One month post op!!! .My 30th Birthday Gift to Myself...New Boobs! - Birmingham, MI

I've always wanted them, and now that I am turning...

I've always wanted them, and now that I am turning the big 3-0 this year I am finally going through with it!! I've chosen my doctor, have a pretty good idea of my size but will make the final decision once I lose these last 10 lbs. I am so excited, but also a bit nervous, I just want to look amazing :) I've dreamed of this for so long, it's crazy to think that I am finally doing it! I've learned a lot from this site and continue to learn daily, I appreciate everyone's stories so much, because they help me prepare for the not so unexpected. Since I am two months away, my motivation is to lose my last 10 lbs so that after my BA I have the body I have always wanted!!! I am an accomplished, successful woman, but now it's time for me to feel like a sexy one, I can't wait!!!!!!

28 days to go! Had my first of two pre-ops...

28 days to go! Had my first of two pre-ops yesterday. I hit my weight goal, so we finalized my size! I am going with 500 cc silicone HP unders. I am 5'7 135 lbs. my doc is amazing, he spent a while with me answering the 57 questions I had typed out, and really just reassured all of my worries. It is strange to me, I am the most nervous about being under the anesthesia! I think it is because I have two pre-existing medical conditions: Mitra valve prolapse and Thrombophilia (a blood clotting disorder) I have been cleared by my hematologist for surgery, and he has reassured me 100 times over that I will be just fine. I will take my shot of Lovenox the day before, and will be safe. Dr. Lofman said that I would be in a binder when I awoke, one with a strap above my breasts, and one below. He said that I would only be in that when I got up, and would be able to see them right away! Haha, that was actually one of my questions, "when can I see them?" Dr. Lofman really relaxed me in a lot of ways as well, because I really think that I am over exerting myself on worrying how to prepare... What do I eat, what do I need, what special food do I buy? One thing I bought today were 5 thin cotton zip up hoodies, Doc said those will be easiest and best for me in the first few days after surgery! I will be in the binder for 2 weeks, and then from there, the doc will decide whether or not I can take it off. He said it is safe to wear a sports bra under the binder, but no underwires for 3 months. We are going to Vegas 6 weeks to the day of my surgery, and one concern was when I could shop for bathing suits! Dr. Lofman said that I should do that at about week 4 :) other than that, everything was amazing, they are paid off now too!!!! Next appointment is one week before to get final instructions and pick up prescriptions to be filled :)

You know you are a little obsessed with this...

You know you are a little obsessed with this surgery when you write numbers on sticky notes (1-50) tape them to your wall and pull one of each night before you go to bed, but get such a thrill when you pull one off! ONE.DAY.CLOSER.... Well that's me LOL. And today, I will get to pull of number 20, and start the week in the teens :) I'm two weeks until my 30th birthday, and three weeks til the surgery, and I get more excited as the days go on. I find myself more excited for things because I will have boobs, does that make sense? Haha. For example, at dinner tonight, my boyfriend and I were talking about how we need to go to Iowa this summer to visit his college roommate and his wife, and the first thing that popped into my head was, "yes, I'll have boobs!" Now, why would that matter? Haha. Oh we'll, guess when you have wanted something your whole life, it makes an impact on you :)

What a stressful morning :( I have a blood...

What a stressful morning :( I have a blood clotting disorder so I went to see my hematologist today to get the orders for the blood thinners that I will need to take post surgery to prevent clots, after being scripted Lovenox I contacted my insurance company to find out that its not covered by my insurance for a multitude of reasons, the 6 week prescription is $2900.... I near fainted, knowing that wasn't going to happen, I went back to the doc where he put me on Hepatin, a similar drug, and, like previous, also NOT covered. I've spent the morning filing claims with insurance, and taking measures to see if it can be covered. Out of pocket cost for me for the 6 weeks is $540... Better than the Lovenox, but still so much. :( with a headache. I keep telling myself that having to inject three shots a day for 42 days is well worth the price of beautiful boobs :)

Well, it is Monday and the surgery is scheduled...

Well, it is Monday and the surgery is scheduled for Friday! I am having such a hard time focusing, it is nuts! I am so excited, but my nerves are creeping up big time now! I am mostly just worried about the anesthesia, but I find myself constantly looking for peoples stories about their pain and such. This website has been super helpful, and I am very lucky to have read all of these experiences, but I think it is just time for me to finally have my own! I filled my prescriptions last week, and have already started to lay things out. The surgery center has called and told me to be there at 7 am, for the surgery at 8 am and then if all goes well, they said I should be released by 11am!

Well, 'twas the night before my surgery.... And I...

Well, 'twas the night before my surgery.... And I am going thru a range of emotion!!!! I'm excited, nervous, so happy, so scared, and just caught myself saying goodbye to my Victoria Secret bombshell bras!!! Haha my surgery is at 8:45 am tomorrow, and I need to arrive at 7:15. I'm so ready to be on the other side!!! Will update everyone sometime soon once my surgery is done!!

At 7:15 am I arrived at the surgical center and...

At 7:15 am I arrived at the surgical center and began preparing about 7:30. Boy was I nervous! Everyone was super nice and so helpful. By 8:40, I was wheeled back, and the last things I remember was telling the staff that I felt amazing! I woke up about 9:45 and immediately felt pain. They gave me Vicodin in the IV and then by pill. Today has been much better than I expected I will say! I have been staying ahead of my pain with meds taking them every 3.5 hours instead of the recommended 4. I will say this tho, as the day goes, the more sore I get. Both of my breasts are numb from the nipple to the outside near my armpit, I know that is normal but it feels so weird. My mom and sisters think they are huge but I don't think they are that big. I know I have a long way to go, but am so eager to drop and fluff!!! I scheduled my post- op for next Thursday. I'm wearing a band above and below my breasts, and that too is uncomfortable too! Ill post more as the day follows, but for Bowie ready to drift off into another nap!

Hi everyone, my surgery was Friday, and yesterday...

Hi everyone, my surgery was Friday, and yesterday postoperative day 1 was a tough one! Waking up today,post op day 2, I seemed ok, but as soon as I got up and maneuvered into a sports bra it was tough. I had to pop a Percocet! I was hoping to ween from these today but will still take them when they are needed. I get to shower today, so I am excited about that, however the most uncomfortable part to me is the fact that my implants are as high as my collarbone it feels like. I also can't stand looking at myself in the mirror because my stomach is SO BLOATED. I worked my ass off to lose 10 lbs before surgery, and looking at myself now, it looks like I gained it all back in two days!! I hate this binder band more than anything. It is the worst, so uncomfortable. It digs into my skin, but is much more comfy with a thin sorts bra underneath. My boobs also feel warm. I read online that is normal, no other symptoms so I'm not worried. I guess they get warm as the skin stretches and gets used to its new shape, and that also has to do with swelling. I can't see any difference yet, but today was the first day I took the strap off to get a view of them. I'm trying to be patient but I just want this water weight gone and to have fun with them!!

Ok, so I'm off the Percocet now, woke up with...

Ok, so I'm off the Percocet now, woke up with major morning boob but no pain. Still super sore, so I popped two extra strength Tylenol. Man am I super tight!!! I think today is the biggest day for tightness but at least there is no pain. My left boob has changed, as the I plant has clearly dropped a bit. Right is terrible as it is high into my armpit making every position uncomfortable :( I got dressed and burst into tears over my gross, fat, puffy stomach. The bloating is HORRIBLE!!!! I'm so upset over it it's terrible. I'm super constipated, and just intestinally uncomfortable. I bought some prune juice and took two stool softener a hoping this helps me. I have not yet had a bm, and have had an appetite that would certainly have allowed for a few since Friday. I am hoping to have one tomorrow as I can't take this fat gassy bloat!!! On a second note, I started my Heparin today and am so happy to report that both shots so far have been a breeze! That takes a huge weight off my shoulders! My boobs are still numb from the nipple down, and are very warm to the touch. No brushing, extreme swelling or anything like that, I have been inspecting them multiple times daily! Looking forward to dropping. They just don't feel like mine yet :/

It's the morning of Day 5! And I can't even...

It's the morning of Day 5! And I can't even believe how good I feel!! I'm still sleeping in my alternate bed on the sectional couch, which I will continue to do for the first 10 nights like the doc suggested. This morning I woke up with morning boob again, but it was not as near as bad as the other mornings! I pulled myself up with very little pain and immediately felt good! Last night, I washed and blow dried my hair, and today I am excited that for the first time since surgery, I will do my hair and put on a full face of makeup! I checked out the girls first thing and they are looking great!! The left one is amazing! Sinking into a nice, round boob ( still rock hard tho) but the right one is still high and weird looking lol. I am right handed, and I have read your dominant side drops slower (why? I would think it would be the exact opposite) so I'm assuming that's why. I do feel a ton of muscle spams in the right boob, which I don't mind at all actually. It's part of my mourning routine to take off the band, sports bra and examine the girls. I look for any additional swelling, redness, etc, and all look good. I'm really curious to see my scars. They Steri Strips are thick and on there good, but I run my finger over them and don't sense anything weird. It is so funny, when I am without the sports bra, and double band, these things feel so heavy!!! Leaning over to shave my legs last night, I could of sworn they were going to fall out! Haha, all still getting used to the weight of them tho!

The first 4 days, I would say I went through a big of anxiety! I was extremely upset over the bloating! Plus the fact I couldn't pass a bm... Sorry for tmi :/... When I finally did yesterday after drinking gross prune, it was a world of difference!!! This morning, a lot of the bloating and swelling has gone down, enough to satisfy me! Now, the rest can be controlled with water intake and no sodium, I think.

I was originally planning on going back to work today, but decided to take one more day because there are a lot of "routine" things I hadn't done yet since surgery: hair, makeup, DRIVE.... So, luckily with my job I can work from home, and take a day to do some of these things. I have a few errands to runs, and am super tempted to go play at Victoria Secret... Even tho I am no where ready to be sized, I just want to see :) One thing I need to carefully do is plan my outfits, while the girls are super easy to disguise, this annoying band is not! What a pain! It rides up so high! I live in Michigan, so thankfully April is still not a warm month, I can probably wear a few fun spring scarves to help :) Tomorrow is my first post op with Dr. Lofman, and I am super excited! Hopefully he teaches me a few exercises to help get this right one down! :)

Crazy to think its been a week today! Had my post...

Crazy to think its been a week today! Had my post op and Dr. Lofman said they are looking amazing! Since righty is a bit higher, he taught me a few massages to do to help it drop. He also said I have to wear that god aweful strap for one more week! Yuck! I need to make it looser at the bottom, but tighter and higher at the top. ah we'll, it will go by fast. Dressing with that thing is IMPOSSIBLE. It's ok to hide at work, but tonight we are heading to dinner with a few out of town friends, so I have made the executive decision to drop the strap for a few hours and show off the girls. Next appointment is Thursday, and then he will take the bandages off my incisions. cant wait to see what those look like as i have no idea what the incisions look like!
Boy are these boobs heavy, but I love them!!! Best $5,500 I have ever spent!!!! I've added a few new pics below :)

Today is day 11, and all is well! My new bikinis...

Today is day 11, and all is well! My new bikinis from Victoria Secret came in today and I was in heaven trying them on!!! My boobs are settling very nicely. The right one is starting to descend a bit, I've been wearing the strap tighter, and have not been wearing a bra, just a thin cami underneath the strap to prevent it from rubbing against my skin. My two week post op is Thursday with Dr. Lofman, and I am praying he will tell me to ditch the strap- at least during the day, I am ok to wear it at night if need be. Dressing for work with this thing is impossible!! I am eager to get a glimpse of my stitches, as the bandage over the Steri strip is starting to get loose! I've added a few new pics xoxoxo

It's 15 days post op! Had my two week with Dr....

It's 15 days post op! Had my two week with Dr. Lofman on Thursday, he said everything is looking great! The right one is slowly starting to drop to! I now only have to wear the strap at night (thank god) and he showed me a more intense massage to to on the muscle! I can't believe how much they have changed just in the last week! I added a few new pics, including a "timeline" of my first two weeks! They are a wee bit softer, the scars look good, but are still numb from the nipple down :/ hmmm. Hope that changes soon!

It's been a while since I have updated! I feel...

It's been a while since I have updated! I feel like things are back to normal, and things are slowly but surely getting there! My right one is still a bit high, but you can definitely tell that it is dropping, little by little! My zingers are gone, feeling is starting to come back in my boobs, and I rarely- if ever- have any pain whatsoever! They are starting to soften real nicely, the scar tissue is starting to go down around the incision, and they are even starting to swing a bit like a real boob when I bend down! That I love! I am so over these full coverage wireless bras and dying to get into some sexy underwire push-ups!! Don't get me wrong, I don't need a push up with these HP's, but I LOVE the rounded top fake look, and what to add to that with a push up! My confidence is amazing! I love to shop and cannot wait to be in a bathing suit all summer long!! I've been wearing a 36D, only because I cannot find a wireless 34D... It first ok but as my boobs start to fluff like the left one is doing- I will surely need a bigger cup size :) we leave for Vegas in 2 weeks- right on the twins 6 week birthday, and I can't even wait! It's amazing to be able to wear some of my dresses and tops without a bra. This is hands down the BEST thing I've ever done for myself! I've been keeping a weekly timeline of my progress so I can see the changes! I uploaded it for you to see :)
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

I had a few consultations and he was by far the best, took the most time with me and answered all of my questions plus some! When I was having the surgery done, I was amazed at how many people spoke so highly of him! Every doctor and nurse commented in how he truly is the best! I couldn't be happier!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can u post more pics to see how much they have changed?
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I love your boobs!! They look amazing. I'm also wanting 500cc's.. I hope mine come out looking as good as urs!
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oh my I envy your boobs!! They look so damn good!!!!! So good to hear you're happy with them and doing well. You have awesome results. Enjoy summer!
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Your results are amazing. The look great for being so new still.
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You look amazing!!! Have a blast in Vegas! It will be way more fun with boobs!!!
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you are healing really good and ur result keeps getting better. Have fun in vegas hitting up those day clubs =]
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Nice to see some other Michiganders on here! They look GREAT!
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You look great! Awesome results.
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They look great! Love the bathing suit look...what size VS suit is that? I have 492cc and I haven't shopped for any bras or suits yet, I'm just afraid i'm too big now.
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Thanks!! Size Large in all tops!! How far out are you? Maybe you're still swollen?
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I'm almost post op 6 weeks....I think most of the swelling has gone down. I see my PS in another few weeks.
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youre dropping so nice. I wonder too how long i have to wear this compressor band. im not looking forward going to work with it. i have to loosen it up when i drove today. what kind of massages does he have u doing?
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Thanks!! I squeeze and hold the top of the muscle, 40 reps 5 times a day
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You look fabulous! !
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Thank you!!
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Your results are looking good! Happy Healing!
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You look great! I enjoyed your story
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Thanks so much!
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Your results are looking really nice for just a week out. Our stats are the same so I am so excited to see your results. I am also thinking of going for 450cc and I think your 500s look great.
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Thanks! Let me give you some advice, if you are thinking 450, go 500!! All along I was thinking 450 too, and my doc advised me to go up 50 cc's and I am SO GLAD that I did!! The sizers will look bigger then they actually will be
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I purchased the generic miralax on the shelf, it a powder that you mix a lid full in your drink and you can't even taste it! Ive been taking it since day one and I haven't had any problems it's worked great! Just make sure after you pour it in you stir it really good and wait about 5 minutes for it to dissolve, but it will take care of your bloating for sure! But yours look great! I can't wait to see how our are going to end up :) I have the top strap but not a bottom one, do you know what each on is supposed to do?
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Well, I think the bottom keeps them in place? But my doc has now told me to keep the bottom strap as loose as possible so it is not pushing them up :)
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Lol my appt isnt until next week. I wish they wouldve written down my instructions cause my husband forgets everything!! Lol
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Mine seem to be the opposite! Righty is dropping a bit quicker (and was the more achy one.) While lefty still looks odd & has the high up, double boob look. I'm right handed too, thought that's why it was dropping faster. Too funny!! I can't wait til these babies drop a LOT more. :) btw yours have a much nicer shape than mine! My ps suggested HP & I questioned it, so he did mod I'm wondering if I should've just trusted him & gone with HP! They look so great already!! Mine look boxy. :/ Lol I know they'll change, I'm just impatient. :)
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That is funny!! My PS rule was that he decides the profile, I'm glad he had that rule because I too, was super nervous about high and questioned him. In the end, we all have to be patient, I still have a way to go! I just had to talk myself outta going to Victoria Secret to bathing suit shop LOL I just want them to be perfect already! How are you feeling?
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