A couple days from 5 weeks post op! :) loving my girls!

Okay, I've always wanted to have breast to feel...

Okay, I've always wanted to have breast to feel like a woman and when I finally knew I stopped filling in any more bras I knew I wasn't a lucky one. So I wear a 34 B but more than likely im just a A cup. I was a B before I had my two kids. Then they seemed to disappear. So I went in for a consultation and tried on sizers and decided to go with 350 CCs but now I'm nervous that I didn't go big enough. Which I don't want to look like Pam Anderson or anything. I just wanna feel naturally big. Dr wermerling and her office is really nice and made me feel really comfortable, even though I was kind of embarrassed. I'm really nervous about the surgery!! More nerveous about how I'll feel immediately after I wake up. Any comments would be appreciated!! Only 9 more days to! I need something to keep my mind off of it but instead I'm staying on this website reading reviews! Lol
But anyways the only person I know that has had this for is my aunt. She went from A to a D or DD not sure but I'm not really telling anyone until my surgery is over. I don't need all the "oh your perfect the way you are!" crap! And from what I remember she was really sick! And in severe pain. She had hers done in FL. But they look good now. But I have all my meds filled and blood work done, all I have left to do is get stool softeners and wait! My children are 2 and 5 months! So not lifting will be a struggle, my sister is coming to stay with me. I will keep updates as often as possible & will upload before pics soon!

6 days and counting! just thought id go ahead and...

6 days and counting! just thought id go ahead and add the before photos!

So just two days away! So excited but dreading...

So just two days away! So excited but dreading surgery! and not getting to play n hold my babies for awhile :(
But i will post the post op pics as soon as i can! :) and also a question, is you PS suppost to give you muscel relaxers? ive read alot of ppl that had them. was just wondering! Im also crossing my fingers that every bump on the way home wont be soo bad!! lol
ta-ta for now! :-)

SOOOO im just 7hours away!!!!!! im...

SOOOO im just 7hours away!!!!!! im petrified!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! im freaking out if you cant already tell! I have to get up at 6 am for my shower & and leave her by 7! I guess ill be sleeping alot tomorrow anyway at least i hope! so ill post pics as soon as i can!!!! If you pray, whisper a little prayer for me please!! :-)
hopefully i cant post later today!!!
next time ill talk to ya ill have big boobies!!! LOL


Its over and done. the pain is bearnle im just...

Its over and done. the pain is bearnle im just really sleeeeppy!!
lol bu so far of what i can see im very welll pleased!Im to damn dleepy to post anymore update right! chat latter!

Help please! I'm having real bad shortness of...

Help please!
I'm having real bad shortness of breath! My blood pressure seems fine and my temp is 97.6.
Could anything be wrong??

Here's another pic of them. I will get a pic in...

Here's another pic of them. I will get a pic in the bikini I wore in the before as soon as I can prob on tues or Wednesday. Until then the bra stays! Lol
In feeling really sore. I'm getting more mobile now! It's hard to get around and do what your use to when it hurts to think about moving!
Just a TMI alert!!!!!!
The constipation sux!! Bad! Nothing has helped so far! Any advice????!? X|

Today has been a good day, finally! Only took a...

Today has been a good day, finally! Only took a few perks. Which is good cause before today it was every four with one in between those four hours. It's been what I expected, nothing that I couldn't handle though. I'm very pleased! Exactly what I wanted. Even though I'm thinking I could have went with 400 ccs!! Kind of wish I would have!! But until I have to do them again, I'm good!!
I cannot begin to explain how good it feels to be proportionate with my body. Like a woman and not a 15 year old little girl! Yay! Hoping to go to Victoria Secret after my drs appt and get sized and get a wireless bra and a sports bra! As long as my dr gives me the okay to!
I will recommend Dr Wermerling to anyone near the Lexington area interested in a BA. Se and her staff is wonderful! She even called me personally on Saturday just to check on me. I thought that was very sweet!
I'm also really wish I could sleep on my side or flat on my back!!! Ahh! But I guess that day will come soon enough!
Gues that's all for now!!

Today was my first post op and it went great!...

Today was my first post op and it went great! changed my strie strips and gave me another bra. Said they looked better than good! lol
but i had no brusing or anything like that. Just perfect to me!! Also went and bought a few new shirts while i was out to show off the new assets! : )
Very happy!!

Now that I've bn up and going to a few places they...

Now that I've bn up and going to a few places they seem small. I went ahead n went to Victoria Secret & they sized me and told me I was a 34 b! Which is what I was before Judy a deflated 34 b I'm so upset!! I've spent all this money when I plainly told her I wanted to be a FULL c or small d cup! I even put on a wireless 34 b and it fit! I'm feeling so upset right now, I really don't know what to do :,,(
And when I put on shirts they look even smaller! They don't like stick out! And I'm super skinny!!! You know what I mean??


I HOPE MY BIKINI DOESN'T OFFEND ANYONE, I'm not against anyone like that. My husband is a big ole redneck and bought it for me! Also i have a best friend thats black and i have another one from China! :)
my sister aslo adopts children from geatamala and Korea! and those babies are my world!!
And it's the smallest bikini I have for good pics! Cause I never wore them before, I would wear and a tank and shorts to the beach an would never go to a public pool!
But I'll be hitting one up this summer!!! Lol

Thanks everyone for your positive feed back! Makes...

Thanks everyone for your positive feed back! Makes me feel a lot better.Im glad I found this sight! It has got me through a lot of worry that I had! They are dropping more everyday! yay!
ill update again soon!

Im doing great! starting to feel better every day!...

Im doing great! starting to feel better every day! but i was just wondering if not taking your anitibiotics is okay? My first i had a allergic reaction to & the second made me sick! so my dr said it was okay to stop them. Anyone else adivised it was okay to stop them to?

So at my last check up which was last week due to...

So at my last check up which was last week due to my 2 years head butting me in the left breast and it swelling to my shoulder!!! I called my dr that night and was told to keep ice packs on it and as long as my swelling went down I should be okay, but if it got worse to call her back. But thankfully it slowly went down thanks to the ice. I went the next day to see her just to be on the safe side, and she said everything looked and great, she also gave me some massages to do 15 min a day. They are softening up a lot and I feel back to normal. Still being careful thanks to my last incident. I have not sized since my first post op appt. but I fit in a 34 C sports bra. Ill prob go next week to get sized again. Over all Im happy and I def would do it all over again. The hardest part was getting someone to help with my kids for these 6 weeks. But in about 9 days ill be free! Im already doing it by myself basically anyways. SO yeah!
Merry Christmas! And Happy new years to everybody! :)
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Country, I want to ask about your size.. I just had my pre-op and the doctor talked me into 375 HP but I'm super nervous about going that big. How are you doing and would you stick with the size you picked of gone bigger/smaller?
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Im prob to late on responding! im sorry! I haven't been on here in forever! But 375 wasn't as big as I thought! if I could go back and redo it, I would get at least 410 or more if I could. I ended up being a 32D after all the swelling finally went away! :)
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You look great!
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Thank you!!
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WOW you look amazing!! Yay for boobies!
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Thank you!!
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congrats on the great results! They look awesome. Hopefully mine will look as good! Happy holidays & enjoy :)
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thank you!
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How are you doing? Are you happy with the way they look? I go back and fourth on looks, each day they appear different, but they are finally soft and fluffy so I don't see a big change anymore. I don't know this process was like a roller coaster, but I loved the ride.. lol Happy Holidays!
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im doing great! thanks for checking! im stll feeling like I did not go big enough, but hey they are a hell of a lot better than what I had! lol . im all most 5 weeks post op now and today I have wore a normal sports bra which feels way better than the surgical one! ;) How are you doing? and Happy Holidays to you!
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I'm doing okay. I still think you look great. I know go big or go home. I get it all. I try helping people out but everyone has there own thing, you know how it is. I still again think you look good. I'm doing great, they are fluffly and not round balls anymore. As it took almost 8 weeks to look normal. I will post more pics soon. I feel great too. I want to workout and I cannot, it's killing me. PS said treadmill only no upper body for another month. yikes. I'm older then all you young girls so maybe that is the reason. Idk. But anyway, have a good holiday enjoy your new boobies. How does everyone like them?
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Thank you!!!!!glad your doing better! id say your perfect now! lol I haven't been on here in soo long! but yes everyone loves them & a few are jealous! including my mom! haha..
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Well, food for thought and don't feel bad about not having gone larger. There is a positive side! (Bigger is not always better)....I had another consultation today (4th PS) that I also really like and trust. He thought given my size and base breast diameter of 12 cm I should definitely NOT go any larger than a 400cc high profile (I'm 5'1" and 105 lbs, A cup). He also demonstrated how it would hang beyond the diameter of markings outlined on the breast area of my chest. The point was even though I could use a 400+ HP cc, it would go beyond 12cm and be putting more stress on my tissue (ie.leading to more sag and sooner = needing another breast augmentation & a lift sooner) and more likely to have complications. For me, the 350cc HP (11.7 cm diameter) he felt would still be quite an improvement (and large) for my frame without pushing the limits. Many of the PS responding to my question on this site also have been warning me about going too large. I do want to minimize complications and hopefully have my improvement last longer. So, I will probably end up between 325-375cc (have to account for asymmetry.) After my surgery, I'm going to just look at the positive size that I traded off a little size for less likelihood of complications and longevity of results :-)
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That's a good way of looking at it actually, I feel better about my size having read that so thanks ;)
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me to thanks ; )
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I was a good 2 weeks out of action the first week I could hardly move my hubby & sister had to wash me make my food everything. I was in pretty bad pain with no power in my arms & dreadful chest tightness, sometimes I found it hard to breathe! 2nd week I started moving around more was able to shower myself but still on pain meds & still very uncomfortable at night. Week 3 much better apart from super sensitive nipples! My main worry now is my size, so should have been braver!! Does anyone know do they tend to look bigger or smaller after they drop? Mine are still quite high
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I was like that for the first like 5-7 days but got alot better pretty quickly. But i do wish i would have went bigger! Whats your stats?? & what size ccs did u get?
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You definitely seem to be recovering quicker than me, lucky you! I'm 5'5 & 126lbs, went with 330cc under muscle. I'll try get some pics up later. Everyone told me most people regret going bigger but I didn't listen! Played it too safe in case people would notice, think maybe I'm just gone a bit obsessed with my boobs now! lol
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That's great! Let me know when you get some pics up! : )
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Got my pics up country, let me know what u think. Am still paranoid bout size & one dropping quicker than the other but give me ur honest opinion anyway ;)
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Hey! I think your results look great!
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Your pictures look GREAT! I am going to show PS your photos for what I am aiming for (although maybe a little bigger). I too have 2 kids. I love your BA shape, and would love to have your stomach. What was your height, weight, and base diameter? I am expecting to have surgery in Dec and after trying on some samples and wearing them this weekend will probably settle on 400cc high profile since I am only 5'1" and 105lbs with 32AA but I think have looser skin than you did. Do you think that is too big for me? (based on your taste) I am also getting a tummy tuck to hopefully end up with a stomach like yours :-)
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thank you! and sounds great! I wish I would have gotten 400/420 but my PS thought that my skin couldn't handle that much without stretch marks, :/ Im 5'9 and 113 pounds currently! (too skinny for my height!) and to be honest Idk what my base was. Only number I remember her saying was 19 1/2 inches on one boob? not sure lol And I think that will be great on you! I ended up with 375 High Profile Silicone. and over all im pleased. I got the natural and not fake look I was shooting for, but if I had it to do over I would have pushed for 400 cc at least. :) I still need to work on my stomach, I would like to be more tone. After my two it stretched quite a bit! But thank you : )
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*** Correction I meant Saline not silicone! :P Stupid auto correct! lol
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Your results are great and what I am hoping for! What were your stats before and did you go with saline or silicone?
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