BA August 16th!!! - Birmingham, MI

This site has helped me a lot! This is why I've...

This site has helped me a lot! This is why I've decided to post my journey as well, and hopefully be helpful to someone else :) 

I'm 28 yrs old, 5'4" in height, 110 in weight, and a 32 A. I've always been thin and had small breasts. It's always been an area of self consciousness for me. Not fitting in lots of tops and swimsuits or dresses, has been a challenge for me my whole life.

After having my son, my boobs got large to maybe a small D. I'd never felt more like a woman. After breast feeding, they shrunk down even smaller than before, and with less fullness. It seems unreal that soon I won't have to wear a push up bra to make it look like a have something there... :)

Needless to say I've thought about this for a while, and so I've decided to do this for myself. I want to finally look like the woman I feel like inside, and be more confident in my body. 

I met with my Doctor this week for the pre op appointment. She and her staff make me feel very comfortable in this decision, and I'm so glad I chose her. I have surgery on August 16th, and it's less than two weeks away!!! 

As far as size, I'm going for a medium to full C cup.  I figure if I'm gonna get this done, I might as well get this done. The Doctor said that bras can be different and I may fit in a 32 d depending on the bra. So I will be getting 375 or 400 cc Memory Gel Silicone HP implants. I told her to make that final decision, and I trust her expertise. Going with the Memory Gel because it will look and feel more natural, since I don't have much breast tissue to cover the implants. 

I'm so excited, and nervous!!! Lots of emotions inside. Trying to stay positive and not worry so much about the "what if's"... 


Hey! We are both getting BAs on the same day and I'm getting 375 silicone as well. How exciting!!!
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Hey Fancy! That's great! We will be going through this stuff at the same time, so we can be good support to eachother! I'm so excited too!!!

Thank you for sharing. I hope you love love love your results! If only we could keep the breastfeeding boobs forever! I'll be following along on your progress, so please be sure to keep us posted.

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Leaving for my aunts house to be closer to the...

Leaving for my aunts house to be closer to the surgery center. It's tomorrow morning!!! Very nervous and excited! Pray for me that all goes well! I will keep you ladies updated as I go...


Congratulations! Hope you have a great & mostly painless recovery!!
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You're in our prayers. Best of luck today!
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Thank you Diamond Girl! It went well :)

So yesterday was the big day! Arrived at the...

So yesterday was the big day! Arrived at the surgery center at 6am. Got into a hospital gown and a nurse hooked up my IV. The anathesiologist came in and intoduced himself and was very polite and then the doctor came in and marked me up and asked if I had any questions, and then the nurses wheeled me into the surgery room. They helped me onto the surgery table, and were strapping my arms down on either side of me.. I remember looking up at these two big surgical light fixtures, and the next thing I remember is waking up back in the same room I started in.. That was crazy.. No counting down just laps in time lol... The nurses were wonderful. I was in a lot of pain and very much out of it, and they were quick to get me anything I needed such as more pain meds and drinks.. When I awoke more I really had to pee! One of the nurses helped me in the restroom.. My pee kept coming and stopping. I told the nurse it reminded me of that Austin Powers Movie, where he was unfrozen and did the same thing and the computer system kept trying to say "evacuation complete" lol... She laughed with me..

Anyway been resting ever since then and taking my vicodine which is helping the pain, but does make me tired. Been icing them as well and I think that's done a lot for the swelling right away! I looked in the mirror today and was like, " Holy $&@+!", what did they do to me. They just look big.. I know they are swollen though and really high n tight. I do think I will love them once all is healed and dropped in place... I finally have boobs!

I ended up getting Mentor HP Memory Gel 400 cc's!!! Wow!!!


Thank you! Starting to feel better. Been doped up on vicodin which helps..

Post Op Day #2 Woke up this morning and lots...

Post Op Day #2

Woke up this morning and lots of pain trying to sit up and get out of bed. The medicine had worn off and it was so painful!!! They really hurt! I just took more vicodin, and I'm icing them now, and they feel much better. I'm just wondering how long until the pain gets tolerable without the meds??? Any insite out there would be helpful ??? Please and thank you!!! :)


Congratulations FireFly11, you've crossed over to the land of the breasted. I'll be joining you in 18 days (the wait is going to drive me crazy). Keep us posted on your recovery.
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Post Op Day #3 So today was a little easier...

Post Op Day #3

So today was a little easier getting out of bed this morning and moving around. I did notice a little more bruising on my right boob, and it was more painful than the other today. The incision is a little bigger on that side. I think she was testing the 375 cc on that side and took it out to go w the 400 cc I think that's why there is more pain on that side. Been icing and taking meds all day and starting to feel much better! :) I will post pics as soon as I get to wifi with my computer. My phone won't let me post pics for some reason. But they are looking nice :)) thank You God! And thanks everyone for your prayers and best wishes!!!


Hey firefly! Hope you are recovering nicely. I'm having some strange tingle sensations. You getting these too?
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congrats! i am scheduled for my BA on September 6 and i am NERVOUS!!!! lol..... glad things went well for you!
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Hey Firefly, congrats!!! I noticed you said your right boob hurts more - same with me!! I'm two weeks post-op and I asked my doc about it and he said it's because the right is the dominant side so it is normal if it hurts more and is more swollen so don't worry :) I hope you have a speedy recovery!!
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1 Week Post Op... I had my first post op...

1 Week Post Op...

I had my first post op appointment on Tuesday this week. Doctor said everything is healing normal, took out my sutures and taped the incisions and those will come off themselves or I can take them off on Sunday and start putting ointment on the incisions. She also told me to start massaging them to help them drop, since they are still pretty swollen in tight.

Today was my first day back to work. It was rough getting through the day, but I did it.. My incisions felt like they were burning and my back was really hurting.. I'm not sure if it because the muscles were kinda of pulled during surgery, because everything is connected or if it's how I've been sleeping propped up. It's probably a combination of things. I am icing them good tonight and going to bring ice with me to work when im on break. Also have that icy hot stuff that helps sore muscles to put on my upper back during the day. I made it! :/ can't wait till all this pain is gone! They are looking better every day! Gonna try to post pictures tomorrow of my progress :) hope all you ladies are doing well and best wishes to all who are almost there!


Hey Fancy! I'm getting those and itchy especially when I'm out in the heat or I get hot. I think it's just feeling of them healing :) but wierd lol
Hey toots :) it is very nerve racking! Just stay strong and keep reminding yourself why your doing this. I'm still doing that, and I can't wait to wear all the things I couldn't fit before :) You will be just fine sweetie. Keep us updated :)
Hey Cinnamon! That makes a lot of sense! Thank you :)

Here are the pics So far.....

Here are the pics So far.....


Hi Firefly :) How is your healing going?
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You're looking wonderful! Congrats
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Hi, I too have similar stats as you DID...5"2 110lbs and a 34D(only in width not volume) volume I would say I'm an A. I'm stuck on whether I should go with 375 or 400. I'm curious on what your results will look like when they drop more. Will you also post pics with a tee on, please? Sorry for the request...thank you
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I'm adding my 1 month pics now... will write more...

I'm adding my 1 month pics now... will write more soon ... Doing great!


So how are you feeling now . Am 6 weeks after my BA and am doing great just a little burning sensation and like and electric shock that comes and goes but hopefully will go away soon
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Looking Great!
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So its been a little over a month now.. sorry I've...

So its been a little over a month now.. sorry I've been so busy lately.. Haven't found time to write...

I'm doing good! My right boob has dropped a little more than the left, and I think it is just do to being right side dominant. Also 1 week after my surgery my Aunt hugged me super hard, and I honestly was afraid my right boob had ripped or something. lol At my one month appointment, the Dr. said the right one looked great and that I should have my aunt hug me on the other side too! lol... So she is having me massage the left one more to even them out.. I think they are actually pretty even... Hard to tell.. they have definitely dropped and fluffed out more, ( more side boob, than front)... and are looking more natural..

As for pain, that really has been gone since week 2... They are starting to feel like part of me now... although when I flex my muscles I can really feel them, like if I lift something or if I shiver from being cold..

I'm sleeping on my side finally and that is feeling better. I'm still afraid to lay on them though, and put too much pressure on them....Any thoughts on this???

Over all I'm very happy with this change, and I'm still getting used to the new girls ;)


Great update... i am 4 weeks post op today and mine are still high. I hope they start to drop soon and fluff out on the bottom because im VERY impatient... lol
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I'm glad everything is going so well! As far as sleeping on your tummy, it was somewhere between the third and fourth month for me. I didn't really notice when it happened. It just dawned on me on morning that I woke up on my tummy. At 6 weeks I could barely stand to lay that way for a few minutes. It's amazing, once the pain is gone you don't even realize when you get back to "normal". One day you wake up and your boobs aren't the first thing you think of. You might even pass a mirror without flashing yourself once in a while, lol.
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Congratulations! Reading your review, your situation sounds a lot like my own, so happy that it turned out well for you. I've had mine 7 years and still love them, and so does the hubs ;) best luck!
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Adding Pics today with t-shirts on, Per request....

Adding Pics today with t-shirts on, Per request. :) My shirts fit more snug now...


thanks for the journey update! im having surgery w/ dr ellen on v-day!!! ;)
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Your welcome! Thinking of you today :) your in good hands. Keep me updated!
Thanks for the post! I think you look great. I am getting 400 cc HP too and was a little worried with the profile and the size. My ps said I have a narrow chest and said HP would be better for me. I sometime get scared of the size and think they might be too big for me.
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Well it's been over six months now and they feel...

Well it's been over six months now and they feel like mine. They dont hurt at all, the scars are still fading but much better as time goes on. I'm still getting used to how I look w them, and how people look at me. Overall I'm glad I did this for myself! I will add some pics soon here ;)


Hi there Had my surgery 9 days ago. Feelibg a lot better today. Ended up with 450cc HP silicone round textured implants. Absolutely lices the results so far.
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Meant to say love the results nit lices hahaha
They look great, not too big where they look fake! Can't wait for my turn!!
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