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I'm now nearly 3 weeks post op from a MACS...

I'm now nearly 3 weeks post op from a MACS face lift, fat grafting to temples and lower bleph. Although the bruising has nearly gone I'm still swollen like an alien and my whole face is extremely tender and stiff. I had the procedure as jowls and baggy eyes are hereditary in my family and I wanted to stave this off before my 50th birthday next year. I think that eventually the results will be good overall but I wish I had researched more forums/blogs about the real recovery time. The often quoted '2 weeks' is a joke. and if I was working I can only imagine that I'd have to take at least an additional month of leave before I feel well and confident enough to return. I'm lucky enough to be able to hide away for a bit longer though some of my friends are beginning to think I've fallen out with them! Tto be fair, my PS did say that 2 weeks in her view was the minimum and that most patients take quite a bit longer to look 'OK' and not frighten small children and animals! lol The first 48 hours was horrendous with my face encased in a pressure bandage (which looked a bit like gimp mask!). The swelling was forcing my lips out so I resembled Bart Simpson (after he had been run over by a truck). Pros.... I think the facelift results will eventually be good and I can see my jaw-line is 10 times better than before. I have been eating really healthily to try and speed up the healing process - this has made me re-evaluate my whole approach to food and health which can only be a good thing :-) Cons.... swelling and discomfort going to take much longer than 2 weeks to diminish. I think a more realistic timescale to give patients is 4-6 weeks before they are likely to feel confident enough and well enough to do much. Not sure about the lower bleph yet. My eyes are currently asymetrical and look quite strange - I've been really panicking about this but I've read so many reviews that say just be patient and it will all settle down. Likewise with lumps, bumps and a couple of unsightly bands running up the side of my jaw! My PS is highly reputable and I see her in a week for a review so hopefully I'll get some reassurance from her. I also had fat grafting to my temples (one was really sunken from having a cyst removed a couple of years earlier). At this point I think it looks like its going to be a waste of money and that I would have been better with fillers. What I have learned is.... * Having elective cosmetic surgery can be a huge emotional roller coaster ... it's your face after all and if it goes wrong then you have to live with the fact that you chose to do this... scary place to be * The recovery process can be slow, painful and frustrating, even if you're normally a quick healer. As well as the discomfort etc, you have to learn to sleep upright on your back for a while (not easy). * I've learned its a good idea not to take such a casual approach to what is after all, a very invasive surgical procedure * I've learned that this is a great site for information, honesty (even if it's scary) and reassurance * My husband, daughters and the dog still love me even if my face resembles a satellite dish !! Would I do it again? Not sure... will update in a few weeks. May also post photos then if feeling more confident.

But i would also add,that it was a conveyor belt situation,and i thank God that my surgery was early morning.
I agree and wish I'd gone to a specialist surgeon. Although my PS is very good, she does 'everything' and with hindsight, I think I should have chosen someone else.... not so much for my face as I think I'll be happy with the end result, but I've got a feeling I'll end up having to have further surgery on my eyes as one of them is very droopy and I look really cock-eyed.
I think your 'pancake' look will probably reduce in time... I do know what you mean in that I too currently have a very wide face but my PS says realistically I need to be looking at 6-8 weeks for it to settle down properly and 3-6 months for everything to look 'natural' again. Everything I read on this site also suggests patience - very difficult when it's your face!! Good luck with it anyway... hope you keep well and keep me posted and I will likewise
very interesting post Katie Joe....except my results are quite the opposite,in that i had no bruising or barely any swelling since my facelift 4 weeks ago.
Frankly,not one person has noticed one iota of difference,except instead of pulling me vertically ,i was pulled horizontally,and my pancake face leaves much to be desired.
I asked for a slimmer face........what did i get?..a pancake.
To think i was cut so much ,and to achieve absolutely nothing is just awful....the only good thing i can say,the stitches are neat.
I might just as well thrown my money in the street.
I believe that any surgeon is not good for everything,the man i saw was certainly good with boobs,lipo and tummy tucks.....but a face man NO.
i so wish i had gone to a 'face man'.......a man who specializes in only faces.
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