5'7 125lbs, breastfed, BA mentor 325 overfilled 350cc Mod-plus smooth round saline implant

I had an amazing experience with my Dr. Tattini &...

I had an amazing experience with my Dr. Tattini & nurse wanted a bigger implant like 475cc hp, due to my small frame I got 350cc dual plane saline. I trusted his opinion. I love the results so far. Couldn't be happier A little sore on one side buts it's only day 2 :) I can't wait to go bra shopping

Completely worth it

I just had my breast augmentation this Monday 3/24. My consultation went very well. I did a lot of research before I went in. I wanted least 475cc hp saline implant. After talking to my ps he suggested a smaller implant to fit my frame. I was a little disappointed at first . But I trusted my doctors opinion. We set up my preop soon after. Trying thr sizers I like mod-plus because I had two finger gap. I breastfed 3 boys over a year thankfully I didn't need a lift.
I have 350cc mod plus smooth dual plane saline implant. Now that it's finally over done with I love the results so far. My left side is pretty tender. But manageable. Very pleased with my PS and staff they have been awesome. Even sent me beautiful flowers day after my surgery.

Week post op

Week from post up feeling great no pain at all.

First week


They are getting much softer, I had some pain at night only on the outside of my left breast. A little scared of moving a lot of my husband or son bumping into them. I'm still happy with the results. I have my post-op tomorrow

Compression band

Wearing the compression band for another 2 weeks. They are riding to high. Apparently the nurse in the or recovery room wasn't sure how to place to band I've been wearing it wrong this whole time. Grrrrrrrr!
I had my stitches removed , besides ridding high results are great.

Swim suit browsing

I had some awkward moments with others staring haha

Recovery fuuuuun!

I was walking with my husband at the store I had static electric shock feeling it in my boob let out a huge scream in pain.
I wanted to cry!

My tapes fell off

Incision recovery

Week 4 days

Why I picked saline

After many years of going back and forth about implants. I decided to go for it. I was completely uncomfortable to the point I hated my husband touching them or even looking at them. My husband who's obsessed with "fake" look. Not going to happen I decided to in between what he liked and what I liked. I went back &forth with silicone vs saline. I picked saline not because that is was cheaper to get. Silicone made me uncomfortable, I know they improved from when they first came out. People do not have the issues they did before. I'd like to know of my implant broke/ malfunctioned which I've heard if you stood on it w/ shoes it could still withhold. I had friends who surgery both different results same body type. One friend has had implants way to big that kept breaking , eventually had them removed. Another who's had them for awhile no problems besides nerve discomfort .Including I had asymmetry I need different volumes to even them out. Recovery time including insecion was smaller.

2 weeks

2 weeks post-op. I was worried I accdiently reputred it after being pushed but luckly okay


I'm so itchy near my incision!!! Driving me nuts! No infection or redness so that's good

Almost 3 weeks post op

Besides this stupid rash I have near my incision. Being itchy is worse then pain to me. Ahhh.
I have no pain and I can sleep on my side. My nipples are super sensitive.

Rash so itchy

Apparently it's a reaction to tape coming off and my sport bra irritated it more

4 weeks post op

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks now. I still love the size and shape. I couldn't be happier, I just want the okay to start working out again

Almost a month

Still wearing sport bras, and started massaging


Thinking I might go bigger. But not by much

32D.... Perfect

I was measured at 32D I couldn't be happier with results. Now I need to workout get back in shape I was a bum during recovery time .


Maybe I'm just paranoid but bottoming out

I'm thinking about going bigger

I don't know I it's boobies greed or I just not happy.

Bra shopping

Before and after

Bra shipping

I thought it would be funny to put on the bombshell 2 cup haha
Bloomington Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Absolutely gorgeous results!
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They look great! I'm in the same position. I wanted bigger. Got 325. They are beautiful. But I still caint help but feel really upset knowing I don't look how I wanted after spending the time money and pain! Let us know what you do.
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They look gorgeous! I got 375 cohesive silicone and I also wanna go bigger now..I mean they look good but I really wanted more. .. my PS told me that my skin didn't let him put in more :( or else I would have gotten stretch marks and maybe complications ... Oh well.. Maybe I'll upsize later... need to talk to my PS once I turn 3 months and discuss options... I think yours are prefect and I think they even look bigger than mine. . Maybe cause they are saline? Idk but congrats. . They look natural and beautiful!
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I think they look great but your worry is mine as well. I'm getting mine on Monday and I worry I will think they are too small after. Did you want the implant size you chose or bigger going into surgery?
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I wanted bigger however my doctor said I can't go bigger then my frame
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I have my pre op tomorrow with Dr. T and I will be interested to see what he says for me. I am 5'3" and about 115lbs. I got so huge while breastfeeding. Approximately at 36F. Then I stopped and now am barely a 34B/32C. I do trust Dr. T and know he operates more on the conservative size. I still think your results look awesome and hope I get as good of results. I have more sagging than your pre op pics. When I talked to Dr. T previously he did say I would have to measure at least a D post op. Not sure what that will mean for cc's though.
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He's very conservative which is a good thing. You don't want a Ps who doesn't care puts a huge implant in. My friend had them to big she 4 capsules her frame couldn't handle it. It's hard to measure what cup size you'll be after surgery because as you know bras varies from stores. I got 350cc mod plus and measure to 32DD-DDD . If you have sag maybe a lollipop lift. I recommend doing research options they have it can be confusing. Good luck he really is a great doctor who cares about his patients.
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He said I'm borderline for the lift right now so we are going with the implants first. Pretty excited. He is amazing and did so well on my tummy. The staff is 1st rate as well. I trust them all so much!!
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My husband said leave them alone they look great! Haha
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I am going to have to go bigger also but have to save some $ for the hospital fees first
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I got a crazy rash from the bandages - it was more irritating & painful than the general discomfort of surgery. I was given a course of steroids & all better - I'm sure it has had to help my healing process too so I'm kinda grateful for the inconvenience :)
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Thank you for the thank you! Haha! You're recovery is goin SO well! I don't usually see saline that I like, except for one other woman, but yours look amazing! Such a nice shape even after 10 days! I love that you were so positive about everything, even through recovery! I love that!! Makes me feel more comfortable! You look GREAT! Can't wait to see the finished product!! Xoxo & Happy Healing!!
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You look wonderful! I am hoping to have similar results as you. I am getting silicone 350/375cc not sure which yet...I am 5'8 34a very small framed 125lbs. Good luck with recovery and healing.
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You look great. I think they fit perfectly on your frame.
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I am pretty close to the same size as you... You didn't post any before pictures so I don't know what you looked like but we also have similar stories... I nursed 2 boys and was super deflated after... I wanted a pretty natural look not too big but not small... My dr said 450 mod plus for me.... It seemed huge when he told me but now that they are in I feel like they aren't big enough!!! Do you feel like yours are big enough after nursing babies?
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Before breastfeeding I was a small 32 c, during 36dd, after I was 32a-b . I wanted in between what I had before and during. I was measured today at 32d possibly drop alittle be 32c. Currently I like the results, however maybe eventually I'll go a tad bit bigger
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I was so excited to see your post. I had a TT from Dr. Tattini last summer and will be now getting a BA from him as well on June 9th. I can't say more about his staff. Originally I was going to do it all at once but he recommended waiting and I am so glad I did. Looks like your results turned out amazing!!
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He's a very conservative Ps which I ended up appreciating a lot. Most PS I talked too, They'd put any size implant in no matter what. He went with what fit my framed safely. I was wary on a small town dr I was going to Chicago but I'm sooo glad I went with him I couldn't be happier
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Look awesome!!! Stick in the the healing goes pretty fast!! You will love the! I am a little over a week post op and feeling amazing!! Keep taking pictures each day so you can see the progress!
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Congratulations! Just curious, did you doctor address you asymmetry you mentioned in another post? Do you have some extra help with your boys while you are recovering? Take it easy when you can. Your body needs plenty of time to properly heal. ;)
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My ps said it wasn't enough for lift which I was happy about. I have wonderful husband and family to help.
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Oh that's great...no lift! Glad your family was able to help you out a bit. Love the swimsuit photos. Sorry you had some lurkers staring at you during your swimsuit session. They were probably dying to ask you questions! ;)
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