I went from a HH to a C/D, Best decision ever (after hubby and kids of course)

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 15...

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 15 years old. As most, I developed early...Was a DDD in high school and slowly blossomed from there. My mom is my most un-supportive person, I am so thankful for having awesome in laws and hubby. I have had headaches, neck, back pains, the nice yeast rash under my breast, I have always heard that " wow to have boobs like yours" yeah...really? I am hoping after my surgery and my healing process that I will be able to be more active, I want to be that fun mom, I am nervous...what if they turn my husband off? My PS is about my age, and she has never done a free nipple graph (yahoo) so as she said " I am a woman as well, and I would not want that done to me, so I wont do it to you...and I would only use it as a last resort if the nipple was dying"

I have told my kids (8 & 11) that I am having chest surgery...they are okay with this and have no questions. I am ready and cannot wait to be all healed... I will update after my surgery.....

Good luck!!!!!!****hugs****

Good luck tomorrow! I hope your surgery goes well. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you. :)

Thank you Sharon! I appreciate all the happy, thoughts :) Just nervous!

I had my surgery 48 hours ago, and am amazed how...

I had my surgery 48 hours ago, and am amazed how great I feel. We woke up and left for the hospital at 5am, arrived at 6am. I was called back at first, I was told to gown up :) and to wipe of with this cloth (I had used surgical soap in the morning). My medical history and medicines were reviewed, anesthisia came in to to talk and then it was my dreaded IV time. This is always the worst for me... 2 attempts and both were missed. The the nurse had another nurse get a vein finder to veiw my vein, success! 3rd time was a charm. I was rolled into the holding room and and was asked it I had been drawn up yet. I said I had not... so they moved me into a more private space. A nurse came in saying Dr was running 20 minutes late, dr walked in 3 minutes after that announcement...lol
Dr Drew on me, and we discussed a C/D I want C and hubby wanted D.. So time wil tell what size I will be. My surgery was 3.5 hours. My recovery has been really easy. Not much pain or burning sensation. I am happy with my results, they are still hidden in the surgical bra, with lots of padding. I have a roll of cleavage gauze..not sure if I will have cleavage :) Hubby has been helping with draining my tubes.Today one of the clips slid of my bra and thought we pulled out the tube, called in and we feel we are good. I have a follow up next tuesday, shower tonight, I have woken up the last 2 morning with NO head/back/shoulder pain.... Its a miracle!! I called my mom afterwards as we had not told her (im 39 yrs old) and she had fought with me in the past about this subject... I said mom I just had a breast reduction...mom FLIPPED out... I said I was calling to let you know...she went on how I DIDNT need this... yea well its my body...but I think she is coming around...
So far this has been a great outcome.. so glad I did this..should have done it years ago... WIll update later... I am going to lay down for awhile, as I wear down easily.
Glad you are doing so well...and that you were able to do what was right for you and not what others wanted of you!
Thank you! I am very pleased :0)

I ended up buying a new surgical compression bra.....

I ended up buying a new surgical compression bra...the one given to me was giving me blisters are my muffin top rolled the 2 inch band, and with that constant irriation I ended up with some blisters. I am still shocked by my reflection in the mirror. I have always been the busty one... Sometimes I feel so small.... My stomach now protrudes out...this stomach was always hidden by my chest. I cannot wait to get use to my new look....I love the look, and cannot wait to go bra shopping....Monday is my 2 week post op.
Only issue so far is that I had an infection where one of my tubes were...but its all cleared up now.
From one former H-cup to another, I am so sorry your mom wasn't supportive. That has to be really hard. My mom has been vital support for me and I can't imagine how hard it would be to have her be anything but positive right now. Part of why I am keeping my reduction private is to avoid all those people who just don't get it because they haven't walked a mile in our boobs and no one needs negativity while they are recovering. Hopefully it just comes from a place of being worried about you and I hope that she has come around more since your October 3rd post, if not I am sure she will after she sees how happy and healthy you are once you fully recover.
I am so glad your mom is such a great support to you. That is how its suppose to be. I think my mom has gotten use to the idea (she is a couple hours away from me). But if not I am nearly 40 and it was my choice....had wanted it for 20 years, my husband is great and I get all the support from my in laws. My mom said she doesnt know why everyone is our family wants to cut off their "girls"... Well probably since sooo many of use are so large busted.......I am soooo thankful I had it done. I look in the mirror and am in awe that I am not all chesty....My husband loves the difference also and seems to getting use to my new profile. I only told a handful of people... I am hoping to return to work soon and getting more fit. :) Best decision ever!

Today was my 2 week post op follow appt. It was...

Today was my 2 week post op follow appt. It was really a good appointment. There was no steri-strips to remove, as I have an adhesive allergy, no stitches were removed :) I am still swollen, but better than I was last week, still have feeling where I need feeling :) Everything looks great :) I was given the go ahead for a sports bra... I have never been able to fit into a sports bra before... what brands??
I still have a 4 week weight restriction at work (10#), I stopped by work and my doc said "wow" and gave me a soft hug :) I go back to work next week...It's time... I am planning on buying a sports bra, and using the surgical one at night...

I am very pleased except for my muffin top that was hiding under the HH's just 2 weeks ago....
just a tidbit from my experience switching to sports bras. take what u know ur comfy with as a back up. seems i swelled up a bit more after taking off the surgical bra so id wear it half the time ...now im down to sports bras most of the day but id take it anyways so ur comfy if u need it. glad ur doing well! happy healing.
Thank you for the help tips :) I bought one bra and cannot wear it....I am going to my bra store tomorrow...I just want the option since I know you'll see the surgi bra when in my scrubs...definitely going to go slowly...
My dad was not supportive. His thought is that if I just lost weight, I wouldn't have FF/G breasts. That figures...since he doesn't have breasts at all. I mean, I don't presume to talk with him about his prostate. That said, when my dad was making his opinion known about my BR, my mom shut him down and told him SHE'S ok with it. She doesn't have breasts like mine were, but she certainly knows the burden they can pose. After the surgery, though, both of my parents have been supportive. I think dad realizes I'm going to do what I'm going to do....I mean, I'm 38 years old with a little girl of my own. And her dad has been very supportive as well. Hang in there, and do what is right for YOU. They will always be there for you when you really need them.

This is my almost 5 week update. I am sooo...

This is my almost 5 week update. I am sooo happy!!!! I have gotten comments and how good I look, how much younger I look :) Hubby seems to be happy also. He never complained about the old set....but he seems to really be liking this set. I don't look in the mirror as often as I have become use to my new look, I have piled my my shirts that look to big for me, and they are in a bag waiting for my mom, when we visit her. Showers are much much easier...almost back to normal. I am still sleeping on my wedge pillow, even though I was given the okay to sleep on my side...I just dont trust myself and feel like I would roll to my tummy ;) One day I will be a tummy sleeper....once again. Right now my breast look kinda good. I am allergic to adhesive tape...so no steri strips were used. So I have glue that is coming off, some of its hanging (I have pulled off some that were just hanging there, but they were not hanging on incision lines I do not touch the glue that is coming off my nipples). My scars are a light pink and thin... I have been wearing a sports bra (size DD--thinking I am still swollen) in the daytime..and my surgical bra at night. I really have had no pain... My only regret is not having liposuction on my sides/ below my armpits. I will update after my appointment on the 12th... I know I am feeling better as I am wondering how intamicy will change....
so glad ur doing good. what bras did u end up buying??? im curious what all the girls where during the sports bra part of recovery lol.
I bought a Ennell Sp? bra. I just went to the local bra fitting store and the fit me... it is tighter than the compression bra. It's comfortable...I sleep with the compression bra (I ended up buying a different one from what I was given after surgery)....So sports bra by day, compression bra at night.... My PS lets me sleep without a bra at night after week 6...but I imagine for awhile I will still wear it at night... Still getting use to the new girls :)
I'm starting to think my bras aren't comfortable because they aren't providing enough compression. They drive me crazy after a couple of hours. I'm wearing a compression cami right now and the girls are asleep and not bothering me. :)

*** 6 week post op*** I was sooo exciting for...

*** 6 week post op***

I was sooo exciting for my appointment today.... It wasnt a great appointment :( One of my nipple edges doesnt look like its healed well....So some concern there. She doesn't like how my scars look... They are very pink, and some are still open a little. I still have some discharge. I am to start breast massages with some vitamin E. If I would have a better report, I would not see her for 3 months, but I will see her in 6 weeks. It's not surprising since I am a diabetic....just not want I hoped for..

I am excited about Thanksgiving... This will be the 1st time my family will see me since the surgery :) I am happy that I did this, and have no regrets
im glad u appt went ok and the she is watching u closely. ur are just healing slower and thats ok. i didnt close up until just recently. my last scab came off just over the weekend so ive been able to start my scar stuff. though im not sure how much stimulation is good. the incisions are very sensitive after. they will be redder and then after a while they get lighter than before. i guess it takes time! lol hope u heal quickly.
Omg i think we are channeling each other i went oct 5 i have a few open spots justvhealing slowly as 1 began to heal another opens sigh i too am diabetic i was measured dd yesterday too i didnt have lipo and it seems like i have dog ears as well and lastly i started massage vit e oik this weekend particularly on my right breast which is goood except for 2 pinpoint dots from whete a stitch just fell out
Wow we sounds sooo much alike :) At least we are not alone. I just cannot wait to get 100% back to normal...and then be able to go shopping :) I have a few pin dots as well... Have your sugars been good?

Today is my 2 month anniversary...and I could not...

Today is my 2 month anniversary...and I could not be any happier :) Hubby seems to be happy also, not that - that matters to much. I feel that my BR I should have done YEARS ago... The swelling has gone down some as well. Now I actually have a "bounce" when I walk. They feel more real, and I have gotten use to this new look. The last few weeks I have still awaken up with some headaches, but they dont last all day either. We do go to thanksgiving to my moms and all my side of the family saw me...not ONE comment was made, until I got home and a couple days later my sister texted me and said she got side tracked but wanted to say how good I looked :) A phone conversation with my mom was, I dont understand why the women in my family do this...(mom being a size C)... I do feel so self confidient now, and just have a better self imagine :) I am all healed up, I do scar massage with vitamin E lotion 2x daily. I will take and upload pics tomorrow...but now when i look at myself undressed... I do not see scars, I see some natural looking breasts that are on MY body. I did get the total amount for my surgery...and it was.......$20,466.78 That is more than I make in a years time :) I am more than happy to pay for my $200 for the surgery. One funny story.. I work in healthcare...I saw one of my old teachers and I gave her a "gentle" hug and she hugged WAYYYYYY to tight...I kinda wimpered....and I whispered to her I had a BR and she was partially laughing, crying, and even displayed some snorts... It was hiliarious! Even though painful... For those unsure to do this or not... please please make your appointment with your PCP to refer you to a plastic surgeon! My 3rd best decision....only things in front of that is 1. marrying my hubby, 2. choosing IVF to have my babies, 3. my BR... I am one happy camper...and I know it will get better from here....
I am 6 wks post op. Go to dr on Monday (or perhaps Tuesday... i need to look it up). Your breast look great! I too swelled and think i still may be. I did not need lipo under the arm but now that my breasts are high up, they are under my arm. Dr said @2 wks it was swelling BUT It is still there so i will discuss lipo with him this wk. R u sleeping better? Still on wedge? I can not lieon my side. Too painful. Am still on wedge too as i think it has become my security blanket to keep me tummy. How r your scars healing?

Posted updated pics. One side is still a little...

Posted updated pics. One side is still a little swollen. But being 8 weeks and 1 day post op I am extrememly happy... Sometimes one side looks larger...but, its my side that I use mostly... so hopefully it will go down.
Congrats. My mother keeps telling me too that I dont need this... i told her its my body my life and my aching back.. get over it its gonna be done. Shes worried about complcations and how things will work at home once done. Also about your top 3 decisons ever.. love them!! i agree marring my hubby and adopting my children were the best thing ever... hope to make my br my #3 as well :)
Thanks. Do this for you! I have a scar where mine us to be from my jeans cutting into my stomach... I now cannot believe I was that large. I love my favorite 3 as well :) and hoping you make your #3 come true for yourself too!
Looking great!!! U healed wonderfully!!!!

This has been an amazing week! I ditched the wedge...

This has been an amazing week! I ditched the wedge pillow and have been sleeping on my side :) I rather sleep on my tummy but, my side is half-way to my tummy.... I sleep with a pillow in front of me, kinda od a hug pillow to make sure I dont go to my tummy. I am bout 10 weeks post op. I am going to buy a good supportive non underwire bra today!!!! I think alot more swelling has gone down..I am hoping to hear the word "C" in my cup size...or even a "D" My sports bra is a DD... I am suppose to get a cami with bra insert, for bedtime... I am feeling sooooo good!! Going from the compression bra to sports bra to reg bra! What is not to be excited about? I kinda laugh as the sports bra pushes everything together kinda in a uni-boob.....By 4pm I will have a bra that will allow 2 boobs on their own sides :) The best really is sleeping on my side. I have NO regrets about having this surgery other than wishing I could have done it years ago....

Update on shopping trip!! It's all good :) I...

Update on shopping trip!! It's all good :) I actually purchased a 42D bra today!!! I mean a D cup!! (HH to D) Wow! I nearly passed out!! First I tried the DD and it was a little big.So Went for the gold :) I honestly cannot tell you how good I feel, hubby went with me and he (umm we) got a night-time Cami and jama bottoms.. I actually have pj's that fit...or will after Christmas morning :) I know I could go smaller since I probably have some swelling yet. With the bra I ended up buying I had put my shirt on over it and the change in my profile was noticeble, even from the sportsbra look.
sounds like your doing great.i am so very happy for.you!!

My almost 3 month reflection... I have found out...

My almost 3 month reflection... I have found out alot about myself in the nearly last 3 months. I am more than "just the bustiest girl in the office"... I do not have to wear bra's that have 2-3 inch straps, with bra's with 4-6 fasteners... I took it for granted that is how it would always be. The truth is now, I really can wear bras in the smaller strap size, with 2-3 prong fasteners. I have found all of my coats, jackets are way to big now. Darn it, that means I need to go shopping... I thought after my BR that I would always see scars....and that's just not how it is... I see beautiful breasts... the same breasts that I use to always try to hide...I can now fold my arms in front of me... I have discovered my muffin top, which I am working on..., I went from 3x-4x shirts to 1x-2x shirts...I have gained some weight, and after the new year will return to my diet. I have discovered shopping this holiday season the 1st time since I was 14 years old, that I didnt get stared at like I use to when walking in the mall... I family (mom and sisters) have made a couple comments how it looks like I have nothing...but again I went from HH to D.... I lost more than half of what I had. I have learned I do have self confidence, and self esteem! Wow who knew! Intamcy is better now too. I CAN give hugs now... I old hugs were crappy as I didnt want my chest to be felt in a hug....but now they are so more meaningful... My breast scars are more healed then my knee scar (knee surgery in July, breast october)...My hubby actually bought me a pair of jammies for Christmas. I know I have said it before... but should have done this years ago... I will post some pics in the next week... These are just some of my thoughts... If you have any questions just ask, or message me....

I had my 3 month follow up just a couple days ago....

I had my 3 month follow up just a couple days ago. She said I was a super healer! I am still a little pink in some areas, but I am so pleased that I had this done, and am so happy. I am no 10000000% released to do exercises, run, jump, I can wear underwire bra's is I want to... I am freeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I have an Oct appt which will be my 1 year mark, and I will have my 1st mammogram post op in September. She said alot of women are nervous, but promised it would be fine, She seemed amused by me asking if they would explode...lol I noticed in the pics I take that sometimes my nipples look uneven, but in real life with both arms at my sides, it doesnt look that way....
I think my oldest sister is having thoughts about having it done :)

Just read your story and looked at your pics ...wow, looking great, what an amazing difference!

Your scars are looking great! Thanks for the updates.

Thanks! I am soooo happy Sharon that I did this and my surgeon is so down to earth...and patient... :)

6 months and counting

It has been 6 months and 11 days since my reduction. It's funny I can barely remember what it was like before. Other than the stares....and summer time heat yuck. I am sooooo happy I did this for myself. It was for me. I look so more portioned now. I have not had 1 migraine since the surgery. Actually last month I went to a family reunion and one of my cousins ran up to me and said my gosh how much weight did you lose? She didn't know about the surgery :) and she never will....lol. Bra shopping is fun now and I don't HAVE to go to the speciality stores if I don't want to. I can go to kohls targets...etc...I do have to watch some bras as they hit my incision scar, I still lotion every day with vitamin e. sometimes my scars look really good and others they tend to be more prominent. I would post pics but, my computer broke and can't post them using the iPad. I find myself being more active, more outgoing.....and even found myself signing up to go back to college to become a nurse..... At 40 years old none the less... I am more confident than I ever have been. So if your reading this and on the fence..... Research your surgeon, and meet with more than one in the area, read stories here to get a general idea, mentally prepare yourself....buy a wedge pillow, and few bags of frozen peas. You will need help the first 2 weeks..... Any questions just ask.....

1 year post-op

I went to see my surgeon for my 1 year post-op surgery for my reduction. The nurse asked if I had any concerns, issues, etc... I did....under my left armpit where my drainage tube was is puckered up and is ultra mega sensitive. And on my left breast at the scar line I get hard lumps that are pimple like and drain. So doc comes in and looks at the puckered thing under my armpit....and touched it...ouchie.... She said she couldn't not guarantee that the spot would not be sensitive but she could flatten it out. The she believes the spots at my scar line are cysts....and she can remove them as well.
I recently returned to school to become a nurse and she said that we could do the surgery over my break...so January 5 or 8th can't remember right now is my surgery. I have a preop in December then I go under the knife again...
I am disappointed that I will have another surgery...but will be happy to get these things healed the right way. I would post pics but can't on my iPad.

Went under the knife again

Well, I saw my surgeon for my 1 year post and there was a few things that bothered me and had surgery 1/8. Under my left breast I had drainage from pus filled areas. I find out this week if it was cysts, abscess, or dissolvable sutures that didn't do their job. Under my right armpit, where my drainage tube was, when it was removed it puckered out and never went flat.....so now it should be flat, as that was corrected. There is steri strips on both sides and so far, no reactions to the adhesive. I see doc on the 23rd for post op. I'm glad it's done, and looking forward to moving forward with no more surgeries. I'll try to take some pics soon.
My mum said the same thing. Now she says I look so much better. I really do.
I really appreciated you sharing your BR experience. I'm scheduled to have my surgery this 2/19/2014 due to the same reasons, migraines, back pain, bra strap bruising/indention to the point I barely have any cartilage left. If you don't mind me asking, what was your procedure? I'm scheduled for the BR with Free Nipple Graft. You stated you were an HH. Currently, I am a 38H with the desire to go to a C. When you gained weight did you gain any in your breast? Medically, its necessary for my back, but I like the way I look now and I am truly petrified. ps if you don't get a chance to respond, I just want you to know that your openness in sharing really did help a Sista out.
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She came highly recommended (I work in a dr's office), also I searched on my own for 15+ years.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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