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I'd broken my teeth at the age of 11, due to a...

I'd broken my teeth at the age of 11, due to a cycling accident. My front four teeth at the top were severely damaged and the nerve was killed in one of them, leaving it a grey colour even after a root canal. When I turned 21, I inherited some money from my Grandad, which I decided to use to fix my teeth. I went for a consultation and was told that veneers would improve my teeth a great deal. As opposed to thinking about the opperation and researching the risks involved, I went straight into it thinking that it was the "best idea". My teeth were ground right down, which was a horrific experience. It was then that I realised the opperation was irreversable, but there was no turning back. A week later, I had my veneers fitted. I was hoping I'd be pleased with the results and proud of myself for going ahead with the treatment, but instead I felt more insecure. My smile didn't look right and four teeth, which I'd had veneers on looked big and bulky. I compared my teeth to photos that were taken prior to the treatment and realised that my teeth and smile looked so much better before. My teeth were straight, my one of my front ones was "slightly" discoloured and the broken ones were filled in. So veneers wern't really necessary. There were most probably other options that I could have looked into. I'm going to make another appointment to see my dentist and get them filed down to try to make them look a bit smaller, as the size of them really does not look right in my mouth. The reason I'm writing this is to advise anyone who wants this done to make sure that this is the right option. If you're not 100% sure, do NOT do it, especially if you're young and in your early 20s, like myself and your teeth aren't too bad. I'd strongly recommend you to look into other options, because once you have veneers, there's no going back. As a result of my treatment, I've been housebound, insecure and unhappy. I'd hate to see this happen to anyone else.

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Couldn't agree more! I'm on my second set of veneers, and I regret everyday for having it done. I first did it out of vanity reasons when I was only 17, when it definitely was unnecessary. Then, I did again at 35 due to injury. Veneers do not improve one's image by any means. Even the best "natural-looking" veneers, look fake. There is nothing prettier and healthier than a natural smile. I sure wish I would've thought so when I was just 17. I regret my decision SO bad. Cosmetic dentistry should only be used if medically necessary (broken teeth). For a gummy smile, you can always undergo gum surgery / reshaping for a lot less, and yet it's healthy for the gums and teeth. This also lengthens "small" teeth. Braces for crooked teeth. Whitening for discolored.
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Hi everyone, I jut stumbled upon this site, now I wish I had sooner! I am midway through a full mouth overhaul, I'm dealing with 3 dentist/periodontist/endodontist (It's now pretty clear that all they care about is money). I did not take care of my teeth as a child (also always had a "gummy smile") and at 27 decided it was time to do something (I was lucky enough to have family member help with the outrageous costs-for now) Now I'm Very concerned as people mention horror stories and future costs and problems, Any suggestions or estimates for future issues is greatly appreciated! So here's my story, once my dentist knew I was serious (able to pay) about fixing my teeth he was ecstatic (I now assume its because he began to see me as a new addition on his house or a few new cars). He told me I could be "an amazing case". This was over a year ago and as it stands now, I have had crown lengthening on the entire upper portion of my mouth, extraction, root canals (they redid all of the work I had from childhood which I don't understand since in the end All of my top teeth ended up being ground down to tiny stumpy points! Also 12 veneers just on top, Yes, Twelve on top, I now see this was insane! Especially when considering most were in good shape and healthy, they were just very stained & small before the crown lengthening. So now my upper teeth look great, however the bottoms haven't been touched. Does anyone else feel like their veneers wiggle/pop/shift sometimes? That Terrifies me because I fear they may be loose (I've asked dentist 1 who simply replies with "no, they're not loose") My primary dentist told me to do top and bottoms separately even though I fought to get it all done at once; he said it would be a long road, but not over two years long! It's been over one year just for that top work and they now want to start the bottoms. I'm frustrated to say the least, I expected to be finished with everything by now. I'm assuming by dragging this process put, the dentists make even more money. I suffer from severe migraines which Always hit after a dentist appointment of which there have already been too many to count. They are prepared to do the same procedures to the bottom, 12 more veneers and crown lengthening along with redoing root canals. I have horrible anxiety now having so called "perfect" looking top teeth and much smaller and discolored bottom teeth (I think the veneers on top are not worth the price or pain, I think they look fake and just don't "fit" my mouth/face, I also feel they took off too much gum in the lengthening process, so now it's All teeth on top while I try to hide the bottom now, it makes for an "interesting" smile to say the lease & Not in a good way). Does anyone know if I have any other options for the bottoms, before I start this nightmare all over again? Unfortunately, now the problem is not just the difference in color but also the shape and size. So anything like whitening is out of the question (it could never get enough shades lighter to match the top now) All on top are porcelain veneers/crowns. Also, what can I expect for future complications and expenses? I'm currently 28 years old and will have 24 veneers in my mouth if all goes as the dentists have planned. I appreciate any suggestions as I am now far more self conscious about my smile/teeth than I was with yellow small teeth & gummy smile! Another issue is that I clench my teeth at night but my dentist said I should wait to have another mouth guard made until everything's finished. (Reminder, we're going on 2 Years!) I assume this will only add to probable complications in the future... I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, please let me know where I should put it. But if you're feeling down about the few veneers you got, just remember how much of a mess I've gotten myself into here! 
Again, please let me know if I should post this somewhere else for more advice. As I said, I just found this site, and boy do I wish I did this research earlier! Thanks for any help, tips, recommendations! Also, my cost for all of this to this point (top only) has been close to $10,000.00 for endodontist and periodontist work plus over  $30,000.00 for veneers and other work my primary dentist has done. I am nowhere near wealthy either (my helpful family member is footing the bill for Only this, if I knew this would be the cost, I would have asked for the cash to go towards a house/bills/etc!) But as you see, now I'm in quite a predicament! 
General Info- I live in CT (in US), 28 year old female, full-time college student who works part-time while going to school, currently terrified for future of my teeth!
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I know how you feel, but it's really taken a loooong time... I had my 10 veneers done in 2 visits... but probably I didn't have other things done... anyhow... my initial thought is "don't get any more veneers done", 1st is to avoid the expensive bill, 2nd, you need to know you still haven't graduated yet, and it's gonna be a looong road for you to repay the loan (speaking from experience), and I'm only talking about the bill for veneers, not the maintenance later on in life... also, what if the procedures go wrong (I read an article where a girl who went to have her veneers done at a reputable dentist in the UK, and ended up having migraines that never go away because her natural teeth were grinded down too much... it's not a good thing to file down your natural teeth, so please, do not do this anymore). I heard that now they have a new type of veneers that you don't need to file down your natural teeth, it's very very thin yet it's said that it's able to cover your stains... n discoloration, maybe you can do your research on this (if you really hate the look you have now). That's my initial thought. But I know what you are going thru, you are scared, but you hate how you look. However I don't think you are ready to make a big decision now ($$$... and a decision that's directly related to your health), don't make the same mistake twice, I think we all haven't thought very thoroughly before we chose veneers, I personally think I made a mistake without thinking carefully, so I hope you can think carefully about this). I think there is one website where people w/ bad dental experience can write to a dentist, and he posted their emails/letters and also his own responses... however I do not know him personally, Ive also never written anything to him, I do not know what his intention is, or whether he's a good dentist, but I can try to find the link and send you through PM , just see it for your own reference, as there's really no way to trust anyone, specially cosmetic dentists!!!!!! You can only be the best person to understand the situation by reading more, learning more on your own, through others' experience, let me repeat this, trust yourself and make careful decisions! wish you all the best!!
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Hi there.. I also wrote a post several days ago and I wish I found this website before I had my veneers done. I can totally relate to your situation , I'm insecure and depressed from time to time, but there's really nothing much I can do. Let's save more money for future maintenance and see if we can do sth about it when technology gets more advanced. I really regret having my natural healthy teeth filed down... Everytime I think of this part I literally feel like crying... You can check my post to get a better idea of my situation.
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Hi Deena,

I too have veneers, and crowns, and an implant. I knocked a front tooth out in an accident years ago when I was 20. The dentist ground down the tooth next to it in order to make a bridge. The bridge ended up expanding to three of my front teeth.

Years of replacements and new crowns later. I can tell you don't mess with a healthy tooth. The last treatment included an implant. My mouth hasn't been the same since.

I'm also housebound and insecure. It has changed my entire life. Costs 36k and no guarantee. I'm so afraid to let the dentists touch me again. I think about having all my uppers pulled.

The dentist who performed my work is world class. It's all about money.

Good luck to you. Don't let them touch a good tooth.
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I can relate.

Although my teeth were reasonably healthy. I wish the dentist had told me this! Most people who have veneers haven't much to lose, but I on the other hand had broken mine a bit and killed the nerve in one.. Both of these were easily fixable without getting veneers. I wish I'd have thought about it first!

I'm sorry to hear that you're housebound as well. It's hard to get your confidence back after something like this. I'm only 21 and I always prided myself on my looks and if I don't look good, I feel depressed. I hate being this way. Vanity is not a good thing!

I think we both need to stop worrying about our looks and enjoy life itself, although I know that's not easy to do!

And thanks. I wish I'd have recieved this advice before going ahead with the treatment.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Veneers can be an amazing treatment option for the right person, and when done by a highly skilled dentist. I appreciate you making sure others know this is not a reversible procedure.

Are you going to the same dentist who placed the veneers for the adjustment you mentioned in your review?

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Well it's a good idea to do all the research before making a big decision like this, I wish I'd have done so!

I'm not sure. I'd hate for him to make them look worse.
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Deena, i've had similar experience. My speech has changed and i'm very self conscious when i talk. He closed the gaps and my teeth look great when i smile but don't fit my mouth well. I think my front teeth are too big and i;m also looking to get them filed down . Did this help you at all? I also want him to maybe make small spaces as they look 'too bonded' almost like dentures. I like the colour they match my teeth, even the shape, just the length and bulkiness feel/look wrong :( i hope i can get them fixed ASAP as its making me depressed also. I would appreciate your feedback regarding your follow up visits and if you have somehow resolved your issues. Thanks

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