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I've had acne since I was 13, but it didn't get...

I've had acne since I was 13, but it didn't get really bad until I was in college when I developed cystic acne. By the time I was 22, I chose to get on Accutane. I have since had microdermabrasion (12x), laser resurfacing (6x), and injectibles. I wasn't getting the results I needed so here I am waiting for my face to heal.

1 week out

The first 4 days weren't fun. Cleansing my face felt like scraping thousands of tiny needles along the side of my face. The weeping was messy - I carried a washcloth with me throughout the day so I could dab the drippings from my face. Around day 5 the weeping and oozing subsided and there was little build up to clean off when I washed my face. I'm happy with how quickly my skin is healing and am very excited to see the end results.

One week

Now that looks and sounds very painful!   But it appears to be healing well now.  Definitely keep us up to date on your results.

Skin Irritation

For the past 2-3 days, I've developed extremely irritated patches. One on my forehead and another on my chin. They look like hives and are itchy. Could it just be dry skin?
Wow, you are healing very fast. Good luck with your recovery and looking forward to the results.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. Itchiness is part of the healing process and looks like you're healing well but I would definitely follow up with your doctor for peace of mind to make sure. Good luck and thanks for keeping us updated!


As of yesterday, I was given the ok to discontinue using neosporin and switch to a moisturizer. The positive of being able to switch is that I'm not sporting the neosporin-sheen. The negative is that I have to reapply moisturizer every hour. I'm using my normal sunscreen during the day and my night cream when I get home. I still plan to use neosporin while I sleep because I don't want my skin drying during the night. Also, as a follow up to my last post, the dry patches on my skin were just that. I may have gone too long without reapplying ointment causing those areas to dry out.
Thanks mfan17! I'll certainly keep you updated.
Thank you for the information. I am still very itchy, but the patches of irritated skin have subsided. I believe they were caused from a lack of keeping them properly moisturized.
It has healed a lot faster than I expected - thank goodness. I will certainly keep you updated.

Minimal scarring showing

I wanted to share that I have very minimal scarring that is beginning to show. Compared to the depth of my scarring before dermabrasion, this is incredible! I am squeezing my cheek in the picture to help make the scarring more apparent for the camera.
What kind of laser resurfacing did you have prior to the dermabrasion? Thanks and good luck with your healing!
Hi IceAge - I had Fraxel Restore performed. The first 5 treatments were done by an RN who was worried about going too aggressive for fear of me developing hyperpigmentation. I did have some develop months later, but it was my own fault for not using enough sunscreen. I decided I needed to go somewhere where they would treat my scarring more aggressively - I found a plastic surgeon whose RN had additional training in the plastic surgery field. I felt that the two procedures she performed had a better effect than the 5 I had previously received. I'd say I had an overall improvement of 35-40% for all 7 procedures. My best advice, do not go to a doctor just because he/she is cheaper. I made that mistake once and I won't do it again.
Awesome to hear! :)

3 weeks

I'm still very red, dry, and itchy. Trying to remain positive during this transition time.
Hello Muncy How do u feel now after have dermabrasion . I had dermabrasion 2 days ago I'm still waiting to heal it is terrible .
I am about a month out and I am super happy with the results so far. I'd say I have about 50% improvement overall. I still have scarring, but it isn't as bad as before! Good luck!

Still red

My skin is still very red and the texture is rough - making it difficult for me to blend my makeup well. However, on a bright note, I'd say scarring is about a 50% improvement. I'm being conservative on the number as I'm not fully done healing and my doctor told me it would be about 6 mo until I see final results. My deeper scars are still very much apparent, but my more shallow scars are nearly gone. It's been a long road this far and I'm so ready to be back to normal. I do think this procedure was worth it overall (as of today anyway). :)
Hi Muncy, I have a similar history of treatments for my acne scars expect for injectibles. I'm planning to have dermabrasion later this year. How long did you wait after your laser procedures to have the dermabrasion? You seems to be happy with your results. Do you mind sharing your before pictures?
I will have to dig up some side profile photos, my scarring didn't always show up in front view photos.
Thank you very much for this journal of your treatment. I've been going back and forth on the idea of dermabrasion for so long, and the information available online is very conflicting, both good and very bad. How would you characterize your level of scarring prior to your treatments?

Large pores

Since I've started wearing makeup I've been frustrated with the unevenness. I realize it has nothing to do with the texture of my skin, but the size of my pores. I've NEVER had large pores and now my entire face is covered in large pores. Is this normal? Will my face go back to having "normal" sized pores?
Hey Muncy, So what is the current state of your skin? Has the roughness / unevenness improved? So the chemical peel ultimately resolved the enlarged pores you experienced post dermabrasion? How does the scarring looks now that all the swelling has long subsided? Thanks in advance.
See newest post above.
Hi there, I read below in the comments you did a chemical to shrink your pores, are they back to normal now? Best wishes.

Pores and more

It's been about two months and my overall appearance is close to normal. I'm still red and blotchy in some areas, but not bad. Makeup almost completely covers the redness. If you didn't know me, you might think I have a slight sunburn underneath. As you read in a previous post, I did have a change in my pores, but after I did an at home chemical peel, my pores didn't seem nearly as pronounced. It's been a couple weeks since I did that and I've noticed that they are more apparent than right after the peel. I will continue to use the at home peel. I leave it on for about 5 minutes and wash it off.


Thanks for the update. So do you still rate the improvement to your acne scars at 50% now that you are a couple of months out from the procedure?
I'd say yes - I believe I had about a 50% improvement. What have you decided for yourself?
I'm going to bite the bullet and do it. Thinking of this famous plastic surgeon here in LA. Spoken to one of his patients and he highly recommends the doctor for dermabrasion. It's certainly not cheap, but it's my face. Probably only going to do spot dermbrasion to most prominent scars. Glad to hear your improvements are still holding at 50%.


These photos were taken before and after I had 2 rounds of fraxel, fillers, and 2 years prior to dermabrasion. The photos on the left are before and the photos on the right are after.
Hi Munch, Can you post some of your current pictures. Thanks Sohamb
New picture posted

Final Result

Hi, thanks so much for sharing this. I am two weeks out of having my dermabrasion done, and I have to say I'm pretty upset because I thought I was going to have smooth skin after this. I too have scars all over my face from accutane. I did 3 pixels, 4 plasmas, 2 pixel rfs, and dermal fillers to help me cope with my appearance. My skin still feels really course, and it's obviously still red, but now that the swelling has gone down- my scars look almost worse to me, and I'm devastated. Did this happen to you?
My scars didn't look worse. They became more apparent after the first couple weeks. My doctor said that my skin wouldn't be perfect after my procedure, but that I could expect at least a 40% improvement. I feel like I achieved that. Give it some more time to smooth out. Your collagen is still rebuilding.
How are things ok? Still recommend? I am finally thinking of scheduling for December.
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