24 & Beautiful but I Hate my Huge Nose - Birmingham, MI

I've hated my nose since child. & now that I'm...

I've hated my nose since child. & now that I'm older & just got out of a 6 yr relationship I've finally decided to do something about it. I had my first consultation with Dr Rafai In Birmingham MI, he told me 7,550 I know my nose needs alot of work but i still thought that was a lil expensive. Even though I'm very self conscience I still believe My face is beautiful but my nose is really taking from my beauty! It's huge, long, wide & I have a dorsal hump everything is wrong with my nose.


Choose your surgeon carefully. I had my nose done twice and it's still not straight. I had my second surgery with one of the best surgeons.
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I have had more or less the cost given to me for my rhionplasty. Unfortunately I have to have a lot of work done to my nose hence the cost. Width of nostrils reduced, bridge narrowed . But it needs doing i cannot look at my nose anymore. Wish it was being done sooner.your not alone.
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Thanks that's exactly how I feel. .. I especially hate looking at my nose in pictures
Dr. Rafai

I loved him he knew exactly the look I wanted

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