Really Wish to Undergo Nose Reshaping - Birmingham, UK

I want to undergo rhinoplast.But no one in my...

i want to undergo rhinoplast.But no one in my family supports my decision.they are skeptical and apprehensive.What should i convince them & take my stand to go for the surgery. I got a very ugly looking large, long & wide nose..!

Hi ensure you understand what he means by conservative! It all depends on what you have in mind, if he's going to take down the hump and narrow the nose only, then the tip will look more pronounced. i had a nose very similar to yours and he took the hump down and although preop I thought my tip was just fine, after the op I found that although I had a straightish narrow nose, the tip looked more round. I kw uve probably thought about all of this! Also i felt hhis conservative approach was too conservative and my bridge is too high
please friends would love some words of advice.. 5 days before the surgery..anything that u think will help me take the surgery in the best manner . i trust n rely upon my surgeon. Have conveyed him my concerns. I dont intend to have any functional issues post surgery. He said we wud be really conservative in our approach and not be too radical during the surgery ! i am praying. Hope everything goes fine.

anon, you might want to check out this article in the forum about things I wish I knew before rhinoplasty. Hope this helps!

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