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Hi everyone , I have been so inspired by this...

Hi everyone , I have been so inspired by this site, I'm seriously thinking of having my 250cc implants taken out and not replaced, I was a very small A cup before and I,m 45 years old so quite worried what they will look like, they are over the muscle and don't think they spring back in to shape as well as the under muscle ones do, please tell me yor thoughts


Hi Mandy i also have 250 cc but mine are under the muscle. Ive had them for 6 long years. They are pip so they have to come out before they rupture. Im 47 so were close in age. My surgery will be on dec the 10th. Yours will follow... Will keep accompanying in our journey! This site has been extremely helpful im so thankful and feel encouraged!!!
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm glad the site has inspired you and I hope we can offer you lots of great information and support throughout this journey. How long have you had your implants?

You might want to check out this great post by GreenTemple about her explant experience.

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Having them out in 3 weeks and fat transfer to...

Having them out in 3 weeks and fat transfer to both breast


Hi Mandy, I too am in Birmingham and 15 weeks PO. Who is you surgeon? I bet you're getting excited now - from personal experience, having these out is the best thing I've done! Wishing you all the best for your op an see you on the other/better side, Lou :)
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Hi Lou, u look fab, your surgeon is a genius and you still have boobs after implants removed, I am going with dr mahboob Ali in halesowen , have u heard anything about him, who and where were yours done
Thanks Mandy, your surgeon has the right name :) I haven't heard of him but many PS's seem to work at the same hospitals and know each other. My surgeon is Mrs C Kat. I'll be thinking of you and very interested to hear about your fat transfer too. Make sure you rest afterwards x

Well I am getting very nervous about my decision...

Well I am getting very nervous about my decision but its going to happen soon ,can't wait to get rid of these cold rocks of breasts

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3 more days to go and I am we'll and truly...

3 more days to go and I am we'll and truly sh,,,,,ing my self


I had mine removed last year...they were silicone, over the muscle and I am SOOOOO happy that I did that. They were ok after...maybe a little saggier than I would have liked. Then I got a lift and have felt very glad ever since. I don't mind having small boobs one bit!!! I felt like me again. Haha, this Wednesday, I'm having my chin implant removed. Those were the only 2 things I ever had done. I just miss feeling 100% organic, ya know? Maybe you will know after you have them removed. Good luck!
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Don't be nervous, you will be fine and so relieved and happy when it is over. I can't describe the feeling but you will know when its over. It really does feel great to be yourself again!!! Just wait and see. Good luck to you. I had mine removed 2 weeks ago. Go for 2nd postop appt tomorrow. Everyday feels better and better.
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So glad your pleased with your results, I really hope I am to , thank you so much for your comment

Had surgery today , all went well, breasts look...

Had surgery today , all went well, breasts look good at the moment, a bit swollen, and still quite big but I know a lot of the fat that they transferred will not survive and i will end up with little boobies
eventually, most of the fat was taken from lower back and that is where all the pain is,it's vey bruised and tender and I'm getting a burning sensation to, I'm clock watching to take my pain killers, that's how sore it is, will upload photo,s soon


Wow, you look great! I can already tell you're going to have a good result! I hope your pain eases soon.
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Hello Mandy, this is exactly the procedure I hoped for . Please can you post the full details of your Dr? Was the total cost 2500? , it's hard to find a surgeon who does it all at once... I am keen to see future pictures so keep us updated .. They look fab X Rachelle
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Hi rachelle, price was £3700 all in, I don't know why that price came up on my profile, but my doc was mr mahboob Ali , ( honestly that's his name) he works around the midlands , I had mine done in halesowen, if type in his name on google , he comes up and he,s got really good revues , I checked him out b4 I went ahead with procedure, he also works for NHS with cancer patients doing reconstructive surgery to breasts, so far I am pleased with results, I will be posting more pics and update when I have my dressings taken off this week, good luck keep me updated,

Day 8 today, and i am so delighted with my results...

Day 8 today, and i am so delighted with my results so far, boobs have shrunk a little but thats to be expected ,went to have dressings taken off with nurse yesterday and everything is healing very well, my scares are barely noticeable already, he,s done a fab job, boobs r still very bruised but not at all painful, my fat donor site is still a bit sore, I still don't know how much fat was put in each boob, I did ask the nurse but she couldn't read docs writing , it was called autologous fat transfer, what ever that is,, if anyone of u ladies goes ahead with this, I highly recommend a belvia bra , u can buy them from boots for 14.99 and it has been a god send, I wear it 24 hours a day and I don't even feel like I,v got anything on, so comfy yet very supportive, I have uploaded new photo, taken today


You made a great decision. You look great! I appreciate you sharing. I am considering explantation and your story is inspiring.
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You look fabulous already! Thanks for your updates.

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3 weeks since surgery, saw mr Ali today and...

3 weeks since surgery, saw mr Ali today and everything is healing well, he transferred 70ml of fat to each breast, he said I should stay this size now, which is about 1 cup size bigger than I was b4 BA, which I am happy with, I have uploaded new photo,s , still slightly bruised ,


u look great!! the bruising is subsiding a lot! congrats!! =)
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Looking great :-) so pleased for you. I spoke to your surgeon the other day about possible transfer (I've now decided not to as mine have changed and i dont want anymore surgery or expense!) he is a really nice man and I can see why you chose him x
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Thankyou., I don't blame u , I,m done with surgery to, don't kno why we put our selves through it

7 weeks since removal and fat transfer, no...

7 weeks since removal and fat transfer, no problems , boobies soft and wobbly. May be a tad smaller, see for your self, new photo,s taken today


Thanks for sharing your expericance and photos. Can anyone recommend a specialist doctor (I like the sound of Mehboob ali - as he had expericance with cancer patients not just vanity) but I'm in London. I need removal and fat transfer will have to pay and go private.
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You look fabulous...healing beautifully....Thanks for sharing.
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8 months since implant removal and fat transfer to breasts

8 months since fat tranfer and I am so glad I did it , boobs look completely normal and natural , iv only gained about half cup size from the fat transfer but I don't mind I love being natural and soft , and love sleeping on my tummy again,


Hi. I am getting implant removal, lift, and fat transfer in late April. Can you give me advice or a boost of reasuring confidence for the fat transfer. Im hearing so many people tell me not to do it and there going to be lumpy. Advice? Thank you!!
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Over a year mow since I had my opp and no problems whatsoever , all normal


They look perfect Im looking forward on getting my done also thank you!
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excellent! You look beautiful. How nice to have that volume in your breasts and that it feels soft and natural :))))))
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The "new" you is so cute!!! What profile were your 250's? low or moderate?
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