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Having my 8 year old 280 cc imlants out which are...

Having my 8 year old 280 cc imlants out which are over the muscle and having fat transfer to breasts, getting very nervous but hey ho it's going to happen very soon, gulp, I am 45 year sold so not really a spring chicken any more but need to be free from these cold hard uncomfortable implants, want to be able sleep on my tummy again, hug people without the worry they will feel these rock hard things


Can you share some pics?
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well for you.

Are you having the operation in the UK? I assume it's not an NHS procedure?

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Had opp yesterday and all went well, boobs swollen...

Had opp yesterday and all went well, boobs swollen and bruised, fat was taken mostly from my back and that has been the most painful


Hi Mandy, I am looking into fat transfer myself. I had my implants removed in Oct 2011 and have been left with no breast tissue & very wrinkled excess skin. I don't want implants again but need something ..... Can you let me know how your breasts are now, how long recovery was & who you went to in the uk? Thanks Gemma
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Hi Gemma, my surgeon was mr mahboob Ali ,(honestly) he works in West Midlands, I had mine done in halesowen, I checked him out b4 I had surgery and he has really good revues, he also works for NHS doing reconstructive surgery to breast to cancer patients, , so far I am really pleased, most of the pain was where they took fat from (my back) , the first 2-3 days were pretty painful but I'm on day 4 now and feel much better, only took 1 lot of pain killers today ,I will up load more photo,s and if look on my other profile which is on the implant removal page , u can see my b4 pics, good luck, keep me updated
Thanks Mandy, do you mind me asking how much your procedure cost?! I have been in contact with a couple of clinics in the B'ham area today & they all seem on par cost wise. Are you going back for a refill/top up in a few months too?! I'll have a look at your other profile now. Thanks

Day 8 and I so delighted with my results, boobs...

Day 8 and I so delighted with my results, boobs have shrunk a bit but that's to be expected, had dressings taked off yesterday and everything is healing great, my scares r barely noticeable, he,s done a fab job,, still don't know how much fat was put in each boob, the nurse couldn't read docs writing, It was called autologous fat transfer , what ever that is,,boobs r still bruised but not painful at all, the fat donor site is still a bit sore,if any of u ladies have this done I highly recommend a belvia bra, u can buy them fom boots 14.99 and its been a god send, I have wore it for 24 hours a day and don't feel,like I,m wearing anything at all, yet it's still very supportive , I,v uploaded new photo, taken today


Hi Mandy, (Sorry If i'm becoming your Realself Stalker LOL) Just wondered how your feeling/looking now your 2weeks post op?? Has the bruising faded? Hope your still pleased with the results. Gem x
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Hi Gemma, don't worry about the questions, I was the same b4 my opp, glad to help you, I,v been back at work a week now and I have found it quite hard, still a bit sore around my back and it seems to have travelled round to my ribs now, the bruising on my back has all gone but it still feels bruised, the hospital gave me a sick note for 2 weeks but I only had 1 week off , I think really I should have had the 2,my boobs r still bruised but I have no pain in them and my scares are barely noticeable , I think they they have shrunk a bit more since I loaded the last pics on here, I have an appointment to see mr Ali next week , just a check up so I,l ask him if they will shrink any more, I hope not, I will up load more pics once all bruising has gone, I don't know why it's taking so long, did u have your consultation with mr Ali , how was it ?
Oh dear ... Sorry to hear your return to work hasn't been great but glad to hear your visable bruising has gone. I'd be interested to know how much more he thinks they may shrink too as in your pics they still look quite big, considering your implant free. No my appt is on 19th now,,., still some time to catch up & follow your recovery until then ;-)

3 weeks since surgery, saw mr Ali today,...

3 weeks since surgery, saw mr Ali today, everything is is fine , he transferred 70ml of fat into each breast, he thinks that I should stay this size now which I think is about 1 cup size bigger than I was b4 BA , which I am very happy with


Hi Gemma , saw mr Ali today, he told me I should stay this size now which is about 1 cup size bigger than I was b4 BA, I have put new pics on so have a look and see what u think, and let me kno how u get on at your consultation
I got an email notification to say you'd updated your pictures.... They look great. Are you pleased?? I presume, by the pictures & being aprox 1cup size bigger, that you weren't that small prior to your BA?? I was a small A/B cup before my BA.... And I'm now an A :-( I'm really looking forward to my consultation on Tues. fingers x'd it goes well. How are the areas that he took the fat from ? Recovering well?
I was small b4' small a cup, I think I'm a b now, look at pics on my other profile u will see b4 photo, I am pleased and my back is still a bit painful but it doesn't stop me doing anything ,

7 weeks today since implants removed and fat...

7 weeks today since implants removed and fat transfer, boobies still soft and wobbly , no problems at all, maybe a tad smaller , see for yourself , new photo,s taken today


Did you have saline or silicone? Are your incisions the same size from taking out as from when the implants were put in? How long are your incisions? Thanks!
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Hey hi,no updates from u? How do ur boobs look now?
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Hi Mandy ..... It looks like I may be back on to have my Fat Transfer :-) THANK GOD... I just need reminding how long it took for ALL your bruising to go?? It looks like I may have to have my Surgery Towards the end of May/Early June but I'm going on Holiday July 5th and really don't want any Lipo brusing whilst sunning myself.... Will 4weeks be enough??
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8 months post fat transfer to breasts

It's been 8 mths since I had implants removed and fat transfer to breasts and I am still glad I chose to do it , I love my little boobs that I once hated , I love the softness , sleeping on my tummy and most of all being natural , although I must say I haven't gained much extra fullness with the fat transfer ,I'd say half a cup size , but I don't mind , iv got padded bras and I'm not going through that again just for another half


Have you maintained your half cup size? would you say it is worth having surgery with Mr Mehboob? I read mixrd reviews. How about the scars from your lipo? Have they healed? Any swellings, lumpiness remaining from your lipo?
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Hi Sheila's I think i'v only got just under half cup size now, I have no scars from the lipo no lumps ,dents, or anything , I'm very happy
Your incisions are REALLY good, look very clean at 3 weeks post - the price is very good as well!
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16 months

Over a year now since opp and no problems whatsoever , all normal

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16 months

Over a year now since my opp and no problems whatsoever


Is it worth having it done if you have lost more than half a cup?
Not sure to be honest , I don't really think about my breast size any more , it's not important to me , I don't know why it ever was really
Thank u
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