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I am a 29 yr. old mother of 2. I breast-fed each...

I am a 29 yr. old mother of 2. I breast-fed each child for a year each, which played a toll on my already tiny breasts. Since I graduated from high school, I have always dreamed of getting breast implants, but for different reasons, I haven't....until now! I have exactly 4 weeks from today until the Big Day...and I wish it were today! I have yet to get my blood work done (should cost me about $125), which I plan to get done next week, along with purchasing a zip-front sports bra. My ps recommended Champion and UnderArmour....not sure which I'll get yet.

Welcome to RealSelf! I'm looking forward to following your journey. Do you know what sort of implants you're going with yet? Your surgery is on July 18th then?

Thank you! I'm not quite sure what i want to go with yet. I'm thinking moderate profile, saline 400cc (maybe 450). PS said since I have "some droopiness" I need to go with a slightly larger implant. My surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 16th. :)

So I ordered my sports bra today and next week...

So I ordered my sports bra today and next week I'll get my blood work done. 20 more days!! But who's counting?! I think the closer it gets, the more excited I get, rather than nervous. I am still undecided on what size to go...400 or 450 cc's. Doc wanted me to try 450 with the rice test. I know they say that 50 cc's doesnt make much difference, especially under the muscle, but when doing the rice test, it seems like I really notice a difference! But, I kinda like the way it looks. The only thing I wish is that my hubby would be more supporting about this. He doesnt even seem to care. :( Well, I am extremely excited, anyway!!!

I really don't want to be a DD! I am 5'5", 133 lbs (trying to lose a few more before the 16th!). I just want to be a full c/baby d. I have really broad shoulders, though. Idk. As for my hubby, I think you guys are right...I think he'll come around. I think mine just didn't want me to think he doesn't like me now, too! Wow, yours is really soon! I wish you the best of luck tomorrow! ;)

Hi! I have my BA on Friday. I am going with Mentor 350 CC HP. I'm not sure of how tall you are but maybe similar in size to me? Your before looks pretty familar:) I guess it all depends how big you feel comfortable with. It's such a personal thing....Check out my profile I will be posting pics along the way. Can't believe its two days away! Good luck with everything.! My husband is the same way. I think he thinks if he's excited or too supportive it means he doesn't like what I have now. I think when "they" arrive he'll be a little more enthused! At least I hope so:)
Hello florida~ you must be getting really excited about the upcoming BA!! My tummy was filled with butterflies before I did it. 450 cc's is pretty big, that will probably give you a DD cup. Maybe your hubby will be excited after he sees the gorgeous results?? Lol Thanks for sharing your story:-)

So my surgery is 11 days away! I couldn't be more...

So my surgery is 11 days away! I couldn't be more excited...starting to get a tad bit nervous, though! I'm getting the whole "should I really go through with it?" feelings but some of my friends who have had it done are all encouraging me that it's well worth it. I'm kinda nervous about recovery with my job...I know I am going to want to return as soon as possible for guilt reasons, but I also know I need to take it easy. I am having the incision in my naval (TUBA) as I have heard it has the quickest recovery time. Has anyone on here had this...and any comments on it???

9 more days! I have my blood work done (which...

9 more days! I have my blood work done (which turned out to only be $52!), I have my zip-front sports bra, hotel is booked (my doctor is out-of-state...about 5 hours away)...now I just need to get some shirts that button-up. I am so excited that this day is finally arriving! It has literally been over a decade that I have been wanting to get breast implants and it feels so surreal! My husband still acts like he's not at all excited, and what sucks pretty bad is that he will not be home to take care of me for the first couple of days, day or night. I have some awesome friends, though, that have all offered to come help out, if I need them.

It's really weird, but I almost have a "nesting" feeling going on, like I keep finding myself cleaning out closets and stuff! Out with the old, in with the new! I still haven't lost the 10 lbs. I wanted to....but I'll keep trying. ;)
Wow I'm very excited for you, i have an appt. for my consultation July 10 about getting a BA. Seeing how your traveling 5 hours away to see doc. Hedden makes me feel more confident bc that's who I'm going to use. I hope the best of luck to you and your hubby will come around. I can't wait to see your results keep us updated.
Well, I am thinking around 425. I'd like to be a full C/small D. I am 5'5 135 lbs. PS wanted me to try 450, I'm still not completely sure! My surgery is 8 days away!
I'm 5'2 108lbs and I am thinking of getting 425cc as well. I also would like my end results to be a full C/ small D. I have 3 consultations this week. I am so excited ms nervous. I'm have some sagging so I am hopping the dr.'s don't tell me that I need a lift.

My surgery is 4 days away!! After work tomorrow,...

My surgery is 4 days away!! After work tomorrow, my family and I are gonna head to Panama City (where we have to go to do any shopping) so I can pick up a few things and just enjoy the evening. My kids (ages 5 and 6) have been told I am going to have surgery, but they are just like "Okay!" haha They're so stinkin' sweet! I need to pick up some more shirts that button-up in the front and some more zip-front sports bras, if I can find them. I ordered the one I have online, but the more I think about it, I'd like a couple more! I get to pack up all my stuff Saturday and we are leaving on Sunday to head to Birmingham. Sorry I'm rambling....Monday just needs to get here before I jump out of my skin!!!

Okay, I am packed and ready to leave tomorrow...

Okay, I am packed and ready to leave tomorrow after church to go to Birmingham. We'll spend the night, and at 9:00 a.m., we'll be sitting in the doc's office. I'm not having second thoughts about wanting to have the procedure done, really, just hate to put out so much money! I know my nerves are starting to kick in a tad...but I just feel slightly selfish about the money. Although I have been wanting to do this for over 10 years and haven't, mostly because of the money, I'm here, the night before I leave, questioning myself. I think it's a good thing. I asked my husband earlier tonight if I should hold off, and he was like, "no...do it...I don't want to hear you complaining later". Wow. But anyway, as of now...I'm gonna go through with it. Besides, if I were to cancel now, I'd be out a ton of money anyway! Just the thought of having boobies the day after tomorrow gives me butterflies in my tummy! G'nite!
I can't wait to see your post pics!! Hope you're feeling well today.
I'm am so thrilled to hear all went well...how many cc's did you end up going with? I'm getting a little nervous as the days get closer for me. I go on the 24th for my blood work, so that's just a wk away. I feel better hearing that all went great for you and you're not in too much pain. Can't wait for the pictures, and to hear how your recovery goes.

Happy healing today! :)


Hi! I won't get my laptop back until tomorrow, so...

hi! I won't get my laptop back until tomorrow, so this won't be very long. But, I am doing GREAT....the pain has been very minimal. This is the end of day 2, and really I don't think I have really needed any pain meds since I came home. Tylenol is really enough to ease discomfort. It kinda amazes me as I wasn't expecting this to be so easy. I do try to take it easy. If I am up for a few hours, I feel some pressure in my boobs, so I go lay down for a bit. Twins are riding really high,and though I got 450 cc's mod plus, it seems to me that they could be bigger...? I'll give em time, but so far I am very happy and i'll post pics asap....as well as more details. :)

I still haven't gotten my laptop back, but I will...

I still haven't gotten my laptop back, but I will try to get pics up soon. My surgery was only 4 days ago and I don't even need tylenol. I've been back to work (pretty much) since yesterday. I am a daycare director and i've had a hard time not picking the children up! Honestly, i've had a couple 1 yr. Olds handed off to me before I could object, but I quickly put them back down. I just hope i'm not doing too much because I feel fine.

The morning of surgery, I arrived about 30 mins early and they called me right back. I tried on sizers and confirmed the size I wanted (450 cc's). All the nurses were extremely sweet and helpful! They put my iv in and a while later asked if I wanted my friend back there with me...i said sure! Next the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me. She was wonderful! She explained everything and reassured me everything would be fine. Next Dr. H came in, marked me, and asked if I had any questions, which I didn't. He is SO thorough and makes you feel so comfortable. I waited a bit longer then the anesthesiologist came in to take me to the operating room, putting something in my iv to calm me just before walking out. I remember walking into the room, squishing the pillow, climbing on the comfy table, and that was it! I don't even remember looking around at all. Waking up, I didn't feel pain, just so tired. I don't remember the wheelchair ride to the car, just getting out of the car and walking into the hotel where I slept for 2 hrs. My friend then got me up for a walk down the hall. Later we went to Panara Bread for supper. I was sleepy from the meds, felt a tad bit nauseous, but overall fine! My post op was the next morning at 8:30...then we headed back home (stopped to shop a few mins a couple times!). Got home around 6 pm. No family cuz they were still at an event. Next morning I stayed in bed til about 11. I've taken a couple pain pills here and there, but not really necessary. Sore, but nothing bad at all.

loving my results so far! So glad I didn't go less than 450 cc because they don't look very big on me! I think it should be a full c once it all settles. SO excited and still can't believe they're mine!!

4 Days Post Op: Feeling GREAT! I took some...

4 Days Post Op: Feeling GREAT! I took some tylenol around 3 pm today...think i may be doing a little too much, but I feel fine, so maybe not? But I took it, laid down for a few min cuz I was feeling some pressure in my boobs, and then I was good. I must say...I have LOVED the TUBA incision. Recovery has been WAY easier than I expected. I have also loved this bra I've been wearing, its the Champion 1699 zip front sports bra. Very comfy, but I did read the reviews and sized up a size as it runs small...and it fits great!
The compression garment around my waist shifts around and can be a little aggravating, but I only have to wear it for a week to help close up the "tracks" they made from my belly button to my breasts. Slight bruising and swelling there but its almost gone now. My boobs are tender and I have complete sensation, never worried about that though after reading about TUBA. SO glad I've done this! Best thing I have ever done for myself. :)
I am glad that you are not experiencing a lot of pain. I hear that about the tuba. And you look proportioned to me! Thanks for the news
Thanks newtoflorida. To candist, have read many of the women here who had a great result with Dr. H, so he is obviously very good. My concern in traveling is jostling the new babes and getting sick. I plan to travel light and not overdo the pain meds.
Thanks for updating. I am very excited to see the new girls and how they turned out. I am still feeling more nervous by the day, but after reading your posts I feel very confident that Dr. H and his staff will give me the look I am wanting. Thanks again for telling us about your journey with this life changing event.

Okay...might just be my view point, but I'm not...

Okay...might just be my view point, but I'm not looking quite as big as I wanted. I know it's really early to fret, but I want to be at least a full c. I got 450 cc mod plus saline under the muscle....should I have gone larger?

Okay, I know i'm definitely obsessing over this,...

Okay, I know i'm definitely obsessing over this, and probably too early. But from what I hear, they will only get a little smaller from here? If they get smaller, I'll be a little sad. I am wishing i'd gone to at least 500-550 cc's now, but I seriously thought 450 would have been plenty. Maybe it is...maybe I should have gone larger. ?? Lol....time will tell. What do you ladies think...please be honest!
I think you look great, Florida! From the many reviews I've read on this community site, most women struggle with really liking their breast after surgery. Like Scrappy said, time will definitely tell. I have my surgery in less than 2 weeks and have to continually remind myself of the reviews written by some amazing women. Good luck to you...I think your new girls look great!
Hi New!!
Just read your update and wanted to give my two cents about how my breasts changed in size in the last 9 weeks.
When I first got them in, my breasts were "high and tight" as I refer to them. I didnt think they looked very big, espec, looking down. I had to look in the mirror to see a size diff.. At about 2 weeks i thought I had dropped as much as I was going to. I wasnt allowed to wear bras but I did try on my old ones and many of them still fit. Prob b/c some were too big for me before! I had also bought a bandeau at the 2 week mark.
Now at 9 weeks, i've dropped more and the old bras I wore before are definitely too small! Barely cover my nips, have to get rid of them. The bandeau, I now have bubble or over-fill over the top.
When they say your breasts will get smaller is really referring to right after surgery, your breasts can get pretty swollen, and will shrink some when the swelling goes down, but then may get bigger again when you "drop and fluff". (i.e. muscles and skin relaxes allowing the implant to drop down and settle in.)

Time will tell with each person. I dont think i had much swelling in the beginning so didnt see that difference too much, but someone like PerfectMe had dramatic swelling.

Long story short- you are going to go thru a boobie rollercoaster! Hehe,so dont buy too many bras too soon!

I suggest to take pics every week so you can compare and even make a comparison collage! =)
Hi I live in Panama city and I to am traveling to alabama for my implants. I am set to go in wed. I am so nervous. It looks like you went under the arm. I wanted to go under the arm but, the dr. suggusted under the breast and said he thinks it would be best for the long run. I am worried about having more pain.

I finally went bra shopping this weekend...time to...

I finally went bra shopping this weekend...time to get outta that sports bra 24/7! I went to Target and picked a 34C wireless bra first....too small. :) So, tried on a 34D and it fit perfectly. Yay! I know they'll continue to change, so I don't want to go all out buying bras quite yet! The more I read about larger implants, the more I'm thinking that maybe my size is plenty. But still...I don't think just 50cc's more woulda hurt! lol But that's probably just the boobie greed talking ;)
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