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I am a 32, a mother of 2 boys, who has decided to...

I am a 32, a mother of 2 boys, who has decided to take the step in getting implants. I had the honor and pleasure to breastfeed both boys until the age of one ( well the last son I stopped at like 13 or 14 months) but after the last go around of breastfeeding it left left me with a deflated A Now I have never really had much to began with and always contemplated breast augmentation, but really was always afraid of the unknown and thought it would be so expensive. I had a bff who recently had hers done and always said it was the best investment she has made. So, I decided to give it a try and resarch , research , research. I have a very loving and supportive hubby who advised he does not care either way and love me for me. He told me that I NEVER do anything for myself and this one time its okay to just do for me ( you know it hard when you have a family to just do for you)He has been very supportive and csring throughout this who process. He even drove me to my inital consultation which was over 2 hrs from my home. With the enocuragement of him and two other really supportive girlfriends I scheduled my surgery for March 30. I am so nervous. It was good to find a provider and staff who was willing to answer any question that I HAD and who was very professional and caring!! I AM so glad I found this website,b/c it helps calm me down and know thats its okay to do something for me for a change!! I have decided to get 400cc saline ..thank you all for sharing your stories


My surgery was February 17th with Dr Hedden in Birmingham. I did the TUBA incision also. I still haven't gotten to see my scar, because I have to wear this surgical tape for a little while longer. I am anxious to see what it will look like. Are you going to go with the TUBA?
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Yes. Angiecc it makes a world of a dr ifference when there are people to support you. @ Spark326.. how long ago did you get your surgery and how was the recovery process. I know everyone is different the doctor recommend for me to get theTUBA. Which incision site did the doctor do for you??
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We have similar stories! I also live about two hours from Birmingham. My husband was the same way yours sounds; he loved the way I was---but he is definately happy with my new additions.
I went back and forth about getting implants, like you said its a hard decision to do something just for yourself. I am so glad that I did it though. Good luck! I think you will be in good hands. :-)
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Well.. the surgery is coming up within the next...

well.. the surgery is coming up within the next few weeks and I go from being excited to anxious .. all within a 24 hr period. Now it has become totally real for me since i have paid for the services in full ! My hubby at this point think im crazy ( with me being on my emotional rollercoaster) Hopefully im not the only one..


OK It's a deal then! I'll take one tonight and post it too. :-)
  • Reply like you not brave enough to post my face either! so I will take one tonight as well and post it.. before and after !!!lol
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I'm planning on posting pics tonight with a shirt on - I'm not brave enough to be topless! maybe a tank top is a good idea. Just don't take a picture of your face if you don't want to!
I think my husband is glad I have this place so I don't bug HIM about it 24/7 LOL
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Its getting closer .. basically two weeks to go!!!...

its getting closer .. basically two weeks to go!!! yay!!! so looking forward to having my girls!!


thank you Kmac... yes.. im so crazy right now... my hubby just looks at me and shake his head!! im super obessed with boobs.. yes..friday is the big day!! we must share our stories .. i will try and post hopefully by that Monday after surgery.. i am going out of town for mines ...
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It's almost your day! How exciting!!!! I'm having mine next Wednesday so hopefully we can share our experiences. Good luck! :)
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I know fitluv.. I keep looking down and say.. after Friday of next week I wont have to look down and just seen my stomach !!! yay !! your day is approaching as well. yay us !!!!
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Wow.. I CAN not believe that this time on Friday I...

wow.. I CAN not believe that this time on Friday I WILL have my GIRLS!!! I have so many emotions right now ! I am excited, nervous, nervous , nervous ( oh, did I mention nervous) LOL,thank you all for sharing your stories ! It has really helped me know that I AM not alone with my obession with boobies or my nerves..


Good luck tomorrow!!!
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Yay you are so close, I am sooo excited for you!! The actual surgery is a breeze so don't worry!
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I am now boobielicious!!! Well, I got to the...

I am now boobielicious!!! Well, I got to the surgery center at 6:30am.. Filled out some paperwork wait for a little over an hr.. if that... went back and did a urine sample
( requirement for woman of child bering age to make sure youre not prego) then afterward got undressed, vitals, talked with the doctor about size, implant incision ( we decided to go through the belly button) and if I had any concerns or questions (marked me up during this time and pretty soon I was meeting with the CRNA and they were prepping me for my iv and my medicine. i was taken to the operating room and before I KNEW IT the mask was put on my face and I woke in the recovery room. The whole thing was really quick... I couldnt believe it was as quick as it was.. the nurses were calling my name telling me to wake up and I WAS SAYING " is this a dream, is it over already!" lol... ii went into the recovery room and preety soon was being wheeled to te car~ with my NEW GIRLS!! i Yay! The pain for me really wasnt bad at all. it feels like a alot of pressure on my chest area. ( since i went with the belly button icision I have like a bandage wrap around my stomach... I am required to wear a sports bra for two weeks so I GOT an underarmour ( it is great support so far)
the thing suggested by you all was great.
a travel pillow is a MUST!
saltine crackers
pleanty of fluid (water and gatorade)
bendable straws
MEDICATION PRESCRIBED TO ME:.. valium, loratab, antibotics, and anti -nasuea medication ( have not had to use it thus far)
Also, I am required to walk around and take deep breaths ever couple hours ( due to blood clotting )
The nursing staff and everyone at the center was very nice,and caring ! Even though I only had one consultation this was the absolute best decision to go with this PS.
Well, if I CAN i will try to update again on tomorrow ( even though I HEARD this is the wrost day) so probably on Sunday... oh yes I went with 400cc and so far so good !!!
Any questions please ask me !! I will to post pictures later ..

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Ok.. So it is the second day after the surgery and...

ok.. So it is the second day after the surgery and I HONESTLY say.. I feel pretty good ( not sure if this is due to my medication but not too bad on the pain) I had a follow-up with the doctor and he says everything is good and very little swelling , so the doctor estimate that I will have only a 5% decrease. He says everthing went great furing the surgery and want to see me back in a month ! Thank you ladies for the encoragement, it has made this process a lot easier.


thank you MrsT.. i am resting now.. got my feet up.. the kids and hubby are gone and I AM making sure that I AM doing me ... and knowing when enough is enough.. so im rest the next few days.. sleep, eat, and rest even more...
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Good. I am glad day three went okay.
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Glad your feeling so good but take it easy anyway, I felt great after my BA and over did it, paid for it the week after. Congrats on the surgery:-)
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Its day day 3 after surery, and im doing pretty...

its day day 3 after surery, and im doing pretty good. I have stopped taking the valium and hydro and just taking extra strength tynelol every 6 hours * plus the anti-biotics) im glad that im off the heavy stuff, cause something has broken me out in hives all over my arms and a little on the back on the neck. it has not spread down my arms or to my breast or anything so the nurse recommended benadryl (which I WILL take this evening)The medicine has me loopy and groogy so I am glad that its over with .This is cool for me and right now im resting before I HAVE to go back to work later this week. (Good thing I work form home and dont have to travel out .i havwe to wear this bandage over my incision over my stomach for another week or so and this back brace (not really but thats what it looks like you can see it in the picture below) for another several days and then I can take it off.. well, I WILL UPdate later .. but so far im still loving my girls and absolutely NO regrets

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Its day 4 and im feeling pretty good . I am now...

its day 4 and im feeling pretty good . I am now taking tynelol as needed and making sure I DRINK plenty of fluid. I have decided to do a "bra burning ceremony!" well, I was going to burn all my old bras in the fireplace, but since its pretty warm now I have decided to do a bra cutting ceremony!! taking all my old bras and cutting it up( My sister suggested to light up the grill and do it on there) umm.. I think I may use her suggestion!! lol. I have even marked on my calendar (alarm on the phone) to sound off for me to go bra shopping after I wear this sports bra for two weeks ... cant wait to buy cute NON PADDED BRAS!!!!

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Ok.. ladies. I am now two weeks post op. and I AM...

ok.. ladies. I am now two weeks post op. and I AM HAPPY with my BA. I had gone through a short period of regret that I HAD gone too big. I was almost in tears thinking they were too big and I should have went smaller. After I went bra shopping on last night and tried on my shirt over a bra it looked great!!! I was so happy.. I HAD TO wear a sports bra for two weeks and bought an underarmour for the most supoort ( but it also made my girls look bigger than they were) after some swelling I REALLY LOVE THE results!! I CAN not wait until they settle anD really look natural. Thanks to an amazing PS am able to wear a 34D ... Going for an A to a D is so shocking I HAD to keep looking in the mirror to make sure they were mines I felt very confident going to the dressing room and trying on the bras and even more confident when buying them. No more embarrassment about buying my bras. Bye -Bye to the itty =bitty -itty committee!!! yes !! so I am postin some updated pics.. you ladies have even given me the courage to post some without a shirt and bra!! (that is progress for me ) lol....


Your pics look great!!! Thank so much for posting them, I will post pics again just laying low for awhile from the crazy work lady!! How are you likin them so far?
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You look great! It was hard or me to post naked pics too!! But it's nice to see how everyone is progressing.
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You look fantastic! ROOLLL TIDE!!
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Okay.. so its been 5 weeks since my surgery .. I...

okay.. so its been 5 weeks since my surgery .. I went for another follow up and the doctor says everything looks great!! he says that the feel really nice as well and natural. He said I that I was a good example of how saline can feel natural as well and it was a good choice for me due to some other issues!! So, I am realy glad that they look good and feel good as well.. lol... I WILL try and post some pics pretty soon.. this was one of the best purcahses I COULD have ever made!! thanks to you ladies and this site in helping stcick with getting my girls!! im happy


You look great meme!! I had my BA done in Jan. and finally fill out clothes now too. It feels so good to not be a member of the 'itty bitty tittie committee' anymore...Lol I can see why your hubby is a happy camper. Thanks for sharing your story:-)
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thanks ladies !! for all the encouragement .. @ fitluv.. i love them,.. so does the hubby !! lol... @TCin thank you any questions fell free to ask...
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Your pictures look great. Thanks for sharing your story and being so open and honest. It really helps when I find that other have felt the same things that are going through my mind. I'm glad you a re happy because you look terrific!
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So its been two months.. and so far so good .... I...

so its been two months.. and so far so good .... I have some more pictures that I wil post... I have since started my massages every night.. I put an alarm on my phone so that I will not forget..I go back to the doctor in July ..I have actually folllowed al lthe doctors orders and waited the full 6 weeks before I started back in the gym.. it feels SO good to be back at it !!! btw, it feels good to have bobbies!!!! yay for boobies


well total price was $3050 that includes the surgery (3000) medication -($25 may have been cheaper I DO not remember) and the FLMA($25) paperwork ( I took about 4 days off. my surgery was on a Friday ) I work from home so it was easy for me to take a couple days . No, the insurance does not cover anything (except the medications) Glad you are encouraged by my story .( I was very encouraged by ladies on here as well)!!
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did insurance cover anything and is that the total price you paid, Im trying to get an idea of a budget plan, hearing your story has encouraged me to get mine done
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@yoyo .. thank you .. yes they are settling more.. I read your profile and I had buyers remorse in the beginning as well.. but i noticed I can wear a 38c or 34d.. depending on the bra.. to me you look great.. but I know you have to be happy with it .. but please give it some more time...and it a few weeks you will see even more of a difference,, but I remember after 4 weeks thinking I hope they dont look like this forever....
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Its now almost 4 months post op and I am doing...

its now almost 4 months post op and I am doing great.. my new girls look good and I AM totally happy with the results!! I am
38C/34D depending on the bra ( most are 38 c) I am happy with the feel of them and the size. Went for my last follow up the other day and the doctor told me they look good and to continue with wearing the sports bra at night and doing my massages everyday. I know its been a while, but I HAD to come on and let you all know that I am really please with the results and glad that I decided to go with my PS.


Hi meme~ Hope everything is going well. You look great in the 4 mo post op pik! The zebra bra is  VERY sexy. Hope you have many, many years of boobie bliss!!! ;))
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Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

The staff was very patient and professional. Anytime I called the office they were always willing to answer all questions I HAD. Everyone was very pleasant and had a smile on their face despite it being so early in the morning . The doctor was kind and showed genuine concern to make sure all my questions were answered ! If you are in the surrounding area, I would definitely recommend this practice as they were TOP NOTCH! Did not have to wait long at all. I was there by 6:30am and out on the road by 9:30am....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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