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Ultherapy - Attack of the Fire Breathing Sewing Machine? - Birmingham, MI

Pros - Too soon to tell Cons - Pain management...

Pros - Too soon to tell
Cons - Pain management needs improvement.

Celebrating a milestone birthday this year and wanted to refresh my look.

I read the reviews on this website (for months) and after saving my coins, had the full face procedure done on June 13th. My perceived problem areas were under the chin, neck, and jowls (yikes.) However, the day of the procedure the upper face was included to give me a better result in the cheek area.

Soooo, here I am day three, post procedure. I’ve had minimal discomfort, some swelling, a few red welts, (gradually disappearing) and a little bruising along the jaw. I’m sure those areas were the hardest hit because they needed the most lift. I’ve had no down time, took an afternoon nap (effects of the valium) afterward, applied cold packs and was able to cover slight bruising with makeup. Will note lifting outcome in future posts

Not expecting an Ultherapy treatment to change my life. (LOL)

Yep, it’s painful. Overall, it felt like hot electric stitches being driven deep into the face.
My cocktail of Valium, 800 mg of Motrin, and Emla cream (topical anesthetic) made the procedure tolerable but there were a few too many “take your breath away moments” especially during the first wave of the transducer. The second wave which doesn’t penetrate as deeply was not quite as painful but still uncomfortable. I employed all of my ZEN techniques i.e. deep breathing, counting to ten, squeezing the foam ball (it does seem to help.)

Post procedure follow-up. Six weeks out and...

Post procedure follow-up. Six weeks out and I’m still slightly tender under the chin, along the jaw line and around the eyes. Before and after pictures revealed a change in skin texture (brighter and smoother,) a slight lift of the brows and more fullness in the cheek area. There was also an ever so slight lifting in the jowl area (yikes) and more definition of the chin.

Since optimal results usually occur within 3-6 months I am reminded of the famous 70's TV show "Kung Fu", Often, when results in his martial arts training didn’t come fast enough for the boy, Master Po would turn to his young disciple and utter the words, “Patience, grasshopper.” (LOL)

I will post again around the three month follow-up.

I had my 3 month follow-up in September. The...

I had my 3 month follow-up in September. The follow up photos were not spectacular because the results were very subtle. There was a slight lifting in the eye area but I was disappointed with the lift in the jowl area. I decided to have the jowls retreated (for a fee) and it has now been a week since I had the second Ultherapy treatment. The second treatment was painful, especially the first pass. I have swelling, (no welts) a small bit of bruising, and my jaw and under the chin areas are still quite sore. I will post again after my follow-up.
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Provider chosen because of price and location. I never met the doctor. It is my understanding that many offices use aestheticians trained by the Ulthera company to actually administer the procedure. My extremely competent aesthetician was also a LPN. She has performed over 600 procedures and answered all of my questions regarding the procedure and pain management. I'd like to thank her for taking the time to get to know me as a person and not just another patient. Also, due to an unexpected dental problem I had to postpone my Ultherapy procedure. I was very pleased that they honored the initial quote given last year during my initial consultation. I was given aftercare instructions and will rate follow up care after my six week check up.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Thank you so much for giving us an update. I'm so glad to hear you are seeing some nice changes at this point!!

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Perfect! I described it to a friend as like having one's face & neck quilted on a sewing machine! I had nothing but OTC, since I was driving, & hooo-boy! The temples felt like the worst ice cream headache ever. However, it was the weird electrical storm at random/remote scalp locations during the forehead that were really unnerving. In fact, this is the only place I've noticed any negative after-affects: most of my crown is tender, like being scraped with too rough a hairbrush. Only 2 weeks out, so too soon to tell ... but a friend did kindly say, "Well, at least you don't look worse." Hmmm!
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Wow, your threshold for pain must be incredible; OTC's only! I'm five weeks out and still a tad tender along the jawline and around the brow area. My husband and daughter have commented on my glowing complexion. Looking forward to comparing my before and after photos at the six week follow-up. Will post more details at that time.
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10 more days, & I still see nothing, and my scalp's still sore ... :/
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You should start a review LTWILTON. We would love to be able to follow your story as well. :)

Here is a link to the review page if you would like to start one.

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Now at 6 weeks, and the doctor took more pictures. He & I carefully scanned them and saw ... NOTHING! We both really wanted to see some improvement, each for our own reasons, but the photos told the truth. I had started to think I might look a wee bit "fresher", but I think that was just the fact that my scalp finally stopped hurting. In a couple of the photos, I looked better BEFORE! Something miraculous must be going to happen in the next 2 months ... :P [the only real change I saw was that my doctor was able to take a trip to Europe!]
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that is soooo funny. I can relate to the "electrical storm"...also felt like some sucking like really intense hickeys in the jaw area. Have much bruising and swelling in that area today, having had my procedure yesterday; with pain injections; not sure which hurt more!

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Thank you for sharing such an honest take on what having the procedure done was like. It definitely sounds less than fun. Hopefully you will see some really nice changes that will make all that worth it!!


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