Blepharoplasty (W/video)

I decided to get this done because my eyelid skin...

I decided to get this done because my eyelid skin was pushing my eye lashes downward. This drove me crazy because each time I blinked my eyes, the lashes would poke me in the eye ball. I decided to not go under for the surgery. They told me it would take about an hour for both eyes so I did it with a "local". I was amazed at how easy that was.

Although I looked like I'd been in a fight for three weeks, I felt fine. I don't remember being in enough pain to even take asprin. I would do this all over again, in a heart beat. I am very pleased with the results.

thanks-like you, I look like I was on the receiving end of a boxing match, yet pain was minimal. I am in day 12 w/ lower bleph "pinch" procedure-all bruising gone-bumps present. thanks for your entertaining and educational video!
This was awesome. You look great!
please, tell me was it 2K for 2 eyes, up and down eyelid? thanks
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This Doctor is the greatest!

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