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As a single patent I worked long hours and...

As a single patent I worked long hours and dedicated any spare time to my children, sacrificing a personal life in the process (for the last 9 years) but I always promised myself that I would one day have some surgery to boost my confidence to start dating again.

I had a chance meeting with the lovely Dr Hassan and realised immediately that I wanted him to perform my surgery. I didn't really know what I wanted so he tactfully explained what he would suggest and I was happy to follow his advice.

The surgery was performed under local anaesthetic. The only part that hurt was applying the anaesthetic, but it was worth it as it meant I didn't need a general anaesthetic. The experience was surreal, lovely music on in the background and Dr Hassan continually chatting to ensure I was comfortable.

I went home with painkillers but wasn't really in any pain. My face swelled a lot and I looked like Id been in a boxing ring. I slept ok as the painkillers helped me go to sleep.

The next day I took the support off and could see immediately a big difference. My face looked younger with a lovely jaw line, result! Each day it gets better.

Two weeks after the surgery I was buying alcohol in a supermarket for a family party when they insisted on seeing my ID, I thought they were joking, they weren't ! Not bad for a 47 year old.

I'm very happy with the result and can enjoy putting on make up for the first time in years. Dr Hassan is not only a very skilled surgeon but also one of the nicest gentlemen I've ever been lucky enough to meet


I can really see the difference around your eyes. You are gorgeous! Do you know what procedures you doctor did exactly?
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Thank you. He used liposuction on my neck, cut around my ears and made an incision slightly higher up, just below the eyes and in the hairline. He pulled the skin back. He also pulled the muscle up a bit. He removed the excess skin from above my eyes. I'll upload another pic to show my improved jawline X
you look amazing! , He did a wonderful job, so how long was the recovery
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More pictures


Please do show more pictures and if you wouldn't mind a better BEFORE shot so we can see the distinction between the Before and After. You look very beautiful - I'm in the US - what are the chances that I could go the the UK and have it done by the same physician? BTW, would you mind terribly if I asked what the overall costs were? Please feel free to respond directly if you felt more comfortable doing so. I'm just so impressed with your result but then again you were very attractive to begin with - so he had advantage right there. :-)
Thank you for your lovely message . I wasn't keen on having my photo taken before if I'm being honest so have got hardly any photos, I will have a look though. However, the surgeon took before and after photos - if you got to the stage of a consultation he could really show you. He is a brilliant surgeon and would have a chat with you over the phone. The cost £7500 but it was 4 hours of work. I'm thrilled with the results :-)

Pre Surgery

This is prior to surgery. Even though it is not a close up, you can see that in general I look older. What is noticeable in this picture is the beginnings of a turkey neck, which post surgery thankfully has been corrected

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6 Weeks Post Surgery

The numbness around my ears is starting to subside and my face doesn't feel as tight as it was, meaning that it is feeling more comfortable. Apologies for all my pics being selfies. I'm still loving the results and still enjoying putting make up on, a feeling which haven't felt for about 15 years ! X

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The day after the op


You look fantastic.
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Thank you :-) X

5 Months Post Surgery

Feeling has pretty much come back to the side of my face now. My face has settled and does not have a tight appearance any more, people look at me and can't quite put their finger on what I've had done but the comments are all positive I'm pleased to say :-) X


Beautiful results! Will definitely consider this surgeon when i decide to go ahead with any work. You must be so pleased! X
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Awesome results :)
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London Plastic Surgeon

Very skilled, kind, considerate and a gentleman

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