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Mommy Makeover.... Scared to Death! - Birmingham, AL...recovery mode

I was always the fat kid, in my family, amongst my...

I was always the fat kid, in my family, amongst my friends... In every part of my life I was always the heaviest person in the group! In college, I had lost 80 lbs, I guy says " you look great since you lost weight but you still have a little pooch in your tummy. What's up with that?" (JERK) so, even before kids and c-sections, I needed a tummy tuck. Since college I have gained and lost lots of weight. I am not gaining again! I refuse to! I

I am getting a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and breast lift on July 6th. I really don't want to do the lift , but the PS says I really need it to get the results we are looking for. So, if I am going to put in all of this money and pain, I might as well get the best results I can!

I am traveling for my procedures. I am originally from the South and live in Indiana. I am going to stay with my sister and Dad. My husband is keeping one child here and my MIL is keeping the other. I will have total peace and quiet for the first few days and the peace of mind that my kids are well taken care of and not fighting ( you goat to keep them separated, lol)

Totally obsessing about EVERYTHING! Can't wait and in the same thought, I am scared to death! I feel really guilty spending that kind of money o ME,

Will post pics soon

38 years old, 2 kids by c-section (13 & 10) 5'6" 155lbs (down from 215) gone from a 40C to 36A with the weight loss, just want my 'C' back, lol

Well, it is officially going to happen! I did my...

Well, it is officially going to happen! I did my pre-op abs on Thursday and sent my payment! No turning back now! I thnk I am more nervous than ever now.

My date is sneaking up, July 6, as is everyone...

My date is sneaking up, July 6, as is everyone else's... We are leaving for vacation on Sunday (2 day) so my packing is crazy... Packing for vacation and for my surgery at the same time. My nerves are really getting the best of me.. I am a little depressed the last few days. I seem to be questioning my decision to do this and my self worth, wondering about the results and the recovery, do I have everything I need? How bad is the pain going to be? I am just a lump of questions and concerns. Questions that really have no answers and concerns that can't be consoled. Ugh.... And to top it all off , I got my pre op packet in the mail yesterday and the surgery date on it is incorrect!!I am hoping it is just a typo , I will call and check this morning when they open. Gosh... Had to vent! Sorry......

One week !!!! Whoo hoo!!!

One week !!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Wow, less than 2 days until surgery!!! We have...

Wow, less than 2 days until surgery!!! We have been on vacation for the last 7 days. We rented a lake house and it was filled with lots of family and friends, so much going on that I have had very little time to obsess! I am all cozier in at my sisters house now getting ready for Wednesday. I got ay too much sun and now have sun poisoning! Yuck! It's getting better...wish it would hurry up and go away.
I am really getting nervous now, this is really gong to happen.....

Ell, I am in the hotel in Birmingham, I have to be...

Ell, I am in the hotel in Birmingham, I have to be at the surgery center at 6:30 am. I sure do hope I can sleep tonight!! I am quite a basketcase!!! I hope all goes well........

Day 6 and I am doing good. On Tylenol now. But......

Day 6 and I am doing good. On Tylenol now. But... I am having my emotional day!! Guess I'm lucky it took this long, mut the tears are flowing today!!! No real reason, just weepy...

One week out and doing great! Just took a shower...

One week out and doing great! Just took a shower by myself with no pain meds. I have my binder off and in the washer, feels weird without it. Friday I see the SP and hopefully get this drain out. Fingers crossed .....

Feeling pretty good today. Taking it easy for the...

Feeling pretty good today. Taking it easy for the most part. Tomorrow is my appt. It's about a 2.5 hour drive so I am kind of dreading the drive and I should get my drain out. It's not draining much any more. I have been off the pain meds for several days,but I think I will take them tomorrow. Getting very homesick, I have been away from home since June 26 and away from my hubby since July 4th. I've been sending him pics and he is very happy. He sent me roses, he never does that! Really missing him, makes me cry to even think about it... Very emotional these days

Today I go to the PS for another post op, my PS is...

Today I go to the PS for another post op, my PS is on vacation so I have to see his partner, I am a little worried, there was a little spot on the first day post op that PS was concerned about, just a little spot below my bb that wasn't getting enough blood flow. Told me to walk hunched for 4 days, I did for 5, still looks a little weird I'm worried about today. Also most likely getting my drain out,. Scared that's going to hurt but ready for it to come out It's a long drive to PS so gonna take a pain pil, update later.....

Well, long day! Left my sisters house at 8 am and...

Well, long day! Left my sisters house at 8 am and got home at 10:15pm. I am exhausted!! I did get my drain ut. Wow, things feel so much better without that thing! I was so worried about it hurting and I didn't feel a thing? Tomorrow will be a day of rest (I hope) nighty night!!

Day 10 Doing well. Yesterday was a long day....

Day 10
Doing well. Yesterday was a long day. Going to rest a lot today, but I feel good. Finally going home on Wednesday, really missing my hubby! And my home. Found out yesterday that by belly button stitches have to be removed, and are not ready to come out yet. Will have to get my family doc to take them out next week when I get home.

Ok, 2 weeks post op tomorrow!! Doing great, will...

Ok, 2 weeks post op tomorrow!! Doing great, will fly home tomorrow, can't wait!!

2weeks post op.. Getting on a plane to go home...

2weeks post op.. Getting on a plane to go home today! Hubby hasn't seen me in 17 days! Can't wait to be home. Will finally post some pics when I get to my desk-top.
Happy Travels to me...

Home....ahhhhh! Can't sleep, not a shock... Will...

Home....ahhhhh! Can't sleep, not a shock... Will finally get to sit down at the desk top today and post my pics. Feeling good and my hubby seems very happy with results. So far I am not having very much swelling at all and I am in my pre op clothes ( not tight ones for obvious reasons). Traveling yesterday was much harder than I had hoped it would be. All day thru airports with a 10 year old when I could not carry anything was not fun , but very glad to be home. I get the stitches out of my bb today!

Well, I finally added my pics. Sorry for the total...

well, I finally added my pics. Sorry for the total nudity, but I did have a breast aug and lift on one side, so for the full effect, I had to show everything.
Feeling pretty good today. Didn't sleep well last night but made up for it by sleeping in this morning,lol

So I'm doing good today. Slept better last night,...

So I'm doing good today. Slept better last night, not great, but better. Had thee stitches removed from my bb yesterday. It didn't hurt at all , but now it's kind of tender. After all of the traveling I have done, I am planning a day on the couch today... Happy resting to me, lol

16 days post op and I am doing great. Went to...

16 days post op and I am doing great. Went to Target, Walmart, and Sam's Club today!! A little tired now. Took my binder off to wash so now I am relaxing, I don't like to move around too much without the binder, I don't know why!! I hate the binder and it kills, but , I like having the support.
New York Strip and grilled asparagus for dinner, can't wait!!! Ooo, and a glass of wine, yum

19 days po, sitting in bed this mor ing drinking...

19 days po, sitting in bed this mor ing drinking my coffee. Busy day, school shoe shopping, haircuts and dentist for the boys. Yesterday I went to church and to the mall afterwards. I got 2 new bras at VS and a BIKINI!!!!! I think it is my first one EVER !!!!! I will take pics, I am still wearing my binder so I want to wait, no sense in having all those squish lines in my first ever bikini pics!!! I really don't know why I bought the thing anyway, I cannot even imagine wearing it in public, lol, maybe on vacation, but not to the country club pool, no way, not me, never, lol!! We are thinking about going on a cruise with the kids for Christmas , I would wear it then.
I am really doing good these days, I do wish I could do more. The bending and reaching are still so limited for me ( and lifting) so the housework is absolutely driving me crazy!!!! I just can't get it all done, and it is really getting on my nerves ! I know with a little more time all of that will come and then I won't want to do the housework , lol. Hope everyone else is doing well in recovery and good luck to the upcoming surgeries.

Yuck!! One of my worst post op days so far!!! Lots...

Yuck!! One of my worst post op days so far!!! Lots of pain on my inscision and my breast , which until now I have had NO pain there . I think the implants are falling into Place, but it just hurts!! I have been so whiney and cried, I am just so mad, I have been doing so good!!! I know we all have our days , ugh!! I just need to go to bed, tomorrow will be better...,

Well 3 weeks po today. The last two days have been...

Well 3 weeks po today. The last two days have been better. Things are coming around to be more normal. Yesterday , I took the binder off and went and sat by the pool for a little over an hour. Today, I went to Weight Watchers for the first time in 4 weeks. If anybody noticed, they didn't say anything. Everybody just commented on my tan, lol.

So much for feeling so much better!! I have over...

So much for feeling so much better!! I have over done it today!!! Pain, pain, and more pain!! I have to learn to just sit down,

Feeling much better the last couple of days. I...

Feeling much better the last couple of days. I just have to keep a handle on myself and not overdo things.

Feeling more and more normal. Spent the day at a...

Feeling more and more normal. Spent the day at a friends lake house all day on Saturday ( did not go on the boat or get in the water), had a fantastic time. Yesterday, went to lunch with friends and then shopping at the outlet mall. Home cooked and cleaned up dinner and then folded a weekends worth of laundry. I was tired, but so was my hubby so ... really getting back to normal, just slowly. Hping to rest a little today since my weekend was so busy.
I went without my binder all day on Sat and Sun, put it on to sleep. I love how the clothes look without the binder.
Feelin good,

Well, 27 days po now and my steri-strips just came...

Well, 27 days po now and my steri-strips just came off !! I kind of wish they had not. Really wish they were there, it gave me a sense of "protection" I guess. But, my scar looks pretty good. One side looks better than the other, I guess it will smooth out with time.
I was getting a little cabin fever, so I went and walked around Target this morning. I really wanted to go to the pool, butbthe sun is not out.
We have a big company (hubby's) party this weeken. I need to decide what to wear. I kind of want to wear jeans and heels, but
I am afraid of how the jeans will feel on my scar...??? Any suggestion?
Hope everyone is healing and feeling as well as I am...
Happy Recovering,

4 weeks, 2days po. Feeling pretty good. Having...

4 weeks, 2days po. Feeling pretty good. Having some swelling that I have not previosly had?????? I think it is because my period is due. I think before surgery, I felt the bloat but couldn't "see" it for all the fat. Now, I am swollen just under the ribcage and mostly jut noticeable when I sit down. I don't know...... Hope it is just my period, wish I would just start and get it over with!! We have a big party with my hubby's company tomorrow night. I am nervous about people noticing my larger breasts. I went to WhiteaHouse/Black Market yesterday and got a cute outfit. I stressed my concern about the boobs with the girl helping me and she said.." you know how many people get implants just to have nice boobs like yours"..... She was surprised when I told her I just got them. So that made me feel a little better. I just don't want everyone to 'know', suspecting is one thing , if you know what I mean.

Busy weekend! Went out of town for a business...

Busy weekend! Went out of town for a business party. VERY long day! Nobody seemed to notice my new body . I don't know if that makes me happy or sad ...? Today my son started his tutoring session at his elementary school, I walked around the school while he was with the teacher. I only walked a mile and a quarter, but I guess that's a good start. My tummy muscles are really spasming now. Ick. But other than that , feel pretty good.

Almost 7 weeks po.... Doing pretty good. One of my...

Almost 7 weeks po.... Doing pretty good. One of my major challenges right now is my eating!!! I'm not making healthy choices right now!!! Last week was men and my husbands birthdays and we celebrated WAY too much!!!!! I have to get back on track, and soon!! Not being n the gym is really playing against the too much food and alcohol. I am going to be good this week and next. We have family coming for Labor Day Weekend, I'm sure I will not do well that weekend, but after that....full speed ahead!!! Back on track , taking care of my new body!!! I have been walking almost every day but just am not quite ready for the gym. I pulled weeds yesterday and found out that is not a great plan!! My belly is still sore. Even if I just cross my arms, if they touch my tummy, it hurts!! I would have thought that would be gone by now. Talked to ps last week and he said it could be up to 12 weeks. Oh week, I'll just keep on trying things and if it hurts, I won't do it.
Happy Healing Everyone,

2 months and 2 days po and I am doing very well....

2 months and 2 days po and I am doing very well. I'm am feeling almost back to normal. I am not back in the gym yet, but it is other circumstances in my crazy, busy lifebthat are keeping me out of the gym. I am walking when I find the time and doing things such as lunges and square at home. As soon as things here lighten up, hello gym.... I'm ready. I have put on a few pounds due to the inactiviy and bad food choices. I am in the process of getting that weight off now. I am down 2 pounds since surgery date. I am really focussed!!! I am loving my results, I never had very much swelling. Just a little now over my hips. So excited to have a flat tummy and perky breasts!! And my husband really loves it!!!

3 months + post op and feeling good. I a so happy...

3 months + post op and feeling good. I a so happy that I did this for myself!!! I am still having some muscle twinges and nerve pains so I am not doing crunches or ab work yet, but I am mentally ready for that so hopefully it will come soon. I still have a tiny bit of swelling over the hips ( had very little swelling in general) but I have come to tems with that. It all still looks a million times better than before. I can actually look in the mirror now!! Such a self confidence booster for me!! I love putting on clothes and not having the belly in the way. I have been tucking in shirts and added belts to my wardrobe!!! It's so fun to be happy!!!! I still cannot sleep on my tummy and I am/ was a major tummy sleeper so I really don't sleep well, but that is a small price to pay to be happy!! As soon as I can comfortably sleep on my belly I am going to get the best, longest massage EVER!!!!
happy healing,

Just added a couple of new pics.

Just added a couple of new pics.

6 Months Post-op!! Long time since I updated. I...

6 Months Post-op!!
Long time since I updated. I am doing GREAT!! Start back with my personal trainer on Monday . I have gained a few pounds over the holidays, so itine to get busy on this body!! Saw my PS when I was home for the holidays for my 6 month follow up . Everything was great. I had a little overlap of fat and skin kind of hanging over the incision , it was bothering me a little, so doc gave me some fat dissolving injections ( ouch) . He says it will be 4-6 weeks for results. I can already see a difference.!! if it doesn't do the trick completely, I am thinking of doing lipo in the spring. I hope everyone is doing as well as I am.
Happy Healing Everyone ,
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Would recommend to anyone very nice and capable staff. The "after care" is not the greatest, but ok

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am also going to Dr. Hedden for a tummy tuck from out of town. I was so excited to see your results. I am very nervous. Any advice?
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WONDERFUL! Oh I cant wait. ( well I can but cant) I agree the mirror is NOT the enemy anymore!!
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I am feeling fantastic!! I really enjoy looking in the mirror and that is a first !!! I really never had a whole lot of trouble with the swelling. I can't really remember when the boobies stopped swelling. My boobies almost never gave me any trouble. My TT was pretty painful ( the muscle repair section still bothers me sometimes) I think it masked some of the breast pain. I am 7 months post op now and the boobs feal SO real !! My hubby can hardly feel the implants!! I am back to working out at pre surgery level, working with my trainer 2 xs a week and on my own 2-3 xs a week. I think I might even have a few lines in my abs, lol, working on that 6 pack!! Lol.
Thank you so much for asking. It is a long journey and it looks like you are on the road to a great recovery with FANTASTIC results!!!
Happy Healing,
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How are you feeling now? Any issues you still deal with? Swelling ect? It feels good to have the outside match our inside dont you think? !!
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You are looking great! WOW I am at 3 weeks and just starting to feel normal again...
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He actually offered to extend my inscision or the injection, either one at no cost!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I chose the injections over the "more surgery " for many reasons, I live a long way away from my PS , and it would take lots of planning and so on.... And he did the injections right there on the spot!!
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Looking good momma! Nice results! I
Some fat hanging over to and my ps didn't mention and Injections! Hmm guess since he's fixing bb he figured just to suck it
Out . I have a feeling I'm
Going to be in pain. Once again ugh
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You look great! I'm glad I read your story. I saw that your breasts, right after surgery looked high on your chest, but by 3 months, they were right were they're supposed to be. My doctor said give it time, guess he was right, I'm just anxious!
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You look great! I am so glad for you!
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Thank you JuneBug!! I am so happy!!
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Looking good!

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I'm coming up on the 3 week mark and was just re-reading your info to see if I am healing similarly. It seems so. I know I'm obsessive about the drain, but I was wondering... I just paid a buttload for plastic surgery and now I'm gonna have a scar from the drain? Surely not. Right now it looks like I was bitten by a 3-toothed snake from the drain and the sutures. How did your drain site heal?
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Just thinking about you now that I'm far enough out to stop thinking about myself. I hope you are doing well. Your impressions were right about the surgery staff. Everyone was very nice and made even the pre-surgery photos an okay experience. Ummm... I have a question, though, how do they get the tape off the tummy and boob incisions? Please tell me it's not what I think.
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If you can, just be patient. It will come off almost literally by itself. If you can stand it, just wait..... My boob tape practically fell off. The main incision would start coming loose and I would just trim it, it eventually came off on one side and I gently pull the other side off. They tell you to not take it off for 3 weeks, I think it was about at the 4 week mark when mine came off.
I hope you are doing well.
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God bless you!!! That's what I wanted to hear. I was afraid someone was going to grab it and yank! Now I can take the last Valium.
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No yanking, just patience! Lol. My hubby was so tired of looking at that brown tape, he wanted to pull it off but I wouldn't let him.
By the way, I still have my last Valium , just can't take the last one!!! Lol
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My BB is so cute!! He did all of the stitches on the inside of the BB so you see no scar at all andy main incision is perfect!! I wish I had done lipo on my flanks, but that is my fault not his. As faras surgery goes, it was a great experience , they wil take wonderful care of you!!
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Yeah. It is next week. I can't get enough done to hope the kids won't go to school looking like they've been left to fend for themselves. Hedden is the PS. He seems nice enough and I could not find any major complaints... Thanks a bunch. I hope I'll pull it off okay.
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I think he is truly an amazing PS, my hubby says he is an artist!!! I will also tell you that he will not spend a lot of tome with you. That's just the way he is. Having said that though, I think he is so good that I would definitely use him again. And , day of surgery, the staff was AWESOME!! the anestesiologist (misspelled) was my favorite!! They will all take very good care of you and put your mind at ease. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!
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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I really needed to hear that. I am so afraid of leaving my kids that I'm worrying more about the surgery than I need to. I'm glad you see an artist in him. That's what I would like. I'm not a stock person, so you can't really just stick some stock parts on me and make it work. I need serious custom work! Really, I'd like to think he'll take a look at the whole me and make proper changes accordingly. I'm tall and have broad shoulders. I can't have a pair of petite boobs and come out looking okay. I'm worried that I have too much tummy to tuck, too. Worry, worry, worry.
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You are such an inspiration to me. I know I will come back to your blog and re-read as my surgery approaches. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are great!
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Awww, so sweet Junebug. That's what this site is all about!!!
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Junebug, it looks like you are having your "stuff" done next week!! In Birmingham? Who's your PS? good Luck!! You will do great!!!
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Well, I see he was your dr, too. I'm glad you made it out not only looking great, but without an extra boob on your forehead. That gives me real hope!
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Looking good!   Thanks you for posting the update and keep up the good work.

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