Implant Removal with partial lift - after 4 years both ruptured

Ive spent months reading reviews on here and...

Ive spent months reading reviews on here and looking at pics. I had implants in 2008 and in June 2012 found out both had ruptured due to capsular contracture. Up until that point I loved the way they looked although I was in discomfort with them. I was really upset to have to get them out but I knew I had no choice and i was told i was at high risk of capsular contracture again if i replaced them. I am not in a financial position to take any risks with it so decided not to get them replaced.

I paid for an uplift which was done at the same time as removal. I had it done on 2nd January and am still coming to terms with it. It's been 4 weeks tomorrow and I have days where I hate them a d days when I think they are ok. In the end during surgery the surgeon decided not to do an anchor lift as he felt it wasn't needed so he just took a little excess skin from around the nipple on one and under the breast on both.

My scars are still very red and bumpy but he said I can use oil/lotion to massage at 4 weeks so will start that tomorrow. I am a bit upset that I paid for an uplift but I am still saggy in myopinion but then I am glad I didn't need more scars. There is one problem which I need to talk to the surgeon about when I see him in 4 weeks, the nipple he cut and sewed back up (which is on my smaller emptier breast) has a funny crease on it, I will post pics, if anyone knows what this is I'd like to know?

Overall I don't think I've made my mind up yet with how I feel but that probably takes time.


You look really great!!! But I agree.. if he only did a "minor" lift.. then you should only have to pay for a minor lift.
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Thanks. That's what I thought surely the less work the less you pay! I have asked him but he said it took just as much work as an anchor lift but it really doesn't appear that it could have done!

Thanks for sharing your story so far on RealSelf. I'm glad you're giving yourself time to heal and adjust. I think you're right. That is key.

So sorry you had to deal with all that capsular contracture.

Please keep us posted as you continue to recover.

(If you want professional feedback on your incisions, you can post a question with your photo in the doctor Q&A community. Of course, we'd love it if you'd post your photos here too so we can visualize what you're describing.)

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Today I've had a good day thinking I'm happier...

Today I've had a good day thinking I'm happier about my boobs, it's helped putting this story on here with pics because as I was uploading them it sort of made me realise they arn't as bad as the image in my head if that makes sense? I know I will still have bad days because I'm really critical about myself but hopefully these will continue to become less and good days more with time. It will be nice to where a normal bra at 6 weeks I've only got a week and half to go!


The fold is called "tethering"; not a very flattering word lol but basically it is scar tissue--if it really bothers you they will have to cut it again and release the scar tissue (see my review---I have the same thing)....hope this helps~
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Thank you! I am in two minds as to wether it does bother me enough for more surgery even if it is only minor, I think I could possibly get used to it. I will have to talk to my surgeon.
I think it's hard to realize that most of us don't look saggy - we look *natural*. We no longer have the impossibly high fake boob profile. When I look in the mirror, I too feel like I look like a saggy deflated mess. But when I see everyone's pictures on here, I think you ladies just look beautiful and natural. And then I realize I probably do, too. :)
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Just added new pics 5 and half weeks in, I'm loads...

Just added new pics 5 and half weeks in, I'm loads more content now and although I'm still negative sometimes it's got a lot easier and I now actually have times when I like them! Also, the tethering If that's what it is has got a lot less so I'm not too worried about that now. I've got myself measured and I am a 32d now, with implants I was a 32f so big change but actually now I am a much more natural size.


Claire....your boobs look terrific. If mine look like that will be well pleased. Bravo for you. xx
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You look great! Do you think you look similar to the way you did before implants?
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You look great, I'd be over the moon if mine were like yours. I think because natural breasts don't have volume at the top compared to implants (where the shape starts at the very top) it feels like they are saggy when in fact that's how real breasts are x
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