Vaser Lipo - 48 Y.o. Woman Upper/Lower Ab, Flanks, Inner Thighs and Knees

Growing up I was always thin. And I totally took...

Growing up I was always thin. And I totally took it for granted! But the combination of menopause, hypothyroid and taking Lexapro has proved to be insurmountable in trying to lose weight! I can lose weight, but only if I starve myself, which I just can't keep up. Everything I tried was just a short fix, and when I went back to normal life, the weight flew back on!

I researched liposuction for almost a year before actually scheduling consultations. Initially I was interested in SmartLipo and saw the first doctor about it. However, I realized that he was actually a dermatologist, and I really wanted a plastic surgeon. The second doctor had a large "Smart Lipo" sign up near his office, which let me know he was there, but it seemed sort of cheesy. I went to my consultation and I just thought that the office personnel and even the doctor seemed less than professional. I left there feeling dubious, so that wasn't good. The third consultation was with the doctor I eventually chose. His office was very nice, his staff was very professional, but still friendly, and the doctor just instilled confidence in me. He actually suggested a tummy tuck, but I chickened out... I was afraid of the recovery! Finally I went to a third plastic surgeon. I had to wait a month for the appointment because he doesn't charge for them. I arrived early for my appointment, but ended up waiting 1 hour, 40 minutes before I ever even saw him! I thought about leaving, but I'd waiting a month for the appointment! when he finally came in to see me, he quickly did the examination (like in 3 to 5 minutes) and that was it. then the nurse or whoever came in and hurredly explained the pricing to me, and that was that. I was nonplussed. It felt like they saw me as cattle or something. His price was about half of the other surgeon, but I just had a bad feeling... what if he hurried through my surgery like he had through my consult? So, I chose doc number 3. I just felt the most confident in him.

My surgery was yesterday. Afterwards, I did quite a bit of leaking, but it all stopped by morning. While I was fairly sore yesterday, I'm REALLY sore today. It is fairly uncomfortable, I must say. And the percocet really doesn't relieve the pain, it just makes me sleepy. But I'm remaining positive because I just know I'm going to love the outcome!!

One small thing... I wish I'd gotten another garment because I'm sitting here waiting around for the one I have to dry.

I'll try to continue to post because I know I found it very interesting to read other people's accounts of their recoveries. I'll also try to get around to posting photos.

So now I'm on Day 2. I slept in my bed last...

So now I'm on Day 2. I slept in my bed last night and realized that it's much harder to get up from the bed than the recliner. I'll be sleeping in the recliner tonight! Today I'm less sore than yesterday. I think I'm even less sore than the day of surgery. I have taken some Extra Strength Tylenol in lieu of the Percocet to see how it goes. I'm not sure how much it's helped, but at least I'm not really groggy. I've also noticed some itching on the edges of my numb places, so that's interesting. I don't feel like eating much, and I feel just slightly nauseated. So, all in all, I'm a but uncomfortable, but not miserable. I'll keep y'all posted!

So yesterday, I slept and slept. And slept some...

So yesterday, I slept and slept. And slept some more. I was still fairly sore, but the thing bothering me was nausea. Not bad, but uncomfortable. My doctor had given me a Rx for (I can't think of the name) as a suppository, so I took that and it knocked me OUT! I even slept through the night even though I'd slept through the day. So this morning, I felt even less sore, and now, as I write this (it's late afternoon) I can say that I'm no longer sore when I move! YEY!! I'm sore to the touch, but it's huge to be able to move without hurting. I feel exponentially better today than yesterday, and if this keeps up, I'll be great tomorrow. I am quite swollen, so I can't say that I think I look that great. Yet. I know from reading these boards that you have to be patient, and this is only Day 4 post-op.

I'm extremely interested in knowing your story. I'm 47 and will be 48 in September, thinking of Smart Lipo but now I just discovered Vaser Lipo? Saw my Plastic Surgeon today about Smart Lipo and got my estimate...expected the cost, but I'm having a hard time believing the my older stretched skin will truly be transformed enough for me to consider it worthwhile. I'm phyically active, athletic actually. But I've had the yoyo of losing 125 lbs 3 times in my life leaving me with loose skin and some fat that just won't disappear no matter how much I work out of watch my diet. I'm 5'9", avg sz 4 to 6. Any info is greatly appreciated, including who your surgeon is. I love my surgeon, he did my breast augmentation and extended tummy tuck w/ a tad of lipo approx. in 2003. Thank you and I hope your results produce a rockin' body!

I'm back! Now I'm on day 25! i can't...

I'm back! Now I'm on day 25! i can't believe how quickly it's gone. At this point, I really have no pain on moving except a little in my inner thighs. I'm sore to the touch still on my flanks, less so on my stomach. I developed a rash on my inner thighs and called the nurse. She thought it was maybe from the compression garment not fitting well... it became too big within a week or so. She suggested that I not wear the Stage 2 garment I bought online until the rash goes away, and to put some cortisone cream on it as it was a bit itchy. So, I've been without a garment now for over a week, so I'm fairly swollen. Worse by the end of the day than in the morning. My upper abs continue to be awesome!! Woo-hoo! I don't feel that that area is very swollen. But the flanks and inner thighs probably are (at least I hope so!). Maybe if I had been wearing the garment it'd be different, but who knows. The big news is that I can cross my legs the way I used to! Know what I mean? I don't have to sort of half-way cross them with the outer edge of one knee on the other knee... I can cross the whole thing so that both outer edges touch! that means that I have substantially less fat on my knees/inner thighs!! Yey! So I took some photos this weekend, but I simply cannot get them to download off my camera onto my computer. (new camera). I'll keep trying because I know it was very interesting to me to see people's photos. The journey continues...

Well, I'm getting 3 different opinions before I make up my mind. My ex plastic surgeon, who I love, but he isn't doing much cutting anymore and I want an honest opionion - I may need to be cut, that would be a whole other consideration. I just don't want to spend $1000s and be unhappy. I'm seeing Maureen Meunke? Not thrilled with her just the way I was treated on the phone, have a feeling this isn't going to work out. My last consult is with Dr. Hedden, his wife was just so helpful and nice, I have a feeling I will end up there if the fit is right. I've seen Dr. Grotting in the past and basically my only issue with him, besides he's about the most expensive PS in Birmingham, is he wanted to completely do a overhaul on my body, completely!!!! Very unnecessary and I don't ever think you should suggest things that a patient doesn't ask about. I'm happy with a great deal of what's going on, but he basically told me everything was out of wack, my face, butt, arms, nose, chin, legs, back...he was full of it. I'm not being boostful, but 80% of that didn't need to be touched at all and the other 20%, well if I was Ivana Trump I may consider it. Just didn't like that he was being a PS pusher. I'm not a plastic person, just trying to fix those things I don't have any control over. Some facial surgery will definately be in my future, but it will never be a complete face lift and I'm very fortunate to have youthful skin/appearance...very few lines, no wrinkles and I'm close to my 48th. Thanks, Cheryl
Hey! Thanks for your reply! Sorry I've taken so long to reply back. First of all, CONGRATS on that weight loss! Awesome! And to be 5"9" and 4 or 6... that's ideal! But I know if there are some stubborn spots that are bugging you, it doesn't matter your size, right? Here's the main difference between us: I started out a size 12! So I'll bet that I had a lot more fat to have removed than you do! And from what I researched, it's easier and safer to remove more with Vaser vs. SmartLipo. So you really might want to stick with SmartLipo if your areas are small and you really like your PS. Both Vaser and Smart Lipo say they'll stimulate collagen production in the skin, but I've found a decent amount of research that says it's actually inconclusive, so I think you're probably right to be concerned about loose skin . At this point, I haven't developed any loose skin... I had some after my hysterectomy above my scar, and it's still there. I have to admit, I've been lucky in the skin department so far in my life, despite 2 big babies later in life. However, I'm still fairly swollen so we'll see if that luck lasts when it goes down! Keep me posted! p.s. I went to Dr. Grotting.

OK! So yesterday was 7 weeks. And in the last...

OK! So yesterday was 7 weeks. And in the last week or so I've noticed a big change in terms of the swelling in my flanks area going down! Yey! As I write, I'm wearing some jeans that a month ago I still couldn't! My knees are AWESOME! They are actually thin! My upper thighs no longer rub together, which is GREAT! I didn't have lipo done on my outer thigh or rear end, but it wouldn't have been a bad idea as my shape is now very different than I'm used to... but I look nice and curvy! I've dedicated myself to working out and dieting because I want to lose 10 pounds. I bet if I do that it'll look like I actually lost 20 because of the lipo! One really weird thing is that I developed psoriasis mainly on my inner thighs! It's also on the entrance wounds and some other places where I had lipo! I had no idea that this could happen. It showed up around 1 week or so after the procedure. At my 4 week app't I (obviously) talked to my PS about it, but he didn't know what it was, but opined that it wasn't related to the surgery. He suggested that I see my dermatologist, which I did. She took a biopsy, which came back as psoriasis. She said that trauma can cause psoriasis and prescribed some steroid cream which worked wonders within a few days. I'm just really hoping that this will be my only bout with psoriasis. Seriously! Besides the psoriasis and a bit of residual flank swelling, the only other lingering side effect of the surgery at this point is bruising on my inner thighs. It really just looks like my skin is discolored, but it looks better every week. I'm still a bit tender to touch on my flank/hip area, but not too bad. Between about 4 weeks and 6 weeks I was starting to wonder if maybe it hadn't really worked for me because I was still just about the same size that I was before surgery. But now, a week or so later, I'm a size smaller!! I think I started out at a size 12 and 1/2 (12s were starting to get snug), but now I'm comfortable in my 10s! Woo-hoo! And when I lose the 10 pounds I'm going to be so happy! I decided not to post photos yet because I didn't take any before shots (duh!) and the photos I've taken don't really show much difference between 3 weeks and 7 weeks...the difference is there, but it just doesn't look like it for some reason (photographer error, I'm sure). If I can get my befores from my PS, I'll post them with all of the afters.
I just got vaser Lipo Done on my lower abs,sides (waist ). It's been a week since the surgery which went well. However, I am in a substanial amount of pain. I can tolerate it but never the less. I'm also very swollen and I feel as though I'm carrying around a 5lb medal weight on my belly. I can see some difference and know that it takes time to recover. But some how I can't help but think. "Is this going to shrink some more"? because for some reason I thought that I would be able to see a bit more results hummm! Can some one assure me that this pouch will look more like a change purse soon. And that this numbness I feel will also subside.
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