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So it's nearly here ... Surgery day ... A mixture...

So it's nearly here ... Surgery day ... A mixture of excitement & nerves
Hoping I won't be disappointed.
I am currently an average 34b hoping to be a full DD .... Friday can't come soon enough ????
I am having 475cc motiva implants under the muscle .
Initial thoughts were I wanted to go bigger but have gone with my surgeons advice.

My Before pictures

Excited :)

So the nearer it gets the less I can sleep. Feel like a kid at Xmas !
Last day at work tomorrow for 11 days & will only be 2 days to go !!!!
Arrggggghhh ... I'm so unorganised , oh well soon be Friday ????

Today's the day

Well finally here... Surgery gown & stockings on.... Just a waiting game, hopefully it's my turn within the next hour!!

Me & my new boobs will see you all soon ladies Xx


So granted not the best photographer in the world ,but my first after photo 10 hours post op
???? x

Couple more after

One day post op

So I'm glad to be home & hoping for a speedy recovery , anxious to know what size I will be ( more like impatient ) ????

Day 13

So nearly at the two week point & I'm undecided. Im definitely bigger but would have liked to have been bigger.
Good thing is healing process going well. Now & again my scars ache a little but I have been lucky I think with very minimal pain.
My nipples are a little sensitive , is this normal ?

7 weeks

So it's 7 weeks since the op & feel well & truly on the road to recovery. Softened loads but still need to keep with the massaging
Dr Meyo

Mr Mayo was amazing . Felt completely at ease & relaxed throughout

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What size of shirt do you have to buy now?
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Hi Still the same clothes size, 10/ 12 Had a fitting at Bravissimo last week 32G !!! Omg ... They don't look it Will put some up to date photos on
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Thanks for responding. By the way you look amazing. I'm happy for you. I'll be waiting on updated photos. I'm hoping to get same procedure done next year ;)
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im the same height and weight as you! I got 450cc hp mentor july22 and I started at a 34c approximately. my breasts are quite high up I will upload photos. do you think as they drop they will get bigger? mine are below muscle and im not in any pain whatsoever which is weird haha how are you managing
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Hi So far so good , I'm the same under the muscle & no pain which is a bonus. I started off 34b , not sure as yet what size I am ( avoided temptation to measure) I'd led to believe as you settle & time goes on , possibility a little larger ( here's hoping) I still have left side a little higher but I'm sure in time will drop. I have a little boob greed I think & wished I was a little bigger lol Hope you are happy with yours & here's to a speedy recovery
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Hi! What is your height?
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Hi I am 5"8
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You look great! I was originally thinking of something in the 350-375cc range, but reading your review and others, is making me think I should go more in the 400-450 range. I think your sizing looks really good on you, and from what I've read, once they settle over the next few months, they'll look even better. Your healing seems to be going really well too!
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Thanks. Yes I know I should be patient & wait for the final result. From trading the reviews I feel most people wish they had gone a little larger x
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Hey Kim. Congratulations and welcome to Booby Town. I think you choose a great size. I can't wait to see your new girls "unveiled". I hope you can rest. Stay on top of your pain meds the first few days. They help keep your muscles relaxed.
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Happy boobday! Hope all goes well, make sure to visit us on the June - July forum to keep us updated!
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Thank you Will update pics soon Have to say feeling fabulous at the minute Very minimal pain & all the nurses & my surgeon have been amazing x
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Hi Kim! I think 475s will look awesome on you! Have you read the post about helpful things to do and get before surgery? It's a big help. Have you started taking arnica yet? I did and I really think it helped with the swelling. Your surgery will be here before you know it! Good luck and I can't wait to see your after pics.
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Hi Thanks for the msg ... I've not looked at tips before further but will definitely look them up ... I will be sure to be date the pics . Thanks
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You're welcome! You must be so excited! One thing I will say is that a lot of women on here wish they went bigger or talk about boob greed. If you're contemplating, go bigger. I would think that 475 will get you from b to dd but be sure that you and your PS are on the same page. Are you going high profile? One thing I will say is to bring a few things with you the day of surgery. A pillow for the car, a zip up hoodie (even if it's warm, you'll tend to get cold after) a trash bag in case you get nauseous/sick, a couple bottles of water, and I brought a soda. I was so thirsty and the drugs they gave me left a weird taste in my mouth. Get your prescriptions filled with the easy open caps. I didn't know about this and wish I had. I'm so excited for you!!
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Really excited now .. 2 more sleeps
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Time barely ticks when you're excited! It'll be here and you'll have your new boobies soon!!
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So they are here
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