I have wanted a breast augmentation since i was in...

I have wanted a breast augmentation since i was in my teens, and always knew i was going to get one. I have a 2 year old son and breast feed for 7 months, leaving my poor girls two different sizes and not as full as they used to be. I am extremely excited to be getting my breast aug. in the next few months. I have done soo much research over the past 2 years trying to find the perfect doc. I am glad I found him! :)
I am thinking between 400 and 450 cc, and congrats your surgery is just around the corner! :)
I'm debating between 450 & 500cc :) I know mentor silicon under the muscle.....anxious to see what my PS goes with :)
Nice! i actually think i might go bigger now 500cc in one and 550 in other. go big or go home right? :)

Had my Consultation! Got a surgery date! :)

So everyone i just had my consultaion on the 26th of feb. I have decided to go with HP silicone implants. 425 cc in R and 475 cc in L. My surgery date is scheduled for March 25th! I am not even nervous i have wanted this for so long and feel that im in some good hands. 1 week and 5 days til surgery day! :)

Have any of you ladies tried the Post Breast Augmentation bras from Make Me Heal?

If so i was curious to if they are worth the money? I was thinking about ordering one or two. :)
Good luck !! Your going to look great !
i was looking at all the different ones on the site last night and people seemed to have pros and cons for all of them, so im not sure what one i should go with?
I'm wearing mine now :) I love them!! I got the medium for up to 500cc I actually got the set when I got swollen they did get a bit tight & irritated my stitches but now they are ao comfy :) I will be ordering more from that site....they cute ones :)

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARCH 25th, BIG DAY!

I can hardly believe it has came so quick! I am nervous and excited!
I have decided to go up in size and get 500ccs.
I can't wait another minute!
I wanted 500cc but doc gave me 475cc Hope u get ur 500s
Thanks! LabellaNewBoobs, you seriously helped me out a lot on my decision making! :) SMILES

I'm ready for my BOOBIES & SUMMERTIME! :)

right now they aren't soo amazing :( but soon enough i'll have 500ccs on my chest :)
Can't wait to soak up the sun with my girls! :)
Thanks Goodbyeittybittys :)
Good luck!!! :)
I hope for 500 too! I called them and said i wanted to go bigger now i just have to wait til the BIG DAY to see if the PS thinks it'll be a good size :) Your 475 look GREAT EM77! :)

My Sad, Uneven, Not even the same size GIRLS :(

They are pretty sad looking, breastfeeding left me uneven, and one boob larger and droopier than the other. I was the same size before i had my child, can't wait to get back to that and fill out both of my bra cups :)

WISH boobies!

Hey! I didn't know you were so close!!! About your comment on make me heal...For after surgery bras I have read a lot of good things on the coobie bra. One size fits all super soft that has done well for many people on here. I've even seen a few ps recommend them. I went ahead and ordered three at $20 a pop. They have a deal where you buy three you get $20 off... Buy two get one free!
I'm happy I cld help =] your going to look great xo

3 month post baby boobs! miss 'em!

Awwwh i looooved my boobs at this time 3 months post baby, all full and clevage! :) soon to have, soon to have
Congrats and YAY! You are one day before me! Its so exciting! I ordered two of the Coobie bras because they happened to have them on Zulily and I got them for cheap! My PS said I have to stop all of my herbal stuff prior and wait for the go-ahead, so make sure you ask. I do a lot of herbal teas, eat whole foods, and use a lot of herb remedies for things. Make sure you ask or do research because some of those can increase bleeding or cause interference with aenesthesia! Ive seen people posting about bromelain and arnica. Both can be ok after but not before. Esp taking them orally as opposed to topical use. My research and knowledge about herbal is that stopping all things, including herbals and OTC meds, is best for risk and healing. Even the flax I put in my morning protein smoothies can cause excess bleeding because it thins the blood...
Praying to look like that after kids!!! You look awesome! Cheers to soon to be new boobs! You are going to have a rockin body!!!
Microtomacro thanks!!! that was very helpful! I am going to go check out the coobie bra right now, sounds much more affordable too! :) Appriciate the help!

One day closer!

I can't believe how quick my surgery date is coming up! 9 more days!
I still have a few things i need to get!
I am becoming more nervous as it nears.
I'm super excited, but oh so nervous for the recovery process, i do have a high pain tolerance I'm told.
I wish it was the 25th so i can get this going :)
finallymeeee thanks for the information! i just stopped everything to be on the safe side, don't wanna take any chances :)
microtomacro lol that post baby look i had was 6 weeks of very vigorous excersicing :) But im sure you will loook great when the time comes

maybe...Changing CC amounts

Im thinking about changing CC amounts , I do want large boobies, but im afraid that they might look too large on my petite frame!
Awwwhh, this size picking is sooo difficult lol! I was thinking maybe 450cc instead?
What all have you purchased? I was thinking of getting those bras from make me heal, too. Let me know what you think of them if you do. I bought a memory foam travel pillow to keep my head elevated. I also bought the Thera-pearl for nursing moms because it's two ice packs that are shaped to fit your boobs.

455ccL and 480ccR final decision!

I figure what I picked there is a safe size :) excited!
I don't know that you have already purchased the post BA bras yet but I bought mine from parkmastectomy.com and they are nice and really reasonable price and super fast shipping :) Good luck with your journey and please keep us posted!
I went and bought a bunch from Kmart/walmart i will have to check out the parkmastectomy.com. I def. will want a comfy bra after all is done :) Thanks!
I purchased some fruit of loom post op bras, and another brand, but i looked at the parkmastectomy.com they look incredibly comfortable!! I will certainly keep you posted! :)


This is the 455/480cc that I'm getting.


I picked up a bunch of things i will be needing after the surgery, Mederma scar gel, BioOil, Palmers stretch mark lotion, Stool Softeners, I have 5 different brands of post op bras at least 3 are different sizes( better safe than sorry right?) I also got ginger ale to sip on the way home (5 hour drive), some crackers, and some boost nutritional drinks in case i cant eat anything. Now i I have to get is my Arnica i had the pharmacy order in for me, and the my pains pills. Just waiting for the Nurse to call me. :) I can't believe this is finally happening!!!

Wish Pics!

I hope i look like these!
Very exciting! Its coming up! Hope u have a fantastic weekend and that the time goes by and that youre all ready! Woo hoo! The surgical nurse just called me with my time & last minute instructions! Yay! Its almost the big day!
Omg I just noticed you posted pics with sizers-and they are great! So excited for you!!
Thanks!!!! I thought they might be too small for me at first, but then I was thinking they are porportionate to my body. So im going with that size :) And thank you!! :) only 4 more days! omg


I have been super busy just cleaning my house top to bottom, i don't want to have to do anything after tuesday lol. Now i have to get to cooking so my hard working man doesn't doesn't burn the house down trying to do it himself :P lol. Also, packing all of my 2 year old essentials, he will be away from me for a whole week!!!! what the heck am i going to do without him!? I called my PS nurse yesterday bc i was wondering when i can pick up my perscriptions? They told me that i get them after my pre-op the day before my surgery, ha wish they woulda told me that before! had no idea i had to have my pre-op first. anyways good to know.
woop woop! i know im so pumped and all ready to go! lol im sure i wont be "wooping" right before surgery lol i'm gunna be sooo nervous! I hope you have a super great weekend too!!! I'm sooo excited for you!!! :) can't wait to see your results!
I'm so ready to be in your shoes! The waiting is KILLING ME. Can't wait to see your results and sending vibes for a speedy recovery :)

I want Playboy model Jessa Hinton's Boobs!!!

Here's a pick of me, another girl, and playboy model Jessa Hinton at a photoshoot, i would die for her boobs lol they look amazing! then theres me with a super pushup bra lol
Thanks hun! I remember a month ago when i thought it was gunna take forever before it got here, but i was being a workaholic lol and it when by fast working soo much. Thanks girl!
You're so thin that they deff don't look too small! Did u get to take the implants home for a few days? I looked up Jessa Hinton, are hers real or fake??? In some pics she looks natural and smaller, other times she looks huge(must be padding or no padding I guess)
She has fake ones for sure! and I'm sure there was lots of padding there too. I had to asked her in person if they were lol. But no they never let me take any home :(

I have all the essentials :)

This is all the stufff I bought for post surgery.
Yeah I was assuming when they looked HUGE that it was the padding. Regardless, she looks great. What!! Seriously my ps and I believe the last ps I went to says you take em home for a few days and see what you think
yes she does look amazing! Yeah i wish they woulda let me take some home, i live 5 hours away from where im driving for the surgery. But they never offered it to me.

bikini top shots pre-op

Here is a bikini I have never been able to wear BC I just don't think I fill it out. Ill try it on again post op so you can see the difference.

Some pictures pre-op i forgot to put up earlier

Can't wait to see your results! Good Luck, Beautiful!
The waiting is killing me too!!!!


You should avoid high-fiber vegetables such as artichokes, peas and broccoli. Do not eat fruits including raspberries, pears, apples and oranges. If you do eat vegetables and fruits before surgery, consume varieties that have been cooked or canned. The foods listed below are natural blood thinners.
Chinese Black Beans
Wishing you luck. Can't wait to see your results.
Thanks!!! xo :)!
How exciting, you're only a couple days away from the big day! :)


WOW! i can't believe my surgery is almost here!!! I have my pre-op tomorrow at 2:30pm, day before surgery, because i live 5 hours away from the place im going to have surgery. Then TUESDAY is the big day! wow! IDK what to feel right now i am super excited but i am also very nervous! I have everything all set! all my supplies, house is clean, packed a bunch of comfy sweats and zip up hoodies. Going to pick up my cousin today who had a BA 3 years ago, she's coming with me for the surgery. So glad i will have someone there with me that has gone through it. whoa! i am just excited! the absolute last think i do need to get is three super fluffy pillows! :) I'll be sure to keep you ladies updated! Not sure how much i'll be on tomorrow, i'll be driving, but i'll update suesday night when i get home :)
Good luck love sending happy thoughts your way xoxo
Thank you soo much! I really appriciate it! :)Im just a little nervous is all :P
I am beyond excited for you good luck sweetie! :D

Made it to my hotel!

I made it to the hotel! All settled in the hotel. Now just about to head to my pre-op today before surgery tomorrow.
Good luck!! Sending good surgery vibes your way ~~~~~~~
You will be fine love =] stay positive and pls keep us updated xoxo yayyyyy for boobies lol


So I went to my pre-op I am suppose to be there at 10:45AM. After the pre-op I picked up my percriptions they have me on like 6 different meds! A lot! Good thing they gave me a medication schedule. :) I'm sooooooo excited!
Omggg yay!!!! Good luck sleeping tonight ;) :D
Ha I know! I don't know if I will able to!!! Too excited!!! :)
Good luck tomorrow! And a lot of rest tonight Yayyyyyyyy to bOObies!!!

Wish Me Luck! :) The Big Day!

I didnt sleep very well last night. I kept having creepy dreams and my room was freezing at the hotel. I will be leaving in 20 to head to my surgery! :) wish me luck! :)
Good luck! Your before looks very similar to mine. Can't wait to see!
Wish you the best of luck! Can't wait to see the results tomorrow!!! So excited for you!
You are just arriving there!! I wish you the best of luck! PS- thanks for your list of foods to avoid. All was well until I scrolled down to the wine. :P

I Have boobs!!!

I am on my 5 hour drive home, feeling pretty good, have a little tightness and pressure, but doing well :) I will take some pictures when I get home tonight :)
congrats! I'm 6 days away from mine. I can't believe you are driving home after BA. wow.
Congrats!!!!! Can't wait to see :)
Pain meds Pain meds every 4 hours and. Muscle relaxant every 6 hours for the first 3 days and nights! Congrats!

Day of surgery pics

Here are some post op pictures in my surgical bra >>>in love! :)
How'd you go, lovely lady? They look great


Well its 3 am and I woke up a little uncomfortable had lot of pressure and a little bit of pain, my boyfriend got up and gave me a pain pill. And if you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper it is sooo hard to lay on your back! I have to lay on my back for 2 weeks, this is gunna be difficult lol ill post some pics later! :)
Can't wait for your posts! It looks like you are doing just fine! Just take it easy, drink A LOT of liquids, so you flush all meds and anesthesia out as soon as possible. :) Happy healing to you pretty girl!

Got up early!

i Woke up at 7an to take some pills, im not in any pain at all! suprisingly! feeling pretty great! sitting on the couch today and going to enjoy my netflix shows. I have been icing my new boobs with frozen veggie bag and that has helped me out a lot. My nurse told me i can start taking my Arnica pills as soon as i finish one of the pills that they precribed to me. maybe those can take some of the swelling down a bit. If any of you have any questions feel free to ask below, i'd love to answer them for you. :)
thanks Nikki_2014! I am doing very well, i have a high pain tolerance so i do not feel hardly anything. I have been drinking tons of water and a lot of fruit, and yogart. & thank you for the tip on flushing out all of that anesthesia. And thank you for the heeling wishes. :)

post op day 1

I am feeling super great! No pain at all! Didn't even have to take my noon pain pill! Weird huh?! Well I thought I'd share some pics with you ladies :)
Congrats on no pain! You look fabulous! :)
Congrats! :)
thanks you!!! :)

post op day 2- feeling GREAT!

I am feeling super great still very minimal pain. I seem to only get pain in the middle of the night, then I take my pain pill. Finally got to take my gauze off today and shower!!! Felt amazing! I am sooo in love with my boobs now!
Looking good! So happy for you and awesome that youre not having pain. Wish I could say the same... its not terrible but its enough to feel slowed down which is annoying for me. Lol.
I actually feel like i never even had the surgery! i pretty much feel like my self before i had it, just every now and then i get a sharp pain. But im am soo happy to heare you are doing well!!! :)
thanks! i seem to only feel the pain at night when i wake up to use the bathroom thats when i take a pain pill, I have been sleeping fairly good, the first two nights i didn't but im getting better now :)

To the Ladies who have already had a BA.

Which bras have you found to be the most comfortable after having your breast augmentation? I am wearing a Fruit of loom bra because the material is so soft and it is sooo comfortable but i can't seem to find anymore anywhere around here? Any suggestions?
Hey I thought it was kind of cool a couple days before my surgery I came across your blog and saw that we were scheduled for a BA the same day with the same doctor. My surgery was right before yours .. Weird right? My husband saw you in waiting room. Anyways my surgery went awesome and have had no pain and have only taken my pain pills the day of surgery and at night ... I feel amazing and I seriously think dr Becker is one of the vest plastic surgeons out there. Congrats on your new boobs!!!
Youre looking great! Dont look like you had alot of swelling and what swelling you.have, it seems to be going down pretty quickly. Be happy! Mine were soooooo swollen Lol And awesome body Might I add!
You are looking great! You are lucky... it seems like you did not swell a lot and whatever you did have seems to be going down really quickly. Congrats on the new additions :)

I am in LOVE with my boobs!

I am in love with my boobs! I have been doing so well! Hardly any swelling! Took the pain pills for the first 3 days, then switched to extra strength Tylenol. I had hardly any pain. I feel like I never even had a surgery! :) LOVE!
How are you feeling? Pictures! :-)
Girl you are coming along so beautifully !! Glad you are having such a good recovery you look great xo
They look already in the place! Wow! I like them! I'm glad you are happy too!!!

Got sized!

So i went to Victoria's Secret yesterday and got sized they measured me at a 34D but when i went to try those bras on they were too small so I ended up being a 34DD is where im at right now. I bought some bralettes too that i will post some pics of later, and also some before and after pics in different dresses i have. :) I have been doing very great! So glad I got my new additions!
I am feeling really well, I had an adventurous night at the chipindales show a few days ago with family so now im just recovering from that lol! but i will post some pictures later today :)
Thanks! lady! My recovery has been so awesome definetly not as bad as i thought it would be!
thanks hun! my left breast the one that i got more ccs in is still a little highere than the right but hopeing that changes in a few weeks :) thanks!

Before and Afters

I am 1week 2 days post op. Took the afters today.
So happy for you. Your healing is going soo smoothly. Love the before and after pics you posted.
Love these pictures!!!! You're definitely an inspiration! You look awesome!!!

2 week post op check up!

So i had my 2 week post op check up yesterday! had my steri strips taken off. They said im looking really great! I go back in 3 months so they can see the final result. I also got a $20 gift card from them to Victoria's secret towards a new bra when i can wear regular bras again :P I will take pics sometime today to show you how i'm coming along :)
looking good girl! you are GORGEOUS anyway. your 3-month post baby bod pics? are u kidding me? lol. I don't even have kids yet and I'd kill for that 6 pack.... anyways, I also have a drive for mine - a little over 3 hours.. how was the drive home the next day? Your progress is looking good. I, too, have a little asymmetry in fullness (most everyone does) but I bet once you have D&F completely you won't even notice it! How long did he say to wait before being able to actually wear normal bras on the regular?
Awwwh thanks hun! That is such a huge compliment! i really appriciate it!!! :)
Thanks! :) I will post more today! hopefully! i shattered my phone screen so i can't really see much on it lol but i'll try :P

2 weeks post op pics :)

Doing great think my right looks much larger than my left.
Thanks lady! :) the drive wasntbad at all on the way back my cousin drove me and iI only slept for 15min. Of the 5 hour druve. My doc tild me not to wear any underwire bras for at least 3 months.

Hoping my boobs even out!!!

I have some terrible franken boob going on right now! yikes! lol I love them but i can't wait for them to drop and fluff out!

3 weeks and 2 days post op!!!

My girls are looking so great my left is a little higher than my right, which it might be that way since my left was already a little higher than my right before my surgery. I will post some pictures later so you can see where I'm at! :)
Bismarck Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Becker is a great docter and knows what he is doing, he took the schooling he had to to be a plastic surgeon and then some more on top of it! That made me really comfortable knowing that! He was very into his patients and told you his opinion on things and also took into consideration about what you wanted. He let me pick my size and he said he would only say something if he thought it was too large for me. He explained everything very well to me and in detail. His staff was amazing and took very good care of me. I couldn't have picked a better PS to give me my breast augmentation. i recommend him to everyone!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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