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What lead me to wanting & needing a TT? I'm 38...

What lead me to wanting & needing a TT? I'm 38 a mother of 3 ages 17,14,10. I've always been on the thick side with curves. People would always say u look good my husband always say baby u look good to me, but deep down inside I knew I wanted to change my body. Oct 20,2011 I started C25k app to start loosing weight and to get in shape then I started Bootcamp also. I never once got on a scale to see what I weighed but I knew my highest weight was 220 at 1 point. For about 10mos I exercised like crazy ran 4 5ks in 2012. My body was loosing and toning at the same time. My coworkers were asking girl what r u doing u r looking good lol.

Every part on my body was shaping up except my stomach so I decided I was going to get 1. After all the exercising I was doing my Dr. came to me with type 2 diabetes that was a slap in the face for me. I went to my consultation with the plastic dr. They sent it to my insurance company and bam there I was Dec.20,2012 I was having my tummy tuck. I stayed in the hospital for my 24hr observation really for pain control lol. The next I got home and the ish hit the fan. I was in so much pain it was awful. My husband and kids had to do everything for me. I had 1 jp drain that was literally a pain in my side. My outcome from day to day gets better I'm loving results even though I'm swollen. I just got my drain out today. My goal with this new body is to run twice as many 5ks this yr at least do a 10k and then hopefully a 1/2 marathon. This TT has given me confidence and I know longer have a muffin top.

Well tomorrow I will be 2 weeks postoperative and...

Well tomorrow I will be 2 weeks postoperative and I'm loving what I see. I'm still swollen, but the results I see is the bomb lol. I went Dec.31 and had my drain removed it wasn't bad getting it pulled like I thought it was going to be. I'm still very sore and still taking pain meds. I'm going to figure out how to post a before & after pic. Whom ever is thinking about getting a TT do it I think it's 1 of the best decisions that I have ever made.

OMG last night was a rough 1 for me. I was in so...

OMG last night was a rough 1 for me. I was in so much pain on both sides where my hip bone is. They ain't lied beauty is pain. I'm 2 weeks postoperative and I thought the pain would be getting better by now but it's not. I'm looking real good this morning my swelling went down a little last night I'm looking smaller and loving what I'm seeing. Happy Friday ladies.

Oh God I'm on the toilet literally calling Gods...

Oh God I'm on the toilet literally calling Gods name. My stomach is killing me its turning into knots I'm trying to push this bm out. I'm literally breaking a sweat for real. I just want to cry my stomach is hurting so bad. I'm SCREAMING!!!!!!!!! I want to just fall on the floor in a feta position.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. I finally...

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. I finally got out of the house my husband took me to JcPenney and out to dinner at Chilis. Now I'm up at 4am can't sleep watching MobWives smh. These chicks have had too much plastic surgery. They look a hot damn mess lol.

Wow today I'm postoperative 3 weeks and feeling...

Wow today I'm postoperative 3 weeks and feeling awesome. My swelling is minimal and I'm loving the way it looks. I woke up this morning feeling good not as sore I can see a big difference today. Last night was the first night I slept without my binder and it was all good. I was shocked when I woke up and my belly looked smaller HELL I look smaller. I got out yesterday to go try on new uniforms since I will be going back to work next week. I can say it was a wonderful experience as many of u know I've been working out for a yr before my TT. I'm happy to say that I can wear med size scrubs. When I first started working out I was an XL during my working out and before my TT I got down to a L yesterday now I'm a med I was crying tears of joy. My coworkers are going to be blown away when they see me in smaller scrubs

Today 3 weeks P.O.

Today 3 weeks P.O.

Today I'm not liking the way my belly button is...

Today I'm not liking the way my belly button is looking. It looks as if it has an open sore on it. I'm to call the dr in the morning to see if I can come in and he have a look at it. It doesn't hurt or anything but it has a very mild odor to it. Has anyone TT land has ever had this problem?

Today I'm 3 weeks and 4 days postoperative TT...

Today I'm 3 weeks and 4 days postoperative TT feeling good and looking good. My belly button turned out to not be infected needed a good cleaning and I have to pack it ughhhhh. I rather pack it then it be infected I guess lol. It really gross me out. I'm loving my results so far and I can't until I see the end results still a lil swollen my scars are really looking good. The Dr. told me to massage my scars lol. Posting a pic of me today.

Ok I went to my follow up appointment today...

Ok I went to my follow up appointment today everything went well. My doctor has released me back to work and back to what I love exercising starting next week yayyyyyy. Of course I'm going to take it slow. I go back for another visit in 2 mos.

Well today was my first day back at work 12hrs and...

Well today was my first day back at work 12hrs and I must say it wasn't bad at all. Everyone told me how great I looked and how much they miss me and of course I got eyeballed from the haters smh lol. I was looking cute in my new med scrubs. XL to a med hell yeah I was working it the entire 12 hrs lol.

Ladies it felt so good to hit the pavement in 40...

Ladies it felt so good to hit the pavement in 40 degree weather tonight. I'm back in my element now it's time to get the rest of this body to look like this stomach lol new pics posted.

Well today I'm 5 weeks and 6 days feeling...

Well today I'm 5 weeks and 6 days feeling wonderful but when does the soreness stop. Still sore on both sides of my incision site very tender. All in all everything is good still have some swelling ughhhhh. I know it takes time but I'm ready for the end results. I was able to jog a little on yesterday it felt gr8. I'm not going to overdue it but I'm easing myself back into running. Yes I changed my cost from 7200 to 0 cause that was my quote but my insurance paid the whole thing thank u God. Happy healing to my TT sister.

Today I'm 7 weeks postoperative I can't believe...

Today I'm 7 weeks postoperative I can't believe how little I look lol. My results are looking great still a lil puffy at the top I pray that it go down like the rest of stomach. It's amazing that I'm still a lil sore on my sides and still have numbness when will this end. I'm in full swing of exercising again back to running by the way the pics I'm about to post I just got done walk / running. Im still laying low from boot camp classes don't think that my body is ready for that type of exercise right now. To all my TT friends I pray all is recovering well and loving their new looks.

I'm 8 weeks and 2 days at the end of the day I'm...

I'm 8 weeks and 2 days at the end of the day I'm so swollen u can't even tell that I had a TT. Is there any one in TT experiencing the same problems? I go back for my follow up the end of next month my ps is going to have to tell me the low down I'm not liking this.

I'm 12 weeks today from my TT and I must say I'm...

I'm 12 weeks today from my TT and I must say I'm feeling good in my new skin. Still have some swelling but over all I'm loving it. I did a photoshoot this past weekend for a anniversary gift that I'm going to give my husband Sat march 16th for our 12 yr anniversary he's going to flip out lol. Happy healing to everyone out there.

I'm going on 16 weeks this coming Thurs. and wow...

I'm going on 16 weeks this coming Thurs. and wow what a difference. I'm loving my TT it's really looking good. My body is transforming into something that I didn't think it could look like. Hang in there ladies and happy healing.

The last couple of pics was from a surprise photo...

The last couple of pics was from a surprise photo shoot that I did to give to my sweet honey for our 12 yr anniversary he loved loved loved them lol. I felt pretty, hot, sexy, and most of all smaller. I never thought that I could ever wear a corset and look this hot plus pose in front of a camera.
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4 of my coworkers had TT's that he had done and they were very pleased

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You look great! :)
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Hun ... you look fabulous and very confident ... I know that had to feel wonderful being your hubby own personal pin up girl ...congrats!!! praying i feel just as confident as you after my tuck... thanks so much for sharing...
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Thank u I feel wonderful. The TT was my best decision ever.
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Omg! Girl you look amazing sexy fabulous and confident! Love the pictures. Where did you go. I have to get some taken too. Flaunt it sister!
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Thank u Hun the photographer came to my momma house and did them for me. That's my mom bed and chair she brought her back drops
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Ok. So helpful. I have a personal photographer too. Thanks
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Love the pictures from the photo shoot!!! Great idea, hubbys birthday is in July, ummm i might have to copy,lol
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Go ahead girl I'm telling u he's going to love it he had no clue that I was having them done I really stepped outside the box lol.
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Thank u
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You look absolutely wonderful!! Congrats on all the weight loss and a great result from the surgery. I love how upbeat you are your pics are great. The new scrubs look super and you look so happy in them.
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Thank u so much I'm finally happy and sexy in my skin. My confidence has really change. I feel good about myself for once in my life.
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You are looking Fabulous!!! Did your hubs love the photos?
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Awww thank u he loved them that was only 3 of them I have total of 12 with different outfits. I feel so sexy in my new skin it's kind of scary lol.
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Hi, I am 10 weeks and by the end of the day I am so swollen :( I look pregnant! My PS said that this could go on for a year.... Ugh :( But it will get better!! you look great by the way!!!
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you look totally fabulous girl you better work it.
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Wow, you look amazing!!!! Im scheduled for April 3, and i can't wait!!!!!!!
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Go girl u look great !!! I can't wait till I'm 12 weeks I'm 3 weeks out ugh
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Happy anniversary !!! You continue to look great !!!
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Me too!! I am almost 7 weeks and went back to work on 2/11, I was out for 6 weeks and I am swollen as HELL when I get home :( I am a baker, so I am on my feet the whole time (8hrs) & can't believe how swollen & hard my stomach gets! I hope that it stops soon :( Good Luck Ladies!!!
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I think im 9 1/2 wks and my swelling is some of the worst. Or at least the pressure of it feels like it. I think its all normal.
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Just had to tell you that you are absolutely adorable! So happy your new tummy matches that adorable face. Who looks cute in scrubs??? You do!
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:) way to make her smile!
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The should have told you, but the swelling at the end of the day last for months. You won't swell as bad with time, but as long as you are active you will swell. I'm ten months PO, I still swell. Only I can tell though. Its normal. If you have a high salt intake, that is not going to help the situation.
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I have heard that swelling peaks again around weeks 8-10 and starts going away for good around 12 weeks.
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