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Hi guys well I have my procedure in a week and I...

Hi guys well I have my procedure in a week and I originally went for 315cc under the muscle implants but then went back and changed them to 360cc there is that much different but when I do the rice sizes they feel massive. Now I'm scared I may have gone to big.
I'm 5.3, 125lb and an A cup. I want to be a good C cup and had read a few reviews saying the 315cc had made them a B small C. Can anyone help me please? I'm getting really nervous now!


Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Looks like you're getting some great community feedback. Here is a link to 15 before and after photos of RealSelf members who went from an A cup to a C cup. Be sure to share your wish boob photos with your PS to ensure you're on the same page about your goal breasts. Keep us posted!

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Honey!! Listen to violet!! She has the 411. From me, I will tell you that you will most certainly wish you had waited a lil longer and gone bigger!! I read it ALL THE TIME!! Best of luck and go with your gut. I went 700 cc and I don't think I'm that big at all. I think mostly happens is that you probably wear a padded bra now and after surgery you will look pretty similar as you did with all the padding. Keep that in mind when your trying on sizers. That might help with your choice of implant size. Much luv!!
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Just make sure your ps and you are on the same page they will choose whats the best fit for your wants snd needs
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Nearly there

Ok so I went to the clinic on Wednesday and tried on the 315cc and 360cc and settled on the 315cc. I felt these were right for me and feel better now which is odd. Feel I've made the right choice tho. I rang them yesterday and my implants are I stick so mt surgey should go ahead as planned next week. I'm glad I've had enough of waiting now.
I had pre-op today and everything was good. I have been given hibi-scrub to wash with the night before and the morning of the op. I'm just waiting now!
I'll get some before pics up and will post after pics once it's done.


Hi Kitkat! Just wondering how it went? I've got my ba in five weeks and the whole size thing is soo confusing!
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I am like you...when you are so used to being small naturally any sizes that you try on feel huge. I originally like the 280 sizes but my PS talked me into having the 320 and 335cc and after seeing the after results on the vectra screen I agreed with him. I am still a little worried about being too big but I trust him. I am going in on the 13 th day before you. Good luck.
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Thanks I had a good chat when I was there and went with what I felt comfortable with. I feel happy with my choice now and everyones comments have been really helpful. This site is so useful
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