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Smartlipo on Upper & Lower Abs, Flanks - Bloomfield, CT

First I would like to thank everyone who has...

First I would like to thank everyone who has submitted reviews. They were a great source of information and comfort. I am a 39 year old married mother of three children. I have always had a "pouch" even when I was 120 lbs. I had my first child at 22, and I was 140lbs, at my daughter's birth. Since then my weight has yo-yo'd up and down and my highest was 180. After the birth of my last child I was able to get my weight back down to 140 but the tummy never went away. So now I am 5'4" and 150lbs. My surgery (Smartlipo Triplex) was scheduled yesterday (4/19/12) at 12:30. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was shaking by the time I got to the office. I was nervous about having pain while the procedure was being done. So they walk me into a waiting type area...we discussed meds, payment etc. I took one Xanax which helped me calm down, it didn't make me sleepy or nauseous. Next they brought me into the procedure room. I donned my paper thong, and nightgown with opening to the back. The doctor and her assistant were great. She marked me up. Then she took measurements and pics then I layed down on the table to start the procedure. She made two small holes, which stung like a finger prick...pain scale 1/10. Then the numbing started. The doctor said since I had very jiggly fat, the numbing was really easy for her, no resistance. A few stings and a heaviness feeling...pain scale 1/10. So once I was all numb, the laser went in. No pain whatsoever, except a very few times around the belly button and on the edges of my flanks...pain scale 3/10. So this was easy peesy...really. It was a painless procedure. A pap smear is more uncomfortable. I talked to the dr and assistant the whole time. She had me stand up to make sure she got everything and then I layed back down for some final touchups. Oh I forgot the suction...no pain except for the belly button and the edges of my flanks. I had pain around the belly button because there was some scar tissue from when I had my tubal ligation. Also around my flanks there was scar tissue because of really deep stretch marks. Then they squeezed out as much fluid as possible. So all and all I very good experience. After I did not feel dizzy or light headed, my legs were just a little wobbly. The put pads on and put my binder on. By the time I got to the waiting area I had soaked through the pads and it was dripping down my legs. The dr and assistant helped me put on fresh pads and then I was on my way. By the time I got home (4:00) I was still leaking. It's gross but it's good to let it out. I sat on the couch for a little bit (no pain) then we went to the Pharmacy to get more pads and my Rx for anti-nausea pills. When I got back home I changed the pads & took the pheneragen and vicodin and went to sleep at about 7:00. I woke up in some pain 4/10 at 12:45am, took some meds and fell back to sleep. I slept really good. No problems. Day 2 (4/20): Feel really good, could get out of bed, no problems. A little pain but i've had ab pain that was worse from working out too hard. My son (9 yrs) made me french toast and turkey bacon...yumm! Then I took meds at about 8:45. I have a follow-up appt at 12:00 today so it'll be the first time I see my tummy. I hope it's ok.

I'm on day 3...Sunday. I'm still pain free except...

I'm on day 3...Sunday. I'm still pain free except for at night it's been hard sleeping. I've been having back pain...lower back. I thinks ifs the binder making my back straight. It's a little curved to begin with so that's probably why. I've been taking Motrin to manage the pain. Other than that during the day I'm fine. My tummy is tender to touch and the binder helps keep everything from jiggling which is a good thing. I have been experiencing shooting pains. Pain scale 1/10. Nothing major. I think it's just my body starting to heal.

The bottom of my belly still has some hanging skin bit the dr said it will tighten up. I think it had started already. I'm swollen but seem smaller already. I'm going to be patient and just roll with the process. I'm still wearing the CG for 24 hrs. The dr wants to wear it for at least 12 hrs a day starting tomorrrow. I'll try it and see how I do. I'll wear to work and take it off to sleep and just wear my spandex waist cincher to bed. Actually I've been wearing the cincher under the binder so my skin doesn't get irritated.

My diet...I have cut out all bread products, increased water intake to 70 oz per day. I take bromelaine for swelling and inflammation and a multi vitamin. Also ive been trying to up my protein to aid with healing.

Excercise....if the weather permits (we're expecting a storm) I hope to get to the gym and get back on the elliptical. And I've been pulsing on an excercise ball to get my lymph fluid flowing.
Dr. Barbara Padilla

Dr. Padilla was great. Professional with a good sense of humor. She was knowledgable and her staff worked efficiently with a great bedside manner. I would recommend anyone without hesitation.

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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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