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I never had crows feet, but had droopy lids, I'm...

I never had crows feet, but had droopy lids, I'm 48. After surgery I have huge crows feet and a pimple like bump that fills up as an unusually shaped large white head every few days.
Overall - I look better, just not nearly as good as I thought I would - crows feet need botox now. Also, I wish I had done the lower lids at the same time, I did not realize I needed it, or that it could be done.


I relate to Sharonann a lot with my experience. Even though my upper lids look better, I look older because the huge crow feet. The scars on the lower lids are still dark after 18 months and make my "bedroom eyes" even droopier. (I have to use concealer). I still think it was a well done job, it just that it didn't suit me the way I wanted. My eyes look younger than the rest of my face and the contrast is very noticeable I think. But where do I draw the line of cutting my face open to look better? I used to get flattering comments about my young look (51 before op) but never another comment like that after the op. Now I think I look my age. I regret doing the lower lids though. They weren't bad.
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Hi Crow feet can indeed become visible as before it had been covered up with excess skin. Actually this causes the wrinkle but was not visible before the op. Botox is a good treatment to soften the wrinkle.
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