I'm scheduled for a full tummy tuck, lipo flanks...

I'm scheduled for a full tummy tuck, lipo flanks and revision of smart lipo on August 16! I am super excited to say the least.

Over the past 21 months I've changed my lifestyle, lost 40 lbs, work out (cardio, pilates, kickboxing, tone/sculpt, zumba, cardio step and intervals) 5-6 days a week averaging 1 1/2 - 2 hrs each day, eating health(ier) and finally started enjoying my life and body. I mean who says at 48 you have to stop life, right? :). Honestly, I can say I am healthier, look and feel better than I did at 28 (Minus the wrinkles) I know at 28 I could not run a 5k!

So a little back ground info before we start.
I've always been a big girl- nothing petite here. 5'6" 164 lbs currently between size 10-12. I'm not looking to be a size 4. But I am aiming for making my 10's rock! Realistically I am, however, aiming for the extra sagging skin and stretch marks (which looks like the bird on the hood of an 80's Trans Am) on my lower tummy to be no more, my abdomen and waist tighter, my stretched out belly button (which looks like its screaming ) to be small, oval (and hopefully cute), flank area slimmer (saying bye, bye to muffin top-oh ya!) and some small areas on legs where I had smart lipo previously, revised a tad. I feel these are within reason. My goal is for my clothes to fit smoother, my curves more proportionate to the rest of my body (yep, I'm a curvy girl ;) and get some assistance where the gym work outs have not fully impacted.

I didn't think I would be as excited as I am - but seriously I couldn't hardly sleep the night after I scheduled!

i am using Dr Schaffer at Hedden Plastic Surgery again. I really like his work (peri-areolar lift and augmentation last November- and I love my amazing breast!!). HSP Center is great, I love the staff, the facility is beautiful and the wait time is reasonable, they take time answering my questions or concerns, costs are competitive. I have been pleased with procedures Dr Schaffer has done previously and completely trust them to take care of me.

Prior to my consultation, I had done some research, so my questions were not extensive. On the day of my consult He checked me out, we discussed all the things that go with surgery (risks, expectations, recovery,how many days i will be out of work, etc..) I was shown where my incision would be (I'm 48, but I like my scars small, thin and as out of sight as possible- I know it vain but is still a preference). Also, my biggest dread (screaming voice) drains! I hate them :) but.... They do a great job at what they are designed for and help get the best results- so I'm just dandy with them (still don't like them though!) the drain will stay in until I'm getting less than 40cc fld in 24 hrs. I had a great idea, I asked if he could just pull them before I wake up! Lol.

So, for those who don't know me (lol- i guess all of ya) I like to plan ahead, grab the bull by the horns and not leave anything to take me by surprise if possible. That being said, i've increased my workouts/changed up my calories hoping to shed the last 7 pounds which don't have desire to "leave home", my time off has been requested for 12 days (I tolerate things pretty well and my job is not strenuous). Hotel has been booked. Driver is reserved (she doesn't know it yet, but I'm treating her with a Spa day at Spa Greystone (part of HPS Center) while I'm being trimmed and toned (hehe) :), check up/labs scheduled with my GP on July 17, down payment made and i will pay the balance in a couple weeks, extra compression garment has been ordered and I have a grand collage of dream belly buttons to take with me. Sigh.....

If I get brave, I might post pics :D
So the count down begins.
I'm excited for you. I have a really good friend that just recently got her TT/Lipo done 3 weeks ago. She healed quite fast, in fact she makes the process seem very easy. Luvmy3jays You can hit her page with questions/concerns you may have as you approach your big day. I can't wait. I'm shooting for December. Good luck.
Thanks! I'll do that! i almost did a couple surgeries at once- then changed my mind. I had smart lipo done last winter and after was so glad I had my breast surgery at a different time. That to me was way more uncomfortable than my lift and augmentation! The compression garment was snug and hard to maneuver, with breast surgery pulling it up would have seen a challenge. I heal fast ( I don't have time to be down,lol) I think December will be great. You'll be completely healed from your augmentation.
Good luck with your surgery

Grand Collage of Belly Buttons ~ Wow at the possibilities! :) excited!!!

I'm counting down the days until my new tummy arrives~ 54!!! This is new for me, so being the person I am, I must prepare as much as I can. So I've been browsing pictures of belly buttons as much as I did breast! I've found some I liked a lot and some I really did not.
I've got a nice little folder with my dream belly buttons in it, labeled No Peeking :) lol. So far I think I added about 35, but have gone through and removed the ones that didn't jump up and grab my attention and appeal as much. Wondering if its ok to ask for a certain type bb... My dream belly button is small, oval, and could fall in the "cute" category. I know I hope I don't get a round one, those really don't appeal to me at all. I hope my scar is low and thin too. I scar pretty well, so am expecting al to be great.
I stepped up my work outs 4 weeks ago. In addition to regular classes ( 1 1/2 - 2 hrs) in the evenings, I'm running or doing intervals during lunch. I'm also doing extra arm/ leg strengthening. 5-6 days a woke, taking one and sometimes two days off. Before my breast surgery I had good abdominal tone and it helped tremendously in my recovery and mobility. Hoping same is true for my TT!
I've lost .4lbs. Not what I'd like, but still something is better than nothing, right? I tend drift from 164-167 and sometimes it's just in a days time. I would like to be at 155-157 when I have surgery. Will see :)
Been looking for a pic for me before I started losing- funny, must have been avoiding cameras, lol. Will get some pics up in a couple days :)

8 weeks from today I'll be sporting new tummy! Have dream belly button and scar picked out :) whew!

With much trepidation, I have decided to post some pics of myself and a small portion of my journey. I hate more than anything to show what I look like! Yuk!!! But when I see where I was and where I am now- it is encouraging. I know I'm not perfect, but for the first time in my life I like seeing myself and do not fear buying clothes!
Little more back ground:
Like I said before, I've never been small. I think I was born big! Since i was in my early 20's I've said i wanted breast and lipo. My legs have always been huge and greatly out of proportion to the rest of My body. Very small on top and wala! huge on the bottom :( My left leg (and hip) was quite a bit larger ( several inches) because of 2 hip surgeries I had when I was 9 yrs i had odd deposits of fat around the incision. Earlier this year I had smart lipo and the raised scar was trimmed and my legs were contoured more symmetric.
I'm 48, mom and a gram, a nurse, wife - some of the hats I wear :) 20 months ago I decided to change my lifestyle and become healthier. Going to the gym has become a daily routine ( I take 1 day off). I've went from 200 lbs (honestly, may have been more- that was the last time I weighed) to 162.4 today! Ya me!!! Size 18's to 10/12's :)
Now for the important stuff.
After many hours ( i do mean hours!) of pouring over TT's I have settled on what I'd like my new dream belly button and scar to look like :) whew! That was hard work! I do know I'd like a small, oval shaped belly button :) I've seen at hundreds ( maybe 1000's) and keep coming back to the oval ones. I'd love for my scar to be low, symmetric and hidden with low undies.
I'm still not happy about getting a drain, but have come to terms with it. I'm thinking of naming her Arabella, because she will help make my TT beautiful :) also, if I have to spend time with something foreign attached to me, might as well name it, right? If I wake up with twins, not sure what number two will be.
I went shopping last week and forced myself not to buy anything until after I heal- that was hard! I am a shopper, it's therapy, makes me smile- I like to know where my money is- Right in my closet!
Tuesday I will pay the balance of surgery and get it out of the way. Ya!!

More pictures

Ya, i draThe camera really is not friendly I have decided that cameras are not a girls best friend!! Just saying.
Sarav59- looking good, girl :) so happy for you!!

Interesting bit of information I learned about girl parts and TT's

So today was interesting. I learned something new that sort of had my mouth open and my mind going "say what?"

I started laser hair removal after my BA last winter. Mainly because there were so many valleys and hills under my arms that I'd never had before and shaving was sort of, umm, let's say challenging. I could not get the importants shaved clean and sleeveless summer tops was right around the corner!

Well, if you're going to do laser hair removal under the arms, may as well do bikini area too, right? Nothing worse than razor bumps on the girl parts and OMG waxing is just cruel and unusual punishment!!! :( But a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do!

I told my laser tech (while she was doing my treatment mind you) I was scheduled for TT in August. She was excited for me, then said "it's a good thing you're doing laser hair removal- you know your girl parts are going to be raised up, if you had not done hair removal- the hair line would be way up here" That was the part where my mouth came open, and I did a "What the heck did you say" kind of face. She started laughing and asked if that was news to me. Why, yes, it's news! But after thinking about it, I can totally see why.

So now I know my girl parts will be raised some and bikini line may be in good shape still as we went a little low.

Just when I thought there couldn't be any more tid bits that surprise me :)

This week has been some what overwhelming. I have been getting my stuff ready for surgery and making arrangements at work for my clients to be covered while I'm out. Day before yesterday I felt panic and started to worry that my body would not respond good, I'd look horrible, possibly sagging skin (which is legit), will my scar be low, will I have dog ears, will my belly button be cute, infection, getting my work out routine back, intimacy, waiting for the play ground to open ( that long, really???) you name it - I thought it, then worried about it! I had so many crazy thoughts about everything and anything- I even worried my doctor would have me as last case, skip lunch and country music would be playing in the OR (I do love me some country music though!). After several days of this, and my face broke out like I was 15 again (seriously??? At 48?) I realized I was just hormonal, the crazy thoughts were just goofy hormones and this too shall pass :) ! So now all that is in perspective, it's all good. LOL

Seriously in sincere honesty, I am very grateful for the opportunity to finally after, really all my life, taking care of others I am finally taking care of me.

I had gotten to the place where I was miserable with myself in many area. I started with the healthy lifestyle: making better choices, counting calories, consistent exercise, learning to pick my battles, less stress, learning to laugh again - to having BA/BL (sigh.... I <3 my breast) and now getting my TT/ lipo. These are things I've wanted since my early 20's but never could.

I am loving me, inside and out. Is a good feeling.

I want to encourage you ladies who have put off "you" time and neglected yourself because you are a caregiver, busy mom, sole support, you name it- take care of yourself. Take time to laugh with friends, be healthy, paint your toes or what ever you need to feel good about you. In the end, after you've given to everyone else- you are the only one that can make change within yourself.

Yes, all the things you are doing are greatly important, don't stop what you need to do in order to help others. But in addition, find that time to take care of that very important girl in your life, You! I promise when you put yourself a little higher up on the important list- you'll be a better person and be able to care for others more effectively- it adds new meaning to life. Been there, done that, bought the tee to prove it :) (((((hugs)))))

#thankful #happygirl #livelife #noregrets

Good luck!
Thank you Solesister :) are you up for one too?
My consult is the day of your surgery. I hope to schedule soon after that, so not far behind you!

TT date moved up to Aug 6!! :D

I went to my Dr's office today for Botox and while I was there found out my TT date needed to be changed. My new date is August 6. Wow, that's only 26 days!
While there I was able to ask my list (I have an app for that ;) of questions. Dr Schaffer took a lot of time answering each one (Thanks, Dr S.! I really appreciate it!)
I am even more comfortable with my procedures than before and Dr Schaffer said I was a good candidate for a TT. As you know I have been stressing over my new BB- not any more. He drew a picture of how it would look and the incisions. I think it's going to be cute!!! Excited to meet my new BB.
I will only have 1 JP drain. Ya!
He also uses Exparel if requested and said he has found it to be helpful the initial post op days. So I plan to purchase this. To me, extra comfort the initial post-op days will be worth the little extra cost. As a nurse, I know that abdominal surgery is uncomfortable the first 72 hours- this will help a lot in recovery. Ya!!
In fact, every question I had was answered thoroughly and now I am even more at ease than ever!
No additional weight loss since June 28. But still working at it diligently.
My Arnica, Bromelian and Turmeric came. Will start taking Arnica pre-op.
One life event that changed suddenly for me is, I was offered a new job. I was approached and offered this new position, salary requirements were met and the office I am going to is ok with me taking off for my surgery. Couldn't ask for anything better. Has been a great day!
Well, ladies, that's all for now! TTYL :)
Cool! Your date is so close!! Congrats on the transition into the new job, too. It sounds like your new job is going to alleviate a lot of stress and provide more balance in your life. I was worried about the BB more than anything else, including the incision. I'm like, what dog ear??(it really is a monster on my left hip,lol) but the BB is all good! Relief! Good luck with yours- I'm glad your ps drew it and showed you what things were going to be like. Did you know these ps's actually go to classes or seminars to learn new techniques on belly buttons? My doc teaches other docs how to do it. I had no idea they got updates on things like that. Anyway, I'm counting down days with you!! :)
Oh--and I'm going to get laser hair removal- you've convinced me. I just hope it's not super expensive!
Rubix, ya I knew they did CEU stuff to further education. Dr S said the technique he uses will result in a heart shaped BB- a little hooded at top and oval towards the bottom- much like the one I have now :) really excited to see it! With laser hair removal, check around and make sure the one doing it is certified, how long experienced and if the have packages. I use the facility where my PS is, they have a spa upstairs. I've been happy with it- the last time I went it had been 4 weeks and I was just beginning to see where I would need to shave! Prob one more treatment and will be done :) They recommend every 4-6 weeks to laser new hair follicles as they are in a certain growth stage. I do mine every 4. Have had 4 treatments, will end up with a total of 5 or 6 total I think. No more. Seems like sweating has decreased some to, huge in this sweet southern Alabama sunshine :) Let me know what you think if you get it!

15 days pre-op. excited!!! Supplies I'll use pre-post

Several ladies have emailed me and asked what supplies i will be using so thought i'd put them in a post.
I won't buy a lot ( still have a couple things to get) but I can tell you what's on my list. I will only get the things I know it'll use for sure - save that money to buy a new pair of jeans to fit my new curves ;)
hibiclense pre-op (antibacterial soap is fine) I just prefer hibiclense - I'll wash with this (or the antibacterial soap) for 5 days prior to surgery. Helps decrease infection.
4x4 gauze ( not sterile) several packages- use for cleaning and covering incisions as needed)
Antibacterial soap for cleaning incisions post-op (don't use peroxide- kills good and bad germs- sometimes leads to infections)
alcohol ( to pat on incisions to dry moisture after shower- helps keep steri strips on longer )
Hand held shower head (already have)
Cheap lawn chair ( to use in shower to sit in while showering) Paper tape
Large Sanitary pads- I'm having smart lipo - these work good to absorb drainage and are cheap
Extra stage 1 and 2 compression garment ( you can take them off and go without while washing by I swell bad and it feels better with one on all the time ( had a little lipo done once) the garments are supposed to air dry to keep the integrity of the materials and it takes several hours ). The stage 2 I get is very comfortable and ill wear it when I return to work maybe up to a couple months until swelling stops.
Vitamin C 1000 mg time released
Arnica (pre-op 5 -7 days prior)
Bromelian (post op for swelling)
Heating pad
Stool softener (I'll start that the day of surgery)
Gas x or other simethicone product
Silicone strips for incision (ill start that as soon as Dr says I'm good to)
Few extra large safety pins to secure drain to binder
Palmer's Coco butter
Gatorade (lower sugar/ salt) for the first 3 days to replenish my electrolytes - helps with lipo)
I'm using extra extra large pillows to keep my head raised instead of a bed wedge so I can sleep in my own bed. Then use bed pillows to elevate my knees/legs. My back hurts if I try and sleep In a recliner :( this way I can sleep in my back, tilted on my side and be more comfortable. I've actually done this and for me works.
Food items: Greek yogurt, low sodium soups, berries, nuts, protein powder (I don't eat meat), lots of cut up fresh veggies for snacking, whole grain english muffins, liquid eggs, alternate bagels, greek cream cheese, (I'll eat pretty light, heavy foods after surgery are hard to digest causing gas and the pain meds constipation). (I know I eat weird!)
tons of greens/ fruits/ veggies for my smoothies- I don't juice but blend. (Some i will blend and freeze in ide trays for. Easier access later) Good nutrition!
Down loaded ebooks
Started recoding movies and shows I will enjoy catching up on.
Will study training modules for my new job :)
Continuing education for my license
I may get a toilet raiser- is hard to get up from sitting position after and surgery.
Clothes: I have a bunch workout pants, tees until I return to work the. I'll use maxi dresses.
Much of what I will use I already have, like I said I am only going to buy what is necessary. May add an item or two along the way. Hope it helps. :)
These next two weeks are going to fly by! My last day at my current job is Monday 7-29. Surgery 7-30! Much to do :) gotta leave so who ever follows me at my current job can job jump right in and never miss a beat.
I'm a firm believer you work your very best, excel I all you do and when you leave- leave with such a positive impression they are sad to see you go and would welcome your return at anytime :) just my thoughts :D
Have a beautiful Sunday, ladies!
I don't eat much meat either, and I wish I'd thought of protein shakes. Ate a lot of cottage cheese, and fish. I like meat, but afraid to cook it the right way (raised 7th Day Adventist). I'll eat it at restaurants too. But I just don't think I ate enough protein and that's very important :(
I keep up with my intake on myfitnesspal. Really helps as I am horrible about not getting enough! I use GNC lean shakes100 calories, 12.5 for protein, 1/2 gr sugar in 1 scoop. Or Hemp pro 50- tons of omegas, 15 gr protein -
Thank you for telling me about that. I really do need to pay more attention to how I eat. For awhile I was trying to bulk up a little so I was mixing muscle milk shakes but those made my stomach sick. I'll try yours!

10 days to go. 50 shades of super excitement!!!

I only have 10 days to go! Time is flying by. I mean really flying!

2 days ago I had my yearly physical. Dr said I was in great health, heart rate was nice and slow, I was a sweetie (made me laugh) and he was proud of how I have lost weight- the right way. Made me happy! All my labs were perfect! Couldn't ask for better :) Once I got the labs back, I faxed them to Dr Schaffer's office- they needed them pre-op.

Today I went for my pre employment drug screen (I passed!! Ya!! Lol) and physical. I think I've had my quotas of physicals- ya think? If some thing was missed the first time, there was grand opportunity to catch it the second. :) every thing i have has has been looked at, poked, prodded, examined, you name it- it was done. Guess I'm good to go!

All supplements were stopped last Saturday. I am only taking what my PS has given the ok for. Multivitamin, vitamin C, EzFe (iron), Maxim D and b12 injections. 4 days preop i'll start Arnica.

Work has been a little sappy (sad and happy) I'm sad to leave my position as I love what I do - but I am really excited to start my new job as an office coordinator. I've had several conversations with the practice I am going with, seems like its going to be a great fit! One good thing is, i'm staying in the same field - maternal medicine/women's health with is my favorite part of medicine! I am feeling some stressed over leaving my current job- my case load is 346 open cases and 42 pending so its pretty big (only supposed to be 300). I am trying to make notes and get things over caught up ( if that's possible) so none of my girls have any interruptions in their care. Hoping someone will be brought in next week for me to start training.

I'm super excited about my surgery. Weird, I don't feel nervous at all. I am very curious as to what I'll look like afterwards and how my clothes will fit. Still stoked about my belly button- I heard Dr Schaffer does great on them. Hoping my incision is low and symmetrical- not sure why that's so important to me, but it is. Maybe I have a secret obsession with incisions and bb's. lol

Oh, almost forgot to tell you- I've lost 4.2 lbs in the pas couple weeks :) ya!!!!

Well, not long now 10 days and counting down. This girl is 50 shades of super excitement!!

Laters~ D.
Will be thinking about you on day of surgery!! You will look great!! :)
Oh thank you! That Means a lot to me :). I hope so, having to trust my Dr to make me fab ;) (well, fab for me, hehe) Thanks again, girl!
Almost here....as organized and proactive as you are...I'm certain by now, you're just twiddling your fingers...counting down the days. :-) I'm excited for you!!

All giggles today

So I'm all giggles today (kinda silly I suppose) but my pre-op book came in the mail, making my soon to be surgery day more real :D and excited knowing I'm just days away from my TT.
The booklet is really nice. Professionally done, filled with almost every thing I could imagine ranging in instructions, informed consents, facts, and to "what to do incase"! Nice... it's filled with information specifically regarding MY case, not just general info and had things I hadn't know was important to know. This really made me happy. They answered so many questions I've seen RealSelfers asking each other. I really like my surgeons office, they just think of everything!

I read it cover to cover, flagged something I didn't know that I plan to ask about. I must say, I really enjoyed getting this!

Although I've had my pre-op, took the incredibly long list of questions (which I may add my Dr very patiently answered each one) along with my belly button dilemma (which he solved immediately with drawings and explanations :) This has helped me feel even more prepared and ready for Tuesday.

Thanks guys! I appreciate you sending this!
It's close!!! I'm so excited for you!!!
I know!!! :) thank you imasweetie!
5 days!!! Yey! Sounds like your ps. practice is on top of things, too! You are going to be brand new! :)

To Spanx or not to Spanx

Good morning beautiful ladies! Hope you woke up, stretched, smiled real big and now are well on your way to rocking your world :D

In case anyone needs to know this information, I'm sharing. I like Spanx and use it as daily wear under my clothing from hose to other garments. But for PO i personally prefer a little more compression and longer leg length because my legs tend to swell by the end of the day. So post-op It's not to Spanx for me, hehe

I've used Marena compression garments in the past- loved them! Feel lovely, soft and lay nice under clothes. (I personally feel better with CG on the first couple months PO).

Well, this time I ordered Isavela (stage 1&2) for several reasons. I thought if I am not in love, I still have time to exchange them for Marena.

I really like them. The stage 1 has a nice, soft flap that lays against your skin where the zipper is, strong hook/eye closures with a zipper on top- when I tried it on, it really seemed to help with the snug closure with the zipper! I like not having to stuff, zip, stuff, zip, stuff.... Lol. With Isavela, it's click, click,click, click, ziiiiiiiiiiiip :) nice.......

The stage 2 I was worried about as the reviews all said it ran very small. I ordered both CG according to my exact measurements (no story telling on this, haha) and it fits perfect!

The material is soft, smooth, seams appear flat and I think it will lay nicely under my clothes. The fit is snug but not tight and one thing i was pretty impressed with was the abdominal piece had two layers and appears to have a much nicer support than i expected! The waist is 3" on both and seem it won't roll. The bottom has pretty lace trim and a strip of silicone to keep the legs in place. Both have openings to do your business ;) one thing I really like about the openings, is they appear a good size. One previous garment had such a huge hole- all of my girl parts and most of my butt cheeks stuck out and looked ummmmm... . Really weird to say the least under clothing. These openings seem a good size- enough space to to business but not overexposure. Overall, I am happy. Thougt I'd share incase anyone needed CG reviews :)

Have a happy, sunny day ladies! Remember, YOU are beautiful and smart. Own your space, rock your world and don't ever let anyone or anything steal your laughter. D.
Great info. You sound very prepared. Which model of the isavela CG did you recommend? It sounds so comfy. I'm in search of a stage 2 and wanted zipper closure but heard how uncomfortable the zipper on the side can be
High Waist Abdominal Below Knee Compression Girdle- Stage 1 MMH ID: 93841; Brand: Isavela; Model No: GR05 And. High Waist Abdominal Below Knee Compression Girdle- Stage 2 MMH ID: 93842; Brand: Isavela; Model No: GR06 They are $75.00 each but there is a 15% off coupon. The last time I bought Marena (110.00) high waisted below knee (not ankle) and really liked it- I decided to try the Isavela because it had good reviews and was less money. The Merana waist seems a little higher. But both appear really good. I like the Isavela has a double layer of compression on the abd and hip area too. I swell really bad and the CG is helpful to me. I will wear mine for prob several months. After I had lipo- I was just miserable - not hurting but just swollen, tight and very bruised ( for my TT Tuesday I'm starting Arnica today to hopefully help with bruising this time). That being said- it would not have mattered what I wore, everything made me uncomfortable, lol. My binder was my bad boy! I hated it but wore it anyways for the results. The Isavela and Marena both have a soft flap between your skin and zipper for comfort. I also put a soft cotton tank under my binder and CG for comfort.
Thanks for the info. I'm leaning more towards MMH ID: 93691. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery!

Count down to new tummy, BB and no more <3 handles, ya!!!

The last hours of my count down to surgery has begun. Officially in the >48 hours window :)

No nerves (yet) just pretty darn excited! And ready to be healed up and back to life, lol.

Yesterday (3 days pre-op) I cleaned house, washed clothes, paid bills (yuk!) and double checked my items needed- all were there. Oh, I started my Arnica too. Then I went for a pedi and a mani :) French tip with the cutest silver, black and white design! My nails just have clear with white tips- figured I'll probably have to take it off- but right now-they're pretty cute!! I love being a girl!!!! Sigh........ ;)

Today I'll pack my little bag for our stay in Birmingham. It's only 1 hr 15 minutes but my Dr wants us with in 20 minutes from his office incase anything comes up. We usually stay at Hampton 280 E eagle Point. Is always nice, staff is amazing and it's literally 3 minutes away for his office.

Since I'll be the one mostly responsible for my meds and logging drainage, I made a neat chart with my meds, dose, and time, one for each day. On the same chart I have a place for logging drainage. Reason for this is I will be mostly responsible for taking meds on time. I'm weird about taking stuff too soon, was kindly accused of being "OCD in a good way" this week, Had to laugh! So I will set my alarms, dose at the correct time and whaa la - back to sleep I'll go. Done it before and is a good workable plan for me, maybe not everyone one.

Tomorrow is my last day at my current employer. Sad to say good bye to co-workers but super excited to start my new job. Lots to do and learn! I have some training modules for the EHR and Meaningful Use guidelines I will be studying while out. Sounds fun, huh?

Well, ladies, I'm off for now. Have a great day and ttyl!
Tomorrow's the big day!!!!! I wish I could come help you!! My kids are always like, who are you texting? I tell them, I'm writing to my friend d37 (they think it's so funny I've made friends through this) and I tell them, her surgery is about to happen! Well, it's exciting! :) have a wonderful day!
I know, can't believe it finally here (so glad it was moved from the 16!) I fully understand, you guys have become my friends and support group :) the only people I've told is my sisters and they can't come :( but is ok. I just didn't want to say anything to people unless they needed to know. Not embarrassed at all, just didn't have anyone I felt close enough to to tell. The Dr I'm going to work for asked point blank what kind of surgery and then guessed- could lie, so he knows too. Ugh!! Oh well... Down side of medical field, huh? Lol Tell your babies my real name is Devora but my special mission name is D37, but it's top secret, tell them don't give away her identity. Lol. I will leave for Birmingham right after work today. They are to call my later today from Dr Schaffer's office to let me know where I am in the surgery schedule. Probably last as I'm a big case- meaning not a simple BA. Would love to be first since I'm usually up by 4:00-4:30. Thank you so much for the sweet good morning note! Means alot :). Pray no infection, no clots, no complications, pushing it if i were to say no pain? Lol. ((((hugs))))
Do like the toes...You should be able to keep the toes polished...and maybe the fingernails since it is clear. Just check with PS...

Last morning home for a couple days. Off to Birmingham after work

It's is my last morning home for a couple days. We will leave right after work for Birmingham. Check in hotel, bum around the city some (I will not shop, I will not shop, I will not shop- remind me if i forget ;) and enjoy the evening.

Took day before pictures. Weight, measurements, check.

Packed bags in car. Check. Medicine and med log. Check. Check.

Guess I'll scoot off to work and say layers to my sweet friends and co-workers at the hospital and office. I really have some great people I work with, hope the relationships keep :(

Here is where I am in weight/measurements day before surgery. You guys, don't laugh, be kind. I feel huge!!! But not nearly where I was. I figured out the last 20 months I've lost 24% body weight! That's even after adding my 5 lb amazing silicone breasts :)
Was thinking about you this AM. Hope all is good .. First time you feel that flat tummy ... It is the best!!!
Hope you ate in recovery by now. Welcome to the flat side!!! Take care girl.
Good luck tomorrow :)

Done!!! :) yippee skippie!

Just got back from surgery. Went good (as I was told) . Pain is not bad at all. Sore. About to eat and take meds. 1 drain, filling up fast will strip and drain it soon. Sleepy. Will write more in a bit. ttyl D. :)
Yeyyyyy!! Rest rest rest! I can't wait till you feel better!
Thanks, girl! I am. My schedule has been take meds, drink, eat, walk, toilet, nap, repeat :) The only time I feel actual pain is when I get up or lift my legs when laying down. I have figure a system and not that's not bad. Thank you for thoughts, prayer and cheers! :)
Glad you made it through!

My "walking track"

Taking short walks in the hotel. But once every 1 1/2 - 2 hours going on a "stroll", lol posted a pic of my loooooong hall :)

Hoping the walking gets the soreness out quickly and will help to prevent complications.

So far, my pain is managed exceptionally well!! Pleasantly surprised :)

Quit a bit of drainage in my JP drain- but I don't think it's abnormal by any means. Shod start to slow soon.

I am taking an Ambien tonight for sleep. Also taking lortab, antibiotics, phenergn (prn), Arnica, bromelian, stool softener (incase i need it). And vitamins.

Eyes are getting sleeping
Laters..... D.
So happy for you!!!!! I was thinking about you as I was leaving my training this morning at 11am..I thought, d37 is in SX. :-) I'm taken away..you're posting "day of SX", & walking w/ manageable pain..wow..impressive. Rest Well! I'll be in touch.
I'm impressed too :) was prepared for much worse. And it may get worse, but for right now- I'm enjoying the slight discomfort :) (that's weird to say, drugs??? Lol)

Picture I forgot to load.... .(

Good morning, my friends

Good morning, my sweet friends! First of all i want to say you guys totally rock! You have no idea how much your checking up on me and well wishes meant! Thank you!!!

Ok, now what you want to know, how am I really doing? Right? I'm doing fantastic!! I'm pleasantly surprised at how well I feel and the lack of discomfort I'm having! Really!!!!

I have been walking (hunched over of course ;) watched a little Rozzoli and Isles last night. Ate, no nausea (I did take a phenergan with my first pain pill), slept well in bed with stacks and stacks of pillows, pain is not really pain- more soreness. My lower back feels achy because of how I'm standing, but over all I really feel good!

I haven't peeked at my incision yet, will go for post-op this morning and if they change bandages I might get to see :)

My tummy is very tight- I'm standing almost at a 45 degree angle :) funny looking. But hey, getting around!

Day if surgery:
I arrived at 8:00 got checked in, they took me back with in 45 minutes. My nurse, Wynn (she's a sweetie), did pregnancy and nicotine test, asked all the questions, started IV, anesthesia came discussed my H&P, Dr S came and marked me up answered the last of my questions, then very soon after I went to OR. One thing they didn't do this time as they had before, I was given something to make me "not care" in my IV before walking in OR- this time i didnt have it. I started to feel some anxious as i went in OR, all the equiptment and faces i didnt know. i got on the table and had to place my arms on the arm boards (that's when I freaked a little inside) I asked that my arms not be strapped down until I was asleep (personal reasons) which they said was fine, so I immediately relaxed. I breathed in my little mask and woke up done :)

I felt a little discomfort in recovery, my nurse (Kim is a doll) she gave me some Demerol and I was all better :). Couldn't talk plain, sounded drunk- but was all fixed up! I was there for about 1/2 hr, then my husband took me to our room. Loved no drama!!! :)

I still have quite a bit of drainage in my JP drain. 90cc last night this morning when I empty it'll probably be 50- but I don't think it too much. Will take the log in with me to PO.

I did request Exparel which is given in OR. It's a bupacaine suspension given prior to closing the incision. I think that's what has helped me so much! Money well spent! It's not a pump, so no extras to drag around.

Only CG and foam btw.

Will scoot for now, have a beautiful day!

Laters, D.
sounds like you are doing great!! Just take it easy and don't over do...
Congrats!!! Welcome to the flat side...
Thank you SexyBrunette! Can't see it yet, but know I'm there :)

Love my incision and BB - got to peek!!

Had my post- op appt and got a peek at my incision and BB. I think I'm going to love them (singing voice :)!!! They look amazing ( to me )

Dr Schaffer said he was pleased how things went yesterday and he thinks I'll have great results! I'm so happy. Also I'm supposed to stand up taller, not quite as hunched over. That'll work for me- it was hurting my back.

Dressings were changed. I don't have much bruising at all. Nothing like before. Arnica must be working. Swelling appears minimal as of now, ya!!! Maybe that will not change (fingers crossed).

I go back next Wednesday to get drain pulled and BB stitches out.

Dr Schaffer did a beautiful job from what I seen today. Thanks Dr S. I appreciate your taking care of me and the precision in your work- it speaks for itself :)

Definitely some great tips and advice here. Gonna be trying the rope and the getting in and out of bed. And most DEF gonna ask my PS if I can get Experel!!! Seems like everyone that has had it, has been in no pain practically and had a better recovery. Can't wait for pics and to keep up with ur recovery!! Happy Healing!
Xray2569, I hope your dr uses Exparel too- I think that has been a huge help!! You don't have much longer- exciting!!! Have you stopped smoking yet? It'll really help your incisions to heal. The rope was a fun idea- I have a friend who is also a nurse coming by today to help me wiggle back in my CG after my shower. I think I had better explain the rope tied to my bed before she comes. Lol. She may think.... Um.... Well, lets not go there. Best to you as you have surgery and hope your recovery is fabulous!! D.
Yes I hope he uses it also!! *fingers crossed on the one lol yes I stopped smoking. It's been rough but I want the best outcome, so it had to b done! I love it u should not tell her and see how she reacts haha

Exparel made a huge difference-

I think Exparel has made a huge difference in my recovery so far!! I honestly have not been in pain, since yesterday morning I've been taking 1/2 pain pill ( mainly because I don't want to start hurting). Today I'll spread it out longer between and maybe do only Tylenol tonorrow. Will see.

Rested great in my bed last night, of course I had 8 pillows tucked here and ther, looked like a weird version of the princess and the pea - is small miracle my hubby found a place to get in, lol! The night before I had to wake him up every few hours to help me up. I really hated his sleep being disrupted (he never complained, but I just felt bad) so yesterday I had this bright idea to attach a small rope at the end of my bed frame and I could pull myself up! By golly it works, lol. Also, found getting into bed, if I get on the mattress on my knees, I can shift easily to a sitting then laying position. This doesn't pull nearly as bad on my incision. Sigh...... The small things in life that mean so much, lol!

Last evening my legs were swollen, but by this morning it had gone down, ya!! I'm still amazed at the amount of swelling I've had- it's nothing compared to before. Will continue my arnica, bromelain and turmeric. I'm only taking 1 turmeric a day- wondering what other are doing.. ...

The smoothies I froze? I used one yesterday, added some water and spinach- was really good!! Those are to help with swelling, skin healing and full of antioxidents. Didn't alter the taste at all, happy....

Already getting bored, I told my husband if I didn't have Arabella (my drain) and walking weird, I'd go back to work. Yesterday I couldn't focus to read or watch tv. Hoping today I can, sitting on the back deck with a book and cup of coffee sounds pretty nice actually. I have several reads I've been saving on my iPad for this time.

I had a little minor freak out last night (it had not gooten to the point ehere anyone knew it, but my emotions were all jacked up) I started thinking about "what if's" and that was not good!!!! Just so happened my sister texted me about that time, i told her how i was feeling. She reminded me those were just intrusive thoughts, there was nothing about them that we're true, I was going to be just fine and I needed to focus on how was great i was doing, surgery was good, I'm healthy and will heal up just fine... So thankful for people who cheer you on, set you straight, speak the truth in love and are there for you :)

Have a happy day and (((((HUGS)))))) to you!!! You have no idea how precious your notes have been- you guys just make me smile!! :)

Laters... D.
Your tummy looks amazing!!
Thank you, for the compliment :) Im happy, I'm looking past my swelling and trying to visualize the end results :) I think i have alot more than i realize as my BB Was much smaller yesterday. Was really apprehensive about posting pic this early bc of swelling and bruising. But decided since I've been an open book so far, why not this too. :) thank you again, imasweetie. You've been quite an encourager through this :D
you look awesome!!

Post op day 2 pic

Post op day 2 has been wonderful. No pain, getting around good (my bed room is on 2nd floor and no problems with stairs several times a day!). Showered, which was nice. A friend who is a nurse came by about the time I was finishing and helped stuff me back in my CG.

I took a quick pic of my incision. Keep in mind I have some swelling. My BB is much different today than yesterday. It's larger and I'm pretty sure it's swollen some. But I love how flat my tummy is and I still think my BB is going to be adorable (singing voice!!)

Enjoyed sitting one the deck in the sun for a bit. Felt lovely! I love how the sun makes me feel.

I've only taken 1/2 pain pill today, the rest of the time has been just Tylenol. Only taking it because I feel that at day two I should have some discomfort, right? I don't really think I need it though.

Have a great day will ttyl!


My invisible rules - some new, some older

I made invisible rules before surgery. Had shared with someone earlier and decided to posts for anyone interested.

1. No scales until 3-4weeks PO

2. No "trying on" clothes for 3-4 weeks- dresses and loose stuff only, when I go back to work I have maxis and jersey type clothing.

3. No emotional or mental judgements regarding my outcome ( not even 1) for 8-12weeks (swelling most likely will still be hanging around like bad company.

4. When I see my self- I'm only allowed to see the beauty, the good, the improved, how truly special i am- no negative thoughts about myself allowed!
If I need to be tanked down after my recovery period because I think I'm too "what ever", I know people who would be ecstatic to do that for me :)

5. Surround myself with positive people, anyone with a negative attitude towards me, my surgery or life is not allowed in my personal space until after my full recovery period.

6. No (clothes) shopping until after 8 weeks- ugh!! My shape most likely will change many times slightly as I heal. That's a hard one!!

7. Take care of my body, eat, sleep, drink, walk, get sun-shine, be happy- all things important for recovery.

8. No exercise (nope, not even a sneak trial) until Dr Schaffer releases me- walking is good but nothing to get HR up until I get green light to do so.

9. Love and live life- you have one make it meaningful, live with no regrets. Things happen - sometimes we can't make sense out of "WHY?!?!?" The hard things life throws our way will either make you or break you- I choose that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger- even the negatives life tosses my way can create a part of me that adds value and worth. Failure is not the falling down - but staying down.

10. Take care of me, I am truly the only one who loves me fully even at my worst of times ( my hubby and family do too, don't get me wrong) but no one can love me like myself. Treat her right, ladies.

11. No regrets

12. Take chances- no one ever got ahead by staying where they are in life. “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” — John Pierpont Morgan

13. Live your dream. People are capable at any given time to fulfill their dream. It's never too late!

(((((Hugs))))) sweet friends
You look fabulous! ! Can't wait to watch your progress!! I to am almost 48 a nurse, mother of 3 and wife of a wonderful man. Iplan to have MM in March 2014. Seems like forever!! You're an inspiration! !
I love that you made this list to keep positive....because one can get down during recovery. Reminders help restore good thinking. I had to have a before and after pic side by side to remind me of the improvements. Your outlook has helped remind me why positive does get you ahead in the long run. :)
Thank you Melissa- it keeps me focused on what's important :) I have B&A pics in my phone and iPad I look at Alot lol! Thank you again, you're encouraging to me :)

PO Day 3

Had a little excitement! I'm still smh over this one, amazed at myself even.... I somehow managed to pin Arabella's tubing (pet name for my drain) to the inside of my garment as i attached it to the outer band. Ya, I know, right??? How did I do that? Well, It took precision, skill and imagination and it's an act that probably couldn't be repeated if I tried :) so off to Birmingham I went to correct my boo-boo. It was staying charged and draining good, but my concern was because I had weakened the tubing, when I stripped it- it may snap. So better be proactive and not wait until something happened :) Dr Schaffer was in surgery so I seen Dr Hedden, he's very nice and didn't seem to mind seeing me. I just love Hedden Plastic Surgery!! They are always great and the employees seem happy.

My PO day 3 has been great. No pain still. I've only taken 2 Tylenol earlier this morning. I will take something tonight at bed time so I can make sure I rest. However, rest has not been a problem :) I think I'm a pro at it now!

Walking much straighter, Dr said about 4 days or so walk hunched slightly and as I can stand taller.

The swelling has been great. I have very minimal swelling. Honestly surprised at the amount still!

I have to confess.... When we went to Birmingham we went out to eat :) was wonderful to get out and about! On the ride home we let the top down on my convertible and enjoyed the sun :)

May start my new book tonight. Hope its as good as the first two!

Not anything more happening. Have loved my recovery! I think my Dr did a great job ( peeked at my adorable BB again- seems not as swollen today as yesterday- cant wait to enjoy it!!!)

Have a great evening :)
Laters..... D.
Hi. Hope that your recovery is continuing to go well. Looking forward to following you through this journey! You look fantastic already!!
Oh Kim, it's been really unbelievable! I have not been in pain, moving good (initial days slow but steady). Today is PO day4 I took 2 Tylenol at 5 this morning "just incase" but have not required anything since, yesterday I took 2 Tylenol I the morning and 1/2 lortab at bed only because I wanted to sleep soundly. We went and got lunch out and took a drive yesterday- was tired when i got home but was very enjoyable! When I first stand or get up, I'm tight then when I start walking it goes away. I honestly emotionally prepared for the worse the first 2 weeks, but it's been very easy. And I love my results so far- I think they will be even better as time goes on. Thank you so much for checking me! Means alot! How are you?
I wanted to post on your review as I now realize you just had TT. My experience was a roller coaster ride but in the end great results. Your writing makes me smile. Thanks for a great review and I'm so glad you are healing well.

Day 4 PO - wow I'm over half way through the first week!

PO day 4 has been really nice. I'm still feeling exceptionally well, I've only had 2 Tylenol early this morning. Slept well with my tons of pillows :) until I had to get up to pee once, but hey that's not too shabby.

Had a few TT buddies that had me laughing so hard today, I needed the laugh- but gosh when you get past the little "hehe" laughs to the "Whaaa HaHaHaHa" laughs with years flowing down your cheeks - it smarts!! OMG- I so needed those laughs, but boy did it pull on my tight tummy and adorable BB! :). Thanks guys, you know I love ya!!!!

Crossed a mile stone today, I was able to get up from a lying position without anyone's help and not using my rope! I was excited!!! Small victories add up to conquered successes! :D

Arabella (my jp drain) only put out 105cc today, is more serous colored instead of bloody. I think maybe if it continues, I can get it pulled Wednesday at my 1 week appt :) yippie skippie!

I sort of lounged around today. Started a new book I'd downloaded, sat outside some, after it stared to rain watched a chick flick I had recorded on hallmark channel- Second Chances. Was good, didn't have to think through it, just a movie you know how it would end :)

Overall I am really surprised at how well I feel. But thankful none the less! I'm still taking my supplements, drinking my smoothies, 4-5 20oz G2, extra water. I think all that has made a huge difference!

My tummy has some swelling, not horrible but I feel the tightness, My legs are too. Time, rest and hydration will correct this. It doesn't last forever :) ya to that!

Have a good night and sweet dreams! (((((Hugs)))))until next time.
so glad to hear you are surviving quiet well...enjoy your healing and appreciate all that you learn from it...I certainly have...keep up the great attitude.
Sara my friend! I've missed you! doing ok? I'm honestly doing great! Prepared for horrible for a couple week, but has been a pleasantly good recovery. Thankful. Keeping up the positive heart, promise! :) ((((hugs)))
Loved, Loved, loved reading your reviews!

Day 5 and still amazed at my recovery #thankful

Hey my sweet friends!

Day 5 has been excellent. I feel great, still stiff getting up and the first couples steps, but once I'm moving, I'm good. I've taken only Tylenol over the last 3 days for discomfort. Today I took it once- for a headache of all things! Lol. I am going take something for rest at bed time though. I've been alot more sleepy today and took an extra long nap, was divine!

Swelling has been not so bad. I'm posting pics from day 5 just before my shower. Please ignore my unmade, tons of pillows laden bed and the remains of tape on me :) I actually feel the swelling has decreased in my waist and legs- my garment feels a tad looser. :) ya!!! Continuing to take bromelain, turamic, drink my smoothies, low sodium and high protein foods. They are defiantly helping! My recovery from 7 months ago (lipo) and now is as different as night and day.

Events of today were a long, hot, make your toes melt, eyes roll around shower- washed my hair twice just because I could and took my day 5 pics. A friend came and we stuffed me in my garment, I'd say we're pretty darn up close and personal now :D my hubs couldn't manage the hold foam, secure bandage, squeeze in, fold the Velcro, don't pull out drain and zip process. She's a nurse, between me and her, we conquered it!!! Ya baby!

I'm very happy so far with recovery! I think when my belly swelling goes away my BB is going to be adorable (singing voice) My scar- oh gosh!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!! Dr Schaffer rocked the OR when it came to fixing me up right :) I can't see it all, but what i do i know it is low ( loving it!!!) Symmetrical and is going to heal super!! So, so happy!!

My drain site looks good, no redness or signs of infection anywhere :) good news!

Went to Publix with hubby to pick up a couple things, short drive topless in the country enjoying the sun and painted my finger nails Flamingo Pink :) whew! What a day, is it bed time yet??

Mile stone of day 5:
Girl parts have almost went back to normal size! Oh ya!!! Yes, I'm pretty happy about that one. I knew there would be swelling and eventually it would go away- but ghahhhh....... Just knowing THAT was all jacked up is still a little unnerving. sigh.... I'm going to be just fine. Ladies, you do know with a TT (and/or lipo) your girl parts are going to rise, right? If you have time to do laser hair removal prior to TT, it's well worth it! I've had bikini and under arms done, and if I had not, my hair line would have been up alot higher after the TT. But the change is not bad- just a little different- in fact it may just be a blessing in disguise :) we'll see in a few weeks ;)

Ttyl sweet friends! Rest and recover well!
Omgosh!!! I didn't realize that you just had this done! You are so wonderful and a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story. I'll be following you :)
Yes, I'm a fresh post op. just 6 days. You are so welcome. I hope something I've learned helps somebody else :) thanks for the encouraging note, made me smile!
I wanted to come over and see what you've been up to with your recovery- and oh my goodness, you are perfectly hour glass shaped and just the perfect TT and BB going on! I'm so happy he did it right for you! Yey!!!!

I've been a bad, bad girl PO day 6 ;)

PO day 6 has been wonderful. Im becoming a pro at nap thing, got the technique down pat! I've only had 2 today though, lol! No Tylenol, haven't needed anything. Still pleasantly surprised and pleased the swelling has been tolerable. I feel some energy returning as well :).

Staying busy catching up with friends through phone calls, emails and Facebook, reading I've wanted to do and becoming a lifetime/hallmark junkie. Oh and trying to stay on top of Real Self :) gosh I love you guys!!!!

Mile stones for today include taking no medicine (not even tylenol) for discomfort; walking 3 laps in our yard (little more than an acre) twice; driving my husband to pick up his Jeep (I drove!!!), painting my nails Passion Purple ;) and then I was a bad, bad girl... After taking hubs to get his Jeep I took the top off my car, went to Starbucks and got a tall skinny Java Chip frap no whip (100cal) and ... Gosh I hate to admit but here goes... a Salted Caramel cake pop. They were fabulous!!!! I drove slow, took the back way home as not to be in alot of traffic- but gosh it was nice to feel normal and get out a little! I figured since I've not had any narcotics in days I would be ok and the drive was only a couple miles and very light traffic. Hubs was not far behind so felt it was Safe if i needed anything. I love adventure and I was feeling the adventure bug today!

Arabella's (my pet jp drain) not putting out like she was. Only about 60 cc today. Fluid is serous, no clotting. Probably Wednesday when I go for my PO she'll be removed. I'd like to say I'll miss her, but not there yet :) shell have to find a new home, in the trash! Bahahah.... :)

I have alot of bruising on my right flank, little on the left. It started itching some. I had some arnica cream and decided to try it. It seemed to have calmed the itch some. Surprised. This arnica stuff is pretty darn good!

Going to close for now. Have a great evening friends!
I have the arnica tablets but have not tried the cream. I bought bio oil too. It's great that you are off the meds! You continue to amaze me.
I almost had my pics ready to post and RS had a spasm and lost my stuff. Lol. I'm going to post pics I took today. I don't use any of it close to incisions or open areas on the skin. Ya!! Your typing and awake :) must be doing some better! Been thinking of you :)
I look forward to your updates. I'm confused about what I can do and can't do. Not raising my arms is had. I take walks around the house until hubs chases me back to bed..I have gained 4 pounds since yesterday:-(

PO. Day 7 - already a week! Pics and review on arnica cream

I can't believe that 1 week ago today I was returning to my hotel, just finished surgery and counting each one of the 64 steps from the elevator to my room :) wow,what a week and a good one at that.

I will be posting some (side by side views) of 8-2 & 8-6. The right flank is the more bruised. The foam applied by my nurse got twisted causing a little more bruising, doesn't hurt, just looks icky. My left flank has some bruising but no where near as much. On the badly bruised rt flank I put arnica cream part way on it. You can tell from the pics where the cream stopped. I have used it for 3 days. It's crazy!!! The left flank I used it all over so just compare the pic.

I had some lipo done in January and didn't use the arnica, bromelain or turmeric. I'm a redhead and bruise easily ( keep that in mind). I was black ( no exaggeration at all) from the waist down. Horribly swollen, alot of discomfort that lasted months. I hit every color of the spectrum: black, purple, red, fuschia, greenish-gray, green, yellow then finally pink over a 6 week course. But my swelling lingered lomger than that. My surgery 7 days ago was more extensive I think, full TT with muscle plication, lipo flanks, medial and lateral thighs, knees and upper knee area. My recoveries have been like night and day. I can't say for sure these worked, but something sure did. My swelling remains minimal as is bruising. I'm very happy with my recovery!

Took a shower today (ahhhhh.....) stayed in until my toes wrinkled. I was careful to keep most of the water off my TT incision. Sure felt good on my back. All my boo boos look good. No s/s infection, ya!!!! My friend came to help wiggle and stuff me in my CG. I did most before she got here!!! Big accomplishment! She made sure my foam pads were in the right place in my flanks, zipped me up and whaa laaaaaa.. Done! She made the comment that since she came a couple days ago my swelling had gone even more ( didn't have to pull out the Big Guns to get me in the CG ). Lol. I took it as a compliment. :)

Mile stones of today: drove to Walgreens for cortisone cream, late lunch at Paneras with hubby ( love that place!), walked to the end of my block, cleaned a toilet, showered and painted fingernails Gunmetal gray :)

Tomorrow is my 1 week post op visit. Supposed to get Arabella out. She's put out about 45 cc today, no clots. I will tell him if he thinks she needs to stay a day or two longer I'm good with it.

Oh, forgot to tell you, yesterday while I walk laps in my yard something decided I was. Mighty tasty dish and ate me up. I think it may have been chiggers. Lol not a fun thing! I only got a few bites when I realized it wasn't just a sweaty itch but a bitey itch. Came in, washed up and treated the places. That's why I made a trip to Walgreens (and didn't buy chocolate!) , lol.

Over all I'm very, very happy. Love my shape, my adorable BB is starting to be less puffy. My Dr is fabulous in my book! So very thankful I found him. :D

((((HUGS)))) and night sweet friends!
You are so right as women we take care everybody needs first and if you are a parent our children needs come first . Maybe , that's what took us so long to have our bodies worked on. Im glad I found this group cause it has help me a lot. I did get depressed from having this procedure but having the support from the women on this site made the biggest differences . My mother would have being my support at home but she passed away last year . I thank you all for being there for me.
Oh Tessa, I'm so sorry about your Mom. We're all here for you :) you're going to do great. Try not to get depressed, this is a good thing! And it's for you :) celebrate your self! Enjoy doing something you've never done before and know you' ll have a flat rocking tummy when done ;) ((((hugs))))) girl!
You both have small waist . Now I'm wishing I had my breast lifted but I'm scared to go back under the knife .

1 week PO ~ Conquered ! Whoop!

Today has been beautiful, well, minus the major thunderstorm I drove in. Feeling great! Everyday my energy level is better. I've not required anything for discomfort, not even Tylenol for 3 days now. I still get tired often and need to rest, but that's not bad- my body probably needs to rest. Continuing to drink my smoothies, they are so good for me and I firmly believe they are helping me to heal quicker.

I had my 1 week PO appt with Dr Schaffer, we are happy with my results so far! Ya!! I am not sad to report, Arabella is no longer with me. She had a productive, short life, did her duty and now has been laid to rest in a red softly lined bag and stored safely in her time capsule which she will be whisked away to her proper final resting place.
I didn't get my belly button stiches out, I'll go back next week for that. Gotta work on cleaning my scab off. I do think I love my BB very much! It's quite adorable (seeing past the swelling) and in a couple weeks it will be quite a nice addition to my very flat tummy!
I am very pleased with my tummy and the areas I had lipo on. I can already see a difference! Now, I am not little- but to see where I came from 20 months ago- the change is wonderful! For the first time in my life I actually like my body :)

Mile stones of today: Went to Dr- got more Juvaderm in my lips (tiny bit bruising - thank you Arnica!!) - then napped, Standing and walking almost all the way straight, drove and went in Walmart (ick!) - then napped, showered and put on my CG all by myself (now that's a biggie!!) - then napped, walked to the end of my block, washed a load of clothes, painted nails Passion Pink!

My compression garment is getting loose. I guess that's a good thing, but now I have to decide if I should send my stage 2 back for a smaller size! Smaller is better, right? :)
Really looking forwarded to getting to see my incision- but not going to rush anything.
I think that it's a good thing that I will return to work on the 19th- I'm getting a little on the bored side. This boredom is coming out as creativity. Good thing? not so sure.... yesterday I made up a song to the ABBA tune Dancing Queen called "Napping Queen" today was "Sleep, Drugs and Pee" a rendition of Village Peeps YMCA. ya..... not good. LOL
Can I the receipt too please and thank you:)
Sending to your inbox, is long.... Lol
Oh I was going to ask what type smoothies you are drinking. I started the reboot diet I like the fruit smoothies but the green smoothies are not to tasty.

Totally broke a Rule!! So excited I did!!!! PO Day 9

Today I have had more energy than any other day. Which is huge for Napping Queen! Slept all night with exception of 1 pee break :) I'm not having any discomfort at all- I think tossing Arabella helped alot! Overall, I'm pleased with recovery. Incision looks great, swelling continues to be minimal - well, except for yesterday.

Ya, let me tell you about that! So swelling had gone down alot over the previous couple days - still jad some but nothing like before. So yesterday I woke up and my tummy, legs was swollen and my girlie parts were swollen, again- and bruised (bluish color) AND lope sided. Ghah! I'm mean really?? Not a happy camper - started hearing "Don't wanna touch that" rendition of MC Hammers's "can't touch this". Oh well- rest and can you elevate - lol. I'm guessing the several hr drive to&from the Dr and sitting waiting probably had alot to do with it. But, bright side- today bruising (bluish color) is gone, swelling decreased and best of all girlie parts are not lope sided anymore :). Oh, ya!!!

I totally broke a 2 week rule. I am sorry. But oh so worth it! Beings that the swelling from yesterday was gone, curiosity started nagging at me about my size.... So, having the sense of adventure I'm duly noted for. I slipped my Levi's out of the closet, took off my compression garb and slowly started sliding then up- when then got to my hips (where they usually got stuck) they kept sliding up! My heart did a little flip flop- and I proceeded to pull my jeans in place. They slide nicely over my hips and buttoned without any problem. Oh Happy Dance!!!! I'm putting pictures of these same Levi's just days before my surgery and today, 9 days PO :) it's going to continue to improve, not sure by how much, but I know it will. Yes, the Brooklyn Tabrenacle Choir broke out in "Oh, Happy Day!"

Went to eat lunch at Olive Garden, was good - have your tried the portabella mushroom ravioli ? Is really good!

Miles stones for PO days 8 & 9 : Crossed my legs, walked my block two times, no nap today (so far), feeling more energy, standing mostly straight, discovered I definatly do not want a Brazilian Booty (after wearing my flank pads, I know for sure! No question about it! Ya, I look like Jessica Rabbit rocking these hips- ba-boom baby! Lol I've always had a booty and thighs- but now I have a BOOT-TAY :), painted my nails tangerine dream.

Well, that's about it for now.
(((Hugs))) and smiles :D
You look unbelievably, outstandingly awesome! One of the very best results I've seen yet!! Did they do alot of lipo too? You are sculpted so well. Remarkable.
Thank you!!!! Wow, what a compliment :) you know I'm not sure how much he lipo'd. I seen abds too!!! it should get even better as swelling decreases. :) I was so concerned about getting my drain out and my BB stitches left until next week, i totally forgot to ask!! Ill do that Tuesday when I go back. Dr Schaffer is great! He did my BL/BA in November first- I had went to other Drs and because I had to have a lift the only options they had given me was the anchor/lollipop lift. I wasn't sold. Did alot of research and found Dr S and at my consult he initially suggested other lift options with less scaring. Needless to say, he became my Dr although he was farther from my home than any of the others. So when it was time for my TT and lipo, he was my choice. His work is careful, even my breast incisions followed the natural pattern of my areola. I love how clean and neat he makes his incisions! also, he took alot of time before and after my procedures to answer questions, explain things and humor my repetition at times of the same questions. You should check them out! They do alot of out of state clients. Thank you again for the great compliment! Made me smile.
Good Morning D. I just wanted to jump over to your review and check out your pics and progress. Your waist is so small I may have to start calling you Scarlet! I miss going to the gym so bad!!! My daughter sent me some healing meditation links to listen too. I guess I will have to do yoga in my head for now. Lol have a wonderful healing day!

Was a Good Girl~ All day :). PO Day 11 is fabulous!!!!!!

Today was my PO day 11- gosh can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks!!

I'm happy to announce (i feel i should quite loudly, actually) that I've not broken any rules today! Oh ya, I'm a Rockstar! :)

This morning was invited to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory, and who can say no to that? Cheesecake, why yes I believe I will! So I sprayed my "beach waves" spray in my hair, got it looking all sassy, made up my face, slathered a pretty cinnoman shiny lip gloss on, put on my really sexy white and gray leopard print bra with pink trim (sigh...), slipped on the matching cute panties over my really hot looking black, side zip compressions garb and white binder- well that's the hottest look you're going to get out of me right now.... At least for another couple weeks ;) I grabbed my super cute navy/teal/white paisley maxi with a nice plunging V neck line- it draped so pretty- it the front. Turned around to make sure all was cover from behind- guess who was still back there? Oh ya, Jessica Rabbit hips from my flank pads! Dang!! Momentarily forgot that! Oh well, turned back around and decided to be proactive and ignore the BA-HIND :) then off we went.

The day was beautiful, Alabama sunshine filled the sky. Lunch was delish. We had a beautiful hostess, Aynia- she has the most beautiful smile and is not stingy using it! our server Jim was excellent and they made the meal perfect!

We drove home with the top off, just because we could. Loved the warmth! Can't believe I was a Montana girl growing up as I'm such a sun lover now.

I feel wonderful. I'm geting up with out any pulling or discomfort, no pain meds in 7 days now! Burning at incisions site ( when coughing, sneezing, laughing) is gome! sleeping on my back and sides now, sleeping all night with the exception of 1 pee break. My adorable BB is healing, I thought I had some granulation tissue forming, but now it looks more like where the tissues were angry from the sutures and swelling. I have a little swelling right along the incision area and some on half of my girlie parts :/ half, seriously???? At least do the whole thing so I'm not lope sided! The areas lipo'd are a little itchy, healing! ya!! Bruising is leaving, slooooowly. I told some one I could easily have fit in 50 shades with all the bruising :( I'm standing straight now, I think - hard to tell completely with the binder and pads. Every day I'm walking more, no naps in 4 days! Went to the mall and looked around yesterday for 45 minutes or so, got tired and really wanted to lay down on a mall bench for about 15 minutes but decided against it as security may not be as keen on the idea as I. So went home, got on the deck instead. Over all, I'm feeling wonderful and as of last Friday, I've felt more like "me" than I have since surgery!

I'm continuing to use my smoothies, take bromelain and turmeric. I think they help with swelling.

I love, love, love how flat my tummy is!! Seems that each day i can see more and more definition of my abds- I likey!!!! alot! Flanks are smoothing out and defiantly slimmer! I super, duper love my adorable BB and that's even with the swelling- it actually has a little "hood" like flap at the top like my old one did- I was cleaning it today and discovered it! Guess I couldn't see it before because of the swelling and my inability to double over and view anything below my chest. Any way, it's lovely, sigh..... Yes, I'm sighing over a BB. Lol. My Dr is a Rockstar! My incision ( as well as I can see through the tape looks great! Nice and clean incision, thanks Dr S. !!!! :)

I wonder if i'll shrink more or if this is it? I'm sort of thinking more? But trying not to get my hopes up.

Mile stones of today: went to b-ham for lunch, after total of 4 1/2 hrs out- didn't swell up :), walked around an outdoor mall for 30 minutes, didn't break any rules and painted my nails Bronzen Goddess.

Why is painting my nails on my goals accomplished? Because somedays, it's the ONLY thing I can do, do well and feel completely good about. I choose to celebrate victories big or small, they add value and joy to life :)

I return to the Dr Tuesday for suture removal :) ya!!!! Stoked!

((((((Hugs)))))) and thoughts to my sweet friends who have been making this journey a trip and and good one at that!
You are so right big or small does add value to our lives. Sometime it the small one that mean the most.
"Like" Tessa
Love your updates! Glad you are pain free. How did the stitch removal go?

2 weeks PO ~ incredible journey so far!

Hey, I wrote my 2 week review last night, but RS sort of spasmed and lost it :( so we'll ride this bull again today :) YeeeeHaw! Got my cowboy hat and boots on, looking fine right now in my ultra hot, tight fitting CG and binder- gonna kick it today! Yep, I was raised in Big Sky Country - long list of for real cowboys in my fam :) sigh.... I like cowboys.... JS! :)

So it's been 2 weeks PO yesterday and overall I think an incredible experience. I've had minimal discomfort- mainly feeling of muscle soreness - like I've really worked it at the gym. I'm standing tall most of the time, towards the end of the day I noticed I'm a little more slouched, but hey- not too shabby! I'm sleeping in what ever position I want, sore sting well. Swelling through out has been small/moderate and manageable. So, no complaints in those areas.

I had my 2 week PO appt Tuesday for suture removal in my adorable BB. I seen Dr Hedden as Dr Schaffer s enjoying a much needed vacation with his family! I'm so happy they got this time :) Dr H was very kind, easy to be comfortable with, wasn't rushed and didn't seem to mind at all seeing me for Dr. S. Thanks Dr H, you're great!

I drove myself to Birmingham (1 hr 20 min) totally enjoyed it, felt like me again! And since I was going to Birmingham, what girl wouldn't want to visit Spa Greystone ?? I booked a facial to try and get rid of the zits that look like underground volcanos about to erupt, yep still looking 15:( ! Lol. The facial was fabulous!!! Oh gosh, I was rubbed, massaged, patted, hand/arm massage then she rubbed this yummy oil on them and stuck on toasty mitts the entire time, ya, I almost fell asleep but was afraid I might start to drool on the pillow and cause myself embarrassment :)

Then I was off to see the Dr. I told him about the place just above my girlie parts but below my incision I was watching, but wasn't sure if i was overreacting as i was ridiculously hormonal and even my face broke out like i was 15 again. He said it looked like it could be the beginning of a stitch access and started me on antibiotics. Oh and good news, the antibiotics he gave will help with zit face!!! oh yippie skippie!!! Otherwise everything looked great, I'll see Dr S in two weeks.

Next my nurse took stitches out of my adorable BB. Well all except for one- it an attitude and decided it wanted to take up permanent residency in Adorable!! Oh no we don't!! There no room in the Inn! So after 3 nurses working one it and me holding poor Adorable open so they could get 'er out- Victory over Stubborn Stitch was made and Adorable was free! Heard the "hallelujah" chorus! And happy dance was done! Adorable is a little red and fussy, but I think in a few days she'll feel much better :)

After all was done at the Dr, I took my top off (my car), placed sunglasses stretegixally over eyes, grabbed a tall skinny mocha frap no whip but with chocolate drizzle, turned up the radio and was a RockStar all the way home! Nice.....

Hormones and cramping are a just pain in my Jessica Rabbit stuffed BA-BOOM BA-HIND! Js! Usually when I cramp and feel like my head is going to pop up and spin around, I exercise- well, that's out of the equation now. Last night I went to the lake and walked, but in my mind I was running, fast, you know that pretty kind of graceful running ( ya, totally not me, but might as well make it good!) it didn't work, but "A" for effort :)

Milestones conquered: sleeping any position I want ( oh, ya), walking almost completely straight, feeling almost like me again :), kicking mother natures behind, no pain/pulling or discomfort at all getting up or moving, roiling over, girlie parts today seem not quite as puffy or bluish ;) ya!!!!!, painted my nails Tangerine Dream.

Sort of wondering how strict my Dr is on resuming intimacy. I know not right now as my incision is not fully healed, but surely in a couple weeks? I broke out my instruction book, said under Exercise or strenuous activity "may resume after 6-8 weeks". Under the part of sexual activity it says "see exercise and strenuous activity". I'm not too clear on that part, I see fuzzy lines- so can you at 4 weeks if you're not strenuous? :)

Well, that all for now, have a wonderful day, my friends!!

((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))
You are welcome
You are a trip!! I loved reading your latest post and I can just see your hair blowing in the wind with your shades and music blaring. You look awesome!!! Glad to hear that Adorable was not to badly hurt. My doctor said 4 weeks for that type of exercise but I told my husband 8, lol, seriously I did. I know that is terrible. I was starting to get concerned I was the only one with a pimple outbreak, I never get them but my forehead looks like a 15 year old boy in gym class, it is really bad!! Glad you are doing well, you are a real breath of fresh air every day!!
Lol, sorry about your boy break out, Sunnyside! That stinks :( yep, you nailed it on the ride home, wish you were with me- we'd have a blast!! Poor hubby- I won't tell him any different, lol. But 8 weeks is a Long time! :O but i wont tell him, its our secret ;). and you my friend chose your name well, every time I see it, I'm reminded of how beautiful the sun makes our world! ((((((Hugs))))))

I love getting dirty!!! Just signed up for Color Run Mobile!!!

Oh gosh, I'm super excited! Had to tell somebody!! Just signed up for my next 5k Color Run!!! It'll be my first after TT!

So the date is October 12- super excited! Oh and team name is 50 Shades of Pink - we use this for all color runs we do ;)

Ya, is true, still get winded walking down the block (or getting dressed), still a little slouched and sporting my oh so sexy, ultra tight fitting CG - but by October- watch out baby! It's on!!!

Laters ;)
You look amazing!! Thanks for giving so much detailed I love that your happy on the other side with the rest of the flat land..lol
Mama it's, hey girl! Thank you so much :) I love my new shape and its just shaping up ;) you are so welcome!! I see you're surgery is in November! I know your excited!! Best to you and let me know how you are doing :) D.
Mamacita- so sorry. Dumb spell changer changed your name and I didn't see it before I posted :( !!!

First day back to work :)

Well, I made it! First day back wasn't too bad. Busy but not horrible :) and, this chick worked in Heels! Oh yes, I did :) I love heels..... js :)

I really was not uncomfortable until may 3:30- then I really started feeling tight in my tummy. After work I ate a little dinner, will shower and rest the evening to ready myself for tomorrow. I'm a little swollen in my lower abd, but is not too bad. I wore one of my maxi dresses- covered all my compression gear right nicely :)

The place I have been being treated for appears some better. A lot of the swelling has gone down and the color is normal. There is still a knot under the skin I'll continue to watch. Adorable is doing great! Well, now she is. I had noticed a couple firm knots on one side of my BB incision. Saturday I seen where an inside stitch was protruding a out 1/2". Not a big deal. My Dr told me to clip it close to the skin and keep treating with cleaning and massaging the polysporin. Today she's not as red looking and I do believe the firm knots are getting softer :) oh ya!!

Tried on a pair of my trouser jeans that just fit before surgery- way too big now. I see a shopping trip in my future :) I am down 5# from my pre surgery weight. I was very surprised as I'm eating and not exercising. But hey, I'll take it! I actually am below what my goal weight was set for! Hmmmm.... Nice!

Well, ladies I'm off for now. Have a delightful night and ttyl!
Work went well- awesome!! I hope this new job is everything you hoped it would be. They've been keeping you busy, I bet! Do you think the lumps were from the lipo, or from the tummy tuck? I hope those go away fast! (((((Hugs))))) to you, too!!
It's just one and I'm pretty sure it's from the stitch that was trying pretty darn hard to get bad- took the antibiotics and have been doing warm soaks (without getting my incision wet- is such a tease!!) all the swelling, discoloration is gone, now I just feel the knot. I love my new job so far!! Absolutely love the Dr I work with and the staff is great :) perk is I'm off 1/2 day Fridays!! Awe... You ((((((hugs))))) me :) thanks! Have a perfect week!
So happy for you and your new job . The add benefit is you like your job:) that makes work so much fun.

Rocking this recovery thing! Wow! 4 weeks PO!

OMGosh! I can't believe that tomorrow will be 4 weeks since I had my TT and got Adorable :) Time flies!

I'm doing great! appear to be healing well- the area of concern has almost resolved- just a small knot under the skin. Walking super tall. Wearing heels, and painted toes everyday to work. Swelling is minimal now- last week towards the end I did puff up a little more than I had been. But that's not too bad considering the hours I put in :) I sleep every which way but loose. Adorable is less and less angry looking as each day passes- maybe by next week she'll be a little happy as a button camper ! I still have not seen my TT incision. My surgical tape is still securely in place- I do believe it is super glued in place! Overall, I think that I'm doing absolutely mahvelous, dawling!

My clothes are looser- my legs are still quite curvy- hoping they go down some more. Will see. Every thing fits so much smoother than before- nice...

Some pre and post surgery measurements and weight.
Left side is Pre- Rt side is post

weight: 163.2# / 157.6#
waist: 31' / 30'
abd: 41' /40'
hips: 42.5 /42.75

Rt thigh: 24.75 / 23.75'
Rt mid thigh: 20' / 19.75'
knee:16.5 / 15.5'

Lt thigh: 25' / 24.5'
Lt mid thigh: 20.25 / 19.75"
knee:16' /15.5

So I'm down 5# and lost some inches too, not bad!

I'm really excited about my knees being smaller (would like them a tad more if possible) because I AM a boot girl- winter is coming and I am so looking forward to wearing them!

On a side note- I am so, so glad I did laser hair removal prior to surgery! It's the best thing!!! I don't had to worry with hair growing everywhere, shaving, hair bumps :( and recovering :) - just smooth :)

I've done not too horribly bad in keeping my rules- except for those couple of days and I totally blew it! I was bad :( ! One thing I am quite happy with, is not being too critical with myself and not rushing my recovery. I am such a critic of me- so trying to avoid that constant nagging to pick myself apart has been a challenge!

Posting some pictures taken this morning (before I get all puffy from the week) I still take bromelian and turmeric- making my smoothies. I really think they have aided in my recovery tremendously!! Continuing to wear compression all the time.

I see Dr Schaffer on Friday for my 4 week PO. I don't think there is anything wrong. So I am pretty sure he will be pleased with our progress! Kind of, sort of hoping we get to peek at my incision ( I think I'm the only one in july/August who hasn't seen theirs!! LOL) but I do like the fact Dr S. keeps the tape on. He did that with my breast, and the scars are super thin, tiny, and really flat- already a white color! He really makes a pretty incision! I must tell his that Friday! I'm also thinking he may release me to do the wild thing- my instructions say not until 6-8 weeks, but it's been 4!! It's almost an eternity! I think me and everybody around will me a lot happier- not that I'm not happy, but just... happier! :) Yes, it's added to my list and we shall discuss this too! Besides, nothing hurts or pulls- I must be healing well!

I'm walking everyday about 30 minutes. My body is screaming for movement! But am refraining and following my instructions. Dr S. should be so proud of me! I am one who usually will push the envelope as close to the line as possible :0 I''m ready to dance too, btw! But haven't because I'm not sure if I'll mess anything up.

I can see me now, sitting in the office waiting to schedule surgery, after explaining how I broke something doing the wild thing or dancing :( Nope, not gonna happen! I will behave!

I honestly think my Dr did a good job, he really had his work cut out for him when he got me, lol. I am so thankful he is patient and considerate in his work. For the first time in my life like what I see in the mirror and enjoy buying clothes! I used to only buy shoes- because they fit- now- the sky's the limit,

Oh, on a side note- RealSelf sent a notice today that my profile was #8 on RealSelf! not sure what that means- but 8 sounds like a pretty neat spot! Thought I'd share with my friends :)

Well, ladies- that's all for now. (((HUGS)))) and thoughts!
You look absolutely incredible! So happy for your amazing results!
Thank you KimRap! I was looking at you as well - looking fabulous chick! :). What did your PS say about the possible keloid?
Now I have that song Wild Thing stuck in my head and am going to start measuring my knees, love you!!

This is Embarrassing! But hey, we're friends, right :)

Found these other views before surgery- and an after shot of 4 weeks post. Defiantly smoother!

Thought I'd share with my friends:) but geez, how embarrassing! Oh we'll, here goes!

Heading to Gulf Shores for a weekend with my sisters and Mom. Can't wait! My Mom doesn't know I had a TT- wonder if she'll notice :D
This will be my first drive of 5 hours- after a days work, hum..... Wonder how that'll swell.

Hoping to get into a little mischief- just a smidgen ;)

You look totally amazing! What great results!
Bev, thank you!! I'm very pleased :) you were totally transformed!! Wow, you look wonderful! I viewed your profile, I seem where you had a blah day yesterday- you may already be doing this but if not. Try increasing your water and drink several lower sodium/sugar gayirades. That will help. Dehydration makes the 'down' feeling amplified. ((((((Hugs)))) sweet lady and heal quickly! The rough stuff will pass soon :)
Thank you D! Yes had a blah day, but didn't last too long, thinks for the drinking tip. I have been downing water but didn't know about the Gatorade . Enjoy your girls weekend and (((hugs)))) to you too

I finally seen my incision!!! It perfect! 4.2 wks PO

Ok, I know that I really should wait and post pictures when I write about this. But I just can't wait to share!!!!

I went to for my 4 week check- all was great. My Dr took the tape off my incision- is hard to believe I made that tape as long as it did!

Oh ya, back to the incision- it is perfect!!! I had hoped it would look good- but honestly... My incision is better than I had even imagined!!! Yippie skippie!!! It's thin, a little pink, not raised at all, no lumps or bumps, no puckers, perfectly flat! I don't think I could have asked for anything better! I am so excited!! Can't wait to show you.

Adorable is doing great, healing nicely, almost all e redness is gone- as the swelling goes away, she's taking shape nicely.

Probaly should take a icture to show, but I just drove to the beach area, tired and a little puffy from my 4 1/2 hr drive. Tomorrow I'll post :) promise!

I don't have to wear compression unless I want to. If the area treated previously for a stitch abscess shows any s/s inflammation I'm to let him know. In two weeks i can resume full activity :D !! oh ya!!! I can take tub baths now, so first on my agenda when i get home is filling the jacuzzi and soaking until entirely wrinkled :) excited!! FU in 2 months for PO & pictures :) not a bad deal!

My trip to S. Alabama was good, tons of traffic. I took my top off, got a large unsweet tea, turned up the music and danced and sang the entire way. Gosh, had a blast and the weekend has just started :)

Ttyl ladies. ((((((Hugs))))))
Ohhh I should have tried those for swelling! Yeah we do have much in common. I have learned that I have to have a structure for eating if I have a goal to meet. I think that applies to life in general though lol. I think after the four month mark your body will be even less swelling. It will be nice when the red scar fades though...my friend photoshopped it out for me...so cool lol.
Lol. Didn't think about photoshop! I think next week I'm going to start using my silicone strip. I'm really curious if I'll lose anymore from my lipo- I'm thinking yes hit don't really know. Will see :)
Hi D! So great to read your review and to see you're doing so well! I'm very happy you're healing so awesomely, and your pics are great. How exciting to see your scar at last and to see that it's tiny. You're looking great, and your review is wonderfully upbeat. Thanks for posting and here's to continued healthy healing!

Incision revealed :) love it!!! 4+wks PO

Well ladies, I finally get to join with you and reveal my incision.

I had my 4 week PO check Friday, we look off the tape- OMGosh! It's like a Christmas present! When the tape came off and my scar was revealed, it's very low, smooth, symmetrical, no puckering, just perfect!! Dr S., you did a fantastic job!! I wanted to cry happy tears and do the happy dance- but refrained :) but believe me, on the inside.... The happy dance was on!!

There is dry skin around it, but that will smooth off soon. I do have some pinkish color to the scar, but I am only 4 weeks out and a red head- I tend to hold the redness a little longer that most. But in a month all should be gone, or mostly gone.

Adorable is perfect!! She's still pink around the edges, but as I heal that is fading rather quickly. I love her shape and design! We're so happy together :) sigh....

I still have a tight, tender feeling in my upper abds occasionally, Dr S. said that was normal. I can tell be the end of the day, my body doesn't want to stand as tall, I get very tight in my abds as the day progresses. But is way better than it was 3 weeks ago, right? :) three weeks ago, I was doing the tuck and roll to side move just to sit up! And crawling onto the bed on all 4's to get situated to lay down. Lol.

I am extremely pleased with my TT, it has surpassed any expectations i had and the process of healing has been nothing like I imagined, in a good way. Would I do it again? In a heart beat!!

I dressed in my jeans (which fit very nicely now, no bulges any where :) cute little sassy halter top and head off for an evening with my two best friends, my sisters.

We went to a place in Fairhope, Al called Pinzones. It is the neatest place!! It's located in downtown Fairhope on Main Street. It has indoor and outdoor seating and a balcony eating area called the Romeo and Juliette balcony. There is also little hidden nooks through out with seating tucked away- totally the neatest place! The outdoor area is made down a alley way- cobble stone walks, comfortable pub and cafe tables that invite long dining experiences. Live acoustic music. It reminds me of what i would find in Italy, my dream to visit one day.

Our waiter, Zack was a charmer. We ordered a Chardonnay, called Edge- very nice and smooth. Two Bruschetta's one with butternut squash, the other with peppery sundried tomatoes, a meat and cheese tray and a delish pastry filled with a creamy filling with chocolate chips. We laughed and talked, by far the best 2 1/2 hours I've had in a long time!

When we started home, the top came off, my middle sister plugged her iPhone in my stereo and went totally old school on us singing Brickhouse with the Commodores, Donna Summer's Hot Stuff, Pat Benatar's heart breaker, then ended the drive home with a little Pink So What and Done by Band Perry. Ya, I think we hit several genres :) great night.

Just so you know, you guys know more about my surgeries than anyone else (besides my sisters and my Dr's office). I just haven't shared with others- don't want to be judged I guess, idk. So you all are my people! Thanks for being here for me during my journey, you have been my friends, life line, sounding board and support system. Thank you!!!

Well, ladies have a wonderful weekend. ((((((Hugs)))))

Hey D. Great looking scar!! It will disappear before you know it! And look that waist!! Lucky you! I love you ladies that have that hour glass look. Even at my tiniest I don't have that kind of indentation. I'm glad you had fun with your Mom and Sisters. I have hot stuff playing in my head now! Lol my 4 week post op is tues. still nursing my tape too.. Hope my scars look as good as yours :-)
Oh I hope yours do too! Been thinking about you, really hoping you get a fabulous report when you go! We have had the best time, I needs my mom and sister time so much!! Lol, my middle sister is a mess, never a dull moment- I'm a mild piece if work compared to her! Lol. You know that hour glass figure Has a doen side goo, lol. Finding pants/ dresses that fit, lol. However its good for birthing babies! my doc said, you can have a 12 lb baby, no problem! i thought i was going to turn green and fall out. I did have two little chunkies and one came presented wrong- both natural. Saved me from a c/s :) so guess its not so bad, lol! Thank you so much!!!! :) that means alot because you've watch a TT scar heal! It still has the pink color, which I expected. I think next week I may use my silicone strips on it some. Not sure. Am going to use my bio oil for sure!! How are you doing? Thank you for stopping by today :) ((((((hugs))))) my sweet sister of my heart!
That scar is like a freaking work of art? I am not sure if I would have been able to contain myself and might have had to kiss that doctor on the mouth, just sayin!!

First time stretches :) Awe.....

Good morning, ladies!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

I only have 1 week 5 days until I can resume full activities- so getting a jump start on stuff :D

This morning I woke up an hour early, walked 30 minutes, then did 30 minutes of stretches. I broke out my foam roller, OMGosh! I have missed that!!! Stretched my back out wonderfully. Then my gluts, hamstrings, calf muscles- wow! I mixed in a few mild yoga stretches too. My body has been aching for that!!! Then moved up to upper back some, but being careful not to pull anything around my abds. I am pretty stiff compared to 4 weeks ago, but I figured if I started my stretching now, when I can resume my workouts, my body will be looser and more flexible.

I have used and enjoyed my foam roller so much! If you don't have one, they are wonderful for stretching, rolling out and massaging knotted muscles! Mine keeps my muscles loose between massages. Speaking of massages, Friday it's on!!!

Tomorrow, I plan to add a little more to it and hopefully be fully ready to do my exercises soon.

I can't tell you how good it felt to do something close to a work out, lol! Was fabulous!! Now I can start my week more effectively :)

I am a little curious how my hips are going to respond to me resuming Zumba and dancing... Gosh, I hope they still work!!!! Been a little intimidated to experiment to see if they still got it - what if they don't! eek!

Accomplishments: Walking taller, only slouched at the end of a long day. Resting well, no position left unexplored, went shopping, bought a couple things ( a size smaller around the boo-tay :), walking everyday feeling stamina increasing, only occasional cramp in abds now- not too shabby! had my first glass of wine since surgery - was fabulous! Not that I'm a drinker- but I do like an occ. glass of a good wine. Painted my nails Not so Glum Plum.

Have a great day, my friends! ((((HUGS))))
Good for you:)
I made my surgery date I'm so excited its not until march 11th
Awesome! I felt the same way when I made my surgery date back in July for January 16th

I'm 5 months pregnant!!! Or so it looks :(

This is what happens when you ho with out your compression garment! you get pregnant! Or so it appears.......

I look like I'm 5 months pregnant ! Seriously. Belly is pooched out and tight as a drum :(

Today I had to remove my CG pretty early in the day. First time I've gone without it except for bathing.

So this is what I know. At 5 weeks I'm not ready to go with out my oh so sexy CG, bromeliad is still one of my best friends, swelling and mean old Mother Nature are ganging up again- I'm about to call my buddies so we can put a whoop up on someone and there's not enough chocolate on my house today.

The lines ae from my silicone step, btw.

Your scar looks good . When you swell does it hurt ?
Nope put it back on we all need it to control that swelling . The CG is a girl best friend for about three to four months . You look so good and so does hour incision . We can't rush the healing process just to show out beautiful tummies off .
Girl, I wasn't rushing, promise!! I had a CG on that I normally don't wear and the opening at the bottom wasn't like the other so it kind of got "wet" needless to say, it had to come off. Lol. I really wanted to run home and get another but never had the time so... You know the ending of my story. Ya, totally looking prego! This morning all the puff is gone, I slept I the one from surgery- putting in my "armored CG" to squish my up every which way but loose. And off to work I go :). (((Hugs)))

Spell changer stinks!!

Sorry your guys, spell changer made my last post look like I'd been drinking. I really hadn't been, promise :)

Good thing we all have learned to ready and interpret spell change language :)

Oh btw, last night I slept in my CG from after surgery, drank an extra green smoothie- almost all the puff is gone this morning :)

Today I armored up in my oh so sexy CG with my smoothie in tow- is for g to be a beautiful day!! I get to get naked this afternoon, sooo excited!! Massage and laser genesis appts scheduled at 2:00 :) I need this, sigh....

Good :)
I will and how are you doing today?
Doing great- chillaxin :)

almost 6 weeks ~

Well my friends, Tuesday it will be 6 weeks since my surgery. How time flies!! I took pictures today because I wasn't as puffy as most days :) My flanks are still swollen ( I hope it's swelling) and I see unevenness in my thighs and hips- I'm pretty sure it's swelling too as it changes from side to side :D

I do love how flat my tummy is most of the time and my incision is looking wonderful- in the pictures it is redder than usual because I had just taken off the silicone strips- for what ever reason the strips makes it redder, then it goes away.

I wear the silicone strip during the day and bio oil and cocobutter at night. I would wear the coco butter during the day, but it smells so good, I might get licked. I'll leave that for home at night :D

Still wearing my CG all the time. Today I went to Dilllard's they had ipants on sale for an extra 50% off the mark down!! I bought every medium they had! Walked out with 11 compression unders for less than a $100.00 ;0 oh how I love a good sale!! If only I found that perfect black boot I have in mind for the season.....

Today I went to the gym- I ran intervals first time since surgery! I really felt great doing it! I didn't cramp up or hurt at all. In fact, I ran them for 50 minutes! Then did some arm work. I didn't want to do too much since I still have a week until I'm fully released for all my work outs ;0 (wink, wink) excited!!! Tomorrow I'm going to start some squats and get my but back up where it belongs. whoo hoo!!

honesty, I can't see a huge difference in how I look now compared to 9 days PO, idk.... sometimes I think I see a big difference, sometimes I'm like what the heck.... I'm really hoping I trim some more in my flanks and legs.... will see. I really don't want to be up on that table again unless I'm getting my face lifted or my boobs replaced. LOL

I feel great, I actually don't feel like I've had surgery and am in the recovery stage still. I guess that's a good thing!

Until next time my friends :)

Hey D, don't you look fantastic!
Thank you Sara! How are things gong for you? Still making your smoothies? ((((Hugs))) my friend!
Doing good .. Have not been doing smoothies have been in Florida in vacation heading home today. Will start back tho have missed them and the gym. I am so swollen it is not funny even ankles are swollen. Next week will be better.

6 weeks and doing fabulous!

When I was posting, my 6 week pictures didn't load. So posting them now.

I have been running about 2 miles daily! I am so surprised at my resilience! My heart rate is some higher than before- but I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to start back! Next week I plan to add my Zumba and Pilates in my work out. A little bummed at my scales say I've gain 3 lbs, not quite sure how, maybe fluid.. IDK

Funny thing happened yesterday. Well, funny to me. I had went to the gym and my oldest son's best friend, Eric, works at the rental store close to where I parked. We waved and said Hey across the parking area. Afterwards, I ran by to see my son and family- Eric was there (who I waved at) said "Ya, thought I was going to have to punch ______ (his co-worker) today" my son " what happened now" Eric " I seen your Momma and ______ said, Dang, she's hot" Eric "Hey, watch it! That's my best friend's Mom" guy he worked with "I don't care, she's hot" Eric " You better hope I don't tell Rick ( my son)"
So while he was sharing this story, my son started getting red in his face and neck, he was mad to say the least and said, thanks Eric- that's just one more reason for me to want punch him. Now, I don't think it appropriate (I am old enough to be all of their momma) for that to be said, but I found it sort of funny in a weird way. So now my son has instructed me to make sure I park in a different lot and he better not hear stuff like that again... LOL

Oh, I am posting some comparisons from 9 days PO, not sure I really see much difference. Gosh I hope my flanks and thighs shrink!! I guess curves has it's place, but dang- mine are extremely curvaceous- and dangerously so! eek!

Looking great girl! Can't wait to get back to exercising. Glad to hear it's not too hard to pick up again.
Woo Hop!! Hott Mama!! You look great. That's great about the sons friend. I think its so funny when stuff like that happens. I wish I could get into exercising like you. I really dislike it. Lol
Thank you, imasweetie! Lol, I don't necessarily like exercising, but I love how it makes me feel ( after about 20 minutes) I have to find things I can enjoy and have fun with. For me it's classes like Zumba, Pilates,, kickboxing, etc.. Then u can stick to it. I get bored with jyst machines :( I'll be at the spa this Friday and next- let me know your next appt and maybe we can meet :) ((((hugs)))) my friend!

Still able to rock it with Zumba! :)

Ok, so for some more honesty.. Yes, my book is opened a little more :)

Up until just this past week, since I had my TT, every time I tried to walk fast or after working all day- the muscles in my tummy felt very tight, cramped and would draw up like contractions I had birthing my babies.

I love working out. Zumba, Kick boxing and Pilates are some of my favorites! One (of my two) biggest "fears" was that I would not be able to Zumba any more like I had- I mean, it takes a lot of hip, abd and pelvic work, and I could see me all cramped and drawn up :( The second is that the wild thing wouldn't be wild anymore- full color visions of right in the middle of the wild thing- saying "baby, gotta stop- I feel like having a contraction..." Ya, could be a little awkward and oh so not hot.....

Well, ladies, today was the day. I went to an outdoor Zumba class (first one since surgery) and guess what? Everything moved and wiggled how it did before :D Oh happy camper I was, to say the least! And best part, I didn't cramp up! Actually, I felt like I was able to do better hip and abd work than before :) YA!!!

Last week I started running intervals (about 2 miles a day) and this is really strange. Prior to my TT I had to make sure I emptied my bladder well and not drink much before running :( I know my TT had nothing to do with it- but since I had my TT my bladder has not leaked when I run. Hope this keeps up! May be a bonus!! Awesome!

This week I have had very little swelling. My tummy is much flatter and the definition is much more visible- I love, love, love not having rolls over my jeans! I actually wore my sz 10 levis yesterday (the ones I took pictures in prior to surgery) and they looked great! No rolls, not tight- just fit! I felt fabulous!!

It's really strange how something like a TT or BL/BA can change your view on life and yourself so dramatically. When I had my BL/BA in November- my confidence was increased so much- I loved my chest and still do! Me and the girls are happy together :) and have so much fun!

Then when I had my TT, I was doing it so my clothes would fit better. However, my TT has really increased how I feel about myself more than I would have ever expected. I love how I look in my clothes, and without them. Before, I would not change clothes in front of my husband- I just hated how I looked! No swim suits or cute outfits. Lights had to be off or dim for the Wild Thing :( and I for sure didn't want hands touching my rolls during intimacy. Ya, messed up I know.... just being honest.

I can say now I love being naked, I love putting on cute bras and panties, I love dressing in clothes that show off my curves, I love being touched, the Wild Thing is um.... fabulous, amazing, wow and can happen anytime during the day or night- even with the lights on :)

I know that it is a mind set, I could have felt that way before- but it took a journey to enhance the changes initiated by me to embrace them. It's only been 6 weeks but I feel absolutely fabulous about being me. I want to make note, I did not get a TT or lipo to Lose Weight- but to reshape my problem places. That being said, I have lost 5# since my TT, but I'm continuing to eat right and now am exercising again. Not aiming for perfection- just My personal best.

I would do this again in a heartbeat. It was completely worth the cost, I'd pay even more for it. I would have never imagined the changes I have on the inside, from the changes that has taken place out the outside. I love me now. :) Forever grateful for the second change.

D. :)
Great results! Really!
Ok I checked out your pics . You had a lot of loose skin . I don't have that much loose skin when I'm 15lbs thiner . So I guess that's why my dr said a MTT . Now you look fab ! 
I didn't have that much loose skin until after I did lipo.... I don't think I have a picture posted of it before. Not sure. After the lipo- nothing drew up and I had all the loose skin. Several others (even tiny, tiny girls) ended up with a fullTT afterwards. Not trying to discourage you, but I would ask another opinion. OR you could do a real self question where 25 board cert PS answer. Just a thought. Also post several pictures if you ask the ? Front, side, bending, sitting, etc... So they can see good - wont be the same as a physical exam but may give you an idea of others thoughts. Just thinking. I want you to be completely happy when it's over. This is your time to shine, girl!

Color Run 5k in 3 weeks :) - whoop!

So last week I started running intervals and really did great! I was surprised at no cramping contractions! :)

Saturday I took the big plunge and tried running- I ran 1 mile non stop- then did 2 miles of intervals. Sundays and today I ran 1 1/2 miles non stop then did another 2 miles intervals! My bladder is still happy :) oh happy, happy!! ! Also have added strength training to my workouts. Ladies, the definition of my muscles is popping back quick!!! So if you're feeling down over your loss of tone- don't worry, its going to come back quick! whoo hoo!! Getting ready for my Color run in a few weeks.

Had to share the success!

It's completely amazing to me that I suddenly went from cramping and having strong contraction like spasms at a fast walk to no cramps/spasms! Not complaining, just observing.

My scar is looking really nice. Friday I'm getting laser genesis done on it. Will let you know how it does. Laser genesis will lighten the pinks/reds/purple color in the scars. Mine is not raised, but if it were, genesis would smooth it out too.

One note, while exercising, I do wear my compression. Seems to make me feel stronger for some reason.

(((((Hugs))))) and happy thoughts!
Oh and you look hot!!!
Thank you :D lol
Just read your last to posts and my heart jumped for joy for you, I love you are back doing what you love and you are so happy!! Yeah!! You are so positive and an amazing woman!! ((Hugs))

OMGosh! Today has been 7 weeks!! Seriously??? Wow!

Well today marks my 7 week post op from my TT! I seriously can't believe it, I love how flat my tummy is and can't remember how it looked before until I pill my pics out :) sigh....

So glad I did this!!

7 week mile marks are: able to run a mile non stop, intervals daily, no cramping or spasms. Definition in my arms returning :) my 10's fit beautifully! Flanks maybe trimming some more (or is it my active imagination)? Working (in heels for the past month - love the way heels look, feel, make my booty rounder :) feeling great, normal (what ever normal is, lol!) sleeping all over (my bed), flexibility is returning :), doing everything I did prior to my TT! Scar is lightening and is very smooth. My Dr is a PS RockStar.... Just saying. :)

Scar tx: silicone strips at night, bio oil and coco butter in the day. Scar massage to soften adhesions. Will start laser genesis this week. :) the up close of the scar is pretty pink and has some vertical red marks- that is from the silicone strips. At night I'm swollen, then in the morning it has loosened and made little crease marks. bb is precious! Love little miss adorable!!! I still have swelling in my abds- but right after surgery, she was the cutest little thing!! So when all the swelling is gone- she will be perfect! Happy with how low everything is.

Lipo: is good, I think my flanks may be going down some??? Maybe??? Idk I have 3 months and 3 weeks to go until they will be what they will be. Until then we watch and wait :D

Ladies, I love you and are so thankful for the sweetest friends I've made on my journey. You have truly been my rock :) hug-est (((((((((HUGS))))))))) ever!!

Sexy sexy! Lol... you look wonderful!
:) 2juzaboys, thanks girl! 2months 2 days for you!!! Exciting! You are going to have amazing results! I can't wait to see them!!! :) so nice to meet you and glad you stopped by! ((((Hugs))))
I so appreciate your willingness to share the good, bad and the ugly -which you seem to have almost none of :) You are an inspiration and I hope that I can maintain such an amazing attitude and outlook on this journey. And btw - you look amazing! Congratulations on such amazing results!

Riding a bike makes me feel labor pains and guys seriously have no concept of age!!!

Today I learned two things. Thought I'd share :)

1. Riding a bike (interval inclines) make me feel like I'm in labor and about to birth a baby. Not a fun experience. Had to take it down a notch. My arms are looking good :)

2. Guys have no concept of age. Or... They just don't care, not sure.... Got hit on by a rep who is no more than 30-ish... Flattered? Yes. Then a little appalled. I'm seriously almost old enough to be you Mommy :) weird... and I'm married. So he said, happily? Um, yes!!! So,.. you want to go hang out sometime? Rolled my eyes ( to myself) cant I'm busy, but thank you (trying to be polite) I wanted to tell him, my face is right here... WAY up here.. I was dressed extremely conservative today, btw :) smh....

Oh, and coconut almonds are really good. Chocolate cover is better.

Went to a winery- got some really good muscadine semi sweet wine :) probably should not have had two glasses and wrote tonight :) oh well....

D. :)
LOL!!! Better to have one that you are old enough to be his Mommy hit on you than one that is old enough to be your Daddy!!!
Uh- Ya... Good point :) lol! Now I'm rofl! Thanks for the reminder, can always count on you to keep me in the right direction :)

Weight loss goal of 50.2 lbs lost met

Week before last I met my weight loss goal. Total lbs lost has been 50.2! Wow! That's more than 25% of my body weight! Since October 2011.

It's taken 22 months of counting calories and religiously exercising. But I did it! In the beginning, I was so discouraged, depressed and honestly felt hopeless- such a long way to go!!

I started first, exercising twice a week. The first time I went to Pilates I was not sure if I could make it up the stairs for bed that night, lol! Seriously! After a month I upped my days to 4 times a week. Found classes I loved and could commit to. 3 months later I started using MyFitnessPal.com logging every thing that went in my mouth. That's when the weight started coming off. I'm not a fast loser like some. My lbs slide of sloooooooowly...... For my birthday in 2012 I got a polar ft4 heart monitor. Has been a fabulous tool. On the weeks and months I did not loose, I still seen my "progress" of calories/fat burned.

Fast forward to now. I did not get a TT with the whole "it going to make me loose" mindset. I went into it to trim and shape what I had been working on. Had I gotten my TT thinking it was going to make me lose weight, I would have set myself up for failure.

Diligence and hard work has paid off and I finally met my goal! May I also say, the goal was met even after I added 5 lb of beautiful, fabulous silcone breasts to my chest ;) ! So I guess "technically" I' lost 55.2lbs, lol. But that doesn't really count, right?

To "reward myself" I got a new heart rate monitor. Polar HR7 Bluetooth and Digifit. The app it came with was not my favorite. Digifit app is loaded on my phone- totaly super cool, will transmit up to 34' for the device! It'll track several workout type- show calories burned, fat calories, heart rate, zones, oh and it has a GPS that will track your route and more!

I'm adding a couple screen shots of Digifit.

Today I did Zumba with one of my fav instructors- she really works your abds- honestly half way through I had to bring it down some as I started "contracting" in my abd. After a few minutes of bring it down, the cramps left and I was able to ramp I back up! Afterwards I did toning with bands, weights and modified machine workouts one of the personal trainers had shown me! Was a perfect Saturday and... I burned up 784 calories :)

(((((Hugs))))) my friends! Thinking about all my sweet friends who are healing, recovering from recent surgeries and those who are the forerunners paving the way! You are all very special, beautiful women and you have very special places in my heart :)
D that is great you have met your goal. So happy for ya. Today I did my walking only added sprints to it OMG I thought I was gonna die... Lol hope I can make it around the track tomorrow. Interview went well I think. Oh my goodness I was nervous. Now I know why I don't change jobs often
Sara, that's great! I do hope you get it! What a fun new adventure it would be!! When do you think you'll know? About the walk/sprints. I walked, then added 30 second intervals- then stated building up. That didn't bother me as much as the bike! Believe it or not.. I was surprised.
D not sure they are building a cv team it was a very mixed feeling interview. I have submitted a few more resumes. I need a job I am getting way to use to not working. I walked 3.11 miles I really do not enjoy running but I need sometime to get the loss started again I have been stuck for some time now. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Chest strap for Polar HR7

This is the way the chest strap fits for the Polar HR7. The band is very comfortable and molds to me. I don't feel anything "extra" on when wearing it.

The HR7 works with your smart phone. I also have the FT4- you have to wear the watch (comes together) to get workout measures. Strap is exactly the same, the sensors are different. The FT4 can be used in The water. Both sensors are water resistant, but the HR7 can't transmit through the water to the smart device.

Both are great choices! Hope it helps!

Have a happy day my beautiful friends!!
YOU LOST 50 LBS!!! You are my hero!!! People struggle to lose 5 and you drop 50 lbs!!!
Sunnysidenc- I have! Took me 21 months but made it... Finally! Lol. In the beginning I didn't think I'd ever get under 200#! My weight came off slow and hard, :) thank you girl, you ALWAYS bring a smile to my face! You Rock!!!
Fifteen per serving size and it also help control my hungry too.

Silicone strip

At night I wear silicone strip on my incision and on Adorable. Then in the day I use bio oil and coco butter.

I'm posting a picture of my silicone strip and how it looks each morning. At night it's completely flat across the entire incision- by morning when the swelling subsides it has 1/2" puckers all the way across the strip. Wow! That's still a lot of swelling for 8 weeks! However it is better, ya!!

This week I have been using lighter compression, Capri length spanx- have done well. Before I had a lot of tightness I my tummy and swelling across my incision line if I didn't wear my CG. This week definite changes, less swelling :)

You look great
Hi DoingMe! Nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by :) congratulations on your new goals and up coming new you!! You can do it! I lost 50.2 pounds with myfitnesspal and exercise :) best to you, girl! Thank you!!
Your recovery entries are great. You really shared a positive picture how good recovery can be. Lots of positive vibes in there! I have the arnica cream and turmeric and bromelain supplements. Should I start taking them now at Post Op day 5? If so how often do you feel is necessary now that you've been there/done that?! Thanks!

Laser Scar Treatment- been zapped :)

Today I was able to have Laser Genesis and scar treatment on my TT, BB and breast scars I really like Laser Genesis on my face, is very relaxing and a comfortable procedure- so I was pretty excited to try this for the scars!

My laser tech worked for quite a while on my scars. I will tell you the scar area heated much faster than my face does! There's no pain involved, it got warm, but not to the place i felt uncomfortable. I guess it's because it's a new scar. Tonight
I have a little extra pink in the scar. Pretty anxious to see how it looks in the next day or two!

She also treated the scars on my breast! My breast have a thickened ridge of adhesions under the scar. After the Genesis, it appears the thickened area has softened some! Oh I hope it continues!! Maybe by the girls 1 year birthday, the scars will be perfectly smooth :) !!!

I'll post some pictures later. Was too tired tonight to take them- long week :)

Have a fun weekend!

Can't wait to see the results! You look marvelous already!! It seems like my waist just isn't getting smaller..but I am still swollen at 5 weeks. Have a wonderful weekend beautiful lady!!
I'll take some tomorrow - went to work and never took any today :( it looks smaller to me!! My thighs and hips aren't getting smaller!! Lol if mine don't shrink I'll be back next spring to whittle out some more :) I really didn't want to but I want to have slimmer thighs, so a girl will do what a girls gotta do!
You look awesome!!!! Cant wait to get the go ahead to start working out.

Laser Genesis on Scar - day after :D ~ LIKE!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted pics yet, crazy weekend :) Will do it later, promise!

I wanted to give a quick update. First of all, I did Laser Genesis on my TT, BB and BL/BA scars. The TT/BB does not have the thicker adhesions under the skin yet, so it's still pretty soft, couple areas are thickened- but not bad. The scars around my areolar on the left breast was fairly thick and still had some puckering from my lift. The right side scar is a lot softer.

So, after Genesis, the scars were a little extra pink and maybe a tiny bit puffy- nothing bad. No pain or discomfort at all. I used a little cortisone on them. The morning after the treatment, I am amazed at how much softer and smoother the scars are. Especially my problem girl (Lt girl :) the adhesions are much softer, smoother and has the appearance maybe flatter! Oh how happy I am! There is one thickened area on the Lt breast that may not smooth as much as I'd like- but so far I am very pleased with the results and will repeat in a week or two :)
Dawn at Hedden Plastic Surgery rocks! just saying....

Oh happy, happy, joy, joy :)
Will post my pics later.
I did the pixel 3 weeks ago. Very pleased. Next week I am doing the CO2 laser. I love lasers. I am going to get face done to. Screw growing old gracefully. Some man must have come up with that phrase.
I love them too!!! I think I've send them in almost every part of my body lol! It probably was a man, but they don't want us looking old for sure ;) what does the co2 do? She used two differnt ones on me. One was used for Genesis the other was IPL.
So glad you like the genesis!!! I might do that as well after my laser treatments with my PS are done. You look awesomeeeeee (singing!) :) HUGS!!!!

Day after Genesis pics

Here are the after Genesis pics. You can see the scar is pinker in some area- those are the places the scars had more thickness than the rest. It does feel much softer than before. I'll do it again in a couple weeks.

I love how it did on my breast! The places where I still had some puckering is so much smoother and the adhesions below the scar is so much softer!!! Ya!

Night my sweet friends!
Hi, you have great results your figure looks fab. I am very curious about this Laser treatment. Are you saying this is something that is a part of the recovery process to get rid of scars? Is it promising does it really work?
I am using laser Genesis (my PS spa offers a huge variety of services). She used Genesis and IPL on it. Both will help soften scar tissue and adhesions and lighten the color. I get Genesis on my face and love what it's done! I'm also using a silicone strip and night, bio oil and coco butter during the day.
Your belly is beautiful ! 

3 days post Laser Gensis. Love!!!

So it's been 3 days since Laser Genesis was done and I really think the scars are lighter!
Defiantly they feel softer! Can't wait to do the next Rx and see how they progress!
What do you think?
Scar looks great and your tummy and waist are so tiny! I'm so jealous. Way to go on the weight loss. So glad for you. I go for my 2nd round of Meso on the 4th. Ouch. Take care and keep up the good work
D your scar is look really good. May have to look into that
Looking good my Tt sis .

9 Weeks since TT and Adorable came to live with me :)

Well Ladies, I can't believe it's been 9 weeks since my TT and Adorable became a part of my life! Wow! Seems like a dream! I really can't hardly remember what it was like not to have a pretty flat tummy now :) The daily struggles I had to over come the initial days are not even a flash in my mind any more. Nice...

I feel wonderful! No discomfort. There is nothing I can't do now. I am even working with a personal trainer some to tone my arms, thighs and boot-tay :) My body feels great! No discomfort.. well... yes there is some- this super strong fella that is working me is finding muscles I didn't know I had and they are protesting a little :)

I love how flat my tummy is, my low incision line, how flat it is and Adorable.. well, she's just adorable!!! I still have some pinkness (but redheads tend to stay pinker a little longer than others) and I have a few adhesions I can feel under the incision. I am massaging twice a day with bio oil and coco butter to help soften those. Also, I think the Laser Genesis will help with them as well.

Adorable is such a cutie! She is still pink but over the next couple months she will lose that and be perfect (to me). She has the cutest little shape too! Sort of a heart shape, a little deeper on top and more shallow on the bottom. when my Tummy is not swollen I can see what the finished product will be like- :) (breaking out in Turtle's ditty) Imagine me and you ~ I think about you day and night, It's only right , To think about the one you love, And hold you tight, So happy together :) Dr Schaffer did a piece of art on my belly :)

Couple things I want to share
~ When I have to go potty now- I HAVE to go, no waiting period, not enough room to store extra "what ever" in my belly
~ after TT, you have to learn to re-sit on the toilet, anatomy has changed a little and the pee stream is off a little
~ Lipo on Flanks and thighs takes longer to see results- patience my dear, patience...
~ Gas and Swelling both make me feel like I'm going to pop open at any given moment. Really puts a lot of pressure on my incision. So, compression and exercise daily for me to keep these two bad boys out of my belly!
~ Scar Treatment, silicone strips 12 hours at night, bio oil and coco butter twice a may massaged into scar. Started Laser Genesis too.
~ Numbness is almost completely gone- just a couple small places along my incision sensation is slightly decreased.
~ Any discomfort I had was well worth how I look and feel now. Would do this again in a second! So happy with my results.
You look so beautiful ! I'm finally back in my happy place . I was down but  Great2BMe got me back on track . Hugs !

Sorry, Pics didn't load :)

So here we go again- Pics didn't load last time. Sorry for the second post
Wow. I just looked at your pics again. Your waist looks like its 18 inches. What are your before and after measurements now?!
No, not even close to 18! Prob looks small as my hips are so big :) I haven't measured lately, but here are the ones a posted about an month ago. I don't think I've changed any since then. The first number was before and the second was from a month ago. weight: 163.2# / 157.6# waist: 31' / 30' abd: 41' /39" hips: 42.5 /42.75 Rt thigh: 24.75 / 23.75' Rt mid thigh: 20' / 19.75' Lt thigh: 25' / 24.5' Lt mid thigh: 20.25 / 19.75"
Right now I have a deep bob and I have been putting a marble in it to make it look more flat. Does anyone have any remedies ?

Super swollen this week!

Not sure why but I've been really swollen ( more than my norm) all week! I've all but lived in my CG day and night to keep it down. Considered breaking out my binder, then opted out. Well, I take that back, I did Tuesday night!

I know my water intake has decreased and I've only got to work out twice all week. So those thing may be contributing. Idk.... Is just sort of crazy, I feel the swelling is more now than even at two week! I have a little pooch :) not funny, but have to smile!

Seriously... By mid afternoon I am super puffy and my belly is so tight! I look like I'm prego by about 5 months! Really!!! Is sad when you find comfort and relief in a CG! Lol!!

I've also been on a major emotional roller coaster. My emotions have been all over the board and even hanging off the side at times :) (Charlie Brown smile on that one) I even cried twice and I Am Not a crier!!! I KNOW that's from less H2O and exercise for sure!

This weekend, the plan is:
1. Hour long massage tomorrow
2. Rest
3. Read a book
4. Exercise some :)
5. Increase my water
6. Try, try, try to de-stress :/
7. Eat chocolate
8. Enjoy a glass of wine on the deck after dark :D

Ok, my insides are doing a happy day at the thoughts!!

((((((Hugs)))))) to you and thank you for being here always! You guys are wonderful and there are times I don't know what I would have done without ya!
You have been doing so great, this is just a hiccup. It will be just a memory by bevy week. You have been so fortunate as far as the swelling uggs concerned. I stayed swollen until a good 3 months. And then by mid day, was swollen and right again. I wrote my binder past 8 weeks because of the swelling. De-stress this weekend and all will be good.
Wow, 3 months? Bet that was tough ! I'm much better, yoga this morning, 1 1/2 hr massage, good dinner, 13 glasses of water, now a glass of wine :) over all I feel much, much better! Thank you for the reminder of the hiccup! I'm going to write that down to remind me next time I hiccup :) good word! (((((Hugs))))))
Enjoyed reading your review. I'm 5days PO. Started walking without my walker today. I can't wait to be able to walk normal and go outside!

Today is much better!

Slept a little later than usual. Then started off my Saturday with dunkin donuts chocolate glazed coffee. No calories but taste like dessert in a cup :) an hour of yoga, little nap, 1 1/2 hr massage, long ride with my top off, then ended with a good grilled salmon dinner, and a glass of chocolate red wine.
Also drank 13 glasses of water today :)
I'm feeling better, not up to my self yet but by tomorrow, I think I'll be on my way!
Thank you to my sweet friends who encourage and have just the right things to say. Love you guys!!!! You're my people!
You look wonderful. I am 2 weeks post and you give me a light at the end of all this soreness. Chocolate red wine. ..obviously I have been living in a cave. I need to find a bottle asap.
Thank you CJD Mom ! :) defiantly you are closing in on the end of the worse!! I think 2 1/2 or 3 weeks was when I really started to feel myself again - tiredness and aching muscles started to subside :) yes! Chocolate red wine, was good, but not something I'd do a lot, sort of a dessert in a wine glass, lol! However,the other day, I needed it!! I bought it at target. World market has it too. Ome of my favorites is a semi sweet red muscadine from a local vineyard! Is fabulous!! You have to be careful though, it tastes so much like fruit, you don't realize the alcohol is in it...... Ya, experience talking..... :) ((((((hugs)))))) my sweet friend and heal quick! You have a new fabulous tummy to show off!
Wow, you look great!


Was a good day. Continued to rest. Drank extra water. Went to the gym worked out doing cardio intervals for 45 minutes then 30 minutes of strength training. The trainer that has been helping me - let me do some abd work today!!! I am so excited!!! It didn't hurt, pull or feel uncomfortable :)
1st happy, happy, joy,joy!!!

He said little by little we will add more abd work in. He is really good, he finds that place where your muscles quiver and stays on it for usually about 15 reps. I can really see a difference in my arms and sides of my thighs- I like how he thinks!

My emotions are better than Friday for sure. Not fixed totally but defiantly better :) praying this week is not a repeat of last! I will make sure my water intake is enough and I will work out to get my happy fluids working :) hold me accountable? ;)

By next weekend it's supposed to be in the high 40's here! Guess that means I can make a fire in the fireplace and break out my boots :) 2nd happy, happy joy, joy!!!

Oh, and my boobs looked completely fabulous today :) my girls will celebrate their 1 yr birthday next month!!! Sigh... I can't believe how much they've grown this past year!! lol. Sorry, I know... Lame! Couldn't resist!!!! 3rd happy, happy, joy, joy :D

Have a great week my beautiful and fabulous friends!
You look amazing! Congrats on the weight loss. I love my little pink Polar FT4, but your setup made me envious. Maybe that will be my present yo myself when I get this post surgery weight off. Loved your review!
Thank you, Nicole! I have the pink FT4 too. Nive had it for 2 years and when I seen the HR 7 it was my weight loss goal reward :). Lol. My have way reward ways boobs :D if you like the ft4 you'll love the hr7 and amazon had a great deal on it! How much do you have to loose? Since I'm lifting some weights again I've added 2 lbs :( but my size has not changed so I guess is ok. Thank you again, girl!!
I'm all over the place with weight since the surgery. I keep telling my husband that it was supposed to make me smaller and not bigger (except for the boobs). I went up to my highest weight of 232 and got down to 127 through diet and exercise (mostly steady state cardio). I was down to a 0/2 depending on the brand. That was too hard to maintain and I added heavy lifting to my workouts. I went up to 137 and could still fit into a 2 (sometimes a 4), and I could eat whatever I wanted (within reason). That was my "happy weight" that I'd like to get back down to. I gained about 3 before surgery and went in at 140 (stress eating and figuring it was going to get cut off anyway....). I ended up the same weight by post op week 5. I started getting more active and headed back to work at week 8 and I'm up to 147. I know some is swelling, but I'm sure some of it is laziness and my inability to work as hard as I used to before surgery. I started Intermittent Fasting yesterday to get my snacking under control and I'm back to lifting my split workout routine 6 days per week and doing HIIT. So my long answer to your question is I want to lose 10 pounds. I signed up for a Color Run next month too. I'm trying to get my 11 year old stepson to be a bit more active. :-)

Added Abd work into my workout routine

This week I added several abdominal exercises to my workout. Surprisingly- my tummy did great!!! I was expecting soreness or some discomfort, but there was none! I did feel a pulling sensation is my lower abds, bit don't feel it was hurting my surgery area at all.

The day after, I noticed a little more tightness I my tummy, but not bad. Still pretty swollen this week off and on :( blah!! Lol

I return for my 3 month appt and not sure I want to go- especially if I'm still swollen! They will be taking my 3 months pics. :O

Emotionally this week, I'm better- staying on top of my water and exercising daily to some degree.

So,some asked me if I felt the money and recovery was worth it. I answered yes, with out hesitation and I'd do it again Ina heart beat!!!

You be proud of your bod and take the pic . We're very hard on our selves . You look great and you have worked hard to get your sexy bod . I could kick myself for letting mine go the past 3 yrs . Hugs my friend ! Smile !
Thank you, Sissy. I'm trying :). How are you feeling?
Funny, I was thinking today that I wanted to ask a few people who already had a TT if they would do it again and if it was worth it. You were one of the people to pop in my mind. Thanks for reading my mind. :-). So glad you're here!!!!

Sporting a new fashion accessory :/ !

Something is sort of jacked up about this.. I'm 10 weeks yesterday PO and second week of looking a little prego from belly swell. Hmmmmmm..... Not liking, but my emotions are good- so that makes it sooooo much better!

Today I added a new old fashion accessory :D gosh, I have missed this so much!! When I went to put it on, it felt like a reunion with a long lost buddy. well, may not..... lol. I broke out my binder to sleep in and see if it'll force the belly swell down to a pudge! Lol

Is not horrible- just enough to make me feel like Adorable may pop off and like I have to pee all the time :O lol oh the fun we have on our journey-

I'm guessing this is normal. Feeling great and Totally Rocking the abd work I've added! Whoop!!

Looking good one hot mama :)
Thank, Tessa! Hope your week has been great, seems forever since I've chatted with anyone, but has bp just been a week :) (((((hugs))) must friend:)
loving your results! Looking awesome!

Bedazzling and bling might be in my future :)

This morning all my tummy swelling was gone and I looked my 10 week normal, by the afternoon I was nice n fluffy again :) I am about convinced it's part of healing and the lymphatic sys trying to regroup and come back :). Really I don't know, but sounded pretty impressive, right?? Lol

So this evening I'm sporting my old friend again, Mr Binder. Really fits like a well worn leather glove, too bad it doesn't look like one. :)

Which brings me to my next adventure. Thinking about bedazzling and blinking out my binder :) wouldn't that be a sight!!

Seriously i have a lot of swelling about Adorable, she is not a happy fan!

Bright note, my Levi's that I took pics in at 9days and preop are looser today- not a lot but still looser :D oh ya!!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!
I can envision that bling!!! I know the frustration you are dealing with the swelling. Just gotta hang in there. It seems like some of us swell more then others. I wonder why? Speaking of bling, I've got my Cardinal bling on today!! Go Cards!!
I love the bling idea! Adorable would too if she was feeling better. Hang in there boss, we're counting you. :-). ((((Hugs))))!!!!!
Swelling sucks!" Tell Adorable to hang in there. She will be free soon.

Finding new foods Thant are healthy and good ~ Protein pancakes ~

I try (stressed "try" mind you!) to eat healthy or at least healthier. But in the process I get stuck on the same foods and find myself not really enjoying :/ I've ate the same type foods for so long, I can look at something and know immediately how many calories and the portion size I can have to add to my journal.... Good and bad... Good I can eat with out thinking, bad is I get bored and find my self not enjoying like I could. So I'm constantly looking for foods and recipes that will work with my life style, high protein, low calorie and I can savor. (Oooooooo, look at me.. Big words... Savor, lol) So here's a winner, super easy, prep time is seconds ( I throw everything in my little smoothie mixer) and whaaaa laaaa! Good and healthy!!

These are really good, super high protein, low sodium, fat and sugar :) Cha-ching!!

1cup Greek yogurt (I used light and fit 80 calorie), 1 egg or egg substitute, 1 scoop protein powder (the one I've stuck with the GNC lean 25).

Mix (I used my little smoothie blender) and cook like a pancake.

Consistency is different than a regular pancake because of no flour. But really good! I didn't use a topping, but fruit or nuts would be good. I did put some wheat berries (blended) in mine once and loved it!
230 calories (from items above) 35 gr protein! Wow! Talk about a protein punch and you get to chew it :)
If you try, let me know what you think :)

Oh and for the ones who was curious about my Chocolate Red wine, I posted the label :) dessert in a glass :D

Super Sunday (((((hugs))))) to the Bestest Gals in the world!!!
I love chocolate but in wine!?! Sounds like you are doing amazingly well...
Lol, it was good, but you have to drink it in moderation. Lol. Sort of reminded me of a Kaluah and cream sort of mix. Kind of :D I am, pretty puffy the past couple weeks but doing great other wise :)
Hey girl I'm happy your spirits are up .. I've got to try that wine . 

12 weeks PO ~ still have ups and downs :)

Hey Ladies~
Seems like forever since I updated, haven't really had anything new to post I guess..

I'm 12 weeks PO now, I return to Dr Schaffer on Thursday for my 3 month check. I'm doing great overall. All activities are back to pretty much normal- I still baby my abds during workouts some. No pain or discomfort. I'm doing my Zumba, Kickboxing, Cardio Step, Pilates, running intervals and weights now. So I guess that's pretty much where I was before. My endurance is almost back up to speed as well. ya!!!

I am very happy with my tummy and Adorable continues to look better each week as the scaring fades. My flanks are good, I think there may be some swelling in them too as the look fluctuates. I am sad about my thighs- Don't get me wrong- They look tons better than they did 1 year ago with the weight loss and lipo, but honestly I was hoping for more of a decrease in size, especially the lateral and some inner- so far they have not gone down any since I was 5 weeks. I do realize that my thighs were a piece of work not like the average bear - especially the Left where I have so much scar tissue. I just want them slimmer and more of the irregularity gone. I plan to give it 9-12 months or so, if the size and shape are still not what I desire, I'll be back up on the table again. :(

Little bit of sad news, the 157 I was at is now back at 162 :( !! My eating has not changed, I have increased my exercise. Clothes fit the same, so am thinking it is me rebuilding my muscles again ?? Idk.... measurements to date are:
Waist is 31" (some days is 30 1/2")
Abd is 38 1/2"
hips 42 1/2" :(
thighs are 24 1/2" and 25"

Not fully sure if 3 months is my final result or if I can look forward to more changes. Like I said, the tummy and flanks are good, just the thighs are a bit of an emotional up and down. From all I have read, it says give it 6 months. So I am optimistic. However, if it doesn't decrease and shape better I plan to talk about revision lipo next year.

Happy to say the swelling I was dealing with the past few weeks has gotten better, ya!!

Adding new pics and have a couple comparison views from 5 weeks to current. What do you think?
12 weeks already! You look awesome! Your scar looks so good and low too! Smooches!
I know, Buffy! 12 wakes ago I thought I'd never get past the initial healing weeks, now looking back it has flown by and seems at times like a dream. A good one though :) hang in the girl! You're almost 2 weeks out! Looking great! ((((((Hugs)))))
I do like how low my scar it, not sure why it is shaped the way it is, maybe it was following the natural contour lines in the groin area. I may ask out of curiosity. Not that it matters, lol. I love my surgeons art work on my belly :)

Check up tomorrow

So tomorrow I go for my 12 week check up. Over all things are great- no problems. I count my blessing as there could have been complications and my journey has been basically uneventful. Sending hugs and prayers to my TT sisters who are struggling with infection or other bumps in the path.

I do plan to ask Dr Schaffer if the several knots along my incision (can't see them, just feel them) are normal, scar tissue or just very think adhesions.

Got my Dr office panties packed- you may think that's is not a big deal however when you leave your Dr office panties at home- it's a big deal- trust me!!! You end up modeling the paper g-string contraptions :O Not a pretty site on a tiny girl, REALLY not a pretty site on a curvy one :D

Tomorrow night the spa I love is having open house. They are always so nice and catered with great dishes! Thinking about getting Juvaderm in my laugh lines.....

Well ladies, niters :) until next time.
Looking beautiful ! I think the weight gain is muscle . Hugs !
I lome how you think Sissy :) thanks girl! (((Hugs))))
Have fun D... I just love those blue paper panties ( not) lol

My appt with Dr S

Basically my appt was a good one- I'm doing great. No problems or complaints- so I guess that's good :)

He said my scar looked good and I could expect it to be a little pinker than most peoples for a while as I'm a red head:) ya me!! He also said Adorable was a tilted a little low on the bottom and if I wanted to revise it he would make a floating bb. I am a little attached and not sure if Adorable would enjoy her float or not. So she will not be changed :). Adorable jumped up and down and clapped her little hand on that one :)

On my hips I have quite a bit of skin- I thought it was fat as when I'm i. The tub it floats :) ya a tad bit weird lol! He said later if needed he could fix it. I'll give it a year- if it's horrible we'll talk. If it's still like it is now- I'll just have little floaty things in the tub with me :)

I go back in January for a 6 months check.

Side note- Spa Greystone (where my Dr is) had their open house last night. Was fun, great food and goodies. Glad I went. I left with Restylane in my smile lines- love how it looks!! I hope it lasts longer than my Juvaderm :) only got a small bruise! Ya me!!! Made a huge difference (to me )

The filler looks great. I forgot all about the open house. Oh well. My memory stinks! Glad you stuck with your bb. Looks great to me.
Oh that would have been so much fun to meet! I think they are having another on next month. Maybe we can connect :) how are you doing?
Thank you, I had been thinking about it for some time and decided to take the plunge :) I like it. Had a tiny bit of swelling, but is all gone today looks soft mpbut not too done up :)

This made me smile out loud

This totally made me laugh this morning. I do have a question, was this cute little card designed just for me???
Have a happy girls and Instagram and mammogram the girls ;)
I've not had fillers but my gf have.  They are amazing aren't they!  You look great!
Thank you Great2BeMe! I really love how soft it mDe the lines! Now I wonder why I waited so long, lol!
The filler looks great D! Love the card! Haha. I must update my review soon. Seems a mini face lift with fat injections will be in my future before the arm lift. Will do both if I win the lottery! Lol

Glow Step Fusion

Tonight I did a glow step fusion class. Was so much fun and burned up 458 calories!
I love getting the chance to act goofy and not be judged as the who room is full of of us looking and acting the same :D
Loving life (the good, the bad and the ugly :)
Glow step fusion?  You always do the fun stuff!!!!!  :-))
It was!! It was a step class, but she adds intervals and weights in it. Makes the class fly! We did kettle bells as out weights :). The glow part is so much fun!! Wish you were there! You look so stinking amazing girl!!! Just wow! :)
Ur recovering so beautifully! Looking at ur pics gives me inspiration. Do the fillers hurt?

Itchy, itchy belly

For the past several days my tummy, flanks and hips have been itching (a lot). Sort of reminds me of when my skin was stretching from pregnancy.... I really hope that's not the case! Of pregnancy or stretching skin ;) well, pregnancy is out of the question, nothing could survive in my uterus :D

That leave skin stretching or nerves healing as my other options. I haven't gain more weight although my tummy is still swelling by the end of the day- I don't think (hope) it stretching.

So I choose nerves healing! I am noticing some (very slight) changes where I was lipo'd, am encouraged about that!

Changing the subject some, I've went back to my toning classes as well as doing cardio. I noticed that along my incision line (close to the midline or pubic area) it burns during and after ab work outs (or any activity where my abs are engaged ;) Keep in mind I'm not over doing it, just easing back in. I have several places under the skin where my internal sutures are hard knots (suture reaction- which is not uncommon and will go dissolve in about 6 months or so) but I'm thinking there is a little irritation when I work out (abs). I don't want to stop, but I don't like the feeling either. I don't think I'm damaging anything, but it feels like it. Lol

Tonight I'm heading to Birmingham for the rest of the weekend to hang out with some friends. Should be fun :) and I get to wear my boots :D
Laters ~
How are you doing?
Hey! It's been a while. I just caught up with all your posts. I too have been feeling itchy and with the numbness I can't seem to get any relief. Lol. I'm also getting a slight burning too at the incision sight. I'm hoping its the nerves healing too and I've been piling on the lotion and oil. LMK what you find out :) looking good BTW.
You look fantastic!

Doing fantastic 4 months post op

Hey ladies- so sorry I'm so late posting my 4 month review. Life has been crazy busy!!
So at 4 months imbedded not lost anymore weight- I bounce between 159-164 depending on the time of the month :( !! Measurement have not changed but my clothes fit great. I am I a 10 completely- I did buy a pair of Joe's jeans in an 8 but that's not the norm :) over all I love my shape- some days I get discouraged and "feel" puffy and fat- then I scroll through my pics and realize the journey I've made and find that place of contentment.
I am in all my exercise classes - no limitations. I find that I'm enjoying the intervals more than anything ! My abds still feel tight after an I tenses workout. I swell occasionally. But for the majority of the time- swelling it gone. Ya!!!!
I still feel like my belly will blow up when I have to go potty. Guess that's one good way to keep the bladder empty :) lol
My scars look pretty good- they are still pink mainly because of skin tone- but over the next months they will lighten considerably and. E a silvery white color :) I'm not using anything but cocobutter.
If I was asked was it worth it and would I do it again? Yes, completely and defiantly!!!
Still looking great! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you Imasweetie! How are you doing? Merry Christmas to you!! ((Hugs)))
Hey D thought I would see how your doing . You look fabulous ! Miss you ! Big hugs !!!!

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by! A year ago I just had my breasts made fabulous- and 5 months ago my TT (which I had never even thought of doing before my BA/BL!) looking back there is a lot of water under my bridge!
I'm doing ok- healing well and for the most part I don't have any ouchies from my TT. I do still get tightness in my tummy at times though. My scar is still on the dark side but has faded considerably! I can still feel the knots along the incision- next time I go to the dr I may see if he will inject them to hasten the process of going away :D
I wanted to wish all of my sweet friends a Merry Christmas!! I hope you have love and laughter surrounding you, comfort in the harsh places and most of all a fresh new heart and mind as you press Into 2014!
You look terrific! Wanted to check in with u & say hello :)
Thanks! I'm sink good. YOU look fabulous!! One of the best outcomes I've seen!!! Congratulations!! Thanks for dropping in ;)
Awe your so sweet thank u:):) Your most welcome!!

6 months and 2 weeks :)

Hey Guys! Been forever since we've connected.. Life gets too busy at times!
It's been 6 months 2 weeks since my TT and I feel great! Over all I am super happy with my results- am back at the gym full swing doing my classes. I don't have any limitations at all.
My weight is down to an all time low- 162. There is no tightness or spasms at all- well one day when I painted the livingroom I had some, but I think that was from the full body work out the painting did. LOL
The scars are continuing to lighten, there is still pink colors but mainly that due to my skin tone and will continue to lighten as time goes on - they are smooth and I'm happy with how they are healing.
Adorable is so cute!! She is lighter than the TT scar. The shape continues to look better each month. I actually went to get her pierced and the person went on and on at how great she looked- said it was the best they had ever seen- and went on to say "I've seen a lot, believe me!" LOL Adorable did not get pierced that day because they said with her only being 6 months old, there was a good chance the piercing would work its way out since I still had scar tissue that could be felt. I was disappointed, but Adorable was devastated! I told her just be patient and heal- I'd get her pierced when she was done healing. She was happy with that and would wait.
All that being said, next Wednesday I will go for a small revision on my puppy ears- as I've healed and lost weight, they have gotten more prominent- I seen my doctor the other week when I had my Botox - he said it would be good to get that extra skin off- so here we go :) it won't be bad and will be done in the office.
Well my sweet friends, I will go for now. Have a fabulous week! (((((HUGS))))
Happy Valentine's Day!!
D. :)

Adorable didn't upload :(

Adorable's picture wouldn't upload, she was sad.... so here goes again :)
Youh look terrific! Congrats on tbe weight loss.
Thank you :) we need to connect soon!
Yes, we do!

8 months - bringing sexy back :)

Hey guys!!!
Gosh I've missed ya! A lot going on these past months sorry to neglect :)
Well, it's been 8 months- feels like forever since I was tight and sore :)
My scar is really lightening up- Adorable is sexy as heck!!! Went the other day to get her pierced and the piercer thought she was so cute she called others to come view her- she had never seen a belly button after TT that looked as cute as her!! awkward moment, but hey let's roll with it.
As things settled and I lost weight, I had some puppy (dog, but I prefer puppy) ears that showed up. Went 1 month ago for revision. Didn't hurt, was done under local in the OR. Did not require any pain meds or even Tylenol. Healing great I think.
As far as activity- there is nothing I can't do. No tightness any more at all. I'm full swing at he gym. Oh, started a spin class in addition- kicking my tail it is!!!! But working great as far as shaping my body :)
I'm staying between 159-162. Jean size has stayed a 10 or 29 waist. Love love love how they fit now!!!! OMGosh!!! I can actually wear lower cut jean and my tummy looks fabulous, flat and sexy :) and the flatter tummy makes the girls look amazing!
Would I do it again? Yes, Yes, Yes! In a New York second! Totally ,worth it to me.
One bad note, I like my body so much, I keep dressing it up in things I could never wear before. The bad note, is my bank account says ouchie!! LOL
Miss you guys and will try and not stay away this long!!
D. :)
thanks so much for sharing your journey - I am pumped by your awesome, upbeat attitude and will remember your story as I go through my own.Keep updates coming ... I like to see how things evolve
Congratulations on your upcoming adventure!! You are going to have have great results !! Thank you so much for the note. I've been completely ecstatic with my results. Mostly my BB is Adorable!! Dr S did a fantastic creation with it. The more it heals- the better it looks! Couple things- I wouldn't buy alot of stuff you won't need. My best investment was a cheap plastic lawn chair I put in my shower so sit as I showered. :) I would make sure u have an extra compression garment - if your surgeon is using them PO. Let me know how you're doing :) great to meet you!!
You seriously look AMAZING. 

New tattoo :D love love love!!!!

So have been wanting a new tattoo for a very long time- but finding the right artist is not an easy thing. Found my guy a couple months ago- he is an artist in tattoo and oil painting who pays close attention to details with amazing shading.
I wanted a gerber daisy with a butterfly. Gerber daisy because of its significance and a butterfly to symbolize changes and changes makes you beautiful and who you are.
Daisy ~ A daisy is very potent as she is a living, visible manifestation of simplicity itself. She bridges the world of unseen & seen as tangible representation of pure love & devotion. They remind us of our inherent innocence, purity & vibrancy; as such they renew our positivity, refresh our spirits & restore our health. They revive our inner knowing that we are eminently lovable & we deserve all forms of blessings & support and that Anything is possible! Plus- they always bring a smile to my face!!
So ladies, here's my tat right after it was done will post more after it heals :)
Be yourself and love the fabulous person you are. Find that beautiful place of you and don't ever change to become something someone else wants. Don't water yourself down because they can't handle you at 100 proof ;)
Love the tattoo! Glad you are doing good. We still have to have that coffee.
We do! Just got moved finally!! Still finding my stuff :) thanks! A local guy did it- loved his work!
Wow amazing artistry!! I love it (singing)!! I can't even see your scar! You are such a beautiful person in and out! Happy momma's day!!

10 months post TT :) happy!!

Hey you guys! I've missed you so much (my fault completely)!
So many things has happened these last months and time for away from me :)
I'm 10 months post TT and honestly it feels like years! No problems at all. I do everything as before no pain, pulling or uncomfortable feelings.
My scar has faded really well. Actually I'm surprised at the lightness and smooth texture. Was expecting a longer time to see it like this. Adorable is so darn cute!! Seems each month she fades and softens more. I love her!!!
I'm still I a size 10 jeans, but honestly I don't have any desire to be smaller or want more surgery. I'm happy with me :). Perfect? Not by a long shot! Still curvy, lots of hip fand flanks fluff but I like how my clothes fit, comfortable in my own skin without them and feel sexy. So why do more, right? Beside girls, a girl with out curves is like jeans without pockets- my man wouldn't have a place to put his hands! Well, not totally true- he knows, but I do like how his hands feel sliding down my curves ;) Lol!
So for the firsties - I bought my first bikini ever in my life and have worn it! Yep, is true! Enjoy soaking in the hot tub topless, with a perfect glass of wine with a private lightening bug show (which I never would have done before). Enjoy wearing loose summer tops that give a hint of what's under it as the light material gently hugs my curves. Yes, teasing is fun :) took a 5 hour Harley ride to the beach for a burger at Flora Bama - played an hour in the sand, then came back the same day :D oh and totally rock a pair of Miss Me and Roxk Revival jeans in a size 29! Whoop!
My work outs are mostly consistent- I defiantly am not as intense or fixated on size/weight. Although I stay between 149-153. I don't freak when the scales climb a pound or two- it'll go away. I do cardio 2-3 times a week and strength training with light weights twice a week. This has been my nitch to keep me healthy I think. Plus I throw in a bike ride, kayak/canoe trip or hiking for fun. :) life's short- enjoy the moments - even diet, exercise, body image and plastic surgery can become such joy stealers as we focus on what we're not and forget to enjoy who we are. (Just my thinking)
Love, love, love my tattoo! Actually going to get one more for Christmas ;) the second is an anchor intertwined with a compass :) it has meaning too stay focused on my direction in life and anchored in what's truth.
Sex is pretty damn hot- I think because my confidence in how I look has increased. I'm not as self conscious in the "what I'm not" and more in tune with damn I'm hot ;) (not being cocky, but I feel it) Oh, side note.... Worries how your fella will view your scar? I've not had anyone who was hung up on how my scar looked- honestly I'm not sure it was even noticed LOL! I think I worry more about it that anyone else! Besides girls, have you seen Pink's scar? Ya, that chic rocks hers all over the stage!
Well, I had better scoot, bye for now Much love and ((((hugs))))
Hi D. Great review!!! Love your tattoo and you look awesome in your bikini! As long as my 29 jeans fit I try not to worry about the scale! Your spirit always lifts me!
Aww. Thanks!! You know I just love love love you! (((((Hugs))))
Love the tattoo and love your spirit!! You look amazing as always. ((Hugs))
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Dr Schaffer is a RockStar! ( at least to me) Seriously though, he is meticulous and his work (I think) shows artistic quality and careful considerations. I love how I look! He patiently answered all my questions throughly. Responded to email quickly. Gave honest answers- not just what I wanted to hear. Guided me and helped make good, reasonable decisions with expertise and patience. Never appeared rushed or made me feel unimportant. For example, when I said "Can i ask you a few things" he replied, sure and sat down :). I like that. He's Kind, considerate, appears calm and his staff seems to love it there. That speaks volumes. I give Dr Schaffer, office staff, facility and spa 5 stars. Previously had Dr S. as surgeon, happy with my care and outcome :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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