do you think your tattoo has faded more with more healing time? I'm planning on giving mine a couple of months healing time in between treatments.
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2 weeks after 3rd treatment

Still healing, a few scabs present but just to show you guys what healing is like. The colours do not seem to be making a move. Im hoping that in a few months the black will have faded significantly as it isn't moving as fast as I hoped it would. I really want to wear a knee length dress for graduation but at the moment its too dark to successfully hide with makeup.


How was walking after the 2nd and 3rd treatments. I can't even remember how it was since it has been 4 months since I had treatment (on my knee) and I am wondering if I will be ok getting lasered on a Monday when I have to work all week, hmm..
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Oops sorry for that. Our tattoos have a lot in common, like thick outlines and some colors and lower leg. I think your fading is good for three treatments- especially the black! I hear you on wanting to be able to show bare legs.

5 weeks after 3rd treatment

Getting bored of this now was really hoping to see more of this tattoo gone in 3 treatments! I suppose its only been 5 months since I began and it has come a long way but picosure isn't living up to my expectations at the moment. Its just so obvious and i'm starting to panic with summer approaching, im not having my next treatment until june giving myself 3 months between my treatments but I really was expecting more from this machine by now!


Hey, I definitely feel your frustration. I really believed this machine would produce much better results than I've seen so far. I don't understand how they can charge, I saw absolutely no fading from my 1st treatment and my 2nd was almost as bad. They said I would only need 4 treatments for complete removal, but in just over a week I have my 3rd session and its still as bold as anything. Super frustrating!
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the black is fading very nice! i think for the other colors you NEED the revile laser. just my opinion... all the thin outlines are fading or are already gone. "just" be patient.
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Its fading but not enough for me if I'm honest, I'm eating healthy, working out, quit smoking and waiting in between treatments. I just thought it would be showing signs of disappearing soon :(

2 months after 3rd treatment

Honestly can't say I'm too impressed with picosure at the moment. Giving it another month before my next treatment but I can't afford to have huge gaps between treatments as I'm on picoplan and need to fit 8 in a year.


Hi, I know you're on picoplan too so I was wondering if you could answer my query. On the website it states 'we guarantee your tattoo will be removed a year from now' so even if after the 8 sessions within a year, if it's still not gone, do they carry on treating? (Free of charge after the year is up) because I'm on pico number 4 soon and I've still got a long way to go. Thanks x
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Yeah you get something like 4 more to be taken within 6 months (after the year on picoplan) and its guaranteed to be gone or free treatments til its gone!
Really! So even if it takes an extra year to remove it completely, they will carry on treating for free? I really hope that's true!!

9 weeks after 3X picosure

Wish I had more to report! Unfortunately nothing new here, sort of just getting on with it. My family know not to mention it now so i've been wearing shorts etc with the summer now here. Still hate it but sweet FA I can do about it right now.


Hey, I'm in a very similar situation ( my tat is in the exact same place and full of colour) I'm on my 6th treatment and have been advised to leave longer between treatments) I'm beginning to be a bit hopeless now. I did consider excision, it was £90 for the consultation alone! The op would cost the same, if not less than laser treatment. Now I'm thinking I might see how much more it fades and get a cover up. Just keep your chin up and be patient, I'm sure we'll get there.
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I wouldn't consider excision mind sounds a bit extreme! I'm actually starting to think I could be stuck with this the rest of my life! I've left it nearly 4 months before my next treatment and I think theyre going to panic when they see how little it has faded. The worst thing about it is I'm doing all this excercise and quit smoking, healthy eating and its having no effect!
Are you tied in with the place you're at now? If not you could check out Wayne at the Reset Room in London? He uses the Picosure laser (and has a QS Yag at his disposal too) and is meant to be very good. Could give him a shout? It seems like they just haven't been using high enough settings so far perhaps?

4th treatment yesterday

Its never going to leave!!!
We tried revlite on the colour at 525nm for red and then a wavelength setting for yellow (cant remember screen just said yellow). Black ink was lasared with picosure as usual. Hurt like hell. Blistered this time too, having too wear pants to my graduation whilst every other girl has pretty dresses on. ARGH!!!


Try Rejuvi. It is a calcium based clear "ink" that will be applied just like a regular tattoo would be performed. Then the calcium ink will dry and draw the ink out of your skin while the body's natural healing AKA scabbing takes place. Usually places that do permanent make-up have this.
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Never heard of it but I may look into that thanks.
Hey amy93, don't give up hope, you will see more fading! It might be much slower than you expected (and that Cynosure promised with the Picosure laser), but it will come. I can totally relate to your feeling bad about having to wear long pants while all the other girls are wearing nice dresses. This was the story of my life for the last 7 years, especially since last year where I had to go to quite many official functions. Finding clothes for these events that covered up at least most of my tattoos was a nightmare. But: It can be done :) Get yourself the nicest, shiniest, tightest top you can find - everyone will think you wear long pants just to accompany the cute top you're wearing. xx
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2 weeks after 4th treatment

Revlite hasn't shown any colour change yet, still plenty of time but the black ink treates with picosure is fading. Slightly.


Hey there, how is your fading coming along - would love an update. 
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Very curious to know how things are moving along? Any updates?
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Picosure has only one wavelength 755nm: Picosure is NOT Gold Standard for Black pigment Picosure is NOT Gold Standard for Blue pigment Picosure is NOT Gold Standard for Red Pigment The above are FACTS are cannot be disputed.
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trueskin medispa

So far the staff have been very reassuring and optimistic.

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