Having a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, BB Tomorrow. 10 Hours Surgery and I Am Scared - Bluemont, VA

I'm so scared for tomorrow's surgery. I will have...

I'm so scared for tomorrow's surgery. I will have tummy tuck, liposuction, and fat grafts to buttocks. My doctor supposed to be one of the best in the area. He is well known and there are great reviews about him. However, I'm so afraid of being sleep for a long time. Also, I'm afraid of the urinary catheter and what if I get a UTI after? I have been wanting this so long, since every day I shower, or wear anything I see my fat belly. I couldn't post any pictures here for before. I might post it for after if I make it alive :) I have seen many reviews and lots of people helping each other with their experiences and comfort each other. This is a great web site for information and real stories. If. Make it alive tomorrow, I will post it here... However, at this point, I can't sleep. I am really nervous and I don't want to take Valium. I'm not a pills person, so this will be very hard for me. Antibiotics have already causing me problem. Makes me tired, and my eye is swollen.. Not sure if keflex caused this. So nervous.
Lovelilu73.... Have u already had your surgery? If so.... PLEASE tell me if u sleep on your sides? Because I'm having TT, smart lipo & fat injected into my butt also June 24. If you've already had your surgery.... Praying everything's going good! :)
Hello Wmnurse,I've had the surgery on may 20th. I have been sleeping on my sides only. However, pressure in my hip and my arm is so painful. I keep turning from left to right. I wake up every one to two hours because of the pain. First night at the hospital was so bad. I throw up and I couldn't turn by myself. Now any time I try to walk my back is hurting so bad. Also my tummy hurts.. I feel burning pain. I had a pain pump put in but since the surgery it has been leaking all over me. I'm going to see my doctor today and will ask him about the pumps. I can't take narcotics since they make me nauseated and I throw up, may I tell you when you throw up with cuts in your belly its not fun..so I am taking Tylenol instead and it's not as strong as narcotics but at least it doesn't make me throw up. Yesterday I've changed my padding around the cut because it was wet with bloody water. I only changed my drains once since yesterday. I don't have much fluid I guess. I wish you best of luck honey. It's not easy. If I knew the pain will be this much, I would not have gotten full tummy tuck :( good luck to you. I hope everything will be fine.
I'm so sorry you are hurting so bad! :(. I've had 5 friends that have had extended TT's and one friend had a beltectomy with fat injected into butt and had butt lifted.... She did GREAT!! The other 5 said it hurt like HELL but they would do it all over again! I hope you start feeling better soon and the days go by fast for you! Because I know you are going to be so happy you got it done in a month or so! :). Sending prayers! :)

Update.: Tummy tuck post up day 3

Today is day three. I wake up every single hour because of the pressure on my side. I have probably killed lot of fat cells because I'm laying in my side. I have swollen on the right side of my vagina. I don't know why, but I hope it will go away. I don't ha e much. Appetite. Drug called " nycenta seems to help. It doesn't make me throw up. My mouth is dry and they damaged my lip and that is swollen and it hurts. Headache is the another pain I have which is throughout the day. My doctor took my pain pump and thrower it away because it was off and wetting my skin only. There goes waste of money. I still can't walk up straight. My back gets so tired and so much pulling I feel. On top of all this, I start menstruation. Couldn't sleep on either of my couches. I go upstairs o my room literally crawling on the stairs. Tempur pedicure is really comfortable. Getting on my couch or bed is ok,but getting up is soooo hard. I feel pulling, ripping, separating of bunch of things. I am looking forward to sleep and get rid of the garments. Drug makes me sleepy but pain wins. I wake up in an hour because of pain on my sides.
Hello. I'm sorry for the late response. I've been taking Valium and nycenta and that helped. I also used a patch behind my ear for nausea. Still have so much pain but I have stop taking pain pills. My belly button is a little off centered and that makes me sad. My doctor said that I might have popped a stitch. To fix it, I have to be in the surgery again and he has to open the incision below belly button again to fix it. Of course hospital charges will be extra also. I don't know what to do. I'm really disappointed about this. I don't understand how I popped a sticth. I had a buttocks fat graft but I don't care any more. I just sit on it some times because my hips are hurting me so much when I lay on them.
Hello emn, thank you for all the info. I was at the doctors office but I forgot to ask him that. I usually meditate , I wish I could focus, but its so hard to lock this pain and meditate. I've meditated before the surgery, that made me calm. I will uptade and puts some pictures on.
what did you forget to ask? to get a prescription called in for the ultracet (combination pill) or the straight tramadol pills and the anti-nausea zofran?the new pump that you paid for ? call the office and ask whatever it is. you paid for the surgery and his advice and calls , and everything associated with the surgery. i hope you are starting to do better.

two weeks post up, removal of drain was wonderful.

I went to Doctor. M for my two weeks post up for tummy tuck, liposuction and fat grafting to buttocks. He removed my drains. Honestly I was scared of pain, but my experience was awesome. I just felt the tubes sliding down, but didn't hurt. My doctor is super. Absolutely super doctor. He makes me feel so comfortable, He made my body shape so beautiful. Dr. M despite being the best surgeon, is also so humble and so relaxed, down to earth person. At the hospital, the day of my surgery before he came in, any one I've talked to either nurse, or anesthesiologist, or technicians, they all love him. They all talk about how wonderful job he does and he takes his time with patients and is perfectionist. He gave me his cell phone number weeks before the surgery for any questions or concerns that I might have. My doctor is just a phone call away. If I need him besides his office hours, I know he can still be reached.I am so glad I've picked him. I live about hour and a half away, but it's worth traveling to his office in Ellicott city, Maryland. He is the best. I would have put some of my pictures, but I am waiting for my little sticking bandages to come off. I am only 2 weeks post op, and I couldn't be happier. I will recommend this great surgeon to any one. I think he is an artist and he absolutely loves his job. While I was there making my next weeks appointment, there was another great looking lady which I remember from weeks ago in his office. She also was there for check up. She was all happy, smiling and absolutely gorgeous, She said she had liposuction. Anyone who goes in or comes out have a smile on their face. I really have to let my doctor know how much I appreciate him and will make sure he receive my thank you note to his office.... He made my dream come through. I didn't expect to look this good :) I Love doctor Markmann.. Next thing on my agenda is my breast, arm lipo... I trust him totally.
Hello EMN, I've forgot to ask about my lip hurting, but it went away. there was pain, numbness and tingling.. It all went away. I thought part of my lip was permanently damaged, but I am fine now. Thank you so much for your response. I am getting well and feeling great...

Another pleasant office visit to see Dr. Markmann

I've went for my third week follow up with my doctor. I had some questions that I wanted him to answer. I really take his time and I feel bad about it. However, Dr. Markmann answered all my questions very calmly and didn't Rush me out of his office. I probably had some ridiculous questions or even some that didn't make sense. However, since my doctor is an excellent doctor, he answered all of my questions very well and take all my questions seriously. He is so amazing and his office staff are so amazing I feel so good after I leave there.
Daniel Markmann

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